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He headed east.

When Li Yuanqing was tired, he would rest for a while.

The Man-eating Vine would build the softest and safest place in the surroundings as soon as possible.

He would cover himself with the black-and-white bears skin.

Hu Jiujiu would make some food for him.

He would lie down comfortably.

Even in the dark, Li Yuanqing did not have to worry about his safety.

This was because the flying ants would cover the entire area other than the vines.

No matter what approached, they would devour everything.

Therefore, Li Yuanqing was safe regardless of whether it was day or night in the catacombs.

However, many people did not see 00001 appear on the voice transmission device recently.

Some people were asking if the big shot still had water, but they did not receive any response from Li Yuanqing.

Some people were guessing that something had happened to Li Yuanqing when he was asking about going to town a while ago.

After all, things happened quickly in the catacomb.

There was a comment, though.

“I dont think so.

The Almighty might be injured.

Didnt you guys see that the portrait is still a normal color He should be fine, but the situation is definitely not good.

After all, its not that easy to go to the market! Even the Almighty would find it difficult!”

“Thats right, thats right.

I only found out recently that theres a market outside the Catacombs.

Ive been here for decades, and I thought that the Catacombs had always been a Wasteland like this.

Its so barren that only blood is left.

This place is really too big!”

“Almighty is not bad.

It would be a pity if he was really injured.

I hope hes fine! I even exchanged the black-and-white bears bones with him last time!”

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All kinds of rumors about Li Yuanqing appeared.

Many people did not think highly of him.

After all, no one had heard of anyone being able to walk out of the Wasteland and go to the market or town after so many years.

Even before Li Yuanqing mentioned the market, many people had never heard of it.

Therefore, he was naturally not optimistic about it.

“I think if someone can walk out of the Wasteland, it will only be 00001.

If he cant, none of us can even dream about it!”

Suddenly, 00006 appeared and said faintly.

Recently, he had exchanged some pills with someone.

Because the effects were especially good, he was quite famous in the voice transmission device.

Many people were familiar with him and admired him.

When he said this, many people shut up and did not speak.

At this moment, Li Yuanqing happened to have the time to look at the voice transmission device and said something.

“Im fine.

Im walking east to the market.

The scenery along the way is not bad.

I didnt encounter any danger!”

Li Yuanqing was indeed not lying.

He was indeed heading east and did not encounter any danger along the way.

As a result, he would travel at night sometimes.

It was for no other reason than the moonlight at night was nice.

What others counted as a dangerous night was really nothing to him.

Just like now, other martial artists would stay in places they felt safe at night and refused to go anywhere.

Only then would they have time to chat at night.

However, he was the only one who was still traveling.

He only said something when he occasionally saw someone talking about him on the voice transmission before continuing on his way.

However, he was surrounded by an army of flying ants.

Those flying ants cultivated in the domain.

Coupled with the nourishment of the spirit vein, the Ant Queen laid eggs every day.

The quality of the hatched flying ants was quite high.

There were even ants the size of volleyball that were flying everywhere.

All the mutated beasts were avoiding them because no matter how powerful they were, they could not defeat the ant army.

At a glance, they were like ants that could cover a mountain.

No matter how ferocious the mutated beasts were, if they did not escape, they would be devoured until not even their bones were left.

In the beginning, there were still mutated beasts who dared to confront the flying ants and bite them.

However, those mutated beasts suffered heavy losses with the sneak attack from the Man-eating Vine in the darkness.

As a result, these smart mutated beasts howled.

They spread the news that there were terrifying flying ants in the Catacombs.

Therefore, when the flying ants moved out at night to hunt for food, they were almost invincible wherever they passed.

Li Yuanqing was extremely relaxed with the flying ants leading the way.

Therefore, the journey east was especially comfortable.

Occasionally, they would stop to take a look at the surrounding terrain.

On this side of the Wasteland, there was still a boundless stretch of yellow soil and stones.

It looked very desolate, but a few trees would occasionally pop up.

