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Satrio who saw a thin young man screaming at himself, only stared at the thin man while remaining silent, not answering the mans question.

"Hey....I said to you, who are you??" This time the thin man again shouted at Satrio with a louder tone.

This caused many other passengers to become interested in what was happening at Satrios table.

Feeling irritated, Satrio shouted at the waiter who was "waiter....." Satrio shouted, still ignoring the thin man.

" Whats the matter, sir?" Asked a waiter confused by Satrios call, he who was close to their position still clearly saw what happened between Satrio and the thin young man.

"I don know him, and please expel him from my presence, because this disturbs my appetite" Satrio pointed towards the thin man.

"Ahh..you!!!" Shouting back in shock and also in disbelief at Satrios reaction, he never expected that in the end Satrio would call a waiter and throw him out.

He who is used to dominating often finds the fact that those who are shouted at by his arrogance will honestly behave well and obey his words, but this time a different thing happens where when he shouts at Satrio its not the reaction according to what he got from Satrio, but the opposite is, he was actually expelled by Satrio.

" Ohh ... fine sir " replied the waiter again .

"Sir, Im sorry your behavior has disturbed this gentleman, so please leave here or you can move" said the waiter asking the thin young man to immediately move from in front of Satrios table and also Bellas.

"Huuuf....youll see, Im not done!!!!" The young man threatens Satrio.

He still realized that he could not make a commotion that provoked the anger of the other passengers, because he also understood that the security authorities on board were those colonists who controlled their country and himself who served as a lackey of course would not make a fuss that would harm himself.

So that when the waiter asked to leave immediately, he complied with the order and would not fight back, moreover then he was clearly on board the ship as the highest authority on board the ship and had the right to throw himself off the ship or detain him in a special room.

After seeing the thin young man leave, Bella then said "sorry Satrio, I embarrassed you" Bella said apologetically.

"Why are you apologizing? Does he have anything to do with you?" Satrio asked again.

"Yes and no, Im also confused about what to answer," Bella said with a helpless face.

"If you don mind, maybe you can tell a little, but with the premia that you don mind, while if you feel it is sensitive then you don need to explain further" Satrio said to Bella again.

And Bella, who was listening to Satrios words, seemed to think for a moment until finally after thinking enough she decided in the end to tell Satrio about her relationship and that thin man.

"The thin young man who shouted at you, was named Alex and he was the son of my fathers friend, who had the same goal of going abroad to study, for that reason my father told his friend to entrust myself to Alex, at first I and also Alex communicated very well and everything seemed normal until in the end, when I knew the true nature of Alex who was a well-known playboy at his school I became disgusted with him, and thats where I tried to distance myself from him , but somehow Alex never seemed to want to let me go.

And when he heard that I was going to go abroad to study, I heard news from my father that he had also signed up to go to study abroad, and it was a shame to know that this made Me even more angry with Alex, so that in the end there was a conflict between us.

Whats more, then I didn know what Alex was doing so that in the end it made my father believe in himself and entrusted me to Alex safe on our trip abroad.

And then, as you can see for yourself, Alex suddenly came to you, with bad intentions and no manners," Bella explained to Satrio.

"Ohhh...I see" Satrio said in a slightly funny tone.

Seeing Satrios reaction, who didn really believe what Bella was saying, Bella became angry for some reason and now she asked Satrio.

"Whats with your reaction?" asked bella dissatisfied.

"Ahhh..whats wrong with my reaction?" Satrio asked back with a confused face to Bella but there was still a playful smile in his eyes.

"You...obviously you have an opinion with what I say don you? Bella asked again with a more irritated tone.

"Bella you think too much!!" Satrio said back.

" What do you mean?" Bella was getting angrier.

"Did you forget the most important thing Bella?" Satrio asked Bella.

" Whats that?" Bella asked confused but still angry.

"I don know you, or not. I only know you for less than an hour, so how can I fully trust what you say" Satrio said to Bella and then continued.

" So in this case as an outsider who was indirectly involved in the conflict you mentioned, I can only say that regardless of your intention of chatting with me in the first place, I just feel that spending time with a beautiful woman on the dining table is something fun.

But that pleasure will change when, I as an outsider who doesn know about the conflict you are facing, suddenly you are dragged me into it, in this case of course I doubt the true intentions you have towards me.

Here I could think that what is happening right now is something that you agreed with the thin man earlier, making noise and making me sympathize until in the end there will be other plans for you to do.

