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Listening to questions from his uncle, Satrio was still a little confused about what his uncle meant, even though he knew, but to cover up this shortcoming he pretended to be stupid and wanted to directly hear what his uncle said because his predecessors memories he also knew that his stop in the city of Batavia was to meet his uncle and also picking up an important item.

"Ahhh...you are pretending to be stupid Satrio!!" Karsos uncle complained

"No uncle, I don know what you mean" replied Satrio again with a serious face.

Seeing the serious face shown by Satrio for a while Karso became confused, did his brother, in this case Satrios father, not tell him about such important things, then after thinking about it he always felt that it was impossible for his brother not to tell Satrio.

"Didn your father tell you about the items you have to take here?" asked his uncle again.

"Father did say to take it uncle, but what it is and what it is for, I don know" Satrio answered again to his uncle.

"Hmmm....well then let uncle explain to you," said Karso starting to explain in detail about the item in question.

"Maybe your father once told you about the origins of our family lineage," Karso asked Satrio.

"In the past, when I was little, my father liked to tell stories about a kingdom that was prosperous and also big, but what does Uncle have to do with us?" asked Satrio again to Karso.

"Of course, if there isn anything for your father to tell you about it...

You can know about trivial matters like that," said Karso, belittling what Satrio said.

"Let your uncle explain a little about how big the kingdom your father meant...

Once upon a time hundreds or even thousands of years ago when the world was not as advanced as it is today, there was a very large empire that controlled sea trade routes, from Asia to Africa and even to Europe, its influence was spread very widely. As for what was traded, starting from gold, gemstones, pearls various types of spices, camphor, sandalwood and others.

This great empire has a very large fleet the specific number of ships cannot be known. According to some records, at least thousands of ships with sizes from 40 to hundreds of meters are owned by this great empire.

Which of course in this case made the kingdom the true ruler of the seas, the empire lasted for thousands of years and successive dynasties ruled it, only later when in the early 14th century the last dynasty that also inherited the title of the ruler of the kingdom began to decline and die out.

Until finally hundreds of years later and until now the remnants of the greatness of the kingdom began to disappear and also faded from time to time, but even so, those who have complete records and history know very well about the fame of this kingdom.

And you should be proud to be one of his descendants," said Karso, telling a little about it.

"But Uncle, if indeed the kingdom you say is very big, why suddenly collapse and also be destroyed?" Satrio asked again

"Nothing is eternal in this world and power is the same, its just that a prediction written by one of the kings of that dynasty might be able to describe a little about why this great empire collapsed," said Karso again.

"What prophecy?" Satrio asked curiously.

"This prophecy is called a glorious prophecy. As for why it is named like that, it contains a philosophy about the revival of this great empire.

In the prophecy it is clearly stated that after 500 years the kingdom has disappeared, then 500 years later this great empire will begin to rise again and slowly return to show its glory.

And during the process it is written and also underlined that, there will be a child who becomes the opening gate of the glory of the kingdom, and the child has the following signs.

He was born on Friday, the day of the great kingdoms greatness, comes from the descendants of the kings of the great royal dynasty, has the name of a knight and also has a birthmark on his right leg" until here Karso looked at Satrio.

"Ehhh uncle why are you looking at me like this?"

"Don you feel familiar with those markings?" asked his uncle again

"You mean uncle?" Satrio asked in surprise but after thinking for a while he felt that the things mentioned above were not about him!!!!

"I.....so thats me, uncle!!!!" Satrio shouted shocked

"Should according to the forecast it is you?" said his uncle again

"Born on Friday, come from a descendant of a dynastic king, your name is Satrio which means knight in Javanese, and what makes all of that trut this, you have a birthmark on your right leg" said his uncle firmly.

"So...I...ahh...uncle...so this is the reason why I have to stop by your place?" Satrio asked again

"Yes and no Satrio, yes because indeed you were ordered by your father to come here to meet with uncle and take this scroll, but the goal is not to end here and on the contrary this is only the beginning for you, or rather this is the beginning of the responsibilities that you have to carry it" Karso told Satrio about the task he was assigned.

"No...how could I become the thing that was foretold, let alone restore glory what a joke uncle, what power do I have!!!" Satrio complained helplessly.

He felt like he was being pranked when he transmigrated into this world he would have thought of passing his normal life casually, especially later when he realized that his family sent him abroad to study he became even more excited, but all that changed when he heard an explanation. from his current uncle about the actual task his father had given him.

He only remembers his father telling him to stop by his uncles house and pick up an important item and then the rest listen to the use of the item from his uncle. He who thought that these items were just ordinary items never suspected in the end that the items his father meant were something that opened a new chapter in Satrios life.

Hearing the details of what his uncle said he could tell that at the very least, his comfortable and relaxed life would not be possible since he had to carry out the task, he could imagine that if he didn do so his extended family would definitely scold him and on the other hand, as a moral burden, he will feel guilty knowing that he is the chosen one and also the hope of his extended family, he does not want to carry out the task regardless of whether he tries or not.

