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“Take it.

I have no use for this.

And these, these—” Li Yuanqing casually handed over the Black Phoenix Spirit Technique and three hundred Wallbreaker Pills and Restore Origin Pills to Zhaoyang!


Zhaoyang left with reddened eyes.

She was now the princess of the royal family with the highest talent in the Northern Kingdom.

At such a young age, she was already a martial artist at the peak of the fifth stage of the intermediate level.

Her Majesty was very kind to her.

The resources of the entire Northern Kingdom were given to her.

When she came to the Wilderness, her father specially called her over and carefully gave her a Basic Wallbreaker Pill.

It was slightly earlier than when he had promised her.

That was also because she had advanced to the next level in three months.

A Wallbreaker Pill was the reward that her father had promised her for the past three years.

However, that quality was clearly not comparable to the one hundred Wallbreaker Pills that her brother had given her.

Furthermore, her brother had given her a hundred more precious Restore Origin Pills.

She swore in her heart that she would never forget the promise she made to her brother.

She would definitely make him return to the Imperial Palace.

Only when she was strong enough would she have the right to speak and her father would value her suggestion.


After all, she was the most powerful young royal princess in the Northern Kingdom.

She was much stronger than the Crown Prince, who always pretended to be sick.

Her father always said that he doted on her the most!


After Princess Zhaoyang left, the Wilderness calmed down.

The tempestuous beast tide in the past had never appeared again.

This puzzled the garrison general, but he did not dare to let his guard down.

Groups of guards patrolled the area around the Wilderness.

Wang Shun successfully advanced to the grade five and stood out among the tens of thousands of guards in the Wilderness.

With his strength, he was more than enough to be a deputy general.

Therefore, the garrison general planned to transfer him to his side.

After all, a fifth-grade martial artist specially delivering food to the crippled crown prince was a waste of talent no matter how one looked at it.

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But Wang Shun went to the camp and talked to the general for half the night.

They didnt know what they were talking about, but someone suggested they transfer Wang Shun back.

The general didnt agree and let him continue delivering food to the crippled prince in the valley.

However, Wang Shun now had a new team of guards by his side.

Zhang Quan became his assistant and the two of them continued with their usual routine.

The weather slowly turned cold, and it was snowing heavily again.

Every year, at this time of year, there would be a beast tide.

Before the weather turned cold this year, there would be a small wave of beast tide attacking.

That was why everyone in the encampment had been tense this year.

The Imperial Court had even sent a large army and some high-level martial artists to protect the Wilderness.

It was rumored that there was a peak eighth-grade Prince Zhongyi overseeing the Wilderness, and Zhaoyang had also followed him to the Wilderness.

Furthermore, she had very quickly advanced to a sixth-grade martial artist.

This greatly invigorated the hearts of the garrison soldiers who were fearful! Although the beast tide was fierce, they had Princess Zhaoyang!

A thirteen year old sixth-grade martial artist had already become a genius in the Northern Kingdom.

She was already the hope of the entire Northern Kingdom.

She was so young, so talented, and had advanced so quickly.

The chances of her becoming a Martial Saint were too high!

His Majesty, who received the news in the Imperial Palace, was very pleased this year.

He got someone to send over a hundred carriage gifts and directly rewarded them to Princess Zhaoyang.

He also gave Princess Zhaoyang a palace that was about the size of the Crown Princes residence.

It was said that it was the residence of the former crippled crown prince, Li Yuanqing.

However, because Princess Zhaoyang was fond of it, His Majesty bestowed it to her.

Although this winter was very cold, the entire Northern Kingdom had yet to celebrate the New Year.

Everyone was immersed in great joy and hope because the Northern Kingdom would soon have another Martial Saint.

The first Martial Saint of the Northern Kingdom was also the grandfather of Li Yuanqing and Princess Zhaoyang.

He was the father of the current Emperor and the founder of the Northern Kingdom.

If the Northern Kingdom were to produce a Martial Saint, then the Northern Kingdom would be impregnable.

Who among the commoners did not wish for the country to be stable and prosperous and have a peaceful life

Coincidentally, when Princess Zhaoyang announced that she was going to advance to become a sixth-grade martial artist, the Wilderness actually became exceptionally calm, let alone a massive beast tide.

In fact, those wild beasts rarely came to harass humans.

They seemed to be hiding in the depths of the Wilderness and never came out.

This caused Wang Shun, who came to deliver food to Li Yuanqing, to constantly mention Princess Zhaoyang.

She was an auspicious sign of the Northern Kingdom.

“Everyone in the country is saying that Princess Zhaoyang is a lucky person.

She came to the Wilderness and we didnt even have a beast tide.

As expected of a thirteen-year-old sixth-grade martial artist.

Even the founding Emperor of the Northern Kingdom only became a sixth-grade martial artist when he was fifteen years old.

Princess is really amazing…

“After the New Year, the princess will be fourteen years old.

His Majesty will definitely choose a good son-in-law for her.

I really dont know who else in the Northern Kingdom is worthy of our Princess Zhaoyang…”

After the New Year, Princess Zhaoyang would turn fourteen years old.

It was customary for the royal family to select a prince consort for the princess.

However, in all the years since the founding of the Northern Kingdom, someone like Princess Zhaoyang was the first princess in history.

His Majesty would definitely choose her prince consort carefully.

Her prince consort might be different from all the other princesses!

“Thats fast.

Zhaoyang is already fourteen years old.

Shes about to choose her prince consort…” Li Yuanqing commented indifferently.

His sister was a little ambitious and hardworking.

Otherwise, she would not have advanced so quickly even with those pills.

It was too tough for a girl.

He hoped that she would be able to choose a husband for herself in the future and let her do whatever she wanted.


“Thats right.

I wonder who would be so lucky as to marry Princess Zhaoyang! Speaking of which, the Princess is a person with great fortune.

Look, its almost the New Year and there hasnt been a large-scale beast tide in our Wilderness.

This is all thanks to the Princess…”

Without the beast tide, the encampment would have no casualties, and the commoners would not have to worry.

“Wang Shun, last time you said that there was something spitting fire in the encampment camp.

What does it look like”

“It looks fierce.

Its spitting fire.

It looks… Aiya, Your Highness, when did you get a deer It looks quite cute…” Wang Shun, who was talking to Li Yuanqing, suddenly exclaimed because he saw a deer-like thing standing beside Hu Jiujiu, staring at him nervously.

It seems like it would run away if Wang Shun approached it.

“Oh, oh, its a deer picked up by Hu Jiujiu.

Fortunately, this valley is huge.

It will look for food on its own.

You dont have to worry.

There wont be any beast tide this year.

Everyone can have a peaceful year.

When next year comes, Princess Zhaoyang should choose her husband…”

Li Yuanqing glanced at the nervous little deer who was about to escape at any moment and smiled mysteriously.

A qilin that could breathe fire, didnt it look like this deer



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