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Big Wolf was the king of these werewolves.

It was time for him to stand up and face the leader of the black-and-white bears.

This black-and-white bear was a powerful enemy of the werewolves to begin with.

Not only was the leader of the black-and-white bear six meters tall, but it was also extremely muscular.

It immediately made Big Wolf look like a paper man as it stood in front of him!

The battle between the two races was also a battle between kings.

When the black-and-white bear and Big Wolf fought, all the werewolves and the black-and-white bear shouted.

For a moment, the sound was deafening.

Unfortunately, Big Wolf was still defeated although he did his best.

He had been tied up by the Immortal Binding Rope for too long and had yet to recover his vitality.

Moreover, when the werewolf and the black-and-white bear fought head-on, he would be at a disadvantage.

Therefore, Big Wolf had returned in defeat.

When Big Wolf fled in a panic, the number of clansmen who followed him slowly decreased.

Many clansmen who had gathered began to be disappointed and left.

When Big Wolf returned to Li Yuanqings side, not only was he injured, but there were almost no people around him.

The most heroic werewolf warrior beside him had replaced him as the new wolf king, while he was the abandoned one.

If he could not quickly recover or kill and subdue the black-and-white bear in a short period of time, there would be no place for him here.

He would be chased away by the werewolf tribe and banished to a distant place.

He would even be chased to death by the new wolf king.

When Li Yuanqing saw Big Wolf, he was covered in blood and his body was badly mutilated.

It was a shocking sight.

Moreover, a large piece of flesh had been torn off his chest.

His feet seemed to be broken and he was on the verge of collapse.

Big Wolf looked at Li Yuanqing helplessly.

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There were no obstacles for the two of them to communicate because he was controlled by Li Yuanqing.

Li Yuanqing quickly figured out the cause and effect of the matter.

He understood that Big Wolf had been abandoned by the wolf pack and also understood the power of the black-and-white bears.

Big Wolf howled in a low voice and limped behind Li Yuanqing with its injured leg.

Then, it lowered its head.

Its meaning was obvious.

It wanted to follow Li Yuanqing in the future and wander around with him.

On the other side, Hu Jiujiu tilted her head and looked at the dejected Big Wolf.

She then squeaked at a werewolf behind Big Wolf.

The werewolf was stunned for a moment before he seemed to understand what Hu Jiujiu meant.

Soon, the werewolf stood up.

Hu Jiujiu jumped onto the werewolf from Li Yuanqings shoulder and followed the werewolf into the night.

Big Wolf knelt in front of Li Yuanqing and whimpered.

Its body swayed as if it could not stand up.

Li Yuanqing looked at it and nodded, indicating for it to follow him into the village.

There were two or three werewolves beside Big Wolf.

After seeing Big Wolf follow Li Yuanqing into the village, they looked at each other and turned to leave.

The howls of the werewolves outside seemed to be summoning the few lone werewolves who were following behind Big Wolf.

Those werewolves looked at the blood dripping from Big Wolf on the ground and recalled how Big Wolf was swaying just now.

After standing outside the village for ten minutes, they still turned around resolutely and abandoned Big Wolf.

They walked into the darkness and joined the other werewolves, supporting the new king of the wolf pack.

The new Wolf King of their Wolf Clan!

Big Wolf had been completely abandoned by all the werewolves.

For a species like werewolves, their king had to be powerful.

Otherwise, if they couldnt compete with other species for territory and living space, it would affect their future survival.

The territory they occupied in the Catacombs would become smaller and smaller.

The smaller the territory, the less food and water they would have.

The number of werewolves would decrease until they finally died out.

Therefore, all the species in the Catacombs, be it werewolves, black-and-white bears, demons, or other species, had a strong instinct.

If one wanted to be the king of werewolves, they had to be strong enough among werewolves.

Big Wolf had been tied up by the Immortal Binding Rope for too long.

His strength had decreased greatly and he was no longer worthy of being their Wolf King.

This was the consensus of all werewolves.

Big Wolf naturally knew this as well, so he could only follow Li Yuanqing now.

To him, his life and death would be in his masters hands in the future.

He was no longer the king of the werewolves in the Catacombs.

Li Yuanqing looked at Big Wolf.

He consciously curled up at the entrance like the man-eating vine and flying ants although he was injured, guarding him piously.

When he came to the Catacombs, he had prepared many medicinal pills for himself, especially when he signed in and obtained some high-grade Replenishment Pills.

