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Song Jinxi moved her chair closer to him and leaned by his side.

“Please, Shen Liuchen, I really care about you, so just tell me… I also want to give you ideas.

I want to be a useful deskmate.”

“Shen Liuchen…”

“Shen… Liu… Chen…”

The first time he saw the girl’s clinging skills, Shen Liuchen felt a little headache being entangled by her.

Then he looked at her eager eyes again and lightly sighed.

He put down the pen with a helpless face.

“Do you really want to know”

Song Jinxi quickly nodded, “I really want to! Super want to! Super super want to!”

The girl’s expression and action are too cute.

The corners of Shen Liuchen’s mouth slightly raised and he said: “But it involves some privacy issues, you have to keep it secret for me.”

Song Jinxi made a swearing oath: “I swear! I will absolutely help you keep secrets and will not tell anyone.”

After speaking, she held her breath and waited for a while before she heard Shen Liuchen slowly saying:

“It’s the incedency you told me two days ago.

One of my elders… seems to have this kind of sign.”

Song Jinxi exaggeratedly widened her eyes, and said with a look of shock: “What kind of elder is that It’s too terrible! Just because you are tall and handsome, so she wants to do something to you “

Then, without waiting for Shen Liuchen to answer, she continued to ask: “What’s wrong with her Did she touch you Did she touch your face Or touch your hand Or touch your thigh”

After asking a series of questions, it can be seen that she has already made a lot of assumptions about this.

He looked at her pretending-to-be-surprised look again, he felt that her acting skills are really not up to standard.

Shen Liuchen held back his smile and suddenly felt that she was like a piece of candy, the only sweetness in his miserable life.

“She didn’t do anything to me,” Shen Liuchen said: “It’s just that she will say some strange things, which makes me feel a little sick.”

It turned out to be just a threat of verbal level, and it has not been upgraded to directly start using hand…

Song Jinxi felt both fortunate and regretful.

If she hasn’t started to make a real move yet, it’s not a stone hammer evidence.

It would not be able to prove that Zhang Meigui had planned misconduct against him.

But having said that, if the male god really suffers from her poisonous hand…

Then she will feel sorry for the male god.

Not only will she be distressed, but she will also get angry.

The male god that even she herself did not touch that much was defiled by Zhang Meigui instead!

Thinking about it this way, that little regret disappeared without a trace and was replaced by immense happiness.

Fortunately, Zhang Meigui still had some scruples and didn’t get started directly.

Song Jinxi thought, took out an MP3 from her school bag and handed it to him.

“This mp3 has a recording function.

I will lend it to you for the time being.

If she says anything weird to you, you just record it secretly.

Then we will take this to the police, and Uncle Police will definitely give you an explanation.”

She could listen to music on her mobile phone.

When she was preparing this MP3, she just wanted to be prepared for some possibilities so that she can give it to Shen Liuchen and let him record it at a critical moment.

Unexpectedly, it came in handy so early.

The girl’s hand is small, and the MP3 in her hand is even smaller and exquisite.

It looks so lovely.

“Then, you don’t listen to music anymore” He asked.

“I have a mobile phone.” Song Jinxi said, and took out the mobile phone from his pocket with the other hand and beckoned him.

“This MP3 is only taken out occasionally to listen to.

It doesn’t matter if I lend it to you for a few days.

You just use it first and give it back to me when you are done… I’ll lend you the earphone, too.

What made Song Jinxi feel pleased was, Shen Liuchen did not refuse much and just silently took over the MP3 and the earphone.


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