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Shen Liuchen thought about it briefly, and also whispered: “I will study by myself at school tonight, and I will go back at about nine o’clock.”

Song Jinxi blinked, “Then I will study by myself in school too, with you.”

Shen Liuchen did not make any statement.

“At nine o’clock, there will be almost no one in the school.

When you send me home, you don’t have to be afraid of being gossipped.” She thought about it and said, “In fact, my foot is pretty much healed and I don’t need you to send me anymore.

I can go home by myself.”

Shen Liuchen: “I will send you.”

It means that he agreed with the self-study at night with her.

Song Jinxi achieved her goal and gave him a big smile.

She didn’t know, seeing that she finally became active again, Shen Liuchen secretly breathed a sigh of relief.

It was only then that Shen Liuchen deeply realized that he really couldn’t see her withering appearances.

God knows that he was stunned during the whole class just now.

After so many years of studying since childhood, he has never strayed in class.

And this straying even lasted for an entire class.

Fortunately, this class is a Math class, and he already understands all the knowledge taught by the teacher, so it has little effect.

After school that evening, the two of them first did some homework for a while in their seats.

When almost all the students in the class left, Shen Liuchen went out of school and bought two meals back, and the two ate dinner together again.

It was said that the two were studying together, but in fact, only Shen Liuchen was studying by himself.

After Song Jinxi finished her homework, she began to listen to songs on her mobile phone.

At nine o’clock, after the two went downstairs, the lights in the teaching building of Grade One and Grade Two had basically dimmed.

A few lights were still on in the third teaching building opposite of them.

Shen Liuchen carried his schoolbag in one hand and helped Song Jinxi carry her bag in the other.

He slowed down and walked ahead, while Song Jinxi slowly followed behind him.

The cool moonlight hit him, seemingly to coat him with a moon colored light and making his back look extraordinarily tall.

Song Jinxi admired it with an idiot’s face for a while, then hesitated a little, and said her thoughts out.

“What are you going to do for this weekend’s two days If she…that… Would it be bad for you to stay at home “

Shen Liuchen lowered his head and said nothing.

“Otherwise, let’s go to the city library to do homeworks and read books together on the weekend.

You can go back in the evening.

What do you think”

While she was talking, she carefully observed Shen Liuchen’s reaction.

Seeing that Shen Liuchen didn’t seem to have thought of this idea, she felt that she was very smart and blinked at him with a smile.

“How Isn’t this a good idea”

Shen Liuchen nodded slightly.

“I will wait for you downstairs at your house at eight o’clock tomorrow morning.” He said.

Now it was Song Jinxi’s turn to be dumbfounded.

She was thinking about saying that they will meet at the entrance of the library, but she didn’t expect that Shen Liuchen would actually say he will pick her up…

Why does she have the faint feeling that they are dating

She felt amused in her heart, but her face was not that calm.

She hesitated and said: “Will it be too troublesome”

Shen Liuchen said, “No.”

“Actually, it’s better this way too.

Your home is not far from my home…” As she was talking, she suddenly found herself spilled the beans again, and stopped quickly.

After taking a careful look at Shen Liuchen, she found that he seemed to be thinking about a problem, and he didn’t notice her slip of tongue, so she quietly feels relieved.

“Otherwise, you can come to my house downstairs first and wait for me, and then we will take a taxi together there.

Anyway, in my current state, I have to take a taxi to the city library.”


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