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In the arena, Xiang Kelin slowly sized up his opponent.

After the two of them sized each other up for a while, the bald burly man looked at him impatiently and asked, “Have you seen enough Are you very envious of my body”

Xiang Kelin lowered his head and cackled.

“Im thinking about which part of your body I should cut later.” Xiang Kelins eyes flashed, and his gaze suddenly became cold.

“Since its a human whos participating, theres no need for our rules.

Lets not talk about stopping in time.

Whoever can stand here alive is qualified to continue choosing.”

The bald burly man raised his hands in agreement.

“I havent fought in so many years.

Let me test you out first.”

“You humans are very arrogant.”

“Arrogant means that I dont have that kind of strength, but Ill let you know that Im just stating a fact.”

“How ignorant!”

As soon as Xiang Kelin finished speaking, an air-piercing sound suddenly came from the arena.


Xiang Kelins body abruptly vanished.

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Although the bald burly man did not see the competition between the two of them just now, he instantly sensed a certain space and a slight movement.

He slowly stretched out a hand.

It did not seem to be fast and looked simple, but when he reached out with such a slow hand, he suddenly grabbed a slender wrist.

Xiang Kelin stared at his wrist in disbelief.

He couldnt understand it.

He was clearly fast enough just now, and that guy didnt seem to have moved at all.

However, he was caught.

Xiang Kelin could not see when he attacked.

Moreover, the bald mans hand seemed to be made of steel.

It slowly embedded Xiang Kelins wrist into it, making it impossible for him to move.

“Whats wrong Why isnt Clan Master Xiang saying anything”

The bald burly man stared slowly at Xiang Kelin.

Xiang Kelins dagger slowly fell to the ground, still smeared with venom.

He had used an ordinary dagger when dealing with his own people, but when he was dealing with the humans, he had unknowingly replaced it with a dagger covered in venom.

The bald man looked down and his eyes flashed coldly.

“You said it just now.

Since its us fighting, whoever lives is qualified to continue standing.”

As he spoke, the bald burly man slowly raised his other hand.

Golden light condensed on his hand.

The golden light became more and more corporeal, as if it had materialized.

Shock appeared in Xiang Kelins eyes.

This persons strength was too terrifying, and his body refinement technique was even rarer in the world.

The strength of his body was almost comparable to many demons who specialized in body refinement.

If he was hit by this punch, he would probably be half dead.

Xiang Kelin anxiously looked in Zhang Muyuns direction, hoping that Zhang Muyun would save him.

However, Zhang Muyun actually had no intention of making a move yet.

“Brother Zhang, weve known each other for so many years!” Xiang Kelin shouted, but Zhang Muyun still had no intention of attacking.

Seeing that the situation was very favorable, the bald burly man smiled smugly and said to him, “Looks like this friend doesnt seem to care much about you.

Why dont you find trouble with him after we get down there”

Accompanied by the bald burly mans shout, his golden fist suddenly blasted out.

Xiang Kelin gritted his teeth at this critical moment.

The blade in his hand flashed and he severed his arm from the wrist.

“I admit defeat!”

Blood splattered the arena.

The bald mans punch missed.

He looked at the fist in his hand with disgust.

He continued to walk toward the corner where Xiang Kelin was.

“Do you remember what you just said”

“I admit defeat!”

“Pity.” Baldy raised his fist high again.

“Too late!”

With a loud shout, a strong impact erupted on the arena.

The bald man was sent flying like a broken sack.

After the dust settled, Zhang Muyuns figure slowly appeared in the arena.

“He said he admits defeat.” He slowly turned around and looked at the humans standing below the stage.

“Anyone else who wants to be the City Lord can come up and try.”

His voice was incomparably cold, making ones heart feel like it had fallen into an icehouse.

There were not many humans who believed that their strength surpassed this baldy.

However, the baldy had been dealt with so easily by Zhang Muyun.

They did not dare to attack again.

From the looks of it, Zhang Muyun seemed to be the confirmed candidate for the City Lord selection.

“City Lord Zhang Muyun!”

Zhang Muyun enjoyed the crowd of demons.

