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Arsonist and Pigeon

There were seven black beasts besieging Kang De.

The first was struck in the head by a flying ax and was long dead. The second was sent flying by a large charge, and a huge wound opened in his abdomen. He was also dead.

The remaining five wanted to organize another encirclement, but they could not surround the mobility of the locomotive. After all, that thing burned with brilliant flames, and black beasts were the most afraid of fire.

Kang De drank the second bottle of medicine. He did not remember the exact name, but in terms of effect, it was the Agility Potion. This greatly increased his nerve reflex, movement speed, and even spatial sense. It was specific because he could throw the axe at the enemy at an extremely tricky angle.

Simple geometry.

Fighting with an axe was addictive! There was the roughest sense of violence. He was bold and unrestrained, slashing like he was cutting vegetables. A true man would use an axe to smash the heads of all his enemies and not leave a witness.

Kang De controlled the locomotive with one hand and held the fire axe with the other. He rushed back and forth in the encirclement of the black beasts. With the strengthening of the two bottles of medicine and the deterrence of the flame locomotive, he had already obtained the absolute advantage. The black beasts could not do anything to him, but he could take the time to attack from afar.

In this enthusiastic atmosphere, he gulped down the third bottle of medicine.

According to Cleveland, the last bottle of medicine was used to strengthen the mind. This was probably the meaning. The concept of mind was actually very general, just like strength and agility. It was not too clear if it strengthened ones thinking speed, imagination depth, memory, or breadth of thought.

Kang De did not take it to heart at that time. After all, he was a crazy… ahem, a civilized person. He had to use guns, bacteria, and steel to subdue people. In theory, there was no need to have any intelligence.

But he was wrong.

He only drank the potion with the thought that he had already drunk two bottles anyway and might as well drink another bottle to see the effect. In any case, Tina should reimburse him.

After the medicinal effect melted, the door to the new world suddenly opened.

He only felt that the world had instantly become clear. His thoughts suddenly changed, as if the distance between him and this world… had suddenly become closer.

The elemental power entrenched in his body became even more lively as if with a thought, he could mobilize it as he pleased.

He thought of the three enchantment elements diagram on the short sword.

The composition was relatively complicated. At that time, Kang De frowned when he saw it. It was not easy to replicate it. He had to think about it carefully and practice. That was before.

After drinking this intelligence potion, he felt that his mind was many times clearer. The complicated composition instantly became traceable, and the pattern structure became clear.

He held the ax and willed it with his mind, analyzing the structure of the array diagram in his mind. The enchanted array diagram called the “Flame Roar” had a total of five rings. One ring was connected to another, and they were connected to each other. The fire elements increased in strength layer by layer, and the power was extremely powerful.

Time was tight. He only took the elemental structure of the core part. With a thought, he mobilized the elements. After strengthening the locomotive, the remaining fire elements in his body surged into the fire axe like flowing water.

A scarlet demonic pattern was slowly taking shape.

Suddenly, flames circulated and a fire was lit in the air. The fire axe flashed with intense flames, and the blade erupted with red light. Kang De laughed long and hard, and the fire axe rode the flames and flew out!

With a bang, it struck a black beast. The ax burned through the hard fur and slashed into its flesh. With a loud bang, flames surged and the entire black beast exploded!

Bang! Bang!

Kang De shouted loudly.

In the next moment, he screamed, “D*mn, my axe!”

The fragments of the axe fell to the ground. It was as if the material of the axe could not endure this huge magic power, or as if the physical structure of the axe could not maintain such an intense change in essence… In short, after completing the shocking kill of this fatal strike and flame critical strike, this fire axe crumbled.

Kang De felt his heart ache.

He had searched the estate, shopping center, and even banks for this fire axe. He had only obtained more than ten in total, and they were even rarer than ammunition.

It was a one-time-use item now. This was too fragile.

Or was the material not good enough Therefore, its endurance was insufficient.

This was for sure. Although it was a product of the modern industrial system, there was also good and bad steel. The quality of the steel used to make the fire axe was definitely worlds apart from the special steel used to make battleships… Perhaps this was the reason.

However, even if he knew this principle, Kang De was helpless. If he could return to modern society, he could go to a special factory to order top-notch special steel.

What was the use of saying this now He could not return.

“What a loss, what a loss… I have to think of a way to make up for it with these Goethe people.”

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Since the enchantment product was only a one-time use item, then…

He would choose a weapon that was originally a one-time use item to enchant.

Kang De touched the Molotov cocktail hanging from his body.

Then, the battle ended.

It was not only the encirclement battle on his side but also the battle at the Goethe camp.

While the medicine was still effective, Kang De enchanted all the Molotov cocktails in a row. After destroying the remaining black beasts, he turned around and rushed to the Goethe Camp.