However, most of those trees were bare, and there were not even many leaves.

However, the landscape here was a little different from when he first saw it.

There were more canyons and yellow soil here, but there were fewer stone mountains.

Occasionally, there would be some green plants that looked like cacti.

However, Li Yuanqing, who had been seeing the stone mountains for two to three months, had already noticed these subtle differences.

On this day, he rode on the back of a black-and-white bear and continued on his way.

The blood-red moon looked exceptionally round at night, and the fog in the night was still the same.

However, such weather made the black-and-white bear very excited.

It ran as fast as it could.

Suddenly, the flying ants in front of him started to move.

There were even sounds of alarms.

This was something that he had never imagined before.

Li Yuanqing quickly stood high up and looked down.

It turned out that those flying ants had encountered a powerful enemy.

Countless two to three meters long lizard-like species appeared in front of them.

Those powerful flying ants, even if they had wings, were swept down by their tongues and quickly swallowed into their stomachs.

There were many flying ants, and they covered the sky.

However, there were also many giant lizards.

Li Yuanqing even suspected that the flying ants had moved the lairs of the giant lizards.

Otherwise, why would there be so many of them!

“Go, cooperate and open a path!” Li Yuanqing quickly threw out the Man-eating Vine.

The Man-eating Vine reacted quickly.

It was already very familiar with cooperating with the flying ants like this.

The night was just enough for it to hide its figure from the giant lizards.

Lizards crawled out from the ground and rushed towards the flying ants.

The flying ants that everyone was afraid of were the most delicious food in the eyes of these giant lizards.

It was rare to encounter such an army of flying ants.

To these giant lizards, this was the best snack.

Moreover, the quality of these flying ants was especially high.

As long as some things reached a certain number, they might be able to advance after devouring them.

This was a great supplement for the giant lizard.

Therefore, these lizards ran over without any regard for their lives.

The flying ants had encountered the greatest crisis this time.

Although there were many of them, they were a little powerless against the huge and endless swarm of lizards.

They even felt like they were retreating.

However, when the Man-eating Vines quickly spread out, one turned into three, three turned into six, and six turned into twelve, the entire mountain was filled with light red Man-eating Vines.

Moreover, every Man-eating Vine was tied with a huge lizard.

This time, the man-eating vine did not show any mercy.

After wrapping around the giant lizard, it devoured the flesh and blood of these giant lizards as quickly as possible.

Then, the next one, and the next.

The situation was temporarily stabilized with the help of the Man-eating Vine.

There were still some black-and-white bears and werewolves in Li Yuanqings domain.

Although there were not many of them, they seemed to have sensed that something was wrong.

They were all itching to come out and help the Man-eating Vine.

Li Yuanqing could sense their emotions because they were in the domain.

He might as well bring them out and see if these species under his control would be suppressed by him after leaving the domain.

Or test their loyalty

Soon, Li Yuanqing released some black-and-white bears, werewolves, and wild boars.

After these species left the domain, they felt a little uncomfortable outside.

However, they quickly became excited when they saw the giant lizards on the ground.

Because it was rare to see a species that could make the flying ants suffer, they naturally had to stand on the side of the flying ants.

They charged forward in a group.

The giant lizards were dizzy from the beating and could not figure out the situation.

That was because they were clearly dealing with flying ants.

Why did so many species rush up to bite them

They felt so wronged!

Li Yuanqing was not idle either.

After seeing some larger and more ferocious giant lizards, he threw them into his domain.

There was another species now.

There were even more animal species in his domain.

Under the influence of several aspects, the giant lizards suffered heavy losses.

Some of them turned around and ran away when they saw something wrong, but they were devoured by the Man-eating Vines before they could run far.

Some of them were surrounded by flying ants before they could react.

Then, countless flying ants swarmed up and quickly devoured all the flesh and blood.

There was nothing left on the ground.

In the end, the giant lizards ended up in a miserable state.

