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Time flies quickly, and in a blink of an eye it is the favorite day for the student, Friday.

Just like yesterday, Song Jinxi arrived at school early today.

To her great surprise, when she walked to the door of the classroom, she found that Shen Liuchen was actually sitting in his seat.

She limped over quickly.

“Shen Liuchen!”

Early in the morning, the girl’s voice is as clear and pleasant as the birds in the mountains.

Shen Liuchen turned his head and looked over.

A touch of tenderness flashed through his eyes.

“Good morning.” The boy’s voice was clear and moist, and Song Jinxi was filled with joy when she heard it.

What made her young girl’s heart burst even more was that when she walked to the seat, the boy stretched out his hand to her naturally.

She was stunned at first, and when seeing him looking at her school bag’s strap on her, she recovered and handed him the schoolbag.

He helped her pull the chair backwards and put the school bag on it.

She smiled and sat on it.

“Why did you come so early today”

“I woke up early today, so I came here earlier.” Shen Liuchen said lightly.

But Song Jinxi’s gaze was drawn to the dark circles under his eyes.

She felt that these dark circles seemed more serious than they were yesterday.

“…Your dark circles seem to be getting worse.

Did you have a nightmare again last night”

Shen Liuchen shook his head and did not say anything.

Seeing that his mental state didn’t seem very good, Song Jinxi bit her lips with eyes full of worry.

But the male god didn’t want to say, and she couldn’t ask questions either, so she could only anxiously worry about it.

She was restless.

After a while, she could not help but opened her mouth: “Shen Liuchen… If you have any problems…”

“It’s just insomnia.” Shen Liuchen had a calm expression on his face.

He even took out his English book and began to recite words.

Song Jinxi frowned more tightly, reached over to block his book and asked, “You had a nightmare the night before yesterday, and had insomnia again last night.

If you don’t sleep well every night, it will affect your learning state!”

“What was the cause of your insomnia last night Can you tell me about it ” As she finished, her eyes locked on him, waiting for him to answer.

Shen Liuchen pursed his lips slightly, turned his head to look at her with indistinguishable eyes, making others doesn’t know what he was thinking.

Song Jinxi always felt that he was asking her for help silently, and a sense of righteousness suddenly rose in her chest.

“If you encounter any problems, you can try telling me.

I promise I will keep my mouth shut and I will also give you ideas.” Her eyes were full of seriousness and concern, “Really! Trust me!”

After speaking so, she couldn’t help but patted Shen Liuchen on the shoulder.

Shen Liuchen glanced down at the small hand on his shoulder, and a strange emotion flashed through his eyes.

“Can I really tell you” He asked.

“Really!” Song Jinxi said.

After that, she nodded vigorously to emphasize it.

The corners of Shen Liuchen’s mouth raised slightly, but his smile was somewhat reluctant.

“I just suddenly wondered, if eight years ago I was not only seven years old, but a little bit capable of resisting them…or, if I didn’t take her down that remote path, would she not leave me”

Song Jinxi blinked, as quiet as a chicken.

Why is the male god always mentioning the past for these two days

She would like to say that the little girl from eight years ago had ‘died’, so as to let him let go of the past and not let the past always affect the present mood.

But she couldn’t say it.

She knew how much Shen Liuchen cared about the ‘little girl’ from eight years ago.

If the ‘little girl’ happened to be someone else, she might be jealous.

Let alone saying anything about not comparing with the dead, the existence of this type of white moonlight is the most troublesome.


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