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The ship was a special environment.

Away from land was away from society and the law. Compared to the boundless sea, the small ship was like a moving half-closed prison with its own set of rules and operating patterns.

Navigation was a very difficult thing.

Especially to the most ordinary crew.

They were under great physical and psychological pressure on a long boring voyage.

Food preservation problems, psychological and mental problems, and also physical needs.

The last one was the most difficult to resolve.

This was because female crew members were usually not allowed on the ship to save the males from being in a daze and letting their thoughts run wild. Therefore, if the sailors wanted to resolve their personal problems, they either had to do it themselves or wait for the ship to be moored in the port before going ashore to spend money.

However, even the pigeons knew that they could not perfectly resolve the problem by themselves, and ships could not often be moored in the port—but the wisdom of the working people was endless. Smart sailors always had all kinds of ideas.

Experienced sailors would bring a sheep on board.

More experienced sailors would form a close brotherhood with their other companions.

More experienced sailors would… Hmm, there was a joke here.

One day, a new sailor asked the captain how to resolve his physical needs. The captain mysteriously brought him to a room. There was a large wooden barrel in the room with a small hole in the side. The wise and elegant captain suggested that the sailor stuff his rod into the hole.

The sailor did as he was told. In the next moment, he felt as if he had ascended to paradise. His entire body was relaxed, and it was unknown where he was.

A few minutes later, after feeling good, he excitedly asked the captain if he could come again tomorrow.

“No, lad, not tomorrow,” the captain said to him seriously, “because its your turn to be on duty in this bucket tomorrow.”

This chaotic, ridiculous, terrifying, and even disgusting situation was the norm in the era of the Earths great voyage. It was also an extremely common situation for long-distance travel in the other world now. There was no romance, no praise, only filth, disgust, and lawlessness.

The situation of the Penguin was much better. After all, this ship was carrying an extremely important mission to send the beautiful and noble Princess Tina to the capital to lobby politically. Not only was the ship equipped with a magic device to preserve food, but the members were also carefully chosen. These sailors were not hooligans and idlers captured from the prison and streets, but serious elite navy.

They had passed the political review and were of high quality. Their loyalty could be guaranteed.

The ship also carried out extremely strict laws that did not allow ordinary seamen to talk to female passengers. As long as they discovered any sexual activities, they would all be hung from the mast. The army-like management, generous rewards, and the natural obedience of the Goethe people made the crew maintain high morale.

However, the problem of physical needs always existed.

Therefore, after seeing the exciting film that Kang De took out, they were excited.

Who would have thought that the first movie people from the alternate world saw was actually such content

That intense action, that tempting expression, that smooth camera, that exquisite close-up. What a joke. How could something that could catch Master Kang Des eye be ordinary The industry standards and production standards forged by decades of experience in Japan instantly conquered these dozen or so men from other worlds.

Everyones breathing gradually quickened and their eyes widened.

Kang De did not want to stay here.

He pushed the sailor leader beside him and raised a finger, “Youre responsible for controlling the situation. Dont dirty this device or touch it casually, understand”

This leader was clearly a little distracted.

However, in the next moment, he heard the Holy Decree.

Mr. Kang De said to him in an extremely dignified and great voice, “I have many such love stories here. There will be more in the future, but if anything happens tonight, you can forget about the rest, understand”

More than ten pairs of eyes looked at him.

It could be believed that in the hearts of these soldiers, Mr. Kang Des status had even surpassed Grand Duke Goethe in this short moment. He was simply the agent of the Goddess of Love in the human world.

Of course, it was only for a moment.

They looked at Kang De with extremely warm and respectful gazes.

The sailor leader said sternly, “You all heard it! If you want to play with your rods, get into the corner of the tent. If anyone breaks Mr. Kang Des magic device, Ill chop it off!”

Everyone agreed excitedly and actually saluted.

To a group of men who had been suppressed for a long time, the effect of this gift was huge.

After Kang De made arrangements, he prepared to leave this tent. It was very unwise to stay in such an environment. God knew if he would be stained with anything strange.

