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The leader of the demons from Sea City was a peak Spirit Transformation expert.

He was only a step away from stepping into the Formation Arrangement Realm.

These emissaries were all treated like god wherever they went.

For example, the ants below could only look up to such a god-like Venerable.

When the demons saw the Black Dragon emissary, they were all encouraged.

Especially the leaders.

They already felt that their Demon Alliance could not hold on much longer.

They had lost more than half of their core forces in order to assassinate Hu Jiujiu.

However, this resistance was worth it.

The reinforcements that they had been looking forward to must have brought them good news since they were here.

Moreover, the envoy did not disappoint them.

Zhang Muyun knelt on one knee on the street and blocked the envoys path.

“Who are you Why are you blocking our way”

Zhang Muyun shouted, “I, Zhang Muyun, am the Clan Master of the Zhang Clan.

The demons of Ping City have been severely injured and the hearts of the people in Ping City are scattered.

I hope that the Black Dragon Envoy can shine the glory of the demons in Ping City and restore the glory of Ping City.”

Zhang Muyun shouted, and the demons behind him followed suit.

The scene was quite spectacular.

Someone from the human race who was watching from the side stood up and shouted, “The demons have bullied me for so many years.

Now is the time to repay your debt.

Dont wail here!”

However, just as this human finished shouting, his body expanded like a balloon and floated in the air.

The skin all over his body swelled up.

The blood in his internal organs ruptured and seeped into his skin, floating in the sky like a red ball.

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It was like a scarlet blood moon hanging above everyones heads.

The scarlet moon floated directly above the heads of the human spectators and exploded with a bang.

After the explosion ended, a blood mist filled the sky and scattered on the humans below, scaring the people below away.


A sinister laughter spread over Ping City.

“The day is finally here.

I knew Lord Black Dragon never gave up on us.

I prayed day and night for Lord Black Dragon to save me one day.

I didnt expect that this day would finally come.

Lord Black Dragon, please save us all!”

“Hu Jiujiu, come out and die!”

The demons were in a celebratory mood.

They thought that victory was in sight today.

Wasnt all of this a victory horn sounding Look at the situation.

Look at the situation they were facing.

This Black Dragon Envoy was so powerful that he could crush the entire Ping City.

As long as the Black Dragon Envoy was here, it would be the brightest sky in Ping City.

Why did those humans have to resist

After the demons sucked the blood mist into their bodies, their entire bodies quickly began to turn red.

Their auras became extremely irritable.

These comprehensions seemed to contain some elements that made them all extremely irritable.

Their strength also increased greatly, and their entire aura rose steadily.

The feeling that had faintly suppressed their cultivation disappeared at this moment.

At this moment, they were about to regain their former glory.

They were about to feel the pleasure of ruling the world.

“Our demon race is invincible!”

“Humans are all ants!”

“Hurry up and die!”

As the wails continued to spread throughout the inner city, the entire inner city soon became filled with wails.

The cries of the demons turned the inner city into a purgatory again.

All of them were looking for the humans beside them.

Their bodies were extremely thirsty now.

They all wanted to find a target and tear it apart before feasting on it to satisfy their inner desires.

In the inner city, small-scale team battles constantly erupted between the two sides.

The humans were constantly retreating.

The strength of these strengthened demons had increased by several levels.

Currently, the human race could barely maintain an equal situation with them.

After strengthening themselves, it was naturally difficult for them to resist.

The difference in strength between the two sides was becoming more and more obvious.

After clearing the obstacles, the Black Dragon Envoy stopped at the ruins of the She Clan.

He instructed his subordinates to build a mansion in an extremely short period of time.

In just a day, a very luxurious courtyard landed.

After a few rounds of defeat, the human races sphere of influence was gradually shrinking.

They slowly shrank the range of their strength and made their overall strength more stable.

After being defeated in the early stages, they became more harmonious and united.

The demons seemed to be in charge.

They looked like they were already lawless.

After the bustle of the first day, night fell.

“Our demon race has finally welcomed a new life!” Zhang Muyun carefully served the Black Dragon Envoy.

The Black Dragon Envoy looked at Zhang Muyun impatiently and said, “Didnt you say that theres a very powerful person here I heard that hes extraordinary and killed the Black Dragon with a single strike.

Where is he now Call him out.”

Zhang Muyun answered honestly, “Lord Envoy, there is indeed such a person, but weve never seen his appearance before.

I only took a look from afar that day and didnt see his appearance clearly.

Moreover, this person doesnt seem to appear often, so it wont be easy to find him.”

“Its fine,” the Black Dragon Envoy said indifferently.

“If this person is really the guardian of the human race, he will definitely be unable to resist attacking when he sees the human race being destroyed by us.

At that time, I will subdue him.

Ping City has returned to your control.

I just hope that there wont be such a mess again.”

Hearing the envoys words, Zhang Muyun hurriedly prostrated on the ground and thanked him.

“Thank you for your trust.”

The Black Dragon Envoy waved his hand impatiently and said, “Alright, dont thank me.

Its just that you dont even have a capable expert now.

A group of experts was dealt with just like that.”

Although these words were a little hurtful, it was also the situation they were facing now.

Zhang Muyun did not feel too sad and only responded nonchalantly.

As long as he could control Ping City in the future, wouldnt a large amount of resources be able to pour into his hands

Lord Black Dragon would definitely not watch him be bullied like this.

At the thought of this beautiful life that was about to happen, Zhang Muyun was filled with strength.

It was worth it to endure the humiliation for so many days.

Unlike those silly boys who did not know their limits.

Now, they have been wiped out.

On the other hand.

In stark contrast to the demons, there were already many fleeing comments in the human races gathering area.

