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Billionaires Forced Priced Possessions 5. Hand me my cheque-book

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Calistas POV.

I take my phone out and Google Wesley Hunter on the search engine. Wait a minute, am I seeing this right. It says here that he is a billionaire, and a business tycoon. He is twenty-nine years old, and his birthday is the same night I was raped. It continues to say that he had a party the same night, the same venue. It dawns me that it is the same party. But how could he do that to me? I have always known rich people were cruel, but I have never known it was to this extent. He didn have to **** me like that. He would have just asked, he was so intoxicating that I had thrown all caution to the wind. I had thought that I had found the one for me, because of how we clicked. He was a pure gentleman. But I was so wrong. He had his hidden agendas.

I have to find him, I need to tell him that he has ruined my life. But, how, I don even know where he lives. There is no address in his web page, nothing personal is even here. But I am so certain that he has a wife, and he wouldn want her to know about his misdeeds. At least I still have the money he had left in the hotel room. Now the first stop will be at the hotel, maybe its one of his business.


"Get out of here young woman, we don accept beggars here alright." The rude waiter tells me the moment I step into the hotel. I know I look filthy, but he doesn have a right to oust me. I didn have time to clean myself up in the morning before I was chased away by my mum. I am sure I have dried tears on my face because of all the crying I did. I have travelled the whole day, and I didn even brush my teeth. I am sure I look extremely horrible.

"Is this a way to treat people?" I ask annoyed. "Instead of asking me politely, do you know what I have been through today, huh? Who are you to just judge me like that, huh? Who?" I shout, pouring all my anger out on him. He just stares at me shocked, its like he didn expect this from me.

"You thought you would just talk ill of me and I will just keep quiet? You have got your match today, Mr." I add, feeling a little bit good after shouting.

"I am sorry, miss please." He begs me, his eyes look like they are about to tear up. "Please you are embarrassing me." he says looking around cautiously. That is when I realize that the room is packed with guests. I see why he called me a beggar. The people here are dressed so fancy. I get embarrassed just looking at how I am dressed. As I am about to answer him, a familiar figure starts to walk my way. My heart stops for a bit at the sight before me. An arrogantly handsome, and a person I know is walking right where I am standing. But his eyes are not on me, he is heading for the entrance. For a moment, I forget completely what I came to the city to look for. I didn even get a chance to look at him properly that night, he is so tall, he has perfect golden-blackish hair that is perfectly combed into place, and there is no single hair out of place. His cheekbones are defined and his lips, my eyes cannot seem to leave them. His movement is calculated and perfect. He stands out from everyone in here. Part of me is in awe that I am carrying his baby.

I am seeing him in slow motion just. He literally takes my breath away. He walks past me and his beautiful cologne brushes my nostrils. Oooh! I close my eyes as I take the sight in. but he doesn even glance past me, even a single moment. Why didn he even look at me?

I come back to my senses when the cologne wears off. I shoot my eyes open, noticing that he is already outside. I rush to him, I cannot let him leave without letting him know. His charms almost got the best of me. I am so foolish.

I run after him, but he is already too far from me, and he is headed for his car. What do I do now, his chauffeur is already opening the door for him.

"Wesley Hunter!!!" I shout his name so loud. I think the whole city heard me. This brings him to attention, and he turns to look at me. He looks at me disgustedly.

"How dare you speak my name like that?" his tone isn angry, but annoyed.

"Don you remember me?" I ask, feeling a little bit hurt. Is he pretending?

"How am I supposed to know you?" he asks, looking me up from top to bottom.

I feel tears choking my eyes, but I blink them away.

"Look at me closely, Mr. Wesley, please." How am I going to tell him that I was the one he violated?

"Lady, I don have time to waste, alright. If you cannot explain yourself, then get off my sight." He answers arrogantly, looking away from me. He lifts his leg ready to enter his car.

"You raped me, Wesley, on the night of your birthday party." He suddenly stops in his spot, stays frozen for a while before turning to look at me.

"Don be ridiculous, lady. Isn that your job, to sell yourself to rich men for money?" He smirks. "And didn I pay you? Or was the money not enough for you?" he asks. Now I cannot hold my tears anymore, I let them flow freely off my face. My heart shudders, he thinks I am a prostitute?

"My job." I ask between silent sobs. He doesn answer me, instead he looks at his chauffeur.

"Hand me my checkbook." He commands. Without a word, he opens the front car seat and takes out a chequebook. Wesley scribbles some words on it and signs, he tears it and hands the book back to his chauffeur. Then he throws the cheque on the ground.

"That will last you a lifetime. I hate gold-diggers." He mutters.

"I am not a w***e you know. And I think you did when you raped me. I was a virgin, and you took that from me." I spit, more tears spilling from my eyes. "And now, I am pregnant." I drop the bomb. He is arrogant, so why should I care.

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