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Friend, You Should Wear Female Clothes

“How did Master Sovozs proud enchantment appear on Kang Des axe”

The princess muttered to herself.

She seemed to have thought of something and looked up at Cleveland. “Knight, if I remember correctly, the short sword that was given to Kang De earlier…”

The knight was also surprised. When he heard this, he replied, “Yes, one of the enchantments of the Crimson Blood Flame Sword is the Flame Roar… Your Highness, could it be that…”

The princess did not answer and asked, “Do you think he knows Master Sovoz”

The knight shook his head. “No, he doesnt even know any common sense of our continent.”

Tina took a deep breath. “So, the only possibility is what you think.”

The knight muttered, “But this is the Holy Seal Islands. All supernatural powers will be suppressed…”

“No document shows that all supernatural powers will be suppressed. The reason why we came to this conclusion is only because of our own encounters…”

The princess said softly, “But some people are destined to be different, right”

She thought of the vast and sacred hero altar and the name of the Fire Thief.

The reason why she gave away all the precious magic medicines and lent all the enchanted items to Kang De today was mainly because of the hero altar of the Fire Thief.

The suffocating holiness she had seen with her own eyes.

Kang De, who had obtained this heros inheritance, was definitely not an ordinary person.

If she did not befriend him when he was on a deserted island and needed help, could it be that she had to wait until his name shook the continent and he had power before pleasing him

A trace of joy appeared in the princesss heart.

Now, it seemed that it was indeed true.

As for why she was happy—was it because of her decisive investment and goodwill, or was it for other reasons Even she probably could not tell.

Head Maid Bedolla also understood, “No wonder Mr. Kang De wants enchanted equipment… If my guess is true, such an ability is really shocking. I wonder…”

The captain suddenly said, “Hes back.”

The princess hurriedly put away the fragment in her hand and looked up. As expected, Kang De strode back with an awkward but polite smile.

The Goethe people also had something on their minds, and their smiles were a little exaggerated.

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Kang De said in embarrassment, “About that, I forgot to ask. Whats the effect of these enchanted equipment”

The princess was stunned.

“Theres a full set of certification and usage instructions from the Goethe Legal Department inside… Ah, Im sorry.” At this point, she said apologetically, “I forgot that you dont know the language of the continent… How rude.”

She walked forward and opened the box in Kang Des hand. She explained softly, “We brought a total of six high-value enchanted items. Three belong to the Court of Goethe, and three are seized from the battlefield.”

“Two of them have already been given to you.”

“This is the Fire Chaser Round Shield. Its from the Goethe Treasure Vault. Its enchanted with the Immovable Mountain and the Fire Control Divine Light. The former strengthens the toughness of the shield, allowing it to endure and digest a greater impact. The latter can protect the user from the invasion of flames. The Fire Control Divine Light is one of the top-notch flame immunity enchantments. With it, youll be the most troublesome enemy of the Flame Mages.”

“This is a captured elf accessory. Its a famous Cats Eye Stone Talisman thats enchanted with Night Eye. The person wearing it will automatically obtain low-light vision and can see at night. Its a treasure that assassins and thieves dream of.”

“This is also obtained from the elves. Its the thumb ring of a champion archer. Its called the Eagle Eye Ring. Its enchanted with a Fatal Divine Shot and can slightly modify the shooters shooting movements to ensure higher accuracy.”

“As for the last one…”

The princess kept him in suspense, “This necklace is the most valuable among all the enchanted items… Kang De, guess what the effect is”

Kang De thought for a moment.The most valuable

He said, “Could it be that theres a life-saving spell engraved on it”

The princess smiled and shook her head. She took out the crystal necklace from the box, lowered her beautiful neck, and put it on. Then, she looked up and smiled at Kang De.

At this moment, it was as if a hundred flowers had bloomed. A shocking beauty seeped out from the princesss face. Her milky white skin seemed to be emitting a charming light. In short, the princess was still that beautiful princess, but she had added special effects like a beauty filter and skin polish.

—Mom, she seduced me!

Kang Des heart raced. The princess had become even more beautiful, charming, and tempting than before.

