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The majestic energy swept across the entire Ping City with the She Clan as the center.

The roofs of the various residential areas of Ping City were filled with people.

“What happened”

“I dont know.

Could this energy be”

The human cultivators looked in the direction of the She Clans residence with serious expressions.

“How could it be possible for She Tianjun”

“Maybe its someone else.”

“No matter who it is, it will be even more difficult for us humans since that person has successfully advanced to the Formation Arrangement realm.”

At the same time, they were looking at the She family residence.

The originally silent courtyard was filled with shouts.

The flames on the torches tore through the night sky.

“Theres an assassin!”

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“Catch the assassin!”

She Tianjun stood beside the pitch-black hole with a livid expression.

There should have been a mineral vein filled with spiritual energy here, quietly supplying their family.

But now, everything is gone.

Not only was the mine gone, but even the Black Dragons restriction below the mine had been broken.

However, the courtyard was empty now.

There was no one around.

“Clan Master, weve searched everywhere.

We didnt find anyone.”

“Clan Master, I think weve found Young Master Zhao.”

She Tianjuns face darkened as he coldly ordered, “Where is he Bring him over!”

“Young Master, he…”

The servant stammered as he knelt on the ground, not daring to answer.

“What happened Does he still dare to run”

The servant fell to the ground with a plop and covered his face as he cried bitterly, “Young Master was crippled by someone.”

“What” She Tianjuns eyes widened as his mind went blank.

The servant cried again, “Clan Master, Young Masters Golden Core was shattered by someone with cruel methods.

His internal organs are not intact.

Even if he is on the verge of death, Im afraid he doesnt have much time left.”

She Tianjuns majestic body swayed slightly and he barely managed to stabilize himself after being supported.

The elders stood in a row at the back, all of them silent.

“Where did this mineral vein go” She Tianjun slapped the fake mountain beside him, and it instantly turned into powder.

The old man behind him shook his head and said, “According to the current situation, the mineral vein was most likely stolen by the humans.”

Another person stepped forward and said, “The mineral vein is so huge and protected by restrictions.

How could it be stolen by humans This is definitely strange!”

“We rushed over when we sensed that the restriction was triggered but this person still escaped without a trace.

From the looks of it, this persons cultivation must be far above ours.”

“When the mineral vein disappeared just now, I believe everyone felt that majestic energy.”

“Youre saying that someone absorbed all the spiritual energy in the mine and broke through to the Formation Arrangement realm”

The person who spoke was young and looked somewhat similar to She Tianjun.

“However, in the entire Ping City, there are only a handful of humans who are at the second or third stage of the Spirit Transformation realm, let alone the ninth level of the Spirit Transformation realm who can break through to the Formation Arrangement realm in a short period of time.”

“Thats a fantasy.”

“It seems like no one can come to a conclusion.” She Tianjuns voice was very low.

“However, Clan Master, this matter is too strange.

We really cant explain it with our knowledge.”

“Thats right.

The disappearance of this mineral vein is too strange.

Even if we mine with all our might, it will take more than a month to completely extract it, let alone triggering the restriction as soon as they touch the mineral vein.”

“Im afraid its difficult to find anyone in the world who can do this.”

“Dont let such a difficult person steal our familys foundation and destroy the Black Dragons restrictions!” She Tianjun suppressed the anger in his heart and turned around.

His eyes were already dyed red.

“Clan Master.

Its just that we still need time.”

“Time” She Tianjun panted heavily.

“Do you know what this situation means to our She Clan”

“Its just that…”

“What do you mean by just You still have time to stay here and make all sorts of excuses.

Why dont you each bring a team of people and hurry over to search You will definitely be able to capture this person.”

“But even if we find traces of that person, this Formation Arrangement cultivator…”

“Thats right.

Were not his match.”

“We still have to investigate.

Report immediately if you find any clues.

Dont act rashly.”

The elders looked at each other and agreed to the order.

She Tianjun rushed all the way to She Jinlins door.

On the bed, She Jinlin, who was covered in blood, was still alive.

The First Elder took out his Golden Core and suspended it above his body.

Only then did he barely manage to save his life and maintain his original form.

