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Gun and Wine

The human heart was very complicated.

After spending more than 300 days and nights on the deserted island, almost every day, Kang De had to look up into the sky in anticipation of seeing the ship and people.

In the end, humans were social creatures. Even if he did not have to worry about food and clothing on the island, he could not endure this deep-rooted loneliness. Sometimes, he would fantasize and look forward to what this other world was like. What kind of people, culture, and stories were there

However, when people really set foot on this island, he felt wary and uneasy.

What kind of people were they

Whether they were pirates or businessmen, good people or bad people, what kind of faith they had, and the moral standards they held… These were all things he had to consider.

He had to prepare for the worst.

The rules of the jungle made sense, especially in such a situation. They could not communicate and lacked information. How could they be friends if they did not know if the other party was evil or kind

He had to be careful and wary in his contact. He could not be trusted easily or advance rashly.

Kang De breathed calmly and urged himself to be calmer.

In fact, with this unique encounter, after living alone for a year, his mind was already tough and firm enough.

Moreover, he was still in his saint mode and his various mental attributes had increased by at least 30%.

Firstly, he had to deduce the other partys various information.

He assessed the body of this girl who called herself Tina Tedrell.

Beautiful appearance, extremely well-maintained skin, that priceless necklace, earrings, and rings, as well as that very particular curtsy, and her bearing.

This was clearly a woman of noble birth who had an extremely good education.

The outfit she was wearing was convenient for moving outdoors, but she did not have a pocket design or a phone.

There was no trademark on the clothes, and the stitches were not tightly woven by machine but were handmade.

Moreover, from the faint traces, she was not wearing a bra, but vest-like underwear.

This could already explain many problems.

There were only two possibilities for her to be wearing clothes that were convenient for her to move around outdoors, but she was wearing an extremely simple vest as a bra. Either bras had not been invented in this world or this girl was a pervert with a strange fetish.

Kang De felt that it should be the former.

Moreover, she was very interested in the ice black tea advertisement on the umbrella. She was very curious about the material of the large plastic table and did not know about the solar panels hanging above the valley.

She did not know the bike and locomotive in the shed.

She was also very confused about the diesel generator after it was activated and surprised by the automatic fan.

All the other partys actions, expressions, and reactions flashed through his mind.


It was really an alternate world.

There had not even been an industrial revolution.

This was a noble young lady.

Most importantly…

Machines that operated on their own, rumbling generators, strange modern products, and all kinds of magical appliances… Regarding these, this girls reaction was of complete surprise.

There was no sign of the backward natives who should see them as divine miracles.

This probably explained one thing.

Although there was no such thing in her world, she could achieve such an effect through another method… Therefore, she did not find it strange and was only curious about the principle.

Kang De thought of the black beast on the island again.

It was like a lion or a tiger. There was a circle of long feathers on its neck and its body emitted wisps of black gas. At a glance, it was obvious that it was not a genuine wild beast. After killing it, he cut out the crystal from its heart and the remains of the black beast turned into the wind. Such a trait and such a magical phenomenon could not be explained by Earths biology.

There was only one explanation.


Western Fantasy, this was the Western Fantasy World.

That was most likely the case.

Kang De pinched the space between his eyebrows, feeling even more worried.

If the potential enemy was a caster who could throw fireballs and ice spears…

There was not enough firepower.

His old country was especially strict in controlling weapons. His firearms were all borrowed from the currency truck and the police station as a last resort. In the future, after opening the white fog and returning to modern society, he would have to obediently go to the police station for questioning to explain the situation and plead for leniency.

Moreover, he did not have powerful guns.

The shotgun was used by the escort vehicle. The bullets were made of rubber. They were meant to incapacitate, so the damage was not fatal. He found two pistols. One was in the drivers seat of the escort vehicle, and the other was borrowed from the police station. Together with it was a mini submachine gun. They were all locked in a tight gun cabinet. At that time, he had cut, pried, and soldered them. He sweat profusely and had really spent a lot of effort.

