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Youre Human

He was a man.

A hot-blooded man.

He had spent a year alone in the other world.

He was lonely, pitiful, and helpless.

Life was still very difficult.

The psychological and physical pressure was very great.

Moreover, the crystals in the black beasts greatly strengthened his various physical attributes.

For an entire year, he relied on the actresses and various products of Japan to resolve his physical problems.

However, that was not important.

In the past year, the thing he regretted the most was not taking the risk of being discovered and mocked by his parents to buy a silicone doll… He had really miscalculated.

If he had bought it back then, he would not have been too lonely this year. Not only could it resolve his personal needs, but it could also be used to warm him up when he had nothing to do… There were plenty of womens clothes in the mall.

That was not the point.

Most importantly, after this lonely life that lasted for a year, a blond girl appeared in front of him. She was devastatingly beautiful and peerless. She was defenseless and allowed him to do whatever he wanted.

Why was her skin so white

Why were her lips so beautiful

Why was her chest so big

Why was her waist so thin

Why were her legs so long

When Kang De was on Earth, it was not that he had never seen beautiful women, but the woman in front of him had completely changed his impression of Western women—rough pores, freckles, body odor, and wrinkles. These flaws were all gone.

She was perfect and mesmerizing.


The sound of saliva being swallowed could be heard clearly.

His right arm was trembling slightly.

Humans were social creatures.

On the other hand, after leaving society, people would gradually lose their sociability and become more like animals.

The beastly instinct roared in Kang Des body.

A lonely male had encountered a beautiful female. His strength was superior, the location was perfect, and they had the advantage in numbers. It was an overwhelming sense of control. The thirst that had accumulated was primal, like the instinct of a beast.

He took a deep breath and his body shook.

He allowed the beast in his body to roar continuously.

This was because his inner self said no.

Kang De was a citizen of the Peoples Republic of China.

The modern national education system, from primary education to higher education, focused on teaching a person morals. It was far more important than academic studies.

He was taught by his parents lovingly and sternly from childhood to adulthood.

They said to do the right thing.

One had to respect, not hurt, and not do to others what they did not want to happen to themselves. If anyone did evil, they had to fight back with the hammer of justice. They had to be upright and honest.

He thought of his home, the country he lived in, the place he had always wanted to return to.

That place was not always good, but it was generally safe. No normal person would feel that they could do whatever they wanted to an unconscious woman there.

“No, Kang De, you have to control it.” His eyes were closed. “Because youre human. Youre human…”

I want to go home. When I see my parents again, I want to hug them with my clean hands.

Only good people will be rewarded.

After calming his desire, Kang De opened his eyes.

He saw that devastatingly beautiful face again. At this moment, she was frowning slightly. That face was enough to make flowers pale in comparison. Her thin cherry lips were slightly pursed, and the moist luster was so tempting.

“…D*mn it, its always easier said than done!”

Little Kang De stood up again. He suddenly cried out and left the Caucasian here. Under the confused gazes of the animals, he rushed back to his room and closed the door heavily.

“I dont f*cking believe it!”

Exasperated, Kang De pulled open the screen and entered the inner room from the outside. He found the personal supply cabinet from the row of cabinets, pulled it open, and opened one of the boxes.

Inside was the tactical vibration device, Venus style.

After a period of time, the door opened again. Mr. Kang De slowly walked out with a calm smile on his face. His wise eyes seemed to have seen through all the chaotic disputes in the human world.

Then, he saw Princess Tina lying on the ground.

From his angle, he could see the girls tall peaks. At this moment, the girl subconsciously moved her body. Her arms tightened and her body twisted slightly, releasing her charm.

“…D*mn, d*mn, d*mn, d*mn, d*mn, d*mn!”

The saintly smile disappeared.

Kang De wailed again and rushed back into the room, exasperated.

R20 special third-generation suction device.

After a while, the door opened. Kang De was like a scholar from afar who knew all the problems and secrets in the world.

The princess twisted her body again and curled her thigh. She tilted her head and gave Kang De an extremely perfect profile and a close-up of the curve from her face to her neck, chest, waist, and leg.

“…Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh!”

The scholar fled in panic and hid back home again.

It was impossible not to use strategic weapons now.

Tenga Fully Automatic Dimension Zero Spatial Retractor.

This is my ultimate move! Tremble! Vibrate! Divine Magic Wand!

After a while, Kang De finally opened the door.

As the door opened, it was as if countless golden lights shot out. Kang De stepped on the golden light and lotuses bloomed with every step. His smile contained all the mysteries of the world. His wisdom had already seen through the source of the world.

