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Although the monster had a nose, eyes, and mouth, it did not look like a human.

Its sharp fangs were very long, and it looked a little like a wolf.

“Could it be a werewolf”

Li Yuanqing had read a biography of werewolves before, but he had never seen one when he was in the Northern Kingdom.

He thought that those biographies were just legends.

He did not expect to see it in the catacombs.

It seemed that some things did not exist in the Northern Kingdom, but it did not mean that they did not exist.

Moreover, these werewolves were very smart.

They actually knew how to rear vicious beasts and even return home by themselves.

When human martial artists came to the catacombs, their strength would be greatly reduced at night.

Therefore, under normal circumstances, they would hide at night.

However, these werewolves had a village, which meant that they had lived here for a long time.

Perhaps they could go out at night.

Li Yuanqing had a lot of guesses in his heart, but he did not let these werewolves discover him.

He only saw that the werewolf walked up to the vicious beast and checked the marks on the vicious beasts body.

The werewolf left very quickly.

Not long after, he took out some black stuff and placed it on the spot where the beast was injured.

Li Yuanqing even heard the beast grunt a few times, but it was lying on the ground, looking very docile.

Then, the werewolf said something to the beast, as if he was asking or complaining.

Li Yuanqing could not understand the werewolfs words.

He could only rely on his own guess.

He did not stay here for long before he hid his figure and wandered around the village.

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Soon, he realized that this village was not big.

Actually, there were not many werewolves living here.

There were only more than ten of them, and most of them were adult werewolves that were two to three meters tall.

Li Yuanqing observed the weapons of these werewolves and saw that they all carried sharp axes that emitted a cold light.

There was actually spiritual energy on the axes.

It was very similar to the spirit stones he had seen before.

These ax tools should have been forged by these werewolves with spirit stones.

It should be abnormally sharp from the looks of it.

Li Yuanqing did not intend to alert the enemy.

Seeing that it was almost dark, he planned to see if these werewolves would go out to hunt at night or what the catacombs looked like at night.

While Li Yuanqing was traveling through the werewolf village, there were fewer messages on the voice transmission.

This was because a short day was too precious for human martial artists.

They needed to find water, food, and some daily necessities during the day.

They even needed to repair their residence during the day.

Otherwise, they could not survive the night and would be killed by those terrifying things and would not live until dawn the next day.

Therefore, there were very few people who could speak.

“Im in luck today.

I got some red fruits.

I have to get some more wood and strengthen the house!”

“How unlucky.

I didnt find anything today.

I didnt even see a single hair after running for more than ten miles…”

“Sigh, where the hell am I There isnt even a blade of grass within a radius of dozens of miles.

If I dont find a water source soon, Im going to die of thirst…”

Most people were abnormally busy during the day.

However, this catacomb was too desolate.

The terrain was not very familiar to humans and they did not dare to go too far.

Therefore, it was not very easy to find what they needed.

Especially water sources.

The catacombs were too dry, and there were very few water sources here.

Li Yuanqing did not care about the messages on the voice transmission device.

However, just as he was about to leave, he realized that there was something strange in the largest house in this werewolf village.

This was because there was actually a human cry for help inside.

However, it was not loud and was accompanied by a whimper.

This made Li Yuanqings heart skip a beat.

He decided to take a look.

This was the first time he had encountered a human in the catacombs.

He was very curious!

Where did the other human martial artists who entered the Catacombs come from After all, he knew the entrance to the human world.

Catacomb No.

1 was sealed by him, and Catacomb No.

2 was guarded by Qin Feng and his men.

Catacomb No.

3 was in the Myriad City Kingdom.

It was very far away from him.

He had barely been to the Myriad City Kingdom all these years.

Soon, Li Yuanqing saw a female martial artist whose hands and feet were bound by a very thin vine and tied to the corner of the house.

The vine looked very thin, but it was deeply embedded in the girls flesh.

Therefore, the lady was very smart.

