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There was a dungeon hidden under the She Clan.

There were hundreds of human cultivators imprisoned in rows in the dungeon.

These human cultivators were withered and thin.

Their skin had turned green and gray, and there was no sign of life in their eyes.

They didnt know how long they had been imprisoned here, but they had been living in this dark place.

They watched their clansmen die every day and their corpses were dragged away.

The door to the dungeon suddenly opened.

A familiar voice.

Their hearts had long since calmed.

However, the footsteps this time were very messy.

In the past, there were only two members of the She clan who would casually throw some food at them.

But there seemed to be a lot of people today.

They entered the dungeon through a long, narrow passageway lined with cells.

After walking out of the passageway, they arrived at a circular pit.

The outer wall of the pit was filled with prisons.

These human cultivators were locked up here like ants in a dark cell.

At the bottom of the circular pit was a platform.

The platform was engraved with dense patterns.

These black patterns were very strange and vaguely revealed an evil aura.

The Man-eating Vine followed the footsteps of the She clans elders and quietly arrived.

The members of the She Clan all came to the platform at the bottom.

The Man-eating Vine carefully observed from the outer wall.

“Is the Clan Master really going to activate this restriction”

A few elders had already appeared on the specific marks on the patterns.

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She Tianjun stood in the middle of the formation.

“Our She Clan is on the verge of death, if we dont use this formation now, Im afraid our She Clan will never be able to rise again.”

“Clan Master, dont say anything else.

Do it.”

She Tianjun shouted, and surging energy suddenly emerged from his hands, pouring into the black array crazily.

After the Clan Master made his move, the elders beside him also followed and continuously injected the energy in their bodies into the black array.

The black array was like a bottomless pit.

After crazily absorbing a large amount of spiritual energy, there was finally some movement.

The array runes on it slowly lit up.

These patterns seemed to have come alive.

They slowly distorted below, like giant dragons coiling on the ground.

At this moment, they were almost revived.

However, the twisting speed of these patterns was rather slow, as if they were malnourished.

After doing all this, She Tianjuns face was a little pale.

However, he still forced himself to stand up and suddenly raised his hands high.

The many human cultivators who were imprisoned felt their cells suddenly tremble violently.

Under She Tianjuns summoning, the iron doors of the cell opened with a bang.

The human cultivators frantically leaned back in panic, but the cell was only so big.

They could not run anywhere.

After She Tianjun opened the cell door, he suddenly stretched out his right hand.

The prisoner in the cell opposite him was sucked over like a chick.

The prisoners terrified scream echoed throughout the cylinder, causing everyones hearts to tremble.

This was what they would get immediately.

She Tianjuns large hand pinched the prisoners neck.

With a casual twist, the prisoners neck was broken and he died!

She Tianjun expressionlessly pulled the prisoners head off, and thick blood spewed out of the prisoners body.

Blood sprayed on the black array.

The twisted patterns in the black array were excited by the smell of blood and twisted crazily.

After spilling all the prisoners blood, She Tianjun casually threw the prisoner onto the array.

A black light flashed underground, as if these patterns had transformed into the head of a huge black python.

The python swallowed the corpse in one gulp, as if it was still unsatisfied.

It let out a deafening roar.

“By the Holy Spirit, the Tianjun of the She Clan offers an offering.” She Tianjun knelt on the ground very sincerely and muttered some strange words.

The Man-eating Vine did not even dare to breathe loudly when it saw this scene.

“Retreat!” An order came from Li Yuanqing.

The Man-eating Vine was already guarding the entrance of the passageway.

After hearing the order, it did not hesitate to crawl out along the wall of the passageway.

A violent roar came from behind.

“Ow.” It was so painful that she did not dare to look back.

It only took her an instant to reach the entrance.

Just as She Tianjun finished muttering, a huge black python suddenly emerged from the array like a pillar.

When the black python first appeared, it was only a blurry black fog.

It identified the direction of the tunnel and slammed forward.

The black fog instantly filled the entire passageway.

All the prisoners beside the passageway were drowned by the fog.

These prisoners did not even have the time to scream before they died.

When the Man-eating Vine came out, it specially closed the door and ran far away towards the ground.

With a bang behind it, the iron door flew out.

The Man-eating Vine didnt dare to look anymore.

It turned around and ran.

Fortunately, the black fog seemed to have just been born and didnt want to continue chasing.

It only chased to the ground before reluctantly shrinking back.

A huge array formation with a huge black dragon entrenched inside.

The entire huge cylinder was filled with a strong smell of blood.

The smell of blood was nauseating.

All the prisoners and the hundreds of human cultivators imprisoned here had already disappeared.

One of the prisoners who had been screaming in fear a moment ago had disappeared, leaving behind the members of the She clan standing in the center of the formation and a giant python that was like a small mountain.

“What happened, Master” Hu Jiujiu appeared in front of Li Yuanqing.

Li Yuanqing jumped out of the window and instructed Hu Jiujiu, who was behind him, “A huge battle in Ping City is inevitable.

Well be busy tonight.”

“Theres such a good thing” Hu Jiujiu had not made a move for a few days.

Her hands were itching.

When she heard that a huge battle was inevitable, she could not help but feel very excited.

“She Tianjun summoned a python that is estimated to be at the peak of the Spirit Transformation realm.

This fellow is not someone he can control.”

In the night sky, Li Yuanqing left the Demon Judgment Division with a few flips.

The two of them stood at the top of a tall tower and looked down.

At this moment, the entire Ping City was stirred up.

Those who thought that it had nothing to do with this matter also took action.

Many demon clans were brightly lit.

They could all sense that powerful force.

“Why is the Clan Masters power so huge”

“I didnt expect the She clan to have such a trump card.” The Clan Master of the Zhang Familys head was covered in sweat.

