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“Demon Punishment Division That place is very boring.

Miss Hu, do you really want to go”

The City Lord politely took out his precious tea to serve Hu Jiujiu.

Hu Jiujiu replied, “I just find this place very interesting, and I can learn a lot of rules here.

Why Does the City Lord not want me to go”

“How could that be” The City Lord smiled and said, “I agree to wherever Miss Hu wants to go.

Im just worried that Miss Hu wont be able to stay there.

After all, thats not a good place.

Its indeed not suitable for such a delicate lady to stay there.”

“Theres no need to worry about that, City Lord.

You just have to answer me whether you can arrange it.”

The City Lord smiled, raised the teacup in his hand, and drank it in one gulp.

He showed the bottom of the teacup to Hu Jiujiu and said with a bright smile, “Miss Hu, youve just helped me so much.

I was just thinking of a way to thank you.

Miss Hu, your small request is naturally very reasonable.”

“Thank you, City Lord.”

The City Lord called the guard in and took out a Demon Judgment Division position book.

After searching for a while, he instructed, “Bring Miss Hu a management token.”

“Yes Sir.”

Two hours later, Hu Jiujiu and Li Yuanqing appeared at the entrance of the Demon Judgment Division.

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“Stop right there.

Who are you people” The guard at the door stopped them as usual.

Hu Jiujiu took out the token with a cold expression and scanned it in front of them.

“So its the Manager.

Sorry for the disrespect.”

“Just get out of the way.”

“Manager, please come in.”

Hu Jiujiu had just walked in when Li Yuanqing was stopped.

“He is my servant.

What are you doing”

“Im sorry, sir.

I didnt notice him with you.”

“Cut the crap.

Just guard the door obediently.

Why are you so troublesome”

“Im sorry, my lord.

Please calm down.”

“Alright, stop talking nonsense.”

“Please come in.”

After the incident with the She Clan, the search for him in Ping City was much less intense than before.

However, after Li Yuanqing entered the Demon Judgment Hall, he could clearly sense a very sinister power lingering here.

Li Yuanqing was much more generous this time.

He did not have to secretly release his vines to investigate like before.

He and Hu Jiujiu briefly checked the upper three levels of the Demon Punishment Division.

There was nothing special about the top three floors.

Li Yuanqing only left some flying ants behind to hide and observe quietly.

The five floors below were exactly the same as before.

At this point, he could only feel that this place was abnormally clean.

He could not sense any murderous aura.

He did not know where the murderous aura had gone.

There were many human cultivators locked up here, and many of them had served here.

However, the faces of these human cultivators who were serving here were all gloomy.

Their foreheads were black, and there seemed to be a ball of death aura lingering above their heads.

All of them seemed to be suffocated by this black fog, and their faces were sallow.

They could barely survive, let alone increase their cultivation.

Everyone who served here was silent and did not have much to say to each other.

They only worked to carry out missions and deal with corpses.

The two of them walked all the way down.

When they reached the third level, two people suddenly walked over and carried a corpse out.

“Please wait a moment.” Li Yuanqing stopped the two of them.

The two of them were originally a little unhappy, but when they saw Hu Jiujiu walking in front of Li Yuanqing, they stood on the spot obediently.

Li Yuanqing lifted the shroud.

This person had died a rather miserable death.

His eyes were wide open, his fingers were bent and stiff, and his mouth was wide open, as if he had experienced something very painful before he died.

Moreover, this persons body was dry, as if his vitality had been sucked in.

However, the strange thing was that his body was very clean without a trace of black fog.

What exactly was that baleful aura Why did it disappear after someone died

Li Yuanqings heart was shrouded in layers of fog.

He was anxious to figure out these questions.

However, if he wanted to continue investigating, he would have to go down there.

“Did Master discover anything” Hu Jiujiu asked Li Yuanqing softly while there was no one else around.

Li Yuanqing was carefully setting up the traps in the execution elements.