There were too many Replenishment Pills for him because he had been hiding in the Wilderness of the Northern Kingdom.

Li Yuanqing handed ten high-grade Replenishment Pills to Big Wolf.

“Eat it to heal your injuries.

There are spirit stones here.

You can cultivate quickly…”

Over the past few days, Li Yuanqing had exchanged a lot of spirit stones for water.

Other than throwing a portion of them into his domain, he had also put a lot of them into that storage bag.

This was because he discovered that after spirit stones entered the domain, be it flying ants, man-eating vines, or ferocious beasts that looked like pigs, they would go crazy.

If he put these spirit stones into his storage bag and threw the bag into his domain, these ferocious beasts would not be able to sense the aura of the spirit stones.

Only then could he store these spirit stones.

It would be best if he could take some out to increase Big Wolfs cultivation.

Although Big Wolf did not recognize the pill, he still swallowed it without hesitation.

He held the spirit stone tightly in his hand and refused to let go.

Why did werewolves go around taking over territory

One was to find food and water.

Food and water were easy to find.

The other was to find spirit stones.

The cultivation of all the species in the catacombs relied on spirit stones because the spiritual energy in the air of the catacombs was becoming increasingly scarce.

It was too slow to rely on cultivation and meditation alone.

It was impossible.

At this time, the stone that contained spiritual energy was the best tool for their cultivation.

Big Wolfs eyes lit up when he was handed these spirit stones, and its gaze at Li Yuanqing became even more docile.

There was even endless gratitude.

The night passed quickly.

When the day came, Big Wolf ate the Replenishment Pill and his external injuries recovered.

However, one of his legs was still a little lame.

The bones inside were not completely healed.

Furthermore, it was broad daylight, so he was not in good spirits.

He was very dispirited and did not even want to walk out of the house.

He only wanted to stay in the darkness and sleep.

Li Yuanqing knew that the day was like a humans night for werewolves.

They needed to rest and sleep, and their combat strength had decreased drastically.

During the day, werewolves didnt come out much.

They would stay where they felt safe and rest.

So the Catacombs during the day were relatively safe.

At this moment, humans quickly came out and seized this short period of time to hunt for what they needed.

When a long night came, they would not starve to death or be killed.

Li Yuanqing walked out of the village and looked at the mountain range where the black-and-white bears lived.

It was about ten miles away from here.

It was not too far for Li Yuanqing.

He quickly rushed over.

On the way, he even saw the traces left behind by Hu Jiujiu.

It should have come here too.

There were endless mountains, and there was almost no grass on the mountain.

Moreover, the stones on the mountain were a reddish-brown color, looking especially abrupt.

There were especially many stones on the mountain.

Some of them were even bigger than a house.

The entire mountain was on top of just one stone.

However, Li Yuanqing knew that there were countless black-and-white bears hidden inside this stone.

This large mountain range had probably been hollowed out by these black-and-white bears and was being operated as their nest.

During the day, when people walked on this stone mountain, they would not think that there were countless black-and-white bears hidden at the bottom of this mountain.

Those black-and-white bears were even more terrifying than werewolves.

An ordinary martial artist would probably die if they encountered a black-and-white bear.

If they encountered a large group of them, they would probably not even be able to send a message before their corpses were destroyed.

Li Yuanqing stared at a large rock.

The rock was a deep reddish-brown color.

It was seven to eight meters tall and three to four meters wide.

Although he was on the mountain of rocks, Li Yuanqing could feel it.

Behind this huge rock, there were black-and-white bears.

They were also staring at him.

But for some reason, the stone had never been moved away, and no black-and-white bears came out.

All the black-and-white bears on the entire stone mountain had hidden during the day.

“One, two, three.

Theres another one hiding there…”

Li Yuanqing counted in his heart and made a simple estimation.

There were actually three to four hundred black-and-white bears.

They were considered very rare and there were a lot of them.

However, it wasnt impossible to deal with them.

There were thousands of werewolves, but those werewolves seemed to have abandoned Big Wolf.

If he, Big Wolf, the Man-eating Vines and flying ants were to face these black-and-white bears alone, they would only be able to escape!

In broad daylight, these black-and-white bears were probably at their weakest.

That was why they were indifferent to his appearance.

At most, they would just observe for a while.

They did not have any intention of exposing themselves.

Since he was not completely confident, Li Yuanqing planned to leave.

However, just as he was about to leave the mountain, a voice that surprised him suddenly sounded.