Under the horrified gaze of the Goethe people, the terrifying Cathayan flew in on a burning fire mount, like a Hell Knight.

He raised his hand and threw a large fireball. It was both fast and accurate. When it exploded, it was a red flame explosion. After the black beast touched it, it was burned half to death—especially when their supernatural powers were sealed and people could only fight through their bodies and weapons. The impact of such an arsonist was always huge.

The Goethe sailors who had participated in the conflict yesterday felt a lingering fear.

Those who had only heard of this conflict but had not seen it with their own eyes shivered. They whispered to their companions beside them, “Youre actually able to return alive… What a ferocious Easterner.”

The battle ended.

A total of 15 black beasts were killed.

Kang De threw the locomotive to the side. This vehicle had experienced the strengthening of the fire elements, so it could not avoid being crippled in the end… In the end, it only used the fire elements to undergo a simple and rough infusion strengthening.

Perhaps after carefully learning more enchantments in the future and carving them carefully, the situation would improve… The current products were all one-time use.

Tina and the others greeted him.

The knight put on his armor and handed the enchanted short sword to Kang De. The smile on his face became more amiable. Kang De did not hesitate to save him in time and won his favor.

“Returning it to its rightful owner,” he said politely. “I dont know how to thank you for your help… Your activity has played an irreplaceable decisive role in the battle.”

Kang De smiled and said, “If you dont know how to thank me, give me a few more bottles of magic potions and crystals. I used them all in the battle just now.”

The knight looked at the princess, who smiled and said, “Of course, this is what I should do.”

She pursed her lips and smiled, “In just one meeting, your relationship with Knight Cleveland has improved. Mother is right. The friendship between men is always unpredictable.”

Seeing this beautiful woman again, Kang Des mood improved. He smiled. “Tina.”

The princess was stunned. She had never been called by her name so naturally since she was young.

However, on careful thought, it was the same yesterday.

Therefore, she smiled and said, “Kang De, its good to see you again.”

Kang De looked at the slightly chaotic camp and said apologetically, “Im sorry, my information was wrong. In my experience, black beasts shouldnt have appeared so quickly, and there wont be so many.”

“Something unusual might have happened.”

The princess thought of the hero altar of the Fire Thief. She said softly, “Its not your fault.”

Kang De hesitated for a moment and said carefully, “Was anyone injured because of this”

The princess shook her head and said, “Its all thanks to you and your animal friends. They discovered the arrival of these beasts immediately and were the first to warn and attack, giving us time to react quickly… Otherwise, we would have been caught off guard and would have definitely suffered heavy losses.”

“Coo! Coo! Coo!”

The pigeon flew to Kang Des shoulder and danced around to show its credit. This birds body language was extremely rich. Among the many magical animals, its communication with Kang De was the most smooth.

Tina looked at the pigeon with a loving smile. She looked at Kang De with an envious expression. This girl also wanted a spiritual pet.

She asked, “Whats your friend talking about”

—It said that it was going to the North Island to brag today and brought a few idiotic friends over to see my girlfriend, who is you. It wanted them to recognize your face and let them see for themselves if you were as big as it said and happened to see the black beast coming, so it was duty-bound to protect its sister-in-law.

Kang De said seriously, “It said that it brought a few friends to play with you today and happened to encounter a black beast. Therefore, it saw injustice and saved you. This is what it should do.”

The princess was even happier when she heard this. She looked at the pigeon seriously, bowed, and said seriously, “Thank you, Miss Pigeon.”

“Miss Pi…”

Kang De was stunned. “Its a female”

“Thats right.” The princess tilted her head and said, “Doesnt Mr. Kang De know”

—How would I know Birds are not big, and they dont have breasts.

“There are many characteristics, such as the toes and the size, especially the head… Miss Pigeon wont let me touch it. Mr. Kang De can try touching its pubic bone.”

The princess explained as if she knew everything. Then, she said half-jokingly, “Mr. Kang De, youre not qualified. Youve interacted with girls for so long and still dont know their gender. Its too rude.”

—Wow, you dont know how hooligan this bird usually acts.

Kang De glanced at the pigeon, but before he could say anything, it flew away with a coo.

“Then, Mr. Kang De.”

The princess said lightly, “Please come in and sit. Although its not as beautiful and comfortable as your residence, the hospitality of the Goethe people will make up for all of this. Please allow us to entertain you to express our gratitude.”

Kang De nodded. “My pleasure.”

It was indeed time to talk.

The transactions they had talked about, especially the various potions and crystals, had an immediate effect on Kang Des combat strength. Their short-term importance was stronger than enchanted equipment.

Moreover, there was also the problem of… the black beast.

Breaking the usual rules and appearing in large numbers, he had to think of a way to investigate the reason.

He indeed had to chat with them.


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