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For example, someone suggested a storage bag.

This thing sounded quite magical.

At least, no one had mentioned it when Li Yuanqing was in the Northern Kingdom.

However, just from the name, one could imagine that this thing could store things.

There was also that travelogue.

Li Yuanqing was not very familiar with the catacombs.

If what was recorded in the travelogue was effective and real, he felt that he had to trade it and take a look.

Even if it was useless, it was better than slowly exploring like this.

After all, there were too many unknown places in this world that made him a little confused.

As for cultivation, he was actually different from others.

He relied on different places to sign in, while others had to level up bit by bit.

Therefore, Li Yuanqing wanted to explore and understand this catacomb more.

He had a feeling that there were many unknown things in this world.

He even had a hint of anticipation.

Would the world he lived in in his previous life be among so many unknown worlds

At the thought of this, Li Yuanqing felt energized and filled with hope.

Even though he had a younger sister in this world and had stayed for so many years, he did not have any sense of belonging at all.

He always felt like an outsider.

He wanted to go back! He really wanted to go back, but he didnt know if the world he used to be in existed.

Soon, Li Yuanqing accepted a few people who were willing to exchange water sources with him.

He directly used a voice transmission device to exchange.

This thing should be a treasure.

At the very least, it should be a Dharma treasure or something like that in the Catacombs.

Otherwise, it wouldnt be so magical.

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Speaking of which, he had to thank Qin Feng for obtaining this voice transmission device.

Soon, the water supply in Li Yuanqings domain decreased by a negligible level.

However, he obtained what he wanted.

A storage bag, a travelogue, and a cultivation book.

When he received the three items, Li Yuanqing first looked at the storage bag.

It was actually different from what he had imagined.

He thought it was a bag, but he did not expect it to be something like a piece of paper.

The piece of paper could be placed in his pocket or placed on his body.

When he used it, he would recite it in his heart a few times and a space about one meter by one meter would appear.

It was very small, but it was convenient.

If he had anything, he did not need to hold it at all.

He could just throw it into the storage bag.

However, to Li Yuanqing, this thing was a little useless.

This was because he had a domain that could store many things.

There were many mountains, rivers, and vicious beasts.

This cubic storage bag was better than nothing.

In any case, there was no loss in exchanging for water.

Li Yuanqing was very interested in the travelogue.

It was made from the skin of a mutated beast.

Some of the words on it could be understood by Li Yuanqing, who had learned the demonic language before.

This book was a travelogue written by a mighty figure called Lin Ping.

In his understanding, there were many small worlds in this world.

Every small world had a different human environment and cultivation system.

The Catacombs was actually a buffer zone that connected every small world.

The environment here was very harsh and dangerous.

Many humans from small worlds had to pass through the Catacombs to find an exit or entrance if they wanted to go to other worlds.

However, the exit was not fixed.

This was because the entrance to the catacombs was constantly changing.

Sometimes, the entrance was clearly there, but after a few years or decades, this entrance would move to another place.

Moreover, even if the humans of the small worlds were very powerful, their strength would be restricted because of the special environment here.

Some of the native vicious beasts and foreign beasts that were stronger than vicious beasts would be abnormally ferocious.

In the catacombs, not only were there werewolves, but there were also demons and countless dangerous plants.

To humans, the environment here was harsh.

It was not easy to survive.

Therefore, some demons in the Catacombs also wanted to go to the human world.

This was because the human world had already begun to recover their spiritual energy.

The environment was especially comfortable.

To these demons, it was like heaven.

Water was extremely scarce because the Catacombs lacked water.

Wherever there was water, it would gather into a market or a castle.

If a not-too-powerful human appeared, it would easily be snatched away or they would be killed.

Therefore, more human martial artists liked to stay at the edge of the catacombs.

This was because there was something they needed here, a spirit stone mine.

They could mine here.

Even if they occasionally encountered werewolves or demons, as long as there was no direct conflict and they secretly avoided them in advance, the mortality rate would not be too high.

However, it would be very difficult if they went to the market and wanted to have their own house and live normally.