[Congratulations to the host for successfully opening the catacombs Crimson Rock Mountain.

Hundredfold Reward: 100 Domain Fragments!]

[One: Reward 100 domain fragments!]

[Two: Reward a small spirit stone mountain range!]

Li Yuanqing could not sign in successfully at any time after entering the catacombs.

He only obtained a water source when he signed in.

In the past few days, there had been no movement from the system.

Although Li Yuanqing felt a little regretful, he was not in a hurry.

Anyway, there was a lot of time for him.

The catacomb was very big and he could try to go to many places.

Perhaps there was a place where he could trigger the system and sign in successfully.

Moreover, in his impression, the longer the interval, the more generous the reward.

However, he did not expect that there would be 100 domain fragments in the Catacombs this time.

There was even a small spirit stone mine

What a surprise! What a huge surprise!

Li Yuanqings domain was not small.

For the time being, he did not need to fuse with those domain fragments and expand his domain.

However, the spirit stone mine came at the right time.

He immediately chose the small spirit stone mine.

Soon, a small hill twenty to thirty meters tall appeared opposite the Yufu Mountain.

It was twenty to thirty meters tall and less than thirty to forty meters long.

However, the entire mountain emitted a faint spiritual energy.

This made the sensitive Man-eating Vine go crazy.

The entire vine ran towards the small mountain.

He wanted to occupy the best position, but some of the vicious beasts that Li Yuanqing had thrown into his domain were also anxious.

Those vicious beasts which looked like pigs were originally food reared by the werewolves, but there was a nest of them.

Now, they had already rushed under the spirit mine and refused to leave.

They wanted to set up a home here.

The flying ants were unwilling to fall behind and quickly ran towards the spirit stone mine.

All the species in the entire domain were in an uproar.

Soon, all the species in the domain gathered on the spirit vein.

The flying ants even brought out the ant queen and burrowed into the spirit vein.

At this moment, whoever obtained the spirit vein would be able to become stronger and reproduce.

“I really lack spirit stones in my domain…” Li Yuanqing sighed in his heart.

Even if he wanted to expand his domain and become stronger, he could not do it without the spirit vein.

And the spirit vein would turn some stones into spirit stone mines, it would be endless.

Suddenly, Li Yuanqing saw a werewolf running wildly.

Hu Jiujiu was standing on the werewolfs shoulder while Hu Jiujiu was holding something in her hand.

When she saw Li Yuanqing, she was overjoyed and threw something at him.

Li Yuanqing flipped his hand and took a closer look.

It was a spirit stone that was bigger than an egg.

This spirit stone was not like the white spirit stone he had exchanged for in the past.

It was a light red spirit stone.

It was beautiful and special.

Li Yuanqing was stunned for a moment.

Just as he felt that the spirit stone was special and beautiful, he felt a vibration behind him.

It turned out that there was a black-and-white bear chasing after them.

The black-and-white bear stared at Hu Jiujiu angrily.

It pointed at the spirit stone and patted its chest to express its anger.

Hu Jiujiu must have snatched its spirit stone.

When he saw the black-and-white bear looking at the strange spirit stone in his hand and recalled the scene he saw on the stone mountain, Li Yuanqing seemed to be enlightened.

There should be a spirit stone mine here.

Or rather, there was a spirit vein underground.

That was why the black-and-white bears set up their nest here.

That was why the number and strength of these black-and-white bears became more and more terrifying.


Li Yuanqing glanced at the black-and-white bear and suddenly shouted at Hu Jiujiu.

He stayed behind.

In an instant, the flying ants and Man-eating Vines that were fighting for territory in the domain appeared.

The Man-eating Vine seemed to have sensed Li Yuanqings caution.

It stretched out three red immortal-binding ropes towards the black-and-white bear.

The flying ants on the other side had also surrounded the black-and-white bear, waiting for an opportunity to attack.

As long as the Man-Eating Vine wrapped around the black-and-white bear, they would pounce on it.

The angry black-and-white bear hesitated when it saw Li Yuanqing.

When it saw the immortal rope, it was shocked and turned to run.

If this thing could bind Big Wolf back then, it could naturally bind him.

Furthermore, there were so many flying ants eyeing him covetously.

Therefore, the black-and-white bear immediately turned around and ran.

However, it was still extremely unwilling as it ran.

It kept wailing in the direction where Hu Jiujiu had left.

As a result, the sound of the black-and-white bear could be heard from the cave on the mountain.


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