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Michael J.D

We left a couple of minutes ago with no definite destination. And its been a quiet drive so far.

"So where had you like to go to?" I asked

"I don know. Its my first time here remember?" She replied.

Thats true. Silly me. I mentally face palmed.

"Any ideas in mind?" she asked

"Well I thought of the Frye art museum but, I don really know your preferences you mite get bored the....."

"No, lets go there." She replied.

I looked at her trying to give the idea a second thought.


e sure? Because...."

"Positive. I love arts and I love museums so lets go." she said gleefully.

"Ok, if you insist." I said typing in the address of the museum in the GPS.

I was quite surprised by her interest in art. She had a far greater experience and knowledge about the topic than I did. She could decipher every paint brand used as well as the different styles used by the various artists. Her enthusiasm was contagious.

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