This was because in the eyes of those demons and werewolves, humans were not of the same kind.

They were lowly outsiders.

They would discriminate against outsiders.

Of course, it was another matter if they were strong.

However, there were very few human martial artists who could not be affected by the catacombs where their strength would decrease greatly.

Li Yuanqing looked at the introduction of the travelogue.

He even saw the introduction of the Yufu Kingdom, but there was no Northern Kingdom.

At that time, there was no Northern Kingdom, only the Yufu Kingdom.

Unfortunately, the Yufu Kingdom was still destroyed by his Northern Kingdom in the end although it had existed for a thousand years.

Li Yuanqing looked at the travelogue written by Lin Ping with relish.

He even flipped through another book about cultivation and learned that there were Martial Saints, Grotto-Heaven Realm Human Gods, Spirit Transformation Realm, Array Formation Realm, and so on in the human world.

This was the cultivation title of the Northern Kingdom.

There were also small worlds that started from martial artists to Qi Refinement to Foundation Establishment.

Although the name was different, the final outcome of cultivation was similar.

For example, people from these small worlds could use spirit stones to cultivate.

Whether it was the Foundation Establishment realm or the Grotto-Heaven realm cultivator, their strength should be about the same when they entered the Catacombs.

This was because those who were too weak could not enter, and those who were too strong could not enter.

Only those whose strength was not far from the Grotto-Heaven realm or those who were close to the Foundation Establishment realm could enter the catacombs.

In Lin Pings travelogue, there was also a record of a voice transmission device.

It was said that a very talented cultivator in refining weapons in a small world had established a sect.

Their sects treasure was this voice transmission device.

This kind of voice transmission device was especially useful in the Catacombs.

It was inherited by someone in the Catacombs although it could not bind ones identity.

For example, after 00004 died, if her voice transmission was picked up by another martial artist, that martial artist would become 00004 in the future.

Of course, if these voice transmissions were picked up by demons or werewolves, then it was also possible that the ones behind these numbers were not human martial artists but demons or werewolves from the Catacombs, or even other species.

Li Yuanqing was a little surprised to see this.

Fortunately, he rarely appeared or chatted on the voice transmission device.

At most, he would post information about exchanging resources.

Moreover, it seemed like everyone on the voice transmission device knew that Li Yuanqing, 00001, had a large amount of water.

Water was very precious in the Catacombs.

There were probably many people who were keeping an eye on this matter.

Li Yuanqing felt that if he really wanted spirit stones, he could find a spirit stone mine.

That would be the most permanent.

This was because when these martial artists stopped in the catacombs and dared to search around, perhaps water would not be so precious.

However, he had the Man-eating Vines and flying ants under him.

These reproductions required spirit stones.

In the Catacombs, his strength was restricted, but the Man-eating Vine and the flying ants developed very well.

Their combat strength was very strong.

Li Yuanqing planned to support them and make them his powerful assistants.

There was also Big Wolf.

Li Yuanqing also felt that his body seemed to be injured and there was a problem with it.

If his Manipulation Art was especially useful, he could not ignore Big Wolf.

In the Catacombs, there were many times when werewolves needed spirit stones to cultivate.

After seeing Lin Pings travelogue, Li Yuanqing felt that he should search everywhere in the catacombs.

It would be best if he could find a spirit stone mine to increase his strength.

This was the most important thing.

Time seemed to pass slowly that night.

Because many things had happened, after Li Yuanqing appeared on the voice transmission device once, he never appeared again.

He looked extremely mysterious, but the others on the voice transmission device were abnormally respectful of him.

After all, he was the only one who could survive in front of a pack of werewolves.

This was a well-deserved mighty figure.

He was really too awesome.

Many people were curious about the identity of 00001 Li Yuanqing.

They did not know if he was a man or a woman.

Li Yuanqing did not care about this.

He stood up and stretched.

Seeing that it was still dark outside, he planned to take a walk in the village to take a breather before resting.

It had been two to three days since he came to the Catacombs.

The first night was spent in the cave.

Everyone on the voice transmission device was in a panic and he held it in for the entire night.