The flying ants and the Man-eating Vine reaped the greatest benefits.

They turned almost all the corpses of the giant lizards into nutrients.

After the battle ended, these species were all taken into Li Yuanqings domain.

Smelling the blood on the Man-eating Vine and the light red vines, Li Yuanqing suddenly gave an order to all the species in his domain.

“From now on, anyone who dares to eat humans will be reduced to ashes!”

These species were all stunned and even trembling.

In their memories from a long, long time ago, humans were the weakest creatures in the Catacombs, but since when have they encountered humans like their master They would not dare to resist even if they were given a thousand guts.

The more intelligent they were, the more they did not dare to resist a master like Li Yuanqing.

This was because they did not even dare to think that such a small human would be so powerful one day.

To become a True Immortal, one had to survive.

Moreover, they had to cozy up to a powerful backer.

The Man-eating Vine cowered in fear.

It had devoured many werewolves in the past.

Although it has not killed anyone for the time being, it might encounter martial artists in the future.

However, with its masters order, it would not dare to do so again.

Hu Jiujiu followed behind Li Yuanqing.

Sometimes, she would squat on his shoulder as if she did not exist.

When she heard Li Yuanqings words, she snorted.

In any case, she would not kill anyone without her masters orders.

Killing was also very tiring!

After passing through this mountain, almost all the giant lizards in this area disappeared.

Other than some crushed yellow soil, there were almost no traces left.

Li Yuanqing glanced at the hill and continued east with Hu Jiujiu.

Regardless of whether it was day or night, as long as he was not too tired and did not want to rest, he would walk all the way to the east.

Even if he encountered some mutated beasts or unexpected events on the way, it was not too difficult for Li Yuanqing to resolve.

In the blink of an eye, two to three months had passed.

On this day, Li Yuanqing felt an excited message from the flying ants leading the way.

They wanted him to hurry over and take a look.

This surprised Li Yuanqing a little.

They had been walking for several months, and the journey had been filled with storms.

The flying ants could be said to be invincible.

Other than the time when they encountered the giant lizards and suffered a huge loss, they did not encounter any danger.

As for what some martial artists on the voice transmission said about how dangerous the night was and how martial artists strength had greatly decreased, Li Yuanqing did not feel anything.

Therefore, he did not notice anything that could excite the flying ants.

What had happened this time

Li Yuanqing quickened his pace.

At this moment, the fog in the catacomb at night had almost no restrictions on him.

Firstly, he had also taken the medicinal pill of the black-and-white bear.

Secondly, for some reason, the fog in the catacomb did not restrict him much.

Therefore, when he walked in the catacombs, his speed was actually quite fast, as fast as a ray of light.

By the time he arrived by the flying ants, it had only been a few breaths when he saw the flying ants circling around one place.

Li Yuanqing was also a little surprised when he saw this scene.

This was because he saw a river.

Although the river was not wide and the trickling stream looked like it was about to stop flowing at any moment, this was the Catacombs, which was extremely lacking in water.

It could be said that the small river could be the source of life.

On both sides of the river, there was green grass and some bushes.

Although there were not many of them, Li Yuanqing, who had been watching the desert for a few months, felt that they were too eye-catching.

He didnt expect such a place to exist in the catacombs.

There was also a green color that symbolizes life in the catacombs

No wonder these flying ants were so excited.

The ants crawled to the river in groups and greedily drank water and ate the grass by the river.

After all, they had not seen grass for a few months.

Li Yuanqing looked at the scenery in front of him.

Although it was a little green, there was still some yellow soil and some plains.

He reckoned that if he continued heading east, it would turn into another scenery.

Tonight, he will rest by the river.

Li Yuanqing planned to rest here tonight, wash his face, and sleep.

He will continue tomorrow.

Perhaps he would be able to find the market he wanted to go to soon.

When the Man-eating Vine made a comfortable bed for Li Yuanqing at night like before, the flying ants would be on guard outside.

However, tonight was destined to not be peaceful.


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