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When these werewolves appeared in front of the black-and-white bears, the bears were not surprised.

As long as they could defeat Big Wolf again, there would probably no longer be any traces of werewolves in the vicinity.

They would migrate to a place with a worse environment and find a new territory to live in.

They would not fight the black-and-white bears head-on anymore.

Because this was the law of survival in the Catacombs.

All species were basically like this.

Survival of the fittest.

If they couldnt adapt, they would die.

The leader of the black-and-white bears stood up.

Looking at the tall and mighty Big Wolf in front of him, he almost couldnt recognize that this was the originally thin and weak Big Wolf.

He thought that this was the new Wolf King of the werewolves.

While Big Wolf and the black-and-white bears King were fighting, they were surrounded by werewolves and black-and-white bears.

They were all looking at their leader nervously.

Other than the black-and-white bears left behind in the nest, all the black-and-white bears were gathered around Big Wolf.

Because they also had to guard against the werewolves swarming over.

In order to snatch living space and territory, this situation was not unheard of.

The Man-eating Vines appeared behind the black-and-white bears and quietly extended their red vines.

The black-and-white bears were still nervously watching the battle in front of them, but they did not know that they had been targeted by the Man-eating Vines.

A black-and-white bear was quickly dragged into the darkness by a few red vines.

It did not even let out a scream as its body was quickly covered by flying ants.

In just a breaths time, not even its bones were left.

If not for the few drops of blood on the ground, no one would have thought that the Man-eating Vine and the flying ants had cooperated with each other and killed a black-and-white bear.

The battle between Big Wolf and the leader of the black-and-white bears was intense.

However, the number of black-and-white bears at the end was quietly decreasing.

One, two, five, ten!

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The man-eating vine entangled ten black-and-white bears at once and dragged them down.

Although there were occasionally a few black-and-white bears that let out abnormal screams, no one would notice those screams during the intense battle between Big Wolf and the black-and-white bear king.

Those flying ants began to grow again.

They were originally the size of apples, but they continued to grow.

This was because devouring so many black-and-white bears was the greatest nutrients for them.

There were fewer and fewer black-and-white bears.

Finally, one of them sensed that something was wrong.

The few companions who were standing at the side just now had all disappeared.

When he turned his head, he saw a red snake-like vine flying towards him.

That speed was really fast.

It covered his mouth immediately, preventing him from making any cries for help.

At this moment, the black-and-white bear was shocked and afraid.

He kicked his companion in front of him with his feet that were not entangled by the Man-Eating Vine.

He used all his strength, causing his companion to scream and turn his head angrily.

To his horror, he realized that not far behind him, a large number of red flying ants were covering his companions body and gnawing at it.

His companion was rolling on the ground in pain.

However, his mouth was wrapped by the red vines and he could not make a sound at all.

This scene frightened him so much that he screamed loudly.

Finally, more black-and-white bears realized that they had been ambushed.

Screams and warning sounds could be heard as they roared continuously.

The werewolves on the field were also surprised to discover that the number of black-and-white bears had decreased drastically.

This was really a surprise.

Those werewolves were here to snatch the blakc-and-white bears territory.

When they saw that the black-and-white bear was at a disadvantage, they took the opportunity to counterattack.

For a moment, the black-and-white bears and the werewolves fell into a chaotic battle.

Big Wolfs gaze was fixed on the black-and-white bears King.

Although the werewolves were at a disadvantage against the black-and-white bears, Big Wolf was very strong.

He also had the ability to counterattack against the black-and-white bear King.

At this moment, Big Wolf was tightly holding back the black-and-white bears King.

This was because his master had given him an order to hold back the leader of the black-and-white bears and force the black-and-white bears King to give the order for all the black-and-white bears to leave their nests and counterattack.

As expected, the black-and-white bears King saw that the situation was critical.

At this moment, it was already a matter of life and death for them.

How could it care about those spirit veins and spirit stone mines As long as they didnt die, they wouldnt lose those things.

However, if they were killed by the werewolves, the spirit stone mine would change owners.

As the black-and-white bears King roared, the black-and-white bears in the nest also came out in full force.

The roars of many werewolves and black-and-white bears appeared in the wilderness.

This sound spread especially far.