“First Elder, hows Jinlin”

The First Elder only shook his head and stood up from the bed.

“Im afraid that even if he survives, he will only be a mortal in the future.”

“I understand.”

“Clan Master, take care of yourself.

The She Clan still needs you.”

“Thank you, First Elder.”

“Ill gather the other demons now.

Im afraid difficult days are coming.”

She Tianjun knelt before his sons bed and lowered his head heavily.

They had been tyrannical in Ping City for so many years.

Their future situation would probably be incomparably miserable now that they had suddenly encountered such a calamity.

“First Elder, go out and order the clansmen to be extremely careful in the future.

Dont cause trouble for no reason.”

Li Yuanqing stood at the top of a tall tower, his clothes fluttering in the night wind.

Hu Jiujiu leaned against his neck.

“Master, from now on, Im afraid there will no longer be a She Clan in Ping City.”

Li Yuanqing coldly looked in the direction of the She residence.

It was brightly lit.

“They treated the human cultivators with such vicious methods.

Its time for them to pay.”

After breaking the black dragons restriction, the black fog that Li Yuanqing had observed lingering above the human residential area had also dissipated into thin air.

The sky in Ping City became clear again.

Li Yuanqings figure slowly disappeared from the tower under the night sky as he watched figures rush out of the She residence.

In the human residential area, many people suddenly felt the spiritual energy in their bodies begin to stir.

They had never felt this way before.

Their cultivation in the past was incomparably difficult.

However, on this night, they did not know what happened.

They clearly felt that their bodies were beginning to greedily absorb huge amounts of spiritual energy from the outside world.

They didnt restrain themselves.

They didnt need to restrain themselves.

They let their body take all of this power greedily.

The huge amount of spiritual energy absorption seemed to have formed a spiritual vortex in the sky above the human residential area, creating an extremely unstable area.

Under the envelopment of this spiritual energy vortex, one cultivator after another broke through their shackles.

A long howl echoed in the night sky of Ping Cheng.

“What happened Why did I suddenly feel like everything changed last night”

“Who knows”

In a human teahouse, many cultivators were gathered together.

Although they all couldnt sleep last night, their mental states were very good.

“I heard that it was Hu Jiujiu who was captured by the She Clan.”

“Is it that beautiful fox”

“Thats right.

I heard that Young Master She wanted to forcefully sleep with Hu Jiujiu yesterday.

In the end, not only was he crippled, but he also lost his familys mineral vein.”

“What The She family lost their mine”


“What are you doing” A cultivator holding a long sword strode in and said without any hesitation, “The She Clan is already gone.

Theres no need for us to be afraid of him.”

“This is…”

“In the future, Ping City will still be our human races Ping City! Demon race They should all obediently scram back to the mountains!”


Even though many people keenly smelled the great change, most of them were still afraid.

After living under the rule of the She Clan for so many years, it was too sudden to say that the She Clan had fallen.

“Then is Hu Jiujius matter true” Someone among the cultivators asked him.

The person with the sword drank a cup of tea first.

He felt that it wasnt enough and called out, “Today is such a joyous day.

Why dont you serve all the aged wine”

“Brother Chen, where did you get this information”

That person smiled proudly and said to everyone, “Do you still need to ask Hu Jiujiu appeared in the East City this morning.

As long as the She Clan still had some resources, they would have long captured Hu Jiujiu and brought her back to the residence.”

“Isnt this deduction a little rash”

“How is it rash” The cultivator surnamed Chen said to everyone, “Yesterday, someone saw She Jinlin, as well as his two bad friends, Zhang Yuge and Xiang Sanli, gathered together to scheme.

But today, Zhang Yuge and Xiang Sanli both died.

Is there any need to say what happened to She Jinlin”

“Theres such a thing”

“The Zhang and Xiang families are big families in Ping City.”

“I also heard the news that something happened to their young masters, but I didnt dare to confirm it.”

“It seems like everything makes sense now.”

“Last night, a human expert must have sneaked into the She Clan and stolen the mineral vein.”

“Could it be that our human race is about to rise”

“Hmph, without the mine, those demons cant even be considered dogs!”

At first, everyone was still nervous.

After so many years of the demons abusing their power in Ping City, many people were traumatized.