So in this case Satrio was in a dilemma, Karso who saw his nephew was silent, did not disturb the thoughts that were currently raging in Satrios head, but consciously gave him time and space to think and also digest what his uncle had said.

5 minutes later there was no further reaction given by Satrio, his uncle then said "lets skip all that first, lets go back up because maybe your aunt has started looking for us" his uncle said asking Satrio to stop contemplating.

"Okay uncle, Satrio needs more time to think" Satrio answered with a complex face and followed his uncle out of the basement until they came out and explained a bit of the reason why they disappeared, Satrio then returned to his room and contemplated what was happening right now.


The night just passed, and Satrio who was tired thought he fell asleep on his bed, until Ursula woke him up for dinner, then Satrio realized that he had fallen asleep.

After cleaning up and joining his uncles family for dinner, Satrio recovers a bit.

However, the different reactions shown by Satrio made Ursula and also her aunt Caroline worries, so they asked.

"Are you all right Satrio?" Ursula asked worriedly.

"Ahh..not everything is fine Ursula, what is it?" Satrio asked again.

"If you

e fine, why do you look dazed," Ursula said again.

"Maybe Satrio just misses his family," his uncle interrupted.

"Yes...as my uncle said, Im just a little homesick," said Satrio again.

"Uhhhh...poor you Satrio had to go far from home, couldn your father send you to study here or in Bandung!" His aunt complained dissatisfied with Satrios father.

His uncle who knows the reason behind Satrios current behavior can only laugh and pray to his brother who is also Satrios father, to be lucky when they meet again.

"How about we take a walk, the night in the city of Batavia is still quite beautiful," said Ursula making a suggestion.

"Thats right, just play with Ursula Satrio you might get a lot better" his aunt agreed.

"But my uncle and aunt have to get on a ship tomorrow" said Satrio again.

"Just cancel your trip tomorrow, calm your mind first, maybe by resting here you can find the answer," said his uncle coaxing.

"Thats right Satrio you don have to go tomorrow, there are still many other ship schedules that you can board in the future" Ursula said happily, imagining Satrio would be staying longer in Jakarta she felt very happy, so this time there was an opportunity to convince Satrio to live temporarily in batavia, why not.


Hearing persuasion from his uncle and Ursula, for a while Satrio contemplated the advantages and disadvantages of having to stay longer in the city of Batavia. But he also realized that what his uncle said and also the task given to him was not easy to take for granted, he always felt that he did not really have a sense of responsibility for what his uncle said.

He felt that he lacked a reason to accept the assignment, and at this time it was that reason that made him both doubtful and indecisive, but after thinking about it for a while he also tended to prefer living temporarily in the city of Batavia, because he thought rather than having to went on and didn know what to do.

So wouldn it be better if he remained in the city of Batavia and settled temporarily while then looking for reasons to make himself more willing to carry out the tasks given by his family.

"Why are you still hesitating?" asked his uncle.

But Uncle, my boat ticket?" Said Satrio doubtfully.

"Ok... ok... your ticket will be replaced by Uncle, is it finished now?" asked his uncle again.

"That...that...uncle, what about my father" Satrio said shyly, asking his uncle for help.

"You ... never mind let me talk to your father, so now you can get ready to go around the city of Batavia with Ursula" said her uncle again.

"Okay uncle, thank you..." Satrio said with a big smile, feeling that all the things that bothered him to be able to stay in the city of Batavia had just disappeared, so now he can feel relaxed and also enjoy the city of Batavia together with Ursula, of course of course the reason why he persisted was to find certainty about his identity while to enjoy the city of Batavia together with the beautiful Ursula was a bonus.


Riding a bicycle, the two of them were currently traveling around the area from the Menteng area, until then Satrio felt bored and made a suggestion to move to another area, "its too quiet here, do you know a place that is busier?" Satrio asked Ursula.

"Yes, there are several places that are busier, its just that its in an ordinary residential area," Ursula said again.

"Good then lets go there, I want to see what the life of ordinary people in this city is like" said Satrio again.

With guidance from Ursula, Satrio directed his bicycle towards the direction where the ordinary residents live, after passing through several intersections, in the end Satrio and Ursula arrived at a residential area of ​​ordinary residents. with the Menteng area.

That seemed elite and also exclusive, seeing the street in front which was busy with various shops on either side, Satrio became excited, he could clearly only see this in films with early 90s-themed films, so when he saw it in person now Satria gets excited.

"Its very crowded here" Satrio said in amazement

"Yes, its crowded here. You can buy a variety of complete needs here, from groceries, furniture, stationery, and food, a lot of them are sold here," said Ursula to Satrio.

"Lets just walk," said Satrio inviting Ursula to get off the bike and walk hand in hand.

