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The man-eating vine was telling Li Yuanqing that it had discovered a cave in the ground, a very hidden cave.

There was actually a cave hidden in this werewolf village

Li Yuanqing was a little curious because the werewolf gave him the feeling that they were a strength-type.

Their attack power, especially when they unleashed their full strength, was extremely terrifying.

It was simply shocking.

The huge few tons of stones were directly moved by these werewolves to form a wall.

Moreover, when their strength erupted, the tough man-eating vines were torn apart by them.

Even if those vines wrapped around their bodies densely, as long as it wasnt that red vine, they could easily tear it apart.

Originally, even the smallest vine of the Man-eating Vine could not be cut off.

However, those werewolves could tear it apart with their bare hands or just rely on their bodies to forcefully break it.

From this, it could be seen how terrifying the strength of these werewolves was.

Werewolves with powerful strength and rough appearance were not smart enough.

In Li Yuanqings opinion, they were not good at hiding or thinking.

So how could there be a cave in the ground

How curious!

Soon, Li Yuanqing arrived at a house under the guidance of the Man-eating Vine.

There was a huge mat in the middle of the house.

The Man-eating Vine nimbly lifted the mat and saw a stone slab.

Then, it pushed open the stone slab to reveal a cave.

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The cave was dark and a little damp.

The Man-eating Vine spread into the cave.

The flying ant was unwilling to fall behind.

After the cave was revealed, it quickly rushed in.

Before Li Yuanqing could enter the cave, he knew what was happening inside.

It was a pleasant surprise.

This cave was the warehouse of the werewolf tribe.

There were things that they thought were very important inside.

For example, weapons made of various spirit stones.

There were also a large number of thousands of spirit stones stacked together.

When Li Yuanqing saw the spirit stones, there were several boxes.

Each of them was the size of an egg, and they were filled with spiritual energy.

It felt like the rain of blood.

As long as he held the spirit stone, he could feel that it was filled with spiritual energy, making him feel very comfortable.

These spirit stones were good stuff.

Li Yuanqing was very happy.

He ignored the emotions of the Man-eating Vine and the flying ants and sent these spirit stones into his domain.

Then, he sent the weapons made of spirit stones into his domain.

Then, he searched below and quickly discovered that the cave was very big.

It was divided into a few parts.

Among them, there were some places where food was piled up.

There was also a large table with many vicious beast hides on it.

Li Yuanqing could not understand what was written on the vicious beast hides, but he put them all into his domain because he knew that a village would be destroyed.

However, words would not.

As long as there were words recorded and could be understood, you would slowly understand this world.

He could think of a way to understand the words recorded on the beast hides, but he had to take them away.

When he was about to leave after plundering the werewolfs cave, he was surprised to find that the Man-eating Vine refused to leave.

Instead, it quickly swam in a direction.

Soon, Li Yuanqing saw a red vine.

It was just like the vine he had seen on the womans body back then.

However, it was several times thicker than that.

What this vine bound was not a human, but a werewolf so thin that its shape could not be seen.

That werewolf was covered in fur and looked to be two to three meters tall.

However, it looked to be no more than a hundred kilograms.

It was quite thin, almost to the point that there was only bones left.

As a result, when the vine pierced deep into the werewolfs flesh, there was almost no blood flowing out.

In any case, this was the first time Li Yuanqing had seen a werewolf like this.

“Devour this red vine.

A werewolf is more important than this vine.”

Li Yuanqing knew that this red vine was the reason why the werewolf was tied up.

The man-eating vine did not dare to devour this vine for fear of letting the werewolf out.

However, it did not have any scruples with Li Yuanqings orders.

Soon, the red vines were easily devoured by the Man-Eating Vine.

The werewolf also sensed that he had regained his freedom.

However, when he saw Li Yuanqing again, he revealed a surprised expression.

He looked at the agile vines and thought about what he had seen just now.

It was these vines that had easily devoured the immortal vines.

He had allowed himself to be free.

However, why was he such a lowly and insignificant human

The werewolf hesitated.

He stood up and stared at Li Yuanqing for a few seconds before turning around to escape.

