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Take Her Down!

Head Maid Bedolla returned from the ship.

This meant that Princess Tina had finally found a chance to go out.

The head maid had served the Tedrell family since she was young. She was 45 years old and unmarried. She was serious and strict. The servants of the Court of Goethe were very afraid of her, but there was one benefit to such a person.

As long as one could convince her logically, she would not be stubborn.

“Weve already brought back the princesss items.”

She said, “Next, we have to tidy up the place where Her Highness is staying and help everyone set up camp. Under such circumstances, I think its necessary to explore the surrounding environment appropriately…”

The head maid looked at Guardian Knight Cleveland. “We have to find a water source and identify if there is any food on the island that can be eaten safely. The princess is knowledgeable. We need her help.”

The commander hesitated for a moment before agreeing.

“Then, Ill choose a few elite warriors to escort Her Highness to explore.”

Not only had the ship brought back the princesss personal belongings, but it had also brought back the armor that Cleveland had abandoned on the ship. The current commander had already changed his equipment. He wore gray steel armor blessed by the Grand Duke and had beautiful engravings. The emerald green cloak was draped over his shoulders.

This was the dream lover of countless girls in Goethe.

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He bowed politely to the princess, “Please allow me.”

The princess smiled gently, “Ill leave everything to you, my knight.”

After all, it was a legendary forbidden place. No matter how careful he was, it was not too much.

Knight Cleveland brought his attendants and chose five elite warriors, seven in total, to guard the princess and investigate. Everyone was in fear of facing a great enemy.

“Be careful of predators and poisonous insects. Danger can also be hidden.”

An experienced soldier instructed, “Although weve already scattered the repellent on ourselves, this doesnt mean that we can let our guard down. Everyone has to be careful.”

They nodded in agreement, even the princess. However, this beautiful girl clearly did not focus all her attention on vigilance. She paid most of her attention to the surrounding plants.

“From the looks of it, there doesnt seem to be anything special…”

She muttered to herself, “The vegetation is growing normally. Although there are some species I dont know, the life forms are all normal. There are no signs of erosion by foreign energy…”

“Please dont lower your guard, Your Highness.”

The commander was not interested in the ecosystem here. “This is the legendary place after all. In addition, weve already walked further. If anything happens, reinforcements wont be able to arrive quickly.”

“I know, I know…”

The princess kicked the small rock under her feet. “Well return after walking past this mountain, okay”

“Thank you for your wisdom.”

The knights words had always been serious.

Princess Tina was slightly unhappy.

However, this mood quickly changed.

Everyone crossed the small mountain. Tina exclaimed. Below was a small plain. Long grass danced in the wind, and colorful flowers bloomed everywhere. Further away was a forest.

There was a lively atmosphere.

Everyones gazes were attracted by a bird.

It was a parrot, golden in color, beautiful and dazzling. It was extremely extraordinary. It was flapping its wings and flying low as if it was showing its beauty to the world. It let out a pleasant cry, like the music of a gods palace.

Tina muttered, “So beautiful…”

Knight Cleveland glanced at the princess.

Even he had to admit that this parrot was really too beautiful… This kind of bird had always been the pet of nobles and rich businessmen. Because it was beautiful and could speak, the entertainment and viewing effect was excellent.

He pondered for a moment and had an idea.

From the day before until now, the princess had experienced many storms and suffered a lot. Her mood must be depressed. She had a gentle and kind personality and was unwilling to cause trouble for others. She could only suppress the negative emotions in her heart. In the long run, it would definitely not be good. It was rare to have a good parrot here, so why not capture it…

With this in mind, he heard the princesss surprised cry.

It turned out that this parrot was actually not afraid of people. After discovering the few people here, not only was it not shocked, it even flew closer curiously, as if sizing up these uninvited guests.

Stars lit up in the princesss eyes.

Knight Cleveland made up his mind. He handed the sword to the attendant and tried to take a few steps towards the parrot. It was not afraid but looked at him curiously.

Looking at this beautiful bird and thinking of the happy smile on the princesss face after having this pet, the commander also revealed a faint smile. He carefully approached and calculated the distance, preparing to jump at any time.

Then, he slowly stretched out his hand to the parrot.

“Bird, bird…” he whispered, “Your voice sounds very nice, but you dont know how to speak human language. Come with me obediently. The princess will teach you to speak, and you…”

The distance between the two was already very close.

At this moment, he heard a thunderous shout from the sky.

Clearly, it came from the parrot.

“Fierce Warrior Descent!”


Before he could react, he saw the parrot turn into a bolt of lightning and fall from the sky, colliding heavily with his chest. In an instant, his vision darkened, and he felt as if he had been knocked head-on by a giant boar.

