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“Its true.

I can swear that what I said is true.

This person with a water source must be too lucky.

Hes also a human martial artist.

You should know that after human martial artists enter the catacombs, their strength will be restricted, especially at night.

Moreover, the water source cant be moved.

He definitely wont dare to go far.

Its within a hundred miles…

“We can only use the voice transmission device to pinpoint this area within a hundred miles.

Its definitely here.

The things he exchanged with others are mostly spirit stones, which means that he lacks spirit stones to increase his realm.

Thats because when he really reaches a certain strength, the effect of the spirit stones wont be so obvious.

Moreover, there were all kinds of mutated beasts and vicious beasts guarding the spirit stones.

He definitely wont be able to deal with them.

Thats why he exchanged spirit stones through water sources.

This way, his strength is definitely not high and is not worth mentioning in front of you…”

The woman tried her best to explain to Liu Yuanqing, afraid that he would not believe her.

She also said that after they entered the catacombs, they had been worrying about water because it was too dry here.

However, although the catacombs were dry and desolate, there were many spirit stone mines.

The demons here relied on the spirit stones from the original land to cultivate.

Although spiritual energy had recovered in many places in the human world, there were no spirit stones found.

These people were looking for spirit stone mines everywhere, wanting to plunder the resources here.

However, they discovered that the human martial artists in the Catacombs were at a disadvantage.

Until now, many martial artists had not even stabilized their footing and had not even resolved the water source.

It was very difficult to survive.

Therefore, she used her situation to guess the situation of 00001, which was actually Li Yuanqing.

“You really think Im very strong”

Li Yuanqing looked at the woman in front of him strangely.

This person probably never dreamed that she would dare to scheme against him in front of him.

As expected of a pitiful person!

“You didnt have to do it yourself.

You used your pet to kill the werewolf.

You are the strongest human martial artist I have ever seen.

Werewolves are natural martial artists.

They are even stronger than some demons.

Your strength is unfathomable.

You will definitely become a king!”

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The woman said firmly.

In her world, she had once been a god-like existence.

Moreover, her greatest strength was her observation and judgment.

This made her words many times more accurate than prophecies in the human world.

Although the man in front of her was handsome, his strength was more eye-catching than his attractive appearance.

Experts of this strength would quickly rise and be known.

“Since you think so highly of me, why do you still want to snatch my water source”

Li Yuanqings words made the woman, who had wanted to please him and explain, suddenly turn pale with fright.

Her expression changed drastically as she looked at Li Yuanqing in shock.

Her entire body shrank into a ball! She was trembling all over.

Heavens, the king she thought highly of was actually the person they wanted to secretly follow and kill to snatch the water source

Had they lived long enough Did they have a death wish How could it be such a coincidence Didnt the people with her say that they could use a voice transmission to know his location within a hundred miles Why did 00001 come to the werewolf village What did he want

Countless questions rushed into the womans mind, causing her to hug her head.

She was extremely frustrated with her stupidity.

Fortunately, they didnt make a move.

If they really found the person with the number 00001 and snatched his water source, they would probably end up in an especially miserable state.

As expected, those who could have a water source in the catacombs were not ordinary people.

Otherwise, why couldnt they find any water sources anywhere

“Im sorry, Im sorry.

We just want to survive.

Its really too difficult to survive in the Catacombs.

Its really too difficult to obtain water.

Please, spare me.

Ill definitely tell everyone and dispel everyones thoughts.

I beg you…”

The woman was terrified and kept begging for mercy.

Tears flowed down her face.

At this moment, she could already smell death again.

Even if she died this time, no one would save her.

It was too tragic!

She could only beg Li Yuanqing to let her go.

Furthermore, she kept promising Li Yuanqing so that he would not kill her.

This person was very hateful, but Li Yuanqing did not want to dirty his hands.

There were many ways to deal with such a person.

Moreover, sometimes, she was more useful alive than dead.

Therefore, Li Yuanqing planned to remove the rope on her body.

However, he realized that the rope could not be cut.