In short, if the person lying in front of him yesterday was the princess in this state, he would probably have to… stroke it five times before it cooled down.

Kang De was stunned for a moment before he suddenly recovered and forced a smile, “It… it adds charm. However, if thats all, how can it be more valuable than those equipment… Ah…”

At this point, he shut up.

So that was the case.

The Eagle Eye Ring that could make a bow master even more dangerous and fatal, the Night Eye enchantment that assassins dreamed of, and a shield that could greatly suppress Flame Mages.

There was also a magic necklace that could make women more charming and beautiful.

Which was more precious

The latter.

This was because powerful nobles and experts mostly had wives. Or rather, they all had the need to please women—even the emperor was no exception.

This necklace was also seized from the elves.

D*mn, elves were so understanding.

“Kang De, you are a very smart person. You immediately understood this principle.”

Tina took off the necklace and placed it in the box in Kang Des hand. “Its indeed ironic that a treasure that many experts pursue is not as precious as a necklace thats almost useless. Whats even sadder is that countless women desire this necklace only to use their beauty as a weapon to obtain more from men…”

She sighed softly, looking a little feminine.


I understand the principle. Why did you give me this necklace

The princess noticed Kang Des expression and smiled slyly, “Men can use it too.”

“Is that so”

Kang De was relatively good at dealing with such jokes. After all, he had such a mother.

Therefore, he naturally replied, “In that case, let Knight Cleveland try.”

Surprise flashed in Tinas eyes. She immediately said, “Alright, Ive always wanted to see it.”

The upright and inflexible knight blushed. “Please dont joke about me!”

Kang De laughed with the princess.

However, on the other hand… Kang De sized up the handsome and dignified knight. Although this handsome second-generation official was very handsome, he did not look tough. In other words…

—Friend, you might be better at cross-dressing.

The knight met his gaze and instinctively felt a dangerous aura. He subconsciously retreated.

“Then Ill take my leave.”

Kang De wanted to joke a little more, but he was not that familiar with the knight. Moreover, the enchantment of these magic equipment gave him some new ideas. He could not wait to go back and try.

“Ill bring some local products over tonight to entertain everyone.”

The princess and the others watched him leave.

“Your Highness.”

The captain had been observing the change in Kang Des expression, “When talking about the enchantment effect, his face did not show surprise and realization, but contemplation.”

Lady Bedolla said, “Moreover, he looks at a few pieces of equipment with great concentration as if hes looking at something we cant see…”

The princess did not answer, as if calculating something.

After a moment, she looked up, her eyes bright as if she had thought of something very important. “Captain Oswald.”

The bearded captain bowed and said, “Yes.”

Tina said seriously, “Please report to me again—hows the situation of the Penguin Whats the difficulty in setting sail again”

The captain replied in a low voice, “Firstly, we need to replenish enough fresh water, food, and fresh fruits to prevent scurvy. Secondly, the difficulty of setting sail again is the materials. Our ship has many serious fractures, the impact of the hidden rocks, and the attack of spells… In our current situation, its difficult to find enough qualified special wood to repair the ship, so we cant make the Penguin set sail quickly.”

The princess asked, “Cant the wood on the island work”

“No, the cut wood cant be directly used to repair the ship. It takes more than half a year to process the gathered wood into shipbuilding materials. The only thing that can speed up this process is… magic.”

He said, “In this area, the supernatural power is suppressed. We cant use the power of spells.”

Tina was silent for a moment before saying, “It seems… someone can.”

She took out the axe fragment she had hidden and said softly, “Since he can attach the Flame Roar to this axe, he can definitely enchant the Immovable Mountain to a wooden board… right, Captain”

“In theory, thats the case.”

The captains eyes flickered. Although he did not show his emotions, he was very excited.

“It seems that we have to invite a new crew member,” he said. “But this is very difficult. This gentleman from Cathay is an opinionated and wary smart person. Its very difficult to persuade him to take the risk with us… especially since were facing the threat of the elves.”

Tina nodded silently.

“But for Goethe, we have to try anything, no matter how difficult it is,” she said softly. “Leave it to me.”


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