However, just as he was about to leave the arena, he suddenly felt a strange fluctuation behind him.

He turned around and looked at the beautiful woman who had appeared behind him.

“And you are”

As soon as Zhang Muyun finished speaking, he suddenly remembered the womans identity.

Wasnt this Hu Jiujiu, who was rumored to have stolen the She clans mineral vein

“I am Hu Jiujiu.

Greetings, Clan Master Zhang.” Hu Jiujiu smiled.

Her smile was as bright as a spring flower.

Zhang Muyuns eyes turned cold.

“Thats perfect.”

This Hu Jiujiu is really despicable. She took a lot of my things and even took away the She clans mineral vein.

If I can kill this woman, the mineral vein will fall into my hands. As he was thinking, Zhang Muyun slowly gathered all the strength in his body, and the aura on his body suddenly increased.

This aura was several times stronger than when he attacked just now.

Everyone felt that Hu Jiujiu had no chance at all, because Hu Jiujius aura was still restrained.

It seemed that although she was quite strong, she did not have Zhang Muyuns suppression.

“Its not too late to beg for mercy.”

However, Hu Jiujiu did not have any intention of begging for mercy.

Instead, she was still smiling happily.

“Clan Master Zhang, feel free to attack.

The sooner it ends, the better.

I still have many things to do.”


Zhang Muyuns face alternated between green and white.

Hu Jiujiu did not take him seriously at all.

“Then I want to see where you get your confidence from! Take this!”

Zhang Muyun shouted and suddenly rushed forward.

A huge ball of spiritual energy was brewing in his palm.

Hu Jiujiu did not panic.

She just stood on the spot and suddenly twisted her body.

For some reason, several Hu Jiujiu appeared.

This time, Zhang Muyun was shaken.

Zhang Muyun hesitated for a moment before Hu Jiujiu, who was standing on the spot, suddenly attacked.

Her palm seemed to be light, but the strong dangerous aura made Zhang Muyun retreat quickly.

Her palm strike seemed harmless, but if her force was strong, his organs would definitely be injured.

Only then did Zhang Muyun heave a sigh of relief.

However, he suddenly realized that the palm strike flying towards him from the front was slowly dissipating in the air.

Instead, he suddenly felt an intense danger behind him.

This sense of danger made him tense up instantly.

He wanted to stop retreating, but it was too late.


This demon leader, who was determined to become the City Lord, flew down the arena like a little chick.

The scene was silent.

All the demons were stunned.

They did not expect Zhang Muyun to lose so miserably.

The humans were also so shocked that their mouths were agape.

They had originally wanted to find another opportunity, but the person who could take down Zhang Muyun so easily was not someone they could deal with.

It seemed like they had to let the demons be the City Lord.

The humans left the dojo with the bald burly man indignantly.

This time, they had nothing to say.

When the demons saw that the humans were so disappointed, they finally reacted.

Although Hu Jiujiu was not one of them, she was still a demon.

It was easy for them to accept it.

“City Lord Hu Jiujiu!”

“Hu Jiujiu will be our City Lord from now on!”

The news of Hu Jiujiu becoming the City Lord instantly spread throughout Ping City.

Her ability to defeat Zhang Muyun with lightning speed was even more impressive.

“Shes too strong.

We definitely dont have a chance.”

At the gathering place of human cultivators.

“Looks like this isnt the time for us to turn around.”

“Its hard to say.” Suddenly, someone said mysteriously, “As far as I know, Hu Jiujiu has a Sword Immortal backing her.

Thats why she dares to be the City Lord.”


How could a sword immortal support a demon as the City Lord”

“Sword immortals are secretive.

How can you understand their thoughts”

“Thats true.”

“But will Hu Jiujiu really take care of us humans in the future Everyone should be prepared for difficulties.”

Although many demons were still unconvinced, they still escorted Hu Jiujiu to the City Lord Manor.

After offering incense to the previous City Lord, Hu Jiujiu announced her inauguration on the tall city tower.

From then on, Ping City had such a flirtatious City Lord.

After Hu Jiujiu took over, she went on a rampage and changed some of the rules of Ping City.