It was tightly wrapped around the womans body and was almost into her bones.

Li Yuanqing thought for a moment and summoned the Man-eating Vine for it to try devouring the vines.

After all, the characteristics of these vines were very good.

They were even more powerful than the Man-eating Vine when used to bind people.

The vine tried to stick its leaves into the rope and devour it.

Soon, the rope broke.

The woman was overjoyed and was so excited that she almost knelt down.

Her body was covered in blood and a large piece of flesh had fallen off her calf.

She looked very miserable.

However, she did not dare to say anything at this moment.

She only quickly took back the things that had been snatched away by those werewolves.

The most important things were the supplies and voice transmission device.

Especially the voice transmission device.

This was her life.

After obtaining freedom, she had to obtain this thing immediately.

Her number on it was 00004.

At this moment, there were many private messages asking her where she was.

It was almost dark and they were all hiding at night.

They would find a place to meet up tomorrow and then find the person with the number 00001.

This was their original plan.

However, after this woman was captured by the werewolves during the day, they had lost contact and had been unable to contact her.

These people panicked, but this womans profile picture was still clear.

Her life should be fine, but they didnt know what had happened.

Why didnt she reply quickly

Fortunately, the woman replied to his message the moment she was freed.

“The original plan is completely overturned.

This number 00001 is a big shot expert.

Hes not someone we can deal with at all.

If you want to die, I wont stop you.

But even if you beat me to death, I wont participate…

“I saw with my own eyes that this big shot killed two werewolves without doing anything himself.

It only took him a breaths time.


Which one of you has the ability to kill two werewolves in a breaths time Most importantly, you dont have to do it yourself”

When this woman said this, she was filled with despair.

These peoples heads must have been kicked by a cricket and clamped by a door.

How could they think of snatching someone elses water source They didnt even think about it.

It was already difficult for them to survive here.

After their strength was greatly reduced, a single werewolf could wipe them out.

However, that expert did not need to do anything himself.

His pet had killed two werewolves in just a breath.

Didnt they know the difference

They were courting death!

This womans words stunned the martial artists who were sharpening their knives and planning to snatch Li Yuanqings water source.

They could not believe their ears and eyes.

However, the person with 00004 was the most proactive.

Furthermore, she was the one who had suggested that they explore the path first and then let them follow after her.

Who knew that 00001 was actually a powerhouse

They could not afford to offend him, but someone was indignant and said.

“00004, everything is dangerous.

We have so many people and have planned for so long.

No matter how strong he is, he will become as weak as us when he reaches the Catacombs.

Perhaps he only has a powerful pet.

If he cant do it himself, we can ambush him or attack him together.

As long as we can snatch a water source, our lives will be much better.

We can exchange water for spirit stones…”

“Yes, yes.

If we dont take a risk, how can we get a water source Ive never faced a werewolf head-on before.

Perhaps, its not that powerful.

00004, dont scare yourself!”

“Thats right, give it a try!”

This group of people had different opinions, but the woman was already afraid of Li Yuanqing to the core.

At this moment, she said forcefully, “You can try.

My life is in his hands now.

I feel that even if all of us join forces, we will only die in front of him.

If you want to die, no one will hold you back…”

After saying that coldly, the woman did not say anything else.

She was thinking about what to do because it was already dark outside.

The catacombs after dark was not a place she could walk around casually.

It was too dangerous.

Moreover, she was injured and the smell of blood on her body could not dissipate.

Under such circumstances, she might very well become the target of vicious beasts and werewolves.

There were still demons in the night.

Those things had an abnormally sharp sense of smell.

She would probably become their target the moment she left this village.

She might as well hide in this village to stay the night.

This woman kept thinking about how to survive this night.

She didnt want to die.

When Li Yuanqing saw that the woman had received her voice transmission device, he ignored her and turned around to look around the house.

There were some tools made of spirit stones and contained some spiritual energy.

These things naturally became his spoils of war.

He put them all away and threw them into his domain.

Then, he continued to wander around the village.