To him, as long as anyone removed the immortal vine, they would not be able to trap him.

If he didnt leave now, when would he

Li Yuanqing was also looking at the skinny werewolf in front of him.

When he saw that the werewolf wanted to leave, he suddenly issued an order for the man-eating vine to entangle the werewolf.

He wanted to try planting the inner demon seed that he had once cultivated into the werewolfs body.

When the man-eating vine entangled the werewolf, the werewolf jumped up.

Although he was thin, his movements were extremely fast and agile.

Moreover, when he saw the vine, his eyes were filled with vigilance.

So much so that the Man-eating Vine actually missed and did not catch this werewolf.

This made Li Yuanqing frown.

This werewolf that was tied up by his companions was actually quite smart.

Furthermore, he was already on the verge of death, yet he could immediately move after being released.

His reaction was too fast.

The key was that his vitality was very strong.

In an instant, Li Yuanqing decided that he had to control this werewolf.

After all, werewolves had been in the catacombs longer than humans, and they were more familiar with this place.

Or the situation in the catacombs.

If he could tame this werewolf, he would be able to quickly figure out what was recorded on the vicious beasts hides and determine whether it was useful to him.

Therefore, after the Man-eating Vine missed, Li Yuanqing ordered the flying ants to attract the attention of the werewolf.

The Man-eating Vine continued to attack while he rushed up to plant the inner demon seed on the werewolf.

Although Li Yuanqings inner demon seed could control Martial Saints, his strength had become very weak at night in the Catacombs.

This werewolf looked very smart and dangerous.

To the cautious Li Yuanqing, he wished he could reduce the danger to zero.

Therefore, he didnt allow himself to be in any danger or accident.

That was why he didnt move until the flying ants swarmed up and the man-eating vines wrapped around the werewolfs legs with red vines and knocked him down.

After the flying ants covered the werewolfs body, Li Yuanqing stood up and planted the inner demon seed at the werewolf who had already focused all his attention on dealing with the flying ants and vines.

As soon as the inner demon seed was planted, it began to be resisted by the werewolf, and the resistance was quite strong.

This almost caused Li Yuanqing to suffer a backlash.

Fortunately, the man-eating vine extended three red vines at once and tightly bound the werewolf like a dumpling, preventing him from moving his limbs at all.

Moreover, the flying ants were lying on the werewolfs body and eyeing him covetously.

The werewolf did not dare to be distracted to resist Li Yuanqing.

Ten minutes later, Li Yuanqing finally completely controlled this werewolf.

He heaved a sigh of relief.

While resting and drinking water, Li Yuanqing took the time to turn on his voice transmission device to see if anything had happened tonight.

When he opened it and saw the reactions of many people on the voice transmission, he couldnt help but laugh.

So the woman he saw was actually 00004 So weak

Li Yuanqing wanted to shake his head when he heard that he was respected by so many martial artists through the voice transmission.

These human martial artists were really too weak after coming to the Catacombs.

Since they were weak, why didnt they group up and instead decided to fight among themselves

Why did they have to fancy him

Fortunately, 00004 knew her limits.

She had been scared out of her wits by him killing the werewolves in this village just now.

It could be proven by the flattery on the voice transmission device.

It was as if he had become a god or the strongest martial artist in the Catacombs.

Li Yuanqing did not care at all.

This was because he was a Human God in the human world, an existence above millions of people.

He only felt a little sad for these people.

Why had the Grotto-Heaven Realm Human Gods suddenly become so weak

Suddenly, a message from 00004 on the communicator caught his attention.

“Oh my god, what wolf pack did I see Theres actually a wolf pack.

Its over.

Boss 00001, save me, save me…”

00004 kept calling Li Yuanqing for help because she had stayed in this werewolf village as it was dark.

She originally thought that she did not have to find a place to hide and could quickly escape from this place after dawn.

Unexpectedly, after dark, 00004, who was in the werewolf village, discovered a large number of werewolves outside.

There were hundreds or even thousands of them.

In any case, she was so frightened that she did not dare to look at them anymore.

This was because there were too many werewolves.

The number had already exceeded her imagination, making her feel extremely hopeless.