There were more than he had imagined, so he had to be more prepared.

“No leads yet, but theyll give themselves away eventually.”

“Aiyo, what a beautiful girl.” The two demon cultivators leaned towards Hu Jiujiu.

“Girl, why dont you have a meal with me”

“Get lost!” Hu Jiujiu replied coldly.

“Aiyo, you have such a bad temper, but I like girls with such a bad temper like you.

What should I do”

This person became even more arrogant when he saw that there was only one human cultivator beside Hu Jiujiu.

Although Hu Jiujius cultivation level seemed to be quite high, she had the disadvantage of fighting two against one.

“This is a new manager arranged by the City Lord himself.

Well be colleagues in the future.

Dont cause trouble.” A plain-looking demon reminded the two of them.

The two of them glared at him impatiently and warned, “Why are you talking so much nonsense Why are you interfering in everything Get lost.”

“This is a new colleague.

If you guys go against her, youre going against the City Lord.”

“What nonsense are you talking about Whos going against my new colleague” The demon looked at Hu Jiujiu with a lecherous smile.

“I just want to have a deep conversation with my new colleague.

This way, the two of us will be family in the future.

Then, the City Lord and I will be family.”

“What do you mean by that” His companion caught the implication in his words.

“I dont mean anything by it.

Youre overthinking it.”

“Thats true.

Such a beautiful girl is so close to the City Lord.

The City Lord even gave her a house and a token and rewarded her with land.

Now, shes even arranged a management position.

It would be unreasonable if she didnt have any connections.”

“Hahaha, just thinking about such a beautiful girls enchanting figure on the City Lords bed makes me impatient.”

The frivolity in their words made Hu Jiujiu feel disgusted.

She glanced at Li Yuanqing, who leaned against the wall noncommittally, preparing to watch the show.

Hu Jiujiu understood what this meant.

Suddenly, a smile bloomed on Hu Jiujius face.

The two of them were overjoyed.

The two of them took another step forward, only a fist away from Hu Jiujiu.

“I knew it.

Who doesnt know about your matters”

“Let us brothers have a good time.

Well keep your relationship with the City Lord a secret.”

The demon wiped his saliva with a lecherous smile.

“Why dont we tell everyone about you Everyone in the Demon Judgment Division will dream about how you climbed into the City Lords bed.”

“Hahaha, I like your words too much.

I think about it every day.”

The two of them echoed each other and had already cornered Hu Jiujiu.

It looked like Hu Jiujiu was facing a crisis and had nowhere to escape.

The demon who wanted to stand out just now could only pretend not to see it after being warned by the two of them.

He sighed and turned around to leave.

After that person left, Li Yuanqing suddenly spoke.

“Before you die, I have two questions I want to ask.”

Originally, this atmosphere had already been hyped up.

The two brothers were burning with desire and felt uncomfortable all over.

In the end, they were suddenly interrupted by a human.

“Where did this lowly human come from Why are you here”

“Cant you see that were busy with business Get lost!”

“Still watching here Is this a place you can stay”

Li Yuanqing nodded.

“It seems like the two of you dont plan to tell me now.”

He said strange things that made no sense.

“Leave a breath later.”

“Sure thing.”

Hu Jiujius charming voice had already circled around their ears a few times.

The two of them seemed to be filled with electricity as their bodies trembled violently.

“Little beauty, you can make people fall head over heels for you just by saying a few words.

If you moan, we will definitely reach the immortal realm!”

“Big Brother, let me go first.”

“Get lost.

Im very fast.

I wont forget you.”

“You two should come together.” Hu Jiujiu hooked two slender fingers at the two of them.

“Yo, little girl, you have such a fetish” The two of them licked their lips and pulled open their clothes, revealing their half-beast chests that were not completely done with their transformation.

“Spare me, Fairy.”

The two demons who were in high spirits just a moment ago were now lying weakly on the ground.