“Fortunately, we didnt choose to be enemies with them at that time.

Its time to officially take sides.”

“Clan Master, didnt you say you wouldnt get involved in the battle between the two of them”


Not only is the City Lord unable to withstand this huge aura, but even we cant deal with it.

If we hurry over now, we can still survive.”

All the demon clans and the demon clans that had originally planned to watch the show from the side gathered together.

A huge army slowly approached the She clans residence.

Some of them wanted to support the City Lord, while others sided with the She Clan without hesitation.

There was no doubt that todays battle would leave a deep mark in Ping Citys history.

“What” The City Lords eyes widened as he stared in the direction of the She Clan.

They had already surrounded the He Clan.

However, he, who had thought that victory was in his grasp, suddenly felt an incomparably huge aura.

Even he felt helpless in front of this aura.

“Why does the She Clan still have such an existence”

Everyone present had ugly expressions.

He had thought that victory was in his grasp, but now it seemed that it was not that simple.

In the center of the She residence, the building that was originally She Tianjuns study suddenly twisted violently.

After a simple prelude, the house was suddenly sent flying, and a huge pit dozens of meters wide appeared on the ground.

The demon that escaped from the pit was several kilometers long.

It soared into the sky like a black pillar that connected heaven and earth.

The City Lord looked at this scene in shock.

His fighting spirit had long disappeared.


“What are we going to do”

“City Lord, why dont we retreat now”

“What retreat!” The City Lord berated sternly, blocking all the soldiers who wanted to retreat.

“Anyone who retreats will die!” As he spoke, he looked around and suddenly grabbed a human cultivator.

He grabbed him and cut off his head.

“Did you see that This is what happens when you retreat!”

However, there was such a huge monster in front of them.

If they were to go against that fellow, they would probably have no chance of survival.

She Tianjun stood on the head of the python, looking down at the City Lord from afar.

“You can already be considered a descendant of the Black Dragon with such a thin bloodline.

My She Clan is magnanimous on account of your diligence and allowed you to be the City Lord for so many years, but you dont know whats good for you and still want to repay kindness with ingratitude.”

She Tianjuns voice spread throughout Ping City.

All the commoners of Ping Cheng looked at She Tianjun in the sky in shock.

They could not muster any desire to resist in front of this person.

Or rather, they were like ants in front of this huge monster.

Li Yuanqing stood two streets away.

There were no guards stationed here, nor were there any other demon forces.

The moment Hu Jiujiu saw the black python, she couldnt help but exclaim.

“This python has such a strong smell of blood.

How many people did he kill to summon it”

Li Yuanqing frowned.

With the strength of these people from Ping City, no one could restrain the python.

“How dare you, She Tianjun! How dare you release such a monster Could it be that you want everyone to die with you” The City Lord shouted at She Tianjun in the sky, “By summoning this thing, you are disregarding the lives of the entire city.

How can such a vicious person still lord over Ping City!”

She Tianjun looked at the City Lord below in disdain.

“Brat, your knowledge is shallow.

This is the guardian god of our She Clan! He will naturally protect the peace of the people.”


This thing is clearly an evil beast.

Once its summoned, the people will definitely be in trouble!”

She Tianjun could not be bothered to waste his breath on the City Lord.

The black pythons faint frustration was transmitted back, as if it was impatient.

“Then use your life to pay respects to the gods first.

After this matter is over, the gods will naturally return.”

As She Tianjun spoke, he pointed his finger in the direction of the City Lord.

A greedy look appeared in the black dragons eyes.

Without hesitation, it dived down like lightning.

The City Lord had been waiting for a long time.

Seeing that this fellow had really made a move, he did not hesitate at all.

He immediately threw his guard captain into the sky and ran back like a madman.

“Soldiers, whoever kills this black dragon will be rewarded with a thousand acres of land!”

The City Lord only left behind a reward before escaping.

The guard captain stared in horror at the black dragon that had reached him.

He pulled out his weapon as best he could and tried to resist.

However, in front of the black dragon, it was like a small toothpick made of wood.

It broke with a casual bite.

“Ah.” A simple, hurried scream announced the death of the guard captain.

Blood dripped from the sky like rain.

The black dragon stuck out its tongue.

Its sharp dragon eyes swept over the vast guards below.

She Tianjun had no qualms about these guards.

He just had to clap his hands and clean them up.

He ordered the black dragon, “Holy Spirit, quickly chase after the City Lord who escaped!”

However, hearing his instructions, the black dragons eyes revealed an impatient expression.

Instead, it did not react at all.

It opened its bloody mouth and bit at the crowd.

“Holy Spirit, hurry up and kill that City Lord.

These people will be yours sooner or later!”

She Tianjun descended from the sky and jumped onto the black dragons head.

If the City Lord escaped this time, the control of the black dragon would not last long.

At that time, it would probably be difficult for him to control the situation.

However, the more the black dragon was instructed, the angrier it became.

Its dragon eyes were filled with disdain.

It suddenly raised its head and flung She Tianjun away.

It opened its bloody mouth again, wanting to swallow She Tianjun.

However, just as She Tianjun was about to be swallowed, a black bolt of lightning streaked across the sky and She Tianjun disappeared into thin air.

The black dragon missed its bite and was a little angry.

However, these blood foods, who were fleeing below, were very delicious.

It could not be bothered to chase after She Tianjun.

A kilometer away, the First Elder placed She Tianjun down while panting.

He opened his mouth and spat out a mouthful of blood.

“Thank you for saving my life, First Elder.”

“Clan Master, quickly think of a way.

If we cant control the Holy Spirit, Im afraid my She Clan will be destroyed.”


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