He had already become a saint.

Beauty could no longer shake his mind—at least for a period of time.

He walked halfway around and squatted down.

At this moment, the princesss eyelashes moved. She was awake.

She opened her eyes in a daze, her blue eyes meeting his black eyes.

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Princess Tina saw the person in front of her clearly.

A long, long time later, the princess still remembered todays meeting. She had a deep memory of this and would never forget it. On that day, a black-haired, black-eyed Easterner barged into her life.

She always remembered how he looked when she first saw him.

He had an angel-like smile, a saint-like expression, and baby-like eyes. He looked pure, friendly, and calm. Almost in an instant, she was relieved.

Or at least, she should not be uneasy.

Kang De reached out to her and smiled. “Hello, can you understand me”

Just in case, he changed a few more languages.

English, Japanese, French, German, Spanish, and even Arabic.

—Dont misunderstand.

He was not proficient in many languages, and he had never been to many countries in the West. However, for some reason, he had specially gone to understand the few mainstream languages in the world and grasped some of the most basic words and sentences. That was all.

The princess was surprised.

The person in front of her was clearly a Cathayan.

The first words he spoke were also very similar to the Cathayan language. Although she did not speak the language, she had once heard that although Cathay was on another continent, there were still brave crew members crossing the sea.

However, where did the next few languages come from

From the pronunciation, it could be seen that it was a completely different language system from the Cathayan language.

She did not know and could not understand.

However, the other party actually appeared on the Holy Seal Islands, which meant that there were many mysteries.

This did not stop the princess from holding the other partys hand.

Although the language was different, she could sense the other partys kindness. This Cathayans gaze was very pure, like a babys. It was clear and innocent without any evil thoughts. He was a friendly and civilized person.

She allowed the other party to pull her up, then took two steps back and bowed with an extremely beautiful posture.

Then, she said in a lark-like voice, “Its an honor to meet you, sir from Cathay. Im Tina Tedrell.”

She pointed at herself. “Tina. Tina Tedrell.”

The man opposite her clearly understood her introduction and smiled.

“Kang De.”

“Kang De,” the princess repeated the name.

Kang De also said, “Tina.”

The two of them looked at each other and smiled.

However, the next communication encountered a dilemma.

It was simply nonsense.

Kang De was stunned by Tinas words while the princess did not understand what the Chinese man was saying. The two of them spoke and gestured to each other, barely explaining what had just happened. Kang De also apologized to the princess for the magical animals and said that these guys were completely harmless and were only playing.

The princess barely understood.

She generously expressed her understanding, but at this moment, her companions must be looking for her very anxiously. She had to quickly inform them that she was safe and prevent them from searching painstakingly.

However, perhaps this paragraph was too complicated. She explained it a few times, but Kang De was very confused.

The princess was about to explain for the fourth time when her stomach suddenly rumbled.

The princess blushed. This was really a shameful sound.

What made her even more shy was that the other party actually revealed an understanding expression and gestured that he was at ease and had a lot to offer. He also invited her to sit at the open-air table and chair at the side to rest for a moment.

Then, he returned to his room without any explanation.

It was as if she was asking for food. Seriously… that was not the case.

The princess blushed as she considered how to negotiate with this gentleman. After Kang De returned to the room and closed the door, the smile on his face immediately disappeared.

He leaned against the door and slowly exhaled.

Finally, people arrived on the island.

This girl.

He had wanted to ask the kangaroo and the others where this woman had come from. Most importantly, did she have companions Unfortunately, although these spiritual animals were intelligent, they could not understand his words at all and could only guess the general meaning of his gestures.

Moreover, he did not have the chance to ask.

However, there was no need to ask… From this girls expression, she definitely had companions.

Moreover, there were many companions.

On the island… people arrived.

He was silent for a moment before striding into the room.

What opened this time was not a personal cabinet.

Instead, it was the weapons cabinet.

This island was not like his old country which was extremely strict and ordinary people usually could not obtain any weapons.

Kang De pulled open the cabinet.

In an empty district and the surrounding area, all the resources were at his disposal.

There was a district police station, and there were also currency trucks under the bank opposite.

A shotgun, a Type 92, a riot shield, a police electric baton, a nail gun, three fire axes, and a row of fruit knives.

In the other box, hidden in the cloth and grass cover, were five Molotov cocktails, three simple grenades made of mousse bottles, and a small gas tank.

This was only a portion of the weapons.

Kang De took a deep breath.

Finally, people arrived on the island.


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