Their chests had long been cut open by Hu Jiujius claws.

If they werent lying flat on the ground, their stomachs would have bled.

The Man-eating Vine waited quietly at the side, its head tilted like a poisonous snake.

“Ill ask again.

Do you really not know whats under the fifth underground floor”

“Sir, we really dont know anything!”

The two demons were pale and weak.

They really only had one breath left.

“Then you guys are useless.” As soon as Li Yuanqing finished speaking, pain suddenly wrapped around them.

In almost an instant, their bodies were wrapped into two dumplings.

A moment later, there was only a pile of bones left on the ground.

Even the blood had been sucked clean.

“Stay here for the next few days and cultivate on your own.

Wait for my orders.”

After eating its fill, the Man-eating Vine listened to Li Yuanqings instructions and obediently hid.

It burrowed into the ground and disappeared.

After staying here for a few days, Li Yuanqing realized that the people here often died suddenly without any warning.

Although this was very common, no one had ever mentioned it because the ones who died were all humans.

The human race was the worthless one here.

No one cared about the life and death of the human race, so no one cared about this matter.

It didnt matter if the captured humans died.

It didnt matter if the humans who were doing chores here died and were replaced.

Li Yuanqing also vaguely felt that after staying here for a few days, his body was gradually enveloped by an extremely cold murderous aura.

After coming into contact with his body a few times, the baneful aura was expelled.

After several attempts, it suddenly seemed to have forgotten about him and did not come again that morning.

Li Yuanqing was arranged to stay in the human dormitory with three other people.

These three people were no different from the other human cultivators he had observed.

All of them were listless and dispirited.

And that morning, something shocking happened.


Li Yuanqing had just returned from a stroll when he heard one of his roommates trembling voice.

He hurriedly ran into the house.

When the living person saw Li Yuanqing, he extended a warm finger and pointed at his roommate who was twitching on the bed.

“Dead… dead.”

He had personally witnessed the entire process of his roommates death.

Everyone had lived in such a dark environment for so long, but when they saw such an incomparably terrifying scene, they were still terrified.

Li Yuanqing took a step forward to the bed and pressed a hand on the person.

He lay on the bed, his body trembling violently for no reason.

His eyes were wide open and bloodshot.

His arm was as stiff as wood.

Li Yuanqing injected his spiritual power into his body to control his condition.

However, his death was inevitable.

What his body lacked was not spiritual power, but vitality that had already disappeared.

Under Li Yuanqings gaze, it was as if the last bit of strength in his body had been sucked away.

The trembling of his body gradually weakened until it calmed down.

That terrified face was imprinted in their eyes.

Li Yuanqing saw the black fog circling above his head.

It was like a ferocious beast that had eaten its fill.

After trembling in satisfaction, it suddenly left and seeped into the wall.

“Hes dead!”

His roommate ran out in fear, leaving Li Yuanqing alone in the room.

Li Yuanqing carefully checked his body and found that there was not even a trace of murderous aura on him.

This murderous aura had been pestering him for so long, but it disappeared after he died.

No one knew where it went.

“Master, what happened” Hu Jiujiu saw that the person had run out in a panic and immediately rushed over.

Li Yuanqing shook his head slightly.

“Another one dead”

“Call someone over to clean it up.”

“How did this happen Why is he so clean Wheres the baleful aura Where did it all go”

Li Yuanqing looked down at his feet.

“It went to where it came from.”

After a while, two humans walked in with a stretcher with cold expressions.

A demon behind the two of them urged unhappily, “Hurry up.

Its really disgusting that people die every day.


Seeing that the two of them were a little slow in collecting the corpse, the demon even swung his whip at them.

“I did give you some food, didnt I Are you all so lazy Why are you guys so slow when it comes to collecting corpses I wonder why they recruited a bunch of trash.”

As he spoke, his gaze landed on Li Yuanqing.


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