Although she was calling out, her limbs did not dare to struggle.

The more she struggled, the tighter the vines became.

She could not break free at all.

The girls face was covered in blood, and her face could not be seen clearly.

However, her waist was very thin, and her legs were very long.

She did not seem old.

At this moment, she was tied up here and was filled with anxiety.

She was looking around for something sharp to save herself.

However, it was very strange here.

She could not use some of her cultivation techniques.

She did not know if it was because this house was strange or the vines were too strange.

Suddenly, two werewolves came in from outside and said something that Li Yuanqing did not understand.

He even saw a werewolf holding an ax and gesturing at the female martial artist before shaking his head.

He seemed to be disgusted by something or felt that this person did not have much meat on her.

The werewolfs ax approached the female martial artist.

Li Yuanqing could even see the goosebumps on her neck.

He could tell that she was a little nervous.

The two werewolves did not notice Li Yuanqings existence.

They were just discussing something.

He even kicked the woman and cut her with his ax.

This time, he cut the womans calf.

There was blood flowing.

The woman hummed and endured the pain.

She did not say a word and only glared at the werewolf.

As long as she didnt die, she would destroy this place.

Werewolves and humans were mortal enemies.

The young werewolf bent down and cut off a piece of flesh from the womans calf.

When he used the knife, he only heard the woman scream, and her voice changed.

When the werewolf stood up again, there was a piece of meat in his hand.

It was the size of a palm and looked like it weighed more than a pound.

However, the werewolf seemed to be dissatisfied and kept shaking his head, as if he despised the fact that there was too little meat.

He turned around and placed the piece of meat on a fire to roast.

The female martial artists face was pale as she watched the piece of meat that was cut off from her body being roasted until it was fragrant.

It even emitted the fragrance of meat.

Her entire body was trembling.

In the human world, no matter how terrifying something was, it could not compare to the present.

She watched helplessly as her flesh was cut off and roasted.

It was even sprinkled with salt and some seasoning before being sent into the mouth of the older werewolf.

He took a bite and nodded with a smile on his face, as if he was praising the delicious meat.

Then, he nodded at the young werewolf and gestured with his hands, as if he was saying that women were too thin and not delicious.

Only by fattening up would it be more delicious.

Li Yuanqing was not a loving person, but when he saw a werewolf eating human flesh in front of him and commenting on it, he truly knew that the werewolves in the Catacombs ate humans.

Werewolves were indeed worse than demons!

Then, he saw the young werewolf pick up the knife again and gesture at the woman after hearing the old werewolf praise the meat.

This time, he looked for the place with the most meat on this womans body.

He looked at her thigh.

He could get more meat there!

At this moment, the werewolf looked at this woman as if she was food and did not treat her as a human at all.

Perhaps, in the eyes of a werewolf, humans were not humans at all.

That was food.

It was a fragrant and delicious food.

It would taste even better if it was roasted!

The womans legs were bleeding and she was tied up, but she kept retreating.

Her eyes were filled with fear and despair.

She had imagined countless ways to die, but she had never thought that she would one day be eaten as food.

This was unbelievable!

The woman tried her best to retreat as she looked at the bloody ax.

Even though her calf was still bleeding, it didnt matter anymore.

She was about to die…

Despair filled her heart, making her almost collapse.

Suddenly, two swords appeared out of nowhere and stabbed into the werewolfs chest.

Although the swords were sharp, the werewolf was huge and had strong vitality.

This Demon Slayer Sword did not seem to be able to take their lives immediately.

Therefore, in the next moment, the werewolf was startled and started shouting.

Furthermore, the young werewolf picked up his ax and slashed at the Demon Slayer Sword.

However, in the next moment, he realized that he could not move his hands anymore.

That was because a thick blood-red vine had emerged from the ground and wrapped around the two of them.

Then, the vine quickly wrapped around them.

In the blink of an eye, the leaves of the vines wrapped around the werewolf, preventing them from even calling for help.

