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The moon rose quietly, climbing to its highest point.

Li Yuanqing slowly stood in the small courtyard and looked up at the sky.

No one knew what he was thinking.

The many demon experts led by Xiang Kelin had already surrounded the small courtyard.

They surrounded the respective walls and carefully observed Li Yuanqing.

This guy had appeared a few times in the past, but he had never shown his skills.

Logically speaking, he was just an ordinary human and would not be too powerful.

Although he might have some relations with the City Lord, this so-called City Lord should have been overthrown long ago.

There was no reason for his existence at all.

“What is this person doing”

Xiang Kelin observed carefully.

“I dont know.

But hes just playing tricks.”

Xiang Kelin looked around.

He had brought a total of five experts with him today.

These five experts were all seventh-grade Spirit Transformation realm experts.

They would be the top combat strength even in the entire Ping City.

After the previous battle, Ping City had already suffered a huge blow.

“Do we do it” The person beside him asked carefully.

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Xiang Kelin had just hesitated for a moment when he suddenly heard Li Yuanqing reply from the small courtyard, “Since youre already here, lets not wait anymore.

Just do it.”

When everyone saw that Li Yuanqing had discovered them, they stopped hiding.

Five figures appeared around Li Yuanqing like five bolts of lightning.

They had completely sealed off Li Yuanqings location, leaving him with no way out.

“Kid, youre quite bold.

You know were here, but you still didnt escape.” Xiang Kelin looked at Li Yuanqing with a strange smile.

Li Yuanqing shook his head and sighed slightly.

“Its a pity that only five people came.”

“Pity” Xiang Kelin snorted.

“Five men are too many to kill a mere ant like you.”

“Youve been busy digging recently.

It must be very tiring.” Li Yuanqing looked at Xiang Kelin indifferently and asked.

His eyes were as clear as lake water, as if they reflected the bright moonlight.

Xiang Kelin felt a chill run down his spine.

“How did you find out”

On second thought, since this guy was related to Hu Jiujiu and knew about this, Hu Jiujiu should have some clues.

Xiang Kelin thought about it and said coldly, “Forget it.

It seems that our City Lord will have to abdicate early.”


There was a loud shout.

Xiang Kelin shot out like a cannonball.

The others beside him also took out their strange weapons and slashed at Li Yuanqing.

A huge power fluctuation was released from their bodies.

It seemed that just the five forces gathered together was enough to crush Li Yuanqing into pieces.

If an ordinary person were here, they would have been crushed into meat paste.

However, the person they were facing was not an ordinary person.

He was a second-grade Formation Arrangement realm existence that they could not afford to offend.

Li Yuanqing did not move.

He stood there like a tall maple tree.

When Xiang Kelin saw that he was about to succeed, he suddenly felt a cold wind blow past him.

It seemed to be the night wind.

The originally dark courtyard slowly lit up.

The cold night instantly turned into a world of ice and snow.

The five of them raised their weapons high and slashed down with all their might, only to strike each other heavily.

The five of them accidentally collided with each other.

At the point where their weapons intersected, the five bodies flew backward.

Xiang Kelin swallowed the bloody froth that was rising in his stomach.

There was still a trickle of blood from the corner of his mouth.

That strike just now was definitely not as simple as a collision of their powers.

Li Yuanqing actually used his power to smash the power of the five of them together, causing the power they erupted with to be even more condensed.

Unless one was several levels higher than them, they would definitely not be able to use such a method.

Xiang Kelins eyes widened in shock.

At the thought of this, he suddenly realized that something was wrong, but it was too late.


“And its such a powerful domain”

The five of them looked around in shock.

With such a huge domain and such arrogant power, they could not muster any fighting spirit.

“Sir, we were wrong!” Xiang Kelin dropped to his knees, raised his hands high, and landed hard on the ice again.

He crawled on the ground on all fours and begged Li Yuanqing for mercy.

“Sir! I failed to recognize you and offended you.

Please forgive me!”

How could the others not know what had happened When they saw him like this All of them quickly imitated him and knelt on the ground to beg for mercy.

This fellow was definitely not someone they could afford to offend.

He was an existence that even their clans Patriarch did not dare to provoke.

The five of them were not even enough to fill the gaps between his teeth.

Now, they finally understood why Li Yuanqing said that it was a pity.

The five of them knew their strength very well and did not dare to resist anymore.

Li Yuanqing felt bored and appeared.

He stood above the five of them like the king of this ice world, looking down at them.

“Sir, I know my mistake.

Please forgive my boldness!” Xiang Kelin prostrated himself on the ground without looking up.

Although he had already sensed Li Yuanqings presence, he did not dare to look up.

Li Yuanqing looked at the people below indifferently and said, “Since you have all already arrived, dont leave.”

Everyone looked up at Li Yuanqing in shock.

They were already kneeling on the ground and begging for mercy so piously.

Was Li Yuanqing still going to kill them all

Xiang Kelin thought for a moment and hurriedly shouted, “Im willing to serve you from now on!”

The others also shouted, “Im also willing to serve you from now on!”

The Man-eating Vine had appeared behind them at some point in time.

Her eyes were shining as she looked at these bodies.

They looked like a plate of meat.

Li Yuanqing looked at them in boredom and said, “Why didnt you guys mind your own business and dig that hole of yours Why did you have to look for trouble here Theres not much difference without you guys.

Just contribute to me.”

“Thank you, sir!”

“Thank you for your forgiveness!”

They thought that Li Yuanqing would forgive their mistakes just like that, but they could clearly feel an even stronger pressure on their bodies.

This pressure was like a huge mountain pressing down on them, making them unable to breathe.