However, there was not enough ammunition.

In the end, in a country like China, the use of firearms was “just for deterrence”. One or two firearms were enough for the daily use of the police station. If they really encountered such a huge case, they would directly inform the armed police to drive an armored vehicle over. There was no need for the police to fight.

Therefore, ammunition had always been the rarest resource. In the past year, Kang De had fired a total of eight shots. They were all used at the most dangerous moment and all turned the situation around. Old Wang had once brought him to the shooting range and done the most basic shooting training. Moreover, his body had been continuously strengthened by crystals. Even if his movements were not standard, he could use his body to endure the recoil and fire at close range.

He had never failed.

However, that was against a black beast.

If the enemy was human…

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Close combat was impossible.

How could a modern person like him fight with a veteran warrior from an alternate world

Although the crystals had greatly strengthened his physical fitness, he had not received any combat training. After all, he was in a different world and no one had taught him. He did not know how to practice. He only played and fought with these magical animals every day and chased them around, but what could they do

He had to apply the good old combat tactic his old country used. That was to eliminate the enemy while they were still on the way.

There were not enough bullets, so he modified two nail guns.

There were shops being renovated in the mall, so he found the toolbox. If it was a nail gun, there was more ammunition, and it was very convenient to replenish the air tank. However, the power was relatively weak.

Apart from that, there was another long-range weapon.


This was an additional gain from the police stations exploration. It was a forbidden item that had been confiscated and was about to be destroyed. They did not expect that before they could do it, the white fog descended.

Kang De found many good things in the forbidden item storage room. Apart from the crossbow, there were also a few controlled items like knives, and so on.

What was more valuable were a few boxes of firecrackers.

What was even more valuable… was a box of pornographic materials.

D*mn, who knew why there were still such antique discs in this era For this, he took a laptop with an optical drive.

“If those people are reasonable…”

Kang De laughed, “Can that box of pornographic materials increase their favorability…”

Only if those people were reasonable.

If they were unreasonable…

If they had evil intentions…

Kang Des eyes darkened.

He took off his coat and picked up the tactical vest in the weapons cabinet.

A modified version.

Shotgun, nail gun, handgun, Molotov cocktail, homemade flash bomb, pepper spray, flying knife, electric baton… He hung these things on his body one by one.

From one to nine, the equipment spots were all filled.

His body, which had been strengthened by crystals, could easily endure the weight.

In the end, Kang De carried two fire axes on his back and held the last one in his hand.

The axe spun nimbly in his hand.

Before inventing guns and even bows, the terrifying humans had already been tyrannical on Earth, burning, killing, and plundering. The first divine-level combat skill that their race had chosen was throwing.

Kang De was very good at throwing.

When a person seriously did something, their skills would advance by leaps and bounds, just like Kang Des calligraphy, his cooking, and his throwing skills.

What he had put in the most effort in the past year was throwing practice.

He was especially good at throwing axes.

After putting on the equipment that he was comfortable with, Kang De suddenly smiled.

The worry and uneasiness from before seemed to have been swept away.

He had equipped killing weapons made by licensed industries and powerful weapons that he had modified himself. They came from the civilization of another world.

They gave Kang De endless strength, confidence, and peace of mind.

“In the end, negotiation… is a negotiation of strength.”

“Instead of hoping that the other party has a noble sense of morality and kindness, why dont you place your hope in your own strength and make them revere you and feel fear… In that case, they will be obedient.”

He patted his face and muttered to himself, “Theres nothing to be afraid of.”

Princess Tina sat under the umbrella and looked around curiously.

Logically speaking, this was actually a relatively strange thing.

This was because many eyes were staring at her from above and below. These animals were simply too strange, but they did not look like the contracted beasts of a Druid…


“Kang De…”

She silently read the name.

A Cathayan.

What… was his background

In the short contact just now, she was also observing the other party.