She could only keep calling out for 00001.

Actually, after hearing no response from Li Yuanqing, her first reaction was to quickly think of a way to avoid this calamity.

Unexpectedly, everyone in the voice transmission device exploded.

Hundreds and thousands of werewolves.

What did that mean

Werewolves were very powerful in the Catacombs.

They were so powerful that a single werewolf could kill a few Grotto-Heaven Realm martial artists with restricted strength, even if they were Human Gods in the human world.

However, it was very likely that you would be killed silently at night in the Catacombs.

In the eyes of these martial artists who had just entered the catacomb, almost no one could escape from the hands of the werewolves, let alone hundreds or thousands of werewolves.

To anyone, this was a situation of certain death with almost no solution.

00004 was dead.

00001 was also dead!

There was no chance of either of them surviving.

While many martial artists in the voice transmission were feeling a little sad, some of them began to have designs on the water source that 00001 had found.

However, when they thought about how those werewolves also lacked water, they became discouraged and did not dare to think about it anymore.

The powerful 00004 and 00001, whom 00004 feared, would definitely be wiped out if they encountered the werewolves.

After the water source was in the hands of the werewolves, no one would be able to think about it.

“There are so many werewolves.

Everyone, be careful.

Dont go out at night.

Its too dangerous.

Its really too dangerous!”

“Wuwuwu, look, 00004s profile picture has turned gray.

Im afraid 00001 wont be able to make it.

Were still too weak.

We have to become stronger in this Catacombs…”

“This annoying night.

When can we walk into the night”

All kinds of voices caused the voice transmission to become lively.

Many peoples emotions also became pessimistic because to everyone, they were still at the bottom of the Catacombs.

Because of the special terrain here, human martial artists strength would be restricted at night after they came here.

The primitive creatures in the Catacombs that were not particularly terrifying during the day, such as werewolves and demons, their strength would increase exponentially, even several times, at night.

After a long period of time, human martial artists would be completely insufficient.

They were directly at the bottom of the entire Catacombs strength.

Although it was very cruel, this was reality.

Li Yuanqing also noticed that 00004s profile picture had dimmed and turned gray.

This meant that 00004 was already dead, and the voice transmission device in her hand could have a new owner.

The next person to obtain this voice transmission device could still be 00004.

The gray ants and the man-eating vines that followed Li Yuanqing also began to feel uneasy, especially the man-eating vines.

Every leaf was trembling.

Li Yuanqing knew what the man-eating vine was thinking and expressing when he saw its state.

The meaning of the man-eating vine was obvious.

There was an enemy attack and danger.

It was already in an attack state.

Li Yuanqing saw the words of 00004 on the voice transmission device and saw that her image had turned gray, so she must be dead.

It seemed that a large number of werewolves had attacked.

What now

Li Yuanqing glanced at the Man-eating Vine and the flying ants.

If there were only less than ten werewolves, Li Yuanqing would definitely not have any other thoughts and kill them.

However, if there were hundreds or thousands of werewolves, it would be a little troublesome.

At the moment, the man-eating vines and flying ants were not strong enough.

It was definitely impossible to deal with so many werewolves.

It was already fortunate that the trump cards in his hands could protect him and leave.

However, he still had a trump card in his hand.

It was the skinny werewolf who became his puppet just now.

At this moment, he had already stood up.

In the beginning, his eyes were still a little empty, but not long after, when he looked at Li Yuanqing, his head was already lowered, and his eyes were no longer arrogant.

There was only obedience.

“From now on, youll be called Big Wolf.

Go and scout the situation.

Find a safe way for me to leave…”

Li Yuanqing quickly ordered the werewolf.

He also wanted to see if Big Wolf, who was controlled by Manipulation Art, could completely obey his orders.

This was because werewolves were more intelligent than flying ants or man-eating vines.

If he could control them well, they would definitely be more effective than these man-eating vines or flying ants.

Moreover, there were also ways for werewolves to cultivate and advance in the Catacombs.

As long as they were used properly, this wolf would definitely be very useful.

What he needed now was absolute control over Big Wolf.


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