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“You are fifteen years old now, and also more sensible.

I will tell you something, and I am not afraid for you to know about it.” Zhang Meigui said, “You should also know that since you were seven, I often brought men back home, which means that I had already put on a lot of green hats for your uncle.”

“But I can’t help it either.

Who told your uncle to not be able to do it.


You understand what it is, right I have been with him for so many years.

At the beginning it was because I really loved him and even lived several years with pure heart and diminished desire.

It’s just that, women are… like a wolf in their thirties, a tiger in their forties, and in their fifties they could just sit on the ground and the ground would be sucked by them[1].

Without that kind of life, it really wouldn’t work.

Zhang Meigui said while sighing, “Fortunately, we also did not get the marriage certificate, so we can only be regarded as companions that live together.”

“But I still don’t want to be separated from your uncle now, and you also know so many secrets.

So, I will no longer control you and won’t forbid you from liking someone anymore.

As long as you promise that it will not affect your academic performance.

Also, don’t tell your uncle what I have done over the years.”

“You don’t want the home you finally got to be torn apart, right”

After she finished speaking, she saw Shen Liuchen lowered his head, didn’t know what he was thinking about, and a touch of calculation flashed through her eyes.

“Okay, sit down and eat.”

Shen Liuchen moved his fingers and said, “I have an appointment with my classmates to self study in the library, and I will not eat at home today.” He said so and without waiting for Zhang Meigui to react, he turned back to the room to pack his school bag.

Zhang Meigui almost died because of her anger with him.

Yesterday, he still promised not to have puppy love, but he is already dating someone today.

Still saying something like going to self study in the library.

She will not believe it.

Originally, she was going to fix up the relationship with him first, and then she will act after two days.


She felt that she had to speed up her movements.

She went to the balcony and watched Shen Liuchen go out with the school bag on his back.

She watched him slowly walk out of her sight.

After finishing her meal, Zhang Meigui went back to the room and put on heavy makeup.

She wore a very sexy dress and went out of the door too.


Song Jinxi felt that Shen Liuchen seems to be a little bit wrong today.

It was a strange thing that he paid the fee one step ahead of her before they got off the taxi.

 It’s just that he said lightly about the money he earned, and she believes that he will not do anything illegal yet now.

She thought that the origin of the money should be a clean one, so she didn’t ask much about it for the time being.

Then when they arrived at the library, the two of them found a remote two-person seat and sat down.

He took out the exercise book and held the pen as if he was writing his homework.

In fact, half an hour passed, and not even a letter was written on the exercise book at all.

It was obvious that he was distracted.

What is it that can make him, who was usually so amazing in self-control, to be so severely distracted like this

After another ten minutes, when she finished her Chinese homework, Song Jinxi poked the back of his hand on the table with a pen.

She lowered her voice and called him quietly: “Shen Liuchen!”

Shen Liuchen suddenly regained his composure and raised his eyes to look at her.

“You’ve been so distracted for more than half an hour already! What are you thinking about” She continued to ask in a small voice.

Shen Liuchen put down his pen and rubbed his painfully aching forehead.

Song Jinxi was still asking: “Did something happen again Did she do anything to you when you went back last night”

Shen Liuchen shook his head slightly and said: “Don’t worry about it.” He picked up his pen and started to do his homework again.

This time, he seemed to have settled down and did his homework quickly.

After a short while, he already finished writing a page of physics homework.

Song Jinxi looked at the neatly written physics paper, and then looked at the blank paper she had just started writing, feeling a little angry for a while.

[1]like a wolf in their thirties, a tiger in their forties, and in their fifties they could just sit on the ground and the ground would be sucked by them: a popular saying to describe the changes of a woman’s sexual life cycle.

That is to say, the closer a woman is to their fifty, the stronger her sexual desire is.


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