But maybe you never thought that the reaction I gave could be said to be very different. I didn pay attention to what the thin man was doing and I didn want to get too involved with the context you have, so in this case of course the reason for my participation in what you face can be said to fail.

So Bella here I will say to you, beauty is a gift but basically it is used for good or bad things it is the decision of the person who receives it, and here I emphasize to you to make the beauty that is in you used in good place.

Don let when you use the beauty you have to benefit others, in the end you will only regret it.

Because a humans heart never knows how wide and deep, or how bright and dark it is because that might cause havoc to you in the future" Satrio said with a serious face to Bella and on the other side after he finished what he said. he immediately left the dining table and left Bella who was still stunned on the dining table.

Until not long after Bella realized that she could still see Satrios figure leaving the dining room.

There was a complicated expression in her beautiful eyes, and this made her very memorable about her first meeting with Satrio.

As for Satrio after he came out of the dining room, a big smile appeared on his mouth.

"Princess Syndrome, I never thought that this would happen in these years" said Satrio with a face full of surprise, but behind it all he felt that his life was getting more interesting now.

Yes he did that on purpose, because how could he not understand bellas behavior, obviously there were many empty tables in the dining room and on the other hand there were empty tables even behind him, so then why did Bella bother sat at the table with him.

And from there then be very friendly towards him, if Satrio has no experience of course he will only assume that what Bella is doing is something normal, but unfortunately Bella may never suspect that the Satrio he is currently facing has experience to deal with with the ladies.

Especially the method that has been done by Bella.

Feeling that he needed to further digest the food he had just eaten, then Satrio began to try to get around the ship, take a closer look at what was on this ship, because it could be said that for almost 2 months this big ship would be his home temporary.

headed towards the upper deck, Satrio saw many foreigners, especially those from Europe, currently enjoying afternoon tea by relaxing on the side of the ships deck.

Seeing this, Satrio is like the one below when he saw a film that was very famous in his previous world, namely a film with romantic love about the sinking of the largest steamship of his time which was caused by hitting an iceberg.

Its just that what was different in front of him at this time was, the servants on duty were mostly brown skinned with native faces from their country.

Getting rid of the psychological burden of discomfort, Satrio then began to circle the ship further.


In the end, Satrio spends his time near the back of the ship, looking at the calm waves. For some reason, Satrio always feels that at the moment what he is experiencing doesn seem so real, he still has the impression that what he is experiencing right now is just like a movie and he is one of character in it.

Even so, Satrio felt that he didn want to think too much about things, what he had to think about now was the purpose of this trip, what the real parents wanted from the owner of Satrios body, who sent him away to study abroad.

However, from what Satrio learned from his predecessors memories, it is known that college was not the main goal of going to study abroad, especially to New York, but he vaguely discovered that his father gave a message to Satrio to get back the royal artifacts he had long gone.


Flashback memories of his predecessor Satrio still remembers clearly that at that time his predecessor was busy fishing in a small river not far from his house.

He was still casually enjoying his free time fishing, but was not long after being disturbed by the sound of a call from his nanny who was also his personal maid.

"Master...master Satrio...young master was called by the big master" a middle-aged man with a thin body and tall stature called Satrio.

For an instant, this made Satrio lose his focus, then he immediately asked his nanny again, "Whats wrong, Father called me? Does Mr. Tarjo know?" Satrio asked confused.

"I don know sir, but the young master had better hurry back because there seems to be very important news," said Mr. Tarjo explaining.

"Erm... all right then, Ill clean up my fishing rod first," said Satrio in reply but was immediately interrupted by Pak Tarjo.

"Sir, you don need to clean this up, let me do it, young master can immediately head home to meet the big master," replied Mr. Tarjo as he started to take the fishing equipment used by Satrio.

Leaving Mr. Tarjo busy with his fishing equipment, Satrio then walked towards his house, even though it was quite close to his house, it took a while on foot for Satrio to arrive at his house.

And on the way, residents who meet him will kindly greet Satrio, this is done because basically the village where Satrio lives is currently land owned by his ancestors.

Which is then lent to local residents to be rented out as agricultural land, in return for a few percent of the harvest by the people who rent the land.

The land area owned by the Satrio family is around 1000 hectares, which is 90% larger than the area of ​​the village, so that practically makes the Satrio family the head of the village and also the direct leader of the residents who live in the village.

And for the record, the number of heads of families living in Satrio village ranged from 200 to 300 heads of households, which in number can be said to be quite a lot, for the size of a village, during the colonial period.