The martial artists who had been hiding in the cave in the night were all terrified when they heard the sounds and movements outside.

They were afraid that these ferocious beasts would rush into their cave.

Moreover, some of the voices resounded through the clouds.

It was terrifying to hear.

Among them, many of them could not even think of what kind of beast this voice was.

“Im scared to death.

My ears are ringing.

Whats that thing crying Its so scary.

Why is the sound spreading so far”

“How terrifying.

Why is the sound so loud I feel like the sound can control my heart.


“Does that big shot know what happened The catacombs dont seem to be peaceful recently!”

The voice transmission device was in a mess.

Many people were asking what had happened.

The Catacomb was very dangerous at night and their strength would decrease, but as long as they did not walk out of the darkness, they would be fine.

This was the first time countless voices had gathered together and roared.

Soon, some knowledgeable people began to tell everyone about the Catacombs.

“From the sound of it, its very likely to be a black-and-white bear.

These black-and-white bears are tall, usually five meters tall.

Not only are they tall, but theyre also best at musical attacks.

Some people will feel their hearts beating fast from more than ten miles away.

Thats because this kind of attack is effective.

If they encounter werewolves who run fast, they still have a chance of survival.

However, if they encounter these black-and-white bears, they will only die…”

“These black-and-white bears are the tyrants of the Catacombs.

They like to live in groups and there are more than ten of them in a large area.

Therefore, if there might be black-and-white bears in that area of the Catacombs, you have to walk around it.

I suggest that those martial artists who can hear the cries of the black-and-white bears should move away quickly after dawn.

The further the better!”

“Everyone, dont pray to meet these black-and-white bears.

However, their bodies are all treasures.

Their fur wont be tainted by water and can be made into armor.

Their defense is especially good.

Moreover, the bones of these black-and-white bears are also top-grade medicinal herbs.

They can be used as primers to refine medicinal pills.

After consuming those medicinal pills, their strength wont be restricted in the dark…”

Although the black-and-white bears were powerful, when some martial artists heard that the bones of the black-and-white bears could be used to refine pills and that refining pills could allow their strength to be unrestricted in the dark, they all revealed extremely yearning expressions.

Because why did martial artists like them have such a difficult life in the Catacombs

Although all of them were at the Grotto-Heaven Realm and the Human God Realm, they could only hide at night in the Catacombs.

That was because their cultivation levels would be restricted at night.

If they took that pill, their strength would not be restricted at night.

That meant that not only would they have more chances to live, but they would also not be limited to only going out for a short period of time during the day.

They would only dare to wander around the vicinity and not even be able to collect some basic resources.

Their lives would be especially difficult.

If they had that pill, would everything be different But when they thought about how this pill was made from the bones of the black-and-white bears, many martial artists did not want to speak anymore.

The bones of the black-and-white bears as a catalyst.

Think about it, who had the ability to obtain the corpse of the black-and-white bears

Someone shouted out loud!

“Who has the bones of the black-and-white bears Even if its just a little, its fine.

Im willing to exchange everything I have.

Ive been in the Catacombs for ten years.

I can exchange everything Ive accumulated for ten years…”

“Previous poster, stop dreaming.

Youve been here for ten years.

Ive been here for twenty years, and Ive only seen the black-and-white bears once from afar.

If you see it, you have to escape quickly.

Who would dare to think about his corpse Hahaha…”

“Isnt it good to brag and talk about something happy in the middle of the night How dare you guys talk about the corpse of the black-and-white bears Why did you bring up such a terrifying topic”

“Thats right, thats right.

Whoever has food, Ill exchange for some!”

Soon, the topic of the black-and-white bears was diverted.

No one continued.

After all, everyone felt that they should flee far away if they encountered the black-and-white bears.

Who would dare to think about its corpse

It was really too terrifying.

No matter how good that pill was, it had to have the black-and-white bear bones as a catalyst.

Hadnt they seen that after so many years, almost no one had eaten that pill

Therefore, they could not obtain it although many people knew about this pill.

It was useless to chat about it.

At this moment, Li Yuanqing did not know that the voice transmission was talking about the black-and-white bears.

He had already entered the nest of the black-and-white bears with the help of some flying ants.