“Sir, you…”

Xiang Kelins blood pressure soared from the pressure.

His neck was almost as thick as his head and his face was flushed.

He forced himself to raise his head and look at Li Yuanqing in the sky with his scarlet eyes.

Li Yuanqing looked at them coldly.

“Youre more useful to me dead than alive.”

With that, Li Yuanqing clenched his fist and the five of them were instantly pressed onto the ice by an invisible force.

Slowly, they could no longer maintain their human forms.

A few huge demons slowly splashed out from the ground.

There was a rhinoceros, a salamander, and a huge crow.

There were two other lions and a peacock.

The five demon beasts lay firmly on the ground.

Li Yuanqing did not kill them immediately.

The Man-eating Vine pounced on them happily.

She knelt on the ground and stammered her thanks.

“Thank you, Master!”

“Ill leave them all to you.

Dont waste them.”

Li Yuanqing left the domain as he spoke.

The man-eating vine stuck out her slender tongue and licked her lips.

Her entire body instantly erupted, transforming into countless vines that extended in all directions.

In an instant, the five bodies were enveloped.


Intense screams echoed through the mountains of the domain.

However, Li Yuanqings small courtyard was still as quiet as before, as if these five uninvited guests had never been here.

Hu Jiujiu looked at Li Yuanqing and heaved a sigh of relief.

“Master, Ye Qiluo said that you were targeted by them.

I came over to take a look.

Fortunately, youre fine, Master.”

“Of course Im fine.

They cant do anything to me with their strength.” Li Yuanqing replied nonchalantly, “How is it Ye Qiluo didnt just look for you to chat today, right”

“She said she wanted a piece of land in the inner city for the humans to do business.”

“A piece of land in the inner city Did she have any other conditions How big does she want”

“She didnt say that.

She just said it casually.

I feel that an ordinary market should be enough.” Hu Jiujiu looked up at Li Yuanqing.

“Master, you seem to be in the market recently.

Your business is doing very well.

I have even heard of your name.”

“This market is still a little too narrow now.

We really need a bigger market.

In that case, lets do her a favor and agree to this.”

Hu Jiujiu said worriedly, “But most of these markets are under the control of the demons now.

Most of the income tax and dividends are also held by the demons.

Im afraid they will be dissatisfied if we suddenly say that we want to build a market specially for the humans.”

Li Yuanqing simply said, “I dont care if theyre satisfied or not.”

Hu Jiujiu shrugged.

“By the way, Ye Qiluo also said that there is more than one city under the control of the Black Dragon.

The other cities still have a lot of power.

Im afraid that their people have already started to take action.”

“What else”

“Its called Sea City and Rong City.

I believe it wont be smaller than Ping City.”

Li Yuanqing nodded.

“This is very important news.

Go and make some arrangements when you get back.

This market is fully managed by the City Lord Manor.

Dont let any demons interfere.”

“Alright, Master.

Ill give the orders immediately after I return.” Hu Jiujiu agreed softly.

The next day, she called all her men over to discuss the construction of the human market in the inner city.

The officials in the City Lords Mansion all expressed that they found it difficult to understand.

This had always been the case in Ping City.

Why did the appearance change She even had to set up a special market for humans in the inner city.

Was it really appropriate to give them such a piece of land and let them stuff all the money into their pockets

“City Lord, forgive me for being blunt, but Im afraid there will be a lot of dissatisfaction if we really give the markets dominance to the human race.”

“Thats right.

Now that the entire inner citys trading structure is under the control of the demons, it would be too rash of us to suddenly give up a portion of income to the humans.”

“City Lord, you really cant do this.

This is a decision that affects stability very much.”

Although there were many objections, Hu Jiujiu only said one sentence.

“I didnt ask you to come here to tell me what to do.

I asked you to find this place quickly.

Do you understand”


Facing Hu Jiujius unyielding attitude, they could not say anything.

In the inner city, the wide foundation of a demon clan was quickly cleared out.

“What is this for This place is a treasure land.

If anyone occupies it and builds a courtyard, it will be a good place.”

The demons sized the place up.

Not only did the City Lord clear out this place, but she also surrounded it with a fence.

This simple fence looked very simple, but it had the effect of sealing.

There was also a sign hanging on the fence.

The sign said, “Human Market Fence.

Do not climb over.”

“What is this”

“The human race still has its own market”

“This is a joke, right”

“What the hell Thats absolutely impossible.”

“Are you guys crazy How could you come up with such an idea”

When the demons saw this notice, they instantly exploded.

None of them could accept such an outcome.

The demons had taken advantage of the humans for so many years.

The humans worked for them and even gave them a share of the spirit stones.

After so many years of business, suddenly they had their own market.

How could the demons suddenly give up such a privilege

Hundreds of demons instantly surrounded the City Lord Manor to express their strong opposition.

“City Lord, come out and speak!”

“What City Lord I think shes just a puppet of the Sword Immortal!”

“Thats right.

This City Lord is clearly the puppet of a sword immortal.

She has no value in existence at all.

Shes only slowly weakening the power of our demon race and making us slaves of the human race!”

“We demons will never tolerate being slaves to humans.”

“Hu Jiujiu, get out here!”

The demons outside clamored without any respect for Hu Jiujiu.

In their eyes, Hu Jiujiu was a traitor who had betrayed the demon race.

Hu Jiujiu placed the interests of the human race first.

This was not the City Lord of the demon race at all, but a puppet of the human race.

“Hu Jiujiu, get lost and remove your position as City Lord!”

“Ping City is still ours.

It will never change.”

“Kill Hu Jiujiu to pay respects to the deceased ancestors of the Demon Race!”


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