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Luca has seduced many women, but has never tried to have a physical relationship with them.

He had the belief of giving it to his first love… His body, which only received wealth from the women’s purses that opened voluntarily, was purity in itself.

Luca quietly rubbed the hand that stroked the back of Sylvia’s hand.

‘It’s strange that I feel good even though I only stroked the back of her hand.

I feel as if we have done something else.’


After entering the temple, Sylvia stopped Limbo in front of the stable.

As soon as Sylvia got down, Limbo quickly leaned its head against the stable post and rubbed it with an emotional expression.

‘I can’t believe you like it that much.’


Sylvia smiled bitterly and slowly looked around inside the stable.

The stable was running a cooling system for the hot weather.

The cooling device was like an air-conditioner in the real world.

In addition, in front of the horse’s fodder bin, there was a punch made with tropical fruit and watermelon.

And that wasn’t all.

Each compartment even had a cooling mat and a cooling pillow for the horses that were sensitive to heat.

“I’ll help you with the valet parking.”

At the entrance, a coachman wearing a luxurious suit took Sylvia’s key and helped with Limbo’s valet parking.

From beginning to end, there was nothing that didn’t scream luxury.

As much as comparing the stable to Sylvia’s humble house, where she sometimes had to strike the troublemaking fan, was like comparing a hotel to an underground shed, the gap between the rich and the poor was evident.

‘I’d rather live here.

Do I really need to keep Limbo at home… It likes it so much, so it’s somewhat bitter.’

During the day Limbo was there, the household expenses were substantial.

She bought organic carrots and also high-quality jasmine tea teabags.

Besides, she had to buy a new cake because Limbo ate the tiramisu cake that Sevis had left in the fridge to eat later.

The maintenance costs in order to match Limbo’s fine taste would not be a joke in the future.

However, even though Limbo was fussy, she was overwhelmed with pride every time she rode it, so Sylvia felt bitter.

At this rate, she wouldn’t be able to escape being horse poor.

When she came out of the stable with a bitter expression, she saw Noel at the door of the temple.

Sylvia smiled broadly, waving her hand in delight.


Noel! Why did you come out in the morning”

“Ah… Miss Sylvia.

Good morning.”

Noel blushed and smiled shyly.

After meeting Luca, who was sexy and immoral even in the early morning, and seeing Noel’s murderous smile, which seemed to kill a million soldiers if he was brought into a battlefield, Sylvia felt a nosebleed coming.

‘At this rate, I’ll bleed from both nostrils.’

Noel gently swept his bangs with his long, delicate fingers while his cheeks were flushed.

He reflected on himself and contemplated all night long, but nevertheless concluded that he wanted to do it.

That was why he had been waiting for Sylvia in front of the temple since dawn.

As soon as Noel saw Sylvia’s beautiful face, he felt a smile coming to his lips and his breathing growing faster.

It was the moment when everything he made his best efforts to think about was useless.

He hesitated for a moment about what to say, then gulped and looked at her.

“I was waiting so I could see you.”

“Since early morning”

“Yes… That…”


Noel, who hesitated and wriggled his hands, soon opened his mouth with a determined expression, as if he had made up his mind.

“Since God Elbeus said that lying is a sin… Miss Sylvia… said I should come to you whenever it stood up.

The truth is, it didn’t go down all night…”

He blushed, but honestly and openly said all he had to say, like a servant of God.

Sylvia was originally a person who was not surprised by most things, but her face turned bright red with his blatant remarks.

‘Oh my… since before dawn…’

The chirping of sparrows announcing the morning came from between the branches.

It was a morning full of erections.

Seeing that it stood up all night long, as expected, the keyword ‘unparalleled’ didn’t go anywhere.

Looking up and down at Noel, for some reason, he was wearing a wide white cape, unlike his usual outfit.

‘It must have been difficult to wear the priest’s uniform now that his lower body is standing properly… I can’t believe it was up all night.