This huge mountain had already been emptied by the black-and-white bears.

There were many caves in the ground.

Furthermore, because of the huge size of the black-and-white bears, every cave looked to be seven to eight meters tall.

It was very spacious inside.

There were flying ants scouting ahead.

Li Yuanqing easily avoided all the black-and-white bears.

It did not take him long to reach the innermost part of the cave.

Moreover, the closer he got to the bottom of the ground, the higher the concentration of spiritual energy in the air.

He was surprised to find a few traces of rocks that were not very pure in the caves everywhere.

After many years of changes, these stones would eventually turn into spirit stones.

“Theres indeed another spirit vein below, and its very big.

Its much bigger than the one I signed in for…”

The more Li Yuanqing walked underground, the happier he was.

This place was indeed similar to what he had guessed.

However, the length and density of the spirit vein had far exceeded his imagination.

When he arrived at the last level underground, he saw countless spirit stones piled up together.

Thick spiritual energy enveloped those stones, and endless spiritual energy was gushing out.

This was the first time Li Yuanqing had seen such a scene.

Moreover, not only had he discovered the spirit vein, but he had even discovered an underground undercurrent more than ten meters long.

The source of the endless spiritual energy was this underground undercurrent.

The entire mountain was pressed against this undercurrent, forming the spirit vein spirit stone mine.

Baby, what an unexpected surprise!

For the first time, Li Yuanqing felt that the terrain of this catacomb was really astonishing.

There was such a precious place.

Although the spiritual energy in the Northern Kingdom had recovered, there had never been such a place before.

There was also no undercurrent that was almost dense with spiritual energy.

Such a good place was probably a paradise-like existence many, many years ago in the Catacombs.

However, because the world had changed, these places were suppressed underground.

But there was a huge stone mountain suppressing it, so no one discovered this place.

The black-and-white bears occupied this position because there was a spirit stone mine here, but they definitely did not know that this spirit stone mine was because there was a spirit vein here.

And the spirit vein was formed because there was an undercurrent here.

Take them all away, leave nothing behind!

Li Yuanqing was pleasantly surprised and wanted to take everything away.

When his hand touched the undercurrent and the spirit stone mine, everything was instantly brought into his domain.

Moreover, he directly brought the undercurrent and the spirit stone mine into the Yufu Mountain.

This way, it would not be like the last time when the Man-eating Vine and the flying ants fought over the spiritual vein.

Moreover, because the spirit vein mine was suppressed at the bottom of the Yufu Mountain, the spiritual energy would not surge out immediately.

Instead, it would slowly disperse and eventually change the spiritual energy in this domain.

Originally, this was only Li Yuanqings domain.

Here, he was the ultimate ruler and king, possessing absolute control!

However, at this moment, he was using the domain that was used for battle to raise pets with abundant spiritual energy.

Here, he could create another world!

As expected, when he moved these spirit veins and spirit stone mines under the Yufu Mountain, the other species in the domain only felt that their bodies had suddenly become comfortable, even though they also tried to search everywhere.

However, they did not find another spirit vein in this domain.

After taking away the spirit vein of the black-and-white bears lair, the black-and-white bears King, who was fighting outside, was the first to realize that something was wrong.

He was furious and domineering.

At this moment, he didnt care about anything else and abandoned Big Wolf to run.

Behind him, some of the black-and-white bears were also panicking.

Some of their companions had already been killed by the werewolves, and the ground was filled with the corpses of the black-and-white bears and some injured werewolves.

The scene was very tragic.

There were werewolves and black-and-white bears fighting everywhere.

There was blood everywhere, but the smell of blood made Big Wolf extremely excited.

He had become stronger again.

He had actually defeated the black-and-white bears King

A sense of pride made him let out a long roar.

He led the werewolves behind him and rushed towards the lair of the black-and-white bears.

However, the moment they entered the cave, Big Wolf almost fell.

Heavens, there was a spirit stone mine here.

This was a treasure land!

No wonder these black-and-white bears were so powerful.

It turned out that they had occupied a spirit stone mine.

The werewolves became even more excited.

They wanted to occupy this place.

At this moment, Li Yuanqing, who had already come out of the cave, saw the bloody scene on the ground.


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