Although she did not understand his words, she could obtain information from many details. Firstly, he had short hair. This was rare among the Cathayans. Secondly, his skin complexion was very good and he was not tanned at all. Moreover, his body and hair emitted an inexplicable fragrance. Perhaps it was some precious spice.

The style of his clothes looked a little strange, but she had never seen the material before. Was it top-notch silk that was forbidden to be exported in the East The other party looked very healthy too. When he sized her up, his gaze swept past the rings and necklace. There was only curiosity and no greed in his eyes, indicating that he did not take these seriously…

Rich, knowledgeable, and polite. How long had it been since such a person appeared on the Holy Seal Islands


She looked at the various items in the valley.

Princess Tina, who was famous for her knowledge, had to admit in shame that she had never seen these things before, and they were so magical.

She only sized them up curiously but did not touch them.

That would be too rude.

The commander and the head maid should be very worried about me now.

Although Mr. Kang De is a good person, our language is different. I cant tell him my current situation, nor can I ask him to send me back to the camp. What should I do…

There was a language barrier…

Her expression changed slightly as she held something in front of her chest through her clothes. Perhaps…

No, no.

This was a bad decision. Of course not, it had not reached that stage yet.

At this moment, the door opened again.

The princess heaved a sigh of relief and hurriedly turned around, but she was stunned.

This Cathayan called Kang De seemed to have changed his clothes. No, not only that, his body was covered with all kinds of items of various sizes. At first glance, he looked like a fully armed agent from the legendary Sky City, but it looked relatively more rustic.

However, the most eye-catching thing was his temperament.

If the previous Kang De was a saint with no desires, the current him was a sharp general. The cold confidence between his eyebrows was even comparable to a mage who explored the mysteries of the world.

He brought over a plate full of delicious food.

The knowledgeable princess felt defeated again because she still did not recognize any of them.

—I told you, Im not asking for food…

She picked up a thin golden pancake-like thing and placed it in her mouth.

—How fragrant!

After about an hour, the princess stood at the side with a red face.

She even burped slightly.

This dark-looking liquid is so delicious!

As it turned out, no one could reject a glass of cola on a sunny afternoon.

After she was done eating and drinking, Kang De started a new round of hand gesture communication with her. To her joy, he finally understood her and agreed to send her back.

Moreover, Mr. Kang De had also packed some gifts, such as wine she did not know, food she did not know, and the cola she had just tasted.

That was great.

The princesss mood became happy. She looked at the magical things in the valley thoughtfully. The captain said that additional materials and help were needed to repair the ship. If Mr. Kang De was willing to help…

She really hoped to return to the continent as soon as possible…

The two of them left the valley side by side. At this moment, Kang De exclaimed and gestured apologetically to the princess, asking her to wait here for a moment. He had something to do.

The princess smiled and nodded, gesturing for him to go ahead.

Kang De quickly returned to the valley and arrived at the warehouse. A few animals were waiting.

As he opened the anti-theft door of the warehouse, he said to the gorilla, “If you bring everyone to follow me, it might be dangerous, understand Just like when we trapped the black beast.”

From the moment he encountered the magical beasts, he had the best relationship with the gorilla. Perhaps it was because of his intelligence, but only the gorilla could understand him the most and even understand some complicated instructions.

“There are some things here that you can share with everyone. Also, Ive prepared a new weapon for you.”

The iron door opened and a thick steel rod leaned in the corner. The rusty rod had spiral patterns on it, and a huge piece of concrete was connected to the bottom.

Kang De pointed at something else. “Get the swan to bring this thing. When the time comes…”

The gorilla kept nodding.

After giving the instructions, Kang De slowly exhaled. He leaned against the door and his mood became complicated. He was excited but also nervous. He did not know how to describe it.

“After today, things will be different…”

He smiled slowly at the gorilla.

The gorilla tilted its head as if it did not understand, but it reached out and touched Kang Des face.

Kang De smiled.

He took out his notebook, took out a pen, and wrote something in his diary today.

“On the 23rd of January, I brought my gun and wine to visit the people of the other world.”


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