“The lords of the demons are already here.

We dont know where the lords of our side are, and we might not be able to defeat them.”

In a calm courtyard, a group of people gathered and discussed in fear.

“I believe in the Sword Immortal.

The Sword Immortal will definitely come back to save us.”

“What Sword Immortal If there really is one, he would have come long ago.

But he hasnt appeared yet.

This must be fake.”

“Then what should we do”

“What else can we do Third Brother and the others have already run away.

If we dont run now, well be meat on the chopping block.

I dont want to be eaten by the demons as food for nothing.”

“Then lets hurry up and leave too.

Itll be too late if we dont.”

“I want to stay.

I want to wait for the Sword Immortal to appear!”

Many humans took advantage of the chaos and secretly left Ping City.

This place was no longer a safe place for them.

Those who could escape would definitely run away immediately.

They would not stay here.

However, there were also many people who chose to stay behind.

They were all guarding this hope.

Ye Qiluo looked in the direction of the City Lord Manor strangely.

They had never seen this so-called Sword Immortal since they came here.

Was there really such an existence among the humans who could save them On the other hand, that kid called Li Yuanqing was unfathomable.

Could he have some special abilities

This Black Dragon Envoy was extraordinary.

If she attacked, she felt that she had no chance of winning.

She would probably be reluctant to give up her Treasure Pavilion just like that when the business she had set up was already so prosperous.

In the City Lord Manor.

Hu Jiujiu had gone out to take a look during the day.

However, without Li Yuanqings order, Hu Jiujiu did not attack rashly and only watched from afar.

She knew the Black Dragon Envoy to build a courtyard on the flat ground of the She Clan.

However, this was not a long-term solution.

If they really had to maintain this place, then the order that Hu Jiujiu had established during this period of time…

Or rather, the order established by Li Yuanqing would probably be in vain.

“Master, are we really not going to attack” Hu Jiujiu could feel that although the Black Dragon Envoy looked very powerful, his aura was still very different from Li Yuanqing.

Li Yuanqing acted as if nothing had happened.

He looked at the humans who had secretly left under the night sky and sat under the moonlight expressionlessly, like a ferocious beast that had absorbed the essence of the moonlight.

“Theres no hurry.”

As soon as Li Yuanqing finished speaking, Hu Jiujiu suddenly noticed a few figures flashing past under the calm night sky.

After these figures flashed past, flames suddenly lit up behind them.

The flames spread out like a wall of fire.

These walls were connected to each other, surrounding the City Lord Manor in the middle.

They called out to them and wailed as they surrounded the City Lord Manor.

They had to raze the City Lord Manor to the ground today.

“Kill the City Lord!”

“Eliminate the traitor!”

“Kill the City Lord!”

“Eliminate the traitor!”

They chanted their own slogans and pressed forward step by step.

At this moment, although the human guards wanted to stop them, they were powerless.

Many people in their team had already secretly left.

It was even difficult for them to organize an effective confrontation.

“Who dares to be impudent here!” The guard rose into the air and looked at the clamoring crowd below.

“Minglun, you brat!” Zhang Muyun stood in front and shouted, “Now that the Black Dragon Envoy is here, why arent you surrendering Why are you still guarding this puppet-like City Lord”

Mingluns face was ashen as he looked at the many demons.

The aura of these demons was not something they could resist.

However, since he had already chosen to protect the City Lord, wouldnt he be even more fickle-minded if he retreated halfway

Just as Minglun was conflicted, Hu Jiujiu suddenly stood up.

“I heard that the envoy has arrived, so I came out to welcome him.”

Hu Jiujius voice was as light as a fairy in the night sky, making many males demon bloodline surge.

The Black Dragon Envoy suddenly soared into the sky from the palanquin and stared straight at Hu Jiujiu on the city tower.

“As expected of a petite person.” The Black Dragon Envoy licked his lips.

“No problem.

If youre willing to submit to me, Ill cripple your cultivation and spare your life.

You can follow me and be my maidservant.”

Hu Jiujiu covered her face and replied gently, “Im afraid the Lord Envoy doesnt have that ability.”

“Hahahaha!” The Black Dragon Envoy laughed and looked up at the sky.

“Im only one step away from the Formation Arrangement Realm.

One hand is enough to deal with you little demons.

What guts do you have to say that Im not strong enough”

He shouted and rushed in front of Hu Jiujiu.

The two of them were only ten meters away from each other.

Hu Jiujiu stared at the Black Dragon Envoy without showing any weakness.

Although the Black Dragon Envoys aura was long, it did not scare her at all.

“I didnt expect the Black Dragon Envoy to only be at the peak of the Spirit Transformation realm.

Theres no need for you to be so arrogant.”

“Only” The Black Dragon Envoy flew in front of Hu Jiujiu as if he had heard a huge joke.

He stretched out a slender finger and gently tapped Hu Jiujius chin.

“Beauty, do you know how stupid your words are If it were anyone else, they would have crushed you into meat paste with one hand.”

“Is that so Then why dont you give it a try” Hu Jiujiu laughed softly.

It was like the most seductive tease, making the Black Dragon Envoy unable to calm down.

“Such a pity for this piece of skin.

If you were more sensible, I could have begged him to spare your life.

But now, it seems like you dont want your life anymore.”

As the Black Dragon Envoy spoke, he suddenly retreated.

He had come with an order today.

He could not rely on his own pride.

He looked at the time in the night sky and muttered to himself, “Its about time.

Why havent you appeared”

Li Yuanqing guarded the gate of the City Lord Manor like a lifeless black shadow.

No one paid attention to him or looked over.

“Thats right.”

Li Yuanqing muttered some strange words.

No one knew what he meant.


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