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It’s just that when the young man’s fingertips inadvertently touched her palm when he took the MP3, a sensation of electric shock spread from the palm of her hand to her whole body, making her jerking somewhat abruptly.

The center of her palm feels itchy.

Her heart also feels itchy.

She used to read novels or other people’s descriptions, and thought that the feeling of electric shock between two people was simply an exaggeration, and it should not be true.

She didn’t expect that when the person she liked really touched the palm of her hand, it would feel like this.

It’s very subtle and novel, and it’s also very enjoyable.

She turned her head to one side pretending that nothing happened, but her slightly red ear tips revealed her emotions.

It’s a pity that Shen Liuchen didn’t see it.

At noon that day, Shen Liuchen didn’t take away the meal back to eat with her, but after eating in the canteen, he helped her bring the meal, and then hurried to the library.

It took less than fifteen minutes from the time he went downstairs to eat, pack the takeaway and then came back.

Song Jinxi even wondered if he was full.

But when she asked him if he had enough to eat, he hurriedly left and only told her not to worry.

How could she not worry

Song Jinxi was a bit discouraged.

The male god now is so different from the male god eight years ago.

He has grown up, fifteen years old, has his own ideas, and wants to face the wind and rain.

He doesn’t want to ask her for help anymore.

If it wasn’t because he cannot stand her entangling anymore today, he wouldn’t even want to tell her about this matter and would like to solve it himself.

Now, he runs to the library by himself, and she doesn’t know what kind of materials he was going to check there.

Is it to check information about the law

Does Shen Liuchen already have the idea of ​​leaving that family

He said he wanted to solve the problem by himself, but this problem with Zhang Meigui is not a problem that could be solved easily.

As long as he and Zhang Meigui still live under the same roof, with Zhang Meigui’s temperament, he will not be able to escape from her clutches.

So the only way to solve the problems that they are facing now is to leave the family.

If her foot is not injured, she can follow him now to see what he wants to know and check the information together with him.

Song Jinxi was deeply aware of the disadvantages of inconvenient legs and feet for the first time.

Just looking at her foot that was still red and swollen that could not walk smoothly, and then thought that eight years ago, if it wasn’t for her, she might have seen the male god sitting in a wheelchair now…

For a while, she couldn’t help feeling very glad that fortunately she helped him eight years ago.

Because of her death ‘eight years ago’, she now sees a healthy and perfect male god.

So this time, if she helped him avoid Zhang Meigui’s violation, will the male god not hate women just like how it was in the novel, and not hate people’s touch anymore

Under the circumstances where there’s no double, mentally and physically, unhealthy obsession with cleanliness, will he look at a woman with normal eyes After he grows up, will he be together with a woman

The more she thought about it, the more crooked it became.

She even wondered whether she would helplessly see him and that woman lead a happy life through the description in the novel…

Suddenly, her heart hurts and she can’t breathe.

The male god that she painstakingly rescued back, she does not know which woman will get the benefits from it!

Her heart hurts so much.

Otherwise, while she is still here, she can try to get along with the male god more, even only as a classmate.

The male god has now decided to leave that family——let’s assume that he intended to do so, for the time being.

So, her task should almost be completed, and she will only stay here not that long anymore and maybe she will just leave someday.


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