However, that fellow was spouting nonsense and speaking rudely about the demons.

In the past, he would have been captured long ago.

But now, he was still drinking wine there.

“Could it be that the city is going to change”

In the corner of the teahouse sat a man and a woman.

The man noticed the shopkeeper carrying the wine jar out and also called out, “Shopkeeper, pour some for me too.”


The shopkeeper carefully walked to the mans side and looked up.

This woman was so seductive.

She was clearly the rumored Hu Jiujiu.

He couldnt see anything special about the man though, but Hu Jiujiu had always called him master.

The two of them had been sitting in the corner with their backs facing everyone, so no one noticed them.

Just as everyone was chatting, a pair of guards suddenly walked in from outside.

As soon as the guards arrived, everyone immediately stopped talking.

Initially, they thought that Ping City was really going to change.

But now, it seemed like they were thinking too much.

Everyone waited nervously, thinking that the guards were here to help the demons capture people.

To everyones surprise, these guards looked around and walked in.

In the end, they stood respectfully in front of Hu Jiujiu.

“Miss Hu, the City Lord wants to invite you for lunch.”

Hu Jiujiu pursed her lips and looked at the guard.

After some thought, she reluctantly replied, “Since the City Lord has invited me, I dont dare to refuse.”

“Miss Hu, youre being too serious.

What the City Lord means is that if Miss Hu doesnt have any other arrangements, please give him the honor.”

“Miss Hu”

“What Miss Hu is so respected”

“Isnt this”

“Isnt this Hu Jiujiu”

“Oh my god, its Hu Jiujiu! Shes actually here.”

“Miss Hu, did you really enter the She Clan alone and kill the young masters of the three great clans”

“Miss Hu is peerlessly beautiful.

You are truly peerless.”

“This is the rumored Miss Hu Shes much more beautiful than I imagined.”

After the guard captain chatted with Hu Jiujiu, he turned around and warned everyone in the teahouse with a solemn expression, “Miss Hu is an important guest of the City Lord.

If anyone dares to speak rudely to Miss Hu, it will be disrespectful to the City Lord.”

Hu Jiujiu smiled from behind and looked at Li Yuanqing.

“Master, you dont want to give the City Lords face”

“You can go.

My cultivation has broken through too quickly now, so I still need to stabilize my realm.”

“Then I will go.”

“Be polite with the City Lord.”

“Got it, Master.”

A cultivator sitting near the two of them vaguely heard their conversation and was stunned.

“Master” He muttered under his breath.

Under the lead of the captain, Hu Jiujiu arrived at the City Lords mansion.

The City Lord had already prepared a banquet and had been waiting here for a long time.

The people accompanying him were all his family.

“Its really delightful that Miss Hu is willing to give me the honor.”

Hu Jiujiu was called to the upper seat.

“Since its the City Lords invitation, I have no reason to refuse.”

“Miss Hu has really gotten rid of evil for the people!” The City Lord suppressed the excitement in his heart.

“Doesnt the City Lord blame me for destroying Ping Citys peace”

“Why would I blame Miss Hu” The City Lord could not hide the smile on his face.

“Miss, you might not know this, but the She Clan has been tyrannical in Ping City for so many years, bullying the human race until they cant even raise their heads.”

As the City Lord spoke, a servant carried a wooden tray from behind and carefully walked up.

It was unknown what was on this tray, but it was covered with a layer of red cloth.

The City Lord took the tray and placed it in front of Hu Jiujiu.

“A straightforward person doesnt resort to insinuations.” The City Lord took a deep breath and said to Hu Jiujiu, “In order to thank Miss Hu for getting rid of the evil for the citizens of Ping City, I specially prepared this small gift in my own name to express my gratitude.”

Hu Jiujiu lifted the red cloth.

Underneath was a token and a title deed.

“City Lord, youre too polite.”

“A mansion to pay my respects.

This token represents me.

Seeing this token is like seeing me.

In the future, if Miss Hu encounters any trouble in Ping City, you can just show this token.”

Hu Jiujiu did not refuse.

She put the two items away and cupped her hands towards the City Lord.

“Then I will thank the City Lord.”


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