Soon, he saw the vicious beast that looked like a wild boar that he had shot.

There was more than one of it.

There was actually a nest of it.

He thought of the braised pork that he had eaten in his previous life.

Li Yuanqing directly sent these vicious beasts into his domain.

When he was collecting those vicious beasts, he also caused some commotion.

When some of the stronger werewolves in the village heard the commotion, they rushed out.

At this moment, the sky had already darkened and the fog had begun to spread.

It was no longer realistic to rush back to that cave.

This village was just nice for him to stay in.

So Li Yuanqing planned to stay here tonight.

Li Yuanqing let the vines and flying ants attack the remaining werewolves.

He wanted to test their attack power and his ability to control them, so he ordered them.

Soon, the Man-eating Vines that had finished devouring the vine started to move.

They started to grow crazily as soon as they touched the soil.

Vines stretched out one after another.

In the blink of an eye, they covered half of the village.

They seemed to be much stronger than before.

Li Yuanqing was very satisfied with the rapid reaction of the Man-eating Vine.

The flying ants were already fighting.

All the ants had gathered together, and there were already dense ants at the feet of those werewolves.

The combat power of those werewolves was also very strong.

They kept stepping on the ground with their big feet.

Many of the originally hard ants were actually trampled to death by the werewolves absolute strength.

However, more ants flew up and began to climb onto the werewolves.

Those flying ants landed on the werewolfs arms, wrists, and thighs before biting down fiercely.

That huge bite force could even crush a rock, let alone the flesh and blood of a werewolf.

Those werewolves were originally invulnerable.

The weapons of ordinary martial artists were just tickles to them.

They were useless.

This was also the important reason why that woman was captured.

Even if you had a flying sword, in front of absolute power, you would be grabbed, bent, and crushed.

However, these ants still bit through their flesh and blood, causing one of the werewolves to let out a howl.

That howl was exactly the same as the howl of a wolf.

Moreover, the sound traveled very far and sounded especially miserable.

However, Li Yuanqing was also alarmed.

Was this a call for reinforcements

It was easy to deal with a few werewolves.

It was fine to use them to train the Man-eating Vines and flying ants, but if hundreds or thousands of werewolves came, Li Yuanqing felt that there was only one word to describe them: run!

Only a fool would stay behind to fight.

He might even be wiped out.

Li Yuanqing, who had yet to figure out the situation in the catacombs, was not stupid enough to think that he was invincible and would take the risk to try anything.

Therefore, he immediately ordered the Man-eating Vines and flying ants to attack.

He had to deal with these werewolves as quickly as possible.

Moreover, Li Yuanqing had even ordered the Man-eating Vine and the flying ants to cooperate and quickly deal with these werewolves.

They could not be hostile to each other and refuse to cooperate.

One had to know that in the domain, the flying ants and the Man-eating Vines were fighting each other for spirit stones.

They were sworn enemies.

At this moment, the Man-eating Vine that received Li Yuanqings order seemed to hesitate.

It shook its leaves and foolishly surrounded the flying ants and werewolves.

Originally, the Man-eating Vine wanted to wait for the flying ants to be defeated before charging forward.

After all, these werewolf warriors that had appeared were not easy to deal with.

It might suffer heavy losses.

Didnt they see the huge pile of flying ants that had been trampled to death

However, at this moment, the Man-eating Vine that heard Li Yuanqings urging no longer hesitated.

It immediately rushed to the feet of those werewolves at its fastest speed and stretched out countless vines to bind them.

However, when it stretched out its vines and swam around, it silently covered the corpses of all the flying ants that had been trampled to death.

At the same time, it used those flying ants as nutrients.

However, after hearing Li Yuanqing cough, the Man-eating Vine sped up and climbed up to entangle all the werewolves.

Li Yuanqing heaved a sigh of relief in his heart.

This Man-eating Vine was very strong, and it would be very miserable if one was entangled by it.

However, those werewolf warriors suddenly opened their arms and swallowed the fog in the darkness.


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