In the next moment, a call sounded from outside, “Kang De”

When everyone heard this, they were shocked. Even in the tent below, a few people instantly collapsed, because this beautiful and mellow voice was extremely familiar. It was the beautiful Princess Tina.

These Goethe men looked at each other in panic. It was simply as if they had secretly watched a movie together at night and bumped into the female form teacher doing ward rounds.

Kang De patted his chest silently and smiled reassuringly.

Leave it to me—he said silently with a gesture.

—Mr. Kang De!

The Goethe men had tears in their eyes.

At this moment, the grudge and displeasure from being beaten up yesterday were completely shattered.

Kang De walked out of the room as if nothing had happened. He did not look guilty at all.

This was a skill he had cultivated since he was young. After all, he had such a mother.

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In the flames of the camp, he saw Princess Tina standing outside with the knight beside her.

The girl smiled at him and said, “I saw you call them away and thought that something was wrong…”

Kang Des eyes were extremely pure. “Ah, after all, there was such a conflict yesterday. Its best to resolve it. Its fine now. Weve become good friends.”

In the strictly sealed high school dormitory that banned cell phones, the person with the most resources was the eldest brother.

Princess Tina smiled. “Thats great.”

The knight was curious. “What are they doing in there”

From the tent came the enthusiastic shouts of the men. Some were singing, some were talking and laughing, and some were cheering loudly. In short, it was very, very lively.

Kang De smiled and said, “If youre curious, you can go in and take a look.”

“…Forget it.”

The knight listened to the commotion inside and frowned in rejection.

He was a noble and the son of the Prime Minister. Although he could fight alongside these sailors and soldiers or even lead the charge, he could not mingle with them no matter what.

The princess was very curious, but she was firmly dissuaded by the knight, “Youre a noble princess and theres a difference between men and women. The dirty and messy tents of the sailors are not places a princess should go.”

Tina glanced at Kang De and saw that his opinion was the same, so she did not insist.


She stretched out her hand to Kang De with a smile. Her slender and beautiful hand was wrapped in a white silk glove and emitted a hazy and pure beauty, “The banquet is in an enthusiastic mood. Kang De, do you want to dance”

Kang De was stunned. “But I dont know how to…”

He was not interested in dancing and had never learned it. A large part of it was because his mother did not like to dance and sneered at the various Western dances that were popular nowadays.

According to his father, the only dance his mother knew was called the Haka.

The beauty of that dance… In any case, Kang De could not appreciate it.

Tina smiled. “I can teach you. Come on”

She tilted her head and smiled as beautiful as moonlight.

No man in the world could reject such an invitation.

Therefore, the girl held his hand and brought him to the fire in the center of the camp.

The knight followed behind the two of them silently.

A tempting fragrance drifted in the air. The wine and spices that Kang De had brought turned this place into a sea of joy. The Goethe people swayed happily. After such a treat, for the sake of the wine and spices, at least tonight, anyone who saw Kang De had to raise their glasses.

They cheered and made way for him. They watched as the most beautiful pearl of Goethe swayed her beautiful figure and brought the powerful and rich Cathayan into the venue.

Some of the sailors played the harmonica, some played the small drum, and some played instruments that were very similar to Earth. Amidst this melodious and beautiful song, Kang De and Tina swayed their steps facing each other.

With one hand holding Tinas soft hand and the other holding her slender waist, their eyes met in the bright firelight. Their beautiful faces were close. The night was beautiful.

They had only known each other for two days.

However, it was as if the relationship between them was already very deep.

Kang De recalled what had happened. Tina had emitted starlight. She had gently hugged him and whispered mysterious ancient curses. Then on that altar, he had awakened a mysterious power.

“Kang De.”

The girl opposite him shouted his name.

“Tomorrow, youll track down the source of that black beasts mutation…” Tina said seriously, “Can you bring me along”

Kang De was stunned. He did not expect the princess to say such a thing. He frowned and said, “Thats very dangerous, especially since we might face an unknown number of enemies… Why do you want to follow”

The princesss answer was without any hesitation, “Because I want to know more about you.”

How direct.


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