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There’s this possibility too.

So, after Shen Liuchen mentioned this matter to her in the afternoon, the reason he refused to explain to her…should be this.

But she always felt empty in her heart, as if she had forgotten to consider something.

She fell into a deep sleep full of thoughts.

After being woken up by the alarm clock the next day, she lay on the bed and thought for a long time, and suddenly remembered that Zhang Meigui had drugged Shen Liuchen in the original story.

She immediately got up from the bed.

When something goes wrong, there must be an evil in it.

Zhang Meigui suddenly shows affection to Shen Liuchen, it can’t be that…she is advancing her movement, right

According to the timeline of the original work, Zhang Meigui should not have dealt with Shen Liuchen until his third year in high school.

However, in terms of the butterfly effect caused by her last crossing, Zhang Meigui’s actions may be advanced this time too.


Shen Liuchen is in a very dangerous situation now!

Looking at the time again, it was almost eight o’clock.

At this time yesterday, Shen Liuchen was already waiting for her downstairs.

She got out of bed in a hurry, put on her slippers and walked quickly to the balcony.

She looked downstairs and there was no one there.

All of a sudden, the ominous premonition in her heart was even worse.

She washed as fast as possible, then changed her clothes in a hurry and went downstairs with her school bag on her back.

Bearing her foot’s pain, she quickly walked to the road side, stopped a taxi and went to Shen Liuchen’s house.

She knew where Shen Liuchen’s family lives.

On the day when she transmigrated, she went there.

So now she is able to go directly to his home to find him.

But the car can’t drive to Shen Liuchen’s downstairs, so Song Jinxi can only get off at the gate of his community.

The building of his house is at the foot of the mountain, and the mountain is just outside the window sill of the room where Shen Liuchen is.

Song Jinxi limped to the downstairs of his house, walked around the building to the side where Shen Liuchen’s house was, and saw a scene that she would never forget.

Shen Liuchen gritted his teeth and widened his eyes.

His face was a little ferocious.

He grabbed the window frame in one hand and pulled the curtain hard in the other hand, almost deforming the curtain.

He seems to be holding back something.

She quickly walked over and stood under his window.

She wanted to shout his name directly, but she was afraid of attracting the attention of Zhang Meigui and others, so she lowered her voice.

“Shen Liuchen, what’s wrong with you”

Shen Liuchen had seen her since earlier, but he hadn’t made any movement at all.

After hearing her voice, he leaned out of the window strenuously.

She seemed to hear him called ‘Xixi’, and then he climbed onto the window sill and jumped towards her…


“Oh no! Someone jumped off the building! Someone jumped off!”

“I don’t know whose boy that jumped off the building.”

“Blood.There’s a lot of blood.

It couldn’t be dead, right Call the police, hurry!”

“Call the police! Call the police!”

“The one who jumped off the building seems to be fine, and the one who was bleeding seemed to be the girl who was smashed by him…”

“He moved and held the girl…”

Song Jinxi floated in the air, and once again extended her middle finger to the system.

“So, you can’t let me die decently Can’t you let me not die in front of him”

She had saw the news about a person jumping off a building to commit suicide and accidentally smashed someone else.

As a result, the person who jumped off the building did not die, but smashed the hapless person, who was accidentally hit by him, to death.

At that time, she was still thinking that there are so many weird things in the world.

There are no weird things that netizens can’t do, it was only her that can’t think of it.

At the same time, she felt sorry for the innocent person who was crushed to death and lamented that he was too unlucky.

She never expected that she would be the one who was smashed to death gloriously one day.

The author has something to say:

I always forget to say that I raised the age of all the people in this transmigration by three years, from junior two to senior two.

TN : I got confused too in several chapters before this clarification, as I translated them in junior high school in the beginning, and it turns out their age was ‘advanced’ by three years.

Reader, pardon my late realization.

I only knew it when I translated this author’s note too.


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