Not only did she officially place the status of the human race on the same level as the demons through the decree, but she also changed the functions of the former Demon Judgment Division.

In the future, the Demon Punishment Division would be the law of Ping City.

It was specially used to capture demons who broke the law and human cultivators who committed evil.

Not only that, Hu Jiujiu also canceled many of the unspoken rules in the past, allowing human cultivators to obtain more cultivation resources and equal jobs.

In this way, the internal affairs of Ping City, which had always been led by the demons, reached a situation where the demons and humans could coexist peacefully.

This made the demons furious.

When they were escorting Hu Jiujiu to the stage, they had discussed with her that they could cooperate and plunder together for benefits in Ping City in the future.

As long as they squeezed the human race dry, they would have endless resources.

However, after Hu Jiujiu took office, she seemed to have forgotten all their previous agreements.

“What else can we do We choose such a thing to become the City Lord, and now she wont be close to us at all.”

“She didnt even come to the demon races gathering.

Shes about to draw the line with us.”

The atmosphere in the demon races meeting was much gloomier than before.

No one expected such a thing to happen.

Zhang Muyuns arm was wrapped in a sling around his neck as he sat in the wheelchair and listened to everyones discussion silently.

Ever since the last battle, Hu Jiujiu had broken a few of his ribs.

He was still recovering.

“In my opinion, we might as well join forces and kill Hu Jiujiu.

Anyway, the previous City Lord was killed by the humans.

If we kill another one, well be even.”

“Isnt this nonsense Lets not talk about whether you have the ability or not.

If you really kill Hu Jiujiu, what are you going to do when the human race makes a fuss”

Xiang Kelin looked at them with great disdain.

“Then what do you think we should do”

The clan master of the Black Bear Tribe had long disliked Xiang Kelin.

As soon as he heard Xiang Kelin speak, he immediately became excited.

Xiang Kelin snorted and glanced at Zhang Muyun, who was sitting there.

“If She Tianjun was still alive, there wouldnt be so much trouble.”

“Whats the use of saying that” When Big Black heard what Xiang Kelin said, he looked at Zhang Muyun and instantly understood.

“I know.

Youre complaining that Clan Master Zhang is useless and cant defeat Hu Jiujiu.”

Zhang Muyuns expression was very ugly.

He raised his head and slowly stared at the clan master of the Black Bear Tribe.

Clan Master Zhang, why are you looking at me I didnt say that.

Zhang Muyun said slowly, “No matter what, now is the time for us to be united.

If we continue to be as relaxed as before, Im afraid the She clans outcome will be ours.”

“Thats true, but what can we do now Arent we still watching Hu Jiujiu raise the human race”

Xiang Kelin chimed in, “I heard someone say that Hu Jiujiu has a sword immortal backing her.

I didnt believe it before, but now Im a little suspicious.”

“Sword Immortal The Sword Immortal who killed the black dragon” When Big Black heard it, he instantly felt deep veneration.

Although he was a little rash, he still respected those powerful people.

“With a sword immortal backing the human race, Im afraid we wont be able to think of anything.

I think we should stop wasting our time here and think about how to offer sacrifices to the human race in the future.”

“Get lost.

I wont offer sacrifices to the human race.

I wont offer sacrifices to the human race for the rest of my life!”

In the residential area of the human race, Hu Jiujiu was pouring tea for Li Yuanqing with a charming smile in an inconspicuous courtyard.

“Master, I heard that the demons are having a meeting again.”

“It doesnt matter.

They dont have the guts to stand up to us now.”

“The human race has more resources and their strength has increased a lot.

Master, are you planning to gather them all”

Li Yuanqing was not in a hurry.

As he drank his tea, he listened to the human cultivators next door gather together and happily exchange their cultivation insights.

“Theres no hurry now.

Theyre not strong enough.

Well talk about it later.”

After Hu Jiujiu became the City Lord, she often came to Li Yuanqing from the City Lord Manor.

“Master, its so troublesome.

Why dont you stay in the City Lord Manor too” Hu Jiujiu complained unhappily while lying on Li Yuanqings body.

“If we all stay inside, I wont have to run back and forth.”


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