Didn’t we do a lot yesterday Ahem… Just hearing that makes me excited, too.’

When Sylvia nodded with a shy smile, after a moment of hesitation, Noel stepped forward and grabbed her hand tightly with a bright face.

She glanced at Noel’s holy and gracious face.

‘As expected, Mr.

Noel’s face is perfect today, too.’

Noel’s lower body was already corrupted, but his face still had a sacred glow.

That was fortunate, she thought.

‘Come to think of it, special situations, different positions.

It said that if I do it like this, I’ll get more seeds, right’

What should she do It wasn’t urgent for now, so she thought it would be okay to let him do as he wanted.

He, who was walking leisurely at first, started walking nervously at some point, and arrived at the office.

Bang— Noel threw the door open, took a hot breath, and urgently dragged Sylvia inside.

Then, he closed the door again with a bang, locked it, and roughly pushed Sylvia to the wall.

‘Ow! My back! Be careful!’

Sylvia almost shrieked and complained of the pain as she was suddenly pushed against the wall, but she bit her tongue and endured it, not wanting to ruin the atmosphere.

Noel looked down at her, keeping her between his arms.

A desire that could not be hidden leaked from his green eyes.

Putting his tongue out, he licked her slender neck, kissed her like a bird pecking with its beak, and caressed her collarbone.

“Ah… I want to leave a mark, but it will be troublesome for Miss Sylvia if it’s too noticeable.

I’ll hold it in.”

He had manners even though he was excited.

He was such a perfect man.

The fact that she was the one who developed Noel in such a s*xual way made her lower parts feel hotter.

‘And I’m the only one who knows this lewd look, and I also want to be the only one who knows about it in the future.’

Since this was the game world, as far as Sylvia knew, Noel would only give himself to her.

What a fascinating setting it was, from the beginning and, probably, until the end.

Noel, who had an appearance that you couldn’t find in the real world, seemed to be about to take off his pants and come at her even though he was a sl*t who ate her here and there.

How could he be called a virgin

Sylvia was thrilled inwardly and enjoyed Noel’s kisses.

He gave her his first time and came inside her five times the previous day.

‘Ah, it’s so stimulating to think about it…’

Thinking about how special Noel was, Sylvia already felt her lower parts getting wet, even though she hadn’t even been caressed in earnest yet.

As Sylvia wrapped her arms around his wide back, Noel’s long, delicate hand fumbled around her body and grabbed her soft chest over her clothes.

At the same time, he bit her ear with his lips like a baby and let out a sultry breath.

Noel’s urgent touch itself was a further stimulant for Sylvia.

The other hand, which did not grab her chest, hurried downwards.

The hand that rolled up the dress rested on the lace underwear that was covering her intimate parts.

He lowered his delicate hand under Sylvia’s subtly wet lower parts, caressing her a few times over her underwear, then raised the hand that was fondling her chest and swept her disheveled hair behind her ear.

Then, he smiled softly.

He gently raised the corners of his mouth as he pressed against the slit on her now vigorously wet underwear.

“Were you also expecting this, Miss Sylvia”

“Ah, yeah… I wonder.”

“Since you’re wet like this, it won’t be difficult to do it as it is.”

“Ah, Mr.

Noel… That kind of thing…”

Sylvia blushed and covered her mouth with her hands, and Noel squinted his eyes and pushed her underwear to the side.

Then, he gently stroked the red flesh between her lips, which was soaked with bodily fluids, with his index and middle finger.

“Oh, did I go too far”


I like it so much… Hnngh!”

Sylvia moaned, and his touch grew faster.

Noel let out a sultry sigh and whispered in her ear.

“Ah… I like it a lot too… Can I do this”

“It’s fine… Don’t ask, Mr.


Do whatever you want…”


She meant it.

Sylvia was willing to accept Noel even if he beat her with a club.

Of course, it would be really troublesome if he did so.

Whatever it was, it was that good.



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