On the second day in the werewolf village, Li Yuanqing planned to take a breather and look at the moon in the sky,

Li Yuanqing pushed open the door.

As soon as the door was pushed open, wisps of fog spread out.

He looked up at the sky and saw a blood-red moon in the sky.

It was exceptionally bright.

The moon was especially big and seemed to be hanging above his head.

This blood moon was completely different from the moon in Liu Yuanqings memories.

When he was in the Northern Kingdom, the moon was incomparably bright, looking like a white jade plate.

Although it looked bigger and brighter than the moon in his previous life, Li Yuanqing did not think too much about it.

He thought it was because the air was good and the environment was good.

However, he did not expect that after coming to the Catacombs, not only was the environment harsh, but the day was much shorter than the night.

Even the moon was different.

When the moon rose in the Catacombs, it seemed to be the time when the living beings here were active.

Those werewolves were all outside the village.

Many werewolves went out to hunt because night was the time when they were the strongest.

At this time, they had to hunt for the food they needed and snatch the things they needed.

Otherwise, these werewolves would become weaker when the sun was too strong during the day.

They would choose to rest and hide instead of coming out to walk.

This was a good time for humans to walk.

There was almost no sound from the thousands of werewolves, but they were all sent out by Big Wolf.

Wolves were social animals to begin with.

Werewolves looked like humans, but they were smarter and stronger than wolves.

At this moment, they began to spread out with this village as the center and sweep away any hidden dangers in this area.

For example, if the beasts, humans, or even demons in this area did not submit to them, they would kill them.

Just now, these werewolves had encountered a group of vicious beasts.

This was a kind of vicious beast unique to the Catacombs, the Black and White Bear.

It was also very huge and was four to five meters tall.

It was covered in pitch-black fur and had a sharp face.

However, there was a piece of white fur on its chin.

This appearance was a little like a black bear, but it was much bigger than a black bear.

It also weighed hundreds of kilograms.

When it walked, the ground was trembling.

This kind of black and white bear was considered a tyrant in the Catacombs.

When a werewolf faced a black and white bear, he would turn around and run because his life was more important.

However, this time, the wolf pack led by Big Wolf encountered a group of black and white bears not far from the village.

There were more than ten of them.

Although these black and white bears were abnormally ferocious, they were a little dumbfounded when facing so many wolves.

These black and white bears were not stupid.

Although they were huge, they were very smart.

They knew that they were no match for them at all when they saw so many werewolves appear at once.

They quickly let out furious roars and looked like they wanted to charge forward.

However, they turned around and fled with their children.

The black and white bears left one or two behind to block the werewolves from tracking them.

The remaining black and white bears howled at the moon as they ran.

The black and white bears voices could be heard very far away.

The black and white bears that were left behind to cover the back were quickly surrounded by the werewolves.

Countless werewolves rushed forward.

No matter how powerful the black and white bears were, they could not withstand the attacks of so many werewolves.

In just a few breaths, the two black and white bears were scratched by the werewolves.

Then, they were tied up by the werewolves with the Immortal Binding Rope.

This kind of rope was especially strong.

No matter how strong or powerful you were, the more you struggled, the tighter it was tied up.

If one was obedient enough, the rope would not be able to cut into their flesh.

The black and white bears knew how powerful this rope was, so after being trapped, it only howled a few times before being dragged down by the werewolves.

The remaining black and white bears that had escaped howled as they ran towards a certain place.

The direction they were running in was an endless mountain.

There was almost no greenery on the mountain.

There were only rocks, as if they were piled up.

However, when the howling of the black and white bears reached the mountain, they saw stones moving.

Then, two black and white bears crawled out from under the stones.

Then, more and more, more and more, until the mountain was almost filled with densely packed black and white bears.

They responded to the howling and roared.

The werewolves who were chasing after the black and white bears did not care at first.

However, when the black and white bears on the mountain rushed down, they panicked.

It was terrifying.

They had never seen so many black and white bears before.

Did they move the bear nest

Big Wolf was pushed out by such a sudden situation.


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