Cleveland was knocked back with his armor and fell to the ground. For a moment, he could not struggle.

At the same time, the surrounding grass shook violently!

The rooster, swan, wolverine, and groundhog flew out like a scouting regiment.

The swan was the vanguard. It flapped its wings and ran. Its two wings flapped twice, and a strong wind assaulted their faces, sweeping two caught-off-guard martial artists away. In his shock, the other person subconsciously pulled out his saber and slashed. The rooster fluttered from the other side and stretched out its mouth to peck the sword. With a bang, like a golden bell, a hole was pecked in the steel machete. The martial artist could not hold it, and the machete flew out.

The wolverine and the groundhog also faced one opponent each. With three claws and two scratches, they sent the other partys weapon flying. Then, they struck the face as if they were hitting their grandson.

At this moment, there was a violent sound behind them. The kangaroo jumped at full speed and quickly approached from behind. It was like jumping on a pole. Its thick tail supported the ground, and its two long legs kicked up. The commanders servant cried out in pain and flew out like a cloud.

Immediately after, it hugged the frightened princess by the waist, turned around, and slipped away.

On the other hand, Knight Cleveland was still on the ground. When he turned around and saw this scene, his eyes widened and he shouted, “Your Highness!”‘

He struggled to get up, but he was pressed to the ground by the parrot.


He struggled to get up again. When the parrot approached, he suddenly pulled out a short knife from the interlayer of the armor. The blade light was dazzling, ruthless, and murderous.

The parrot suddenly tilted its body and dodged these two swords without any danger. However, it was clearly shocked and hurriedly flew away. Then, it cursed loudly, “Your mother is dead! Your mother is dead!”

However, it clearly did not dare to approach anymore.

The knight quickly stood up, and the magical beasts clearly understood the principle of quitting while they were ahead. They gave up on their opponent in unison and turned to run. After all, their goal had been achieved.

Cleveland was anxious and chased after them like a crazy tiger. However, on a deserted island with unfamiliar terrain, who could outrun a group of scattered animals In just a moment, these guys crawled into the grass, forest, and river. They slipped east and west and disappeared in the blink of an eye.

Looking at this huge island and complicated terrain, Clevelands blood surged. Self-blame, anxiety, anger, and unwillingness swept through his mind, causing him to involuntarily roar.

“Your Highness!”

Soon, the reinforcements from the camp arrived.

“Her Highness was captured by animals”

Head Maid Bedollas expression changed. “Theres a large predator on the island”


Knight Clevelands eyes were red. “Its a parrot, a swan, a rooster, a wolverine, a kangaroo, and a groundhog…”

If not for the fact that they knew the ability and loyalty of the commander well, and if not for the fact that the princess had been captured, everyone present would have laughed.

—What the f*ck was this A circus

Knight Cleveland had no intention of laughing.

The other six people accompanying the princess did not laugh.

In the absurd surprise battle just now, as warriors who were proficient in martial techniques and had experienced hundreds of battles, everyone had displayed their full strength and fought desperately.

However, they were beaten up by those simply funny animals.

Their movements were seen through, and their weaknesses were grasped. They did not have the strength to parry at all, as if they were not facing a few beasts, but the legendary god of war…

“Head Maid, Captain.”

Cleveland gritted his teeth and said, “Her Highness has been kidnapped. Shes in great danger now. Please gather everyone and take advantage of the traces to pursue and save her!”

Head Maid Bedolla suppressed the uneasiness and anxiety in her heart and did not criticize the knight for his negligence. That was meaningless. “Its just that I dont understand why those animals…”

“I know what you mean. If Im not wrong… theres someone on the island.”

The commander widened his eyes and was furious. His body was trembling continuously. He gritted his teeth and said, “I remember now. That parrot can speak human language. Someone taught it to speak. I heard that language when I was young…”

Their expressions changed. The captain asked, “What did the parrot say What language”

The commander did not answer. Shame and anger flashed through his eyes as he said word by word, “Its the language of


… Theres at least one Easterner living on this island!”

Kang De looked at the girl on the ground in shock.

She had golden hair that was as brilliant as the sun, and a beautiful face that even a grandmaster could not photoshop. She had a deep ravine that was extremely eye-catching even when lying on the ground, as well as her long jade legs that were curled up. This beautiful woman who had fallen to the ground still displayed her charming beauty in her coma. She was defenseless in front of Kang De.

His body stiffened in shock.

It was… it was the Caucasian!

He raised his head one by one and looked at the magical animals surrounding him like they were presenting a treasure.

The animals were also staring at him, their eyes filled with encouragement and excitement.

Seeing Kang De look over, they nodded in unison.

The parrot circled overhead and cried, “Take her down! Take her down!”

Cathay is a historical name for China that was used in Europe.


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