However, when these two werewolves were attacked by the Demon Slayer Sword, they shouted.

At this moment, it seemed that other werewolves in the village had heard the cry for help and rushed towards the house.

However, before they could rush over, they encountered an overwhelming number of red ants.

Then, those ants swarmed over.

Even though the werewolves were huge, they were so weak that they could not withstand a single blow from the huge group of ants.

The woman, who was already shrouded in despair, felt that death was so close to her.

Before she could react, the man with the ax had disappeared.

Countless vines appeared in the house.

The bodies of the two werewolves had already disappeared, and the flying sword that she seemed to have seen with her eyes was also gone.

The entire house was filled with green vines.

A young man in white clothes was standing in front of her.

The vines had already reached her feet.

To her horror, the vines seemed to be very interested in her blood.

The blood dripping on the ground had already been sucked dry by the vines, and they were still approaching her.

“Dont come near me.

Dont come near me.

I beg you, spare my life.

I can give you anything in exchange for my life…”

The woman was about to go crazy.

She was simply in a passive position after arriving at the catacombs.

She could not use any strength after being trapped by this strange rope.

She was originally very strong, but at this moment, she was inferior to an ordinary person.

Her flesh had been cut off and eaten by the werewolves.

It was worse than death.

In order to survive, she was willing to exchange anything!

“What valuable and precious things do you have that are worth letting you go”

Li Yuanqing looked at the woman in front of him.

This was the first human he had seen in the catacombs.

Moreover, he did not know how many more such humans there were in the catacombs.

Moreover, humans seemed to be very weak here.

Werewolves were very powerful.

This was puzzling.


This rope on my body can bind human experts and control the flow of their aura, turning us into ordinary people.

No, were even inferior to ordinary people…”

This woman did not dare to twist her body casually.

She only gestured for Li Yuanqing to look at the rope on her body.

This rope was also a vine and seemed to be sentient.

Furthermore, it was tied to her body, so she did not dare to move.

The more she moved, the tighter it was tied.

It has already bitten into her skin.

Li Yuanqing looked at the rope on the womans body with interest, but he shook his head.

“If you die, I can naturally obtain this rope.

Therefore, this thing is not enough to buy your life.

Why should I save you without benefits”

Li Yuanqing glanced at this woman cautiously.

He was not in the habit of being kind enough to save a stranger of unknown origin in a dangerous place.

Moreover, he knew that sometimes people were more terrifying than werewolves.

“I know a place where there is a person, with a water source, a lot of water sources, water, how precious…”

The woman licked her lips.

She couldnt help but lick her lips when she mentioned the water source.

This was because in the Catacombs, water was indeed an extremely precious thing.

However, this was relative to others.

Li Yuanqing was not included.

He had a river as soon as he arrived at the catacombs.

Therefore, water was really not that important to him.

Li Yuanqing wanted to reject this suggestion, but the woman suddenly said, “Within a radius of a hundred miles, there are water sources and a large number of water sources.

I can guarantee that because someone obtained a lot of water sources.

If you have so many water sources, you will obtain countless things you want in the Catacombs…”

This womans words gave Li Yuanqing a strange feeling.

“How can you be sure Water isnt easy to find.

And who is this person youre talking about Do you want me to die”

“No, no, we have a voice transmission device.

Youve probably heard of it, or maybe you have it.

We used a special method to lock onto the location of a voice transmission device within a hundred miles.

The owner of that voice transmission device found the water source!

“Youre so powerful that you can easily kill a werewolf.

Therefore, I think it should be especially easy for you to kill the person who obtained the water source.

This is simply easy for you!”

The woman looked at the vines under her feet.

This thing should be controlled by the person in front of her.

A powerhouse who could kill two werewolves with vines in just a breath was definitely very powerful! It was too easy for such a person to snatch water!

“How do I know if youre telling the truth or not”

Li Yuanqing had a strange expression on his face.

If he still didnt know who the person with a water source that this woman was talking about was, he would be a fool!


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