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The projects that were about to be concluded were handed over to Feng Junhao.

Was it not to let him take advantage of the situation and establish his own achievements

Feng Linbai was frank and magnanimous.

He walked out of the Feng family empty-handed.

After that, he even moved out of the Feng family.

He became the second person to move out of the Feng family after Feng Lean.

However, Feng Zhiyis blow to him was stronger than Feng Leans.

Feng Zhiyi issued a blanket ban in the industry, telling people in the same industry not to hire Feng Linbai.

Not only that, it was said that Feng Linbai left home with nothing.

He took nothing from the Feng family.

Even the card that Feng Zhiyi gave him was frozen.

He was penniless and he had been slapped with a banning order.

Feng Zhiyi clearly wanted to cut off all options for Feng Linbai.

Feng Linbai was clearly Feng Zhiyis biological son.

Although he was only an illegitimate child, the way that Feng ZHiyi treated Feng Linbai made people feel a sense of sorrow.

Was Feng Zhiyi not being too ruthless by doing this

However, no one dared to go against the Feng family.

The Qin and Jian families had always been at odds with the Feng family, so it was impossible for them to make a move for Feng Linbai.

It seemed that Feng Linbais path had really come to an end.

A wealthy family, as expected, would not stand for an illegitimate childs counterattack.

The Qin family.

When Old Master Qin heard the news, he asked, “The illegitimate child of the Feng family is it that man who appeared beside the little godly doctor”

Qin Wenyan said, “Thats him.”

Old Master Qin stroked his beard.

“Now that hes been forced into such a miserable state, it will be difficult for him to regain his footing.

Hes basically an abandoned child.”

Qin Wenyan commented, “Feng Zhiyi doesnt want to give him a chance to make a comeback at all.

The fact that he has suppressed Feng Linbaiso ruthlessly means that this person poses a threat to him.

He should be someone with good abilities.”

“No matter how good he is, if he doesnt have any support, its useless.” Old Master Qin frowned.

“However, hes the little godly doctors friend.

If he just stands by and does nothing, will she have any thoughts”

Qin Wenyan had already asked around.

“But I heard that the Jiang Group hasnt made any movements either.”

Old Master Qin was not at ease.

“Just to be safe, lets go and ask them.

After all, its just a guess on our part.

We should do it as a favor and make our stance clear.”

“Okay, Dad.”

Jian family.

Jian Hanshen also received the news.

“You said that Feng Linbai was chased out”

Jian Hanshen sneered.

“Its a pity that I didnt see that scene.

It must have been quite the sight.”

It was enough to keep it as a memento so that he could laugh at Feng Linbai in the future.

The people who came to report were embarrassed.

They did not know why their master was so hostile toward Feng Linbai.

They did not seem to…have any interactions.

The person who came to report did not leave immediately.

He was still waiting for Jian Hanshens next order.

“The person I asked you to investigate, hows the investigation going”

“Im sorry, Young Master Jian.

Theres still no news… .



Jian Hanshen berated him, and then he waved unhappily.

“Get lost.”

Only then did the man leave.

Before he came to report, Jian Hanshen had been pruning the flowers.

After he left, Jian Hanshen raised his hand and casually cut a flower.

The gardener next to him cried out in surprise, then covered his mouth and said in a low voice, “Young Master Jian, this…”

This was a famous flower that he had carefully cultivated according to Jian Hanshens instructions.

After spending such a long time caring for it, the gardener had finally managed to plant it and it had finally bloomed, but Jian Hanshen cut it just like that.

However, Jian Hanshen had cut it himself.

Even though the gardener cherished this plant, he did not dare to say anything.

“Its just a flower.

Why are you making such a fuss”

Jian Hanshen glanced at the gardener unhappily.

After cutting a few more flowers, he casually threw them aside, put down the scissors, and clapped his hands, “Wrap these flowers up.

Isnt there a guest at home Give them to her later.”

“Yes, Young Master Jian.”

After Jian Han said this, he did not immediately go to the hall to greet his guests.

His fingers caressed a rose.

He lowered his eyes and thought about something, but he was pricked by the thorns on the rose.

It did not draw any blood though.

Jian Hanshen stared at his fingers, deep in thought.

After a while, he went to the hall.

The people waiting in the hall were his mothers family, the Qi family.

He did not like the Qis.

After his mother gave birth to him, she was bewitched by another man and ran away with him.

However, that man turned out to be an irresponsible person.

His mother was middle-aged and broke, so she came looking for him again.

Jian Hanshens father was kind and still remembered his mother kindly.

Perhaps it was to not leave a psychological scar on him.

His father had treated his mother well and took good care of the Qis.

However, no matter what his father did, he could not let his mother enter the Jian family again.

The man who took his mother away later also came looking for him, wanting to get some benefits.

However, even if his father had tolerated his mother for his sake, his father could not tolerate other men.

The man then directed all his resentment toward Jian Hanshens mother.

In the end, during their argument, that man accidentally killed his mother.

In the end, as a last act of mercy to his mother, Jian Hanshens father gave the murderer a death sentence—which was equivalent to a life for a life.

From then on, Jian Hanshen had not interacted with the Qis for several years.

After all, if the Qi family had taken good care of their daughter, such a scandal and accident would not have occurred.

It was not until Jian Hanshens father had fallen ill that he slowly got in touch with the Qis again.

Later on, when his father fell seriously ill, Jian Hanshen thought deeply of accumulating some virtue so that his fathers illness would improve.

Only then did he turn a blind eye to the Qis.

Although he had not been friendly with them, he did not completely cut them off and would occasionally give them some benefits.

Now, the Qi family knew that his fathers illness had improved, so they came to his house to show their concern.

They even brought some supplements.

Jian Hanshen did not lack any supplements that they brought.

He did not even look at them.

He sat down on the sofa and said calmly, “Youve come and have conveyed your concerns.

You can leave now.”

His cold attitude had long been within Madam Qis expectations, so she was not hurt.

Madam Qi glanced at Qi Chuchu who was standing beside her.

Qi Chuchu immediately stood up and cleverly said, “Cousin, can I have a tour of the courtyard”

Jian Hanshen stared at Madam Qi.

Madam Qi stared back at him and also at the other people standing in the house.

Knowing that Madam Qi had something to say to him alone, Jian Hanshen dismissed the people in the house and said, “Go on and say whatever you have to say.”

Madam Qis face was full of worry as she slowly said, “Hanshen, theres something that your father had instructed me to tell you on this day.

I dont know when hell wake up, but I cant go back on my promise to him.”

She sighed and immediately threw down a heavy bomb.

“Actually, your biological mother isnt my sister.

“Shes someone else.”

There was a commotion outside, but Feng Linbai, who was the party involved, was exceptionally relaxed.

He stayed in his villa, in front of a large number of open boxes.

He was choosing a gift.


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