At this time it was 7 oclock and the crowd there had just started, Satrio who was walking around with Ursula was interested in the various types of food being sold, he knew that currently the food being sold was very different from what was being sold in the modern era.

"Lets have a look there, it looks like theres an interesting seller," said Satrio inviting ursul to stop at a food vendor on the side of the road.

"Sell what sir?" Ajay Satrio to a middle-aged man in his 50s with a thin but strong body, in front of him there are two baskets lifted by a bamboo pole, covered with a banana leaf.

"Ohh....please sir, watch me sell market cakes," said the old merchant.

"Oh market cakes, lets see" replied Satrio and asked the man to open his wares.

From behind the banana leaves that covered the basket, Satrio and Ursula saw several cakes with a square shape wrapped in banana leaves. Satrio smelled the aroma and knew that these cakes were still warm.

"You know what this cake Ursula is?" Satrio asked Ursula who looked a little curious.

"I know a little, if Im not mistaken these are Nagasari cakes and Bugis cakes" Ursula replied to Satrio.

"Yes, you are right, this is a Nagasari and Bugis cake, a cake made from wheat flour and bananas, while the other one is a cake made from flour filled with sweet grated coconut" Satrio explained further.

"How much, sir?" Ask Satrio

"The price for these 10 cakes is 2 cents, sir," replied the old man

Hearing this price, of course Satrio was surprised because it was so cheap, but then thinking back to the colonial era, with the average salary of ordinary residents ranging from dozens to dozens of Goldens, this price can be said to be a normal price.

So Satria no longer bargained and ordered two cents, only then Satra was surprised again because the wrapper handed over by the old man was not a plastic or paper bag like in modern times, but instead he put 10 cakes in a wrapper made of banana leaves.

Seeing this there is a smile on the corner of his mouth, imagining that when modern times humans are busy with the idea of ​​returning to nature and reducing the use of plastic, here the colonial era deck He gets under human life in this era can be said to be more natural and does not damage nature compared to when modern times exist.

After thanking the old man, Satrio and Ursula continued their walk there.

Until a few moments later Satrio saw a rather young man in his late 30s selling cotton candy.

And this time Ursulas reaction was more enthusiastic than Satrios, "Satrio Come on, lets buy cotton candy, Im very happy to eat cotton candy," said Ursula excitedly pulling literature towards the seller.

The seller, who was currently making some cotton candy, was surprised when he found a white woman in neat clothes approaching the booth. Even though she was a little scared, she realized that most likely the woman bought her cotton candy, so she tried to smile.

"Good evening maam, there is something you want to buy," said the seller, greeting Ursula respectfully.

Seeing this, Satrio didn know whether he should be happy or sad. Because he saw fear and worry in the sellers eyes, thinking back that Orsula had white skin and also came from Europe, maybe he was misinterpreted as Mrs. Meneer, the term for Mrs. the mistresses or women who come from colonial countries.

"Sir, I want to buy this cotton candy, how much it price?" Ursula asked the seller.

"The cotton candy costs one cent madam, please choose and have a look," said the seller trying to smile kindly in response to Ursula.

"Just relax sir, he won bite you" Satrios voice in a joking tone was heard.

"Ah sir... Do you know this lady?" Ask the seller to Satrio.

"Yes, she is my friend, and he is a good person, so you don need to be too tense when serving her," Satrio added.

"Heyy... Satrio can you speak in a better tone" Ursula replied with a smiling face responding to the teasing from Satrio.

"Well, see for yourself," Satrio said, pointing at Ursula.

The seller after seeing that what Satrio said was true then he became much more relaxed, here Ursula asked for a cotton candy in the shape of a flower, willing to pay a penny then Satrio again invited Ursula to continue their walk.

"Not let go....let go....." A womans scream could be heard from the front, this immediately made the bustling street interested in the commotion.

" Satrio there is something there" said Ursula.

"Yeah lets see whats going on" Satrio said again.

As they approached the crowd that was in front, only then could they see what was happening in front of them. At this moment, in the middle of the crowd, an ordinary-looking young woman was being dragged away by several ferocious-looking men. It was clear that here was a young woman. with all his might trying to fight off some of the men who were trying to pull him away.

What was strange was that residents who saw this did not react, only saw it from the side. Feeling this odd, Satrio then asked the Prophet,"why was the young woman dragged away but no one helped?" asked Satria confused to Ursula.

"Those men who look fierce are the servants of certain rich people in the city of Batavia, so its only natural that the people around don react but Im said to only be able to watch, because if they help the woman then they will get a reply of certain wealthy people who are the employers of these coral men.

Not to mention if the rich people who become their employers are white people then you can imagine the retribution they will receive will be many times over, so in this case of course they cannot do this because of the risk that threatens the lives of both themselves and their families. .

But for you and me maybe the story will be a little different" Ursula said with a confident smile.

Seeing this Satrio became confused but then his doubts were immediately answered when Ursula pushed forward and shouted at the ferocious men.

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