After walking for a while, Satrio finally arrived in front of his house, where at this time a large joglo-shaped house typical of the Javanese house was visible in front of him, there was a one and a half meter high stone fence made of red bricks surrounding Satrios entire house.

With a design like a monument similar to a temple, Satrios house is full of customs.

Walking through the pavilion area, Satrio immediately arrived at his house, without delay he went to his fathers study, knocked politely after receiving permission, he immediately entered the room.

And there a middle-aged man with quite a thick mustache and dressed in traditional Javanese clothing with blankon clenched fists greeted him, "quickly sit down, theres something Im going to talk to you about." The father immediately asked Satrio to sit down.


Coming out of his fathers study, Satrio was still shocked by what his father had said to him.

He never would have thought and also thought that suddenly his father would have the decision to send him abroad to study and that place was New York to be more precise.

He who has never left the island of Java in his life never thought that when he once traveled outside the island he would immediately cross the ocean, not to mention the distance between him and his destination of tens of thousands of kilometers which he clearly could never have imagined.

Unwilling and also not willing to leave this relaxed life, Satrio rebelled and refused the decisions made by his father, but his father was much smarter than himself with various tricks and seductions. In the end Satrio who was still innocent, immediately agreed to his fathers request.

And during the trip, when he was on a road, how come there was no lodging to stay, Satrio and also Mr. Sarmin, the coachman from his horse-drawn carriage, stayed overnight and spent the night on a forest edge, maybe because he was used to living relaxed and also not strong with the suffering that was there, Satrios weak cane can stand the cold, especially at night when they sleep it rains heavily without adequate protection.

Satrio then falls ill with a fever and in short the story is Satrio from the future replacing the original Satrio who had died from a high fever.


"This is clearly just a spoiled child," complained Satrio when he recalled the memory of his predecessor.

Its understandable that as the son of a landlord, Satrio was very spoiled by his parents. He never did heavy work and always had enough food and clothes for him to eat and use.

In contrast to most of the existing society, especially the lower class who can only eat once a day or even twice a day with their staple foods, namely cassava and sorghum.

So here, after Satrio found out about this, he could only smile wryly, saying later "must train the body because basically this body is too weak" Satrio commented on his body which looked quite weak even though he looked quite stocky but basically his skin was not tight and muscular. -the muscles are very loose.

So taking advantage of the time he had for nearly 2 months he decided to start training his body the next day.

(Its getting a bit dark, me better go back to our room, don do the same as our predecessor who was so weak to cold weather) Satrio thought to himself as he then walked towards the class 2 section where his room was.


One night passed and Satrio had a pretty good sleep, "yes...this mattress is not bad and the stability of the ship is also good, so my sleep becomes quite nice" Satrio was satisfied with his good sleep time.

After cleaning himself sufficiently, then immediately without delay Satrio rushed to the rear deck of the ship where he was going to do sports to strengthen his weak body.

Upon arrival Satrio started to warm up, as someone who has a body that rarely exercises of course he couldn start right away, he needed to get used to his body starting from small things and in this case of course warming up is something that is really needed by body.

So of course later when he does sports that are quite strenuous he will not feel excessive pain all over his body due to the muscles in his body being shocked by the strenuous activity he is doing.

Starting with doing 30 push ups, 30 sit ups, and 30 pull ups, Satrio, who did all these things, felt very tired and his whole body was full.

"Ha...ha...ha..." Breathing quickly Satrio felt his body was very tired, and slowly a feeling of pain came from the muscles of his hands and feet, but all of that was not too serious because of the warm-up done by Satrio before, so that the muscles inside his body became much more prepared.

Hey.... young man what are you doing?" Asked a neatly dressed European man looking at Satrio who was currently lying down on the ships deck.

" Ah.... hello sir, Im working out" replied Satrio.

"Sport? What is it?" asked the middle-aged man confused.

Getting an answer from his parents, Satrio then realized that the term sport was not yet popular or maybe even not invented at this time, so it was only natural that when the old man asked and Satrio answered he didn know.

"Here sir, sport is an activity to train muscles to be healthy with certain movements," replied Satrio a little confused but tried to explain as best he could.

He never thought that sport, which was a very popular activity in his era, would be so invisible and unknown this year, but when he looks back on these years Satrio consciously feels that it is basically possible.

Especially after the great depression that hit parts of the world, causing many economies in various countries to collapse and also fall apart, which basically caused a lot of unemployment and also an increase in various staple foods and other needs.

In this case, how could they possibly think of exercising when their stomachs are not necessarily full, so its only natural that these old men don understand about the sport that Satrio means.


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