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The humans and demons were in a deadlock outside the City Lord Manor.

No one could take a step forward.

Hu Jiujiu had the protection of the guards and many humans.

Those demons could not threaten her life.

However, it was a huge problem for the security of Ping City if there was always such a flower demon outside.

However, that thing was escaping at an astonishing speed.

It would be difficult for them to capture it in a short period of time.

This became a problem.

“City Lord, although theyve left now, Im afraid their patience wont last long.

Many of them are interfering.

I think we should send more people to find this flower demon.”

After forcing the demons outside back, Minglun looked much more tired.

As a demon, he was now sandwiched between the demons and the City Lord.

It was not good for him to be on either side.

It would be fine if the days were peaceful.

They would still be able to gain something.

However, if things were to become chaotic now, the security of the entire city would become worse, and the lives of his subordinates would be threatened.

Many of his subordinates were considering whether they should resign.

Like the others, they wanted to leave this place while they still had the time.

It had to be said that the security in Ping City was really too bad now.

This was why many people wanted to retreat.

Although Minglun was very tired, he was helpless.

His brothers could retreat now and perhaps find a good place outside the wastelands to seek refuge, but he could not.

“Well discuss the flower demon at length.

Youve all worked hard during this period of time.

Let your brothers go back and rest well.

In any case, she only comes out at night.

Let your brothers cheer up at night.”

“However, City Lord, this is the critical moment of officially capturing the flower demon.

If everyone finds out that we still have time to rest, will we…” Minglun was very worried.

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However, Hu Jiujiu seemed to not care at all.

She patted his shoulder gently to comfort him.

“Its fine.

There will be some progress with the flower demon sooner or later.

If you work too hard, even if you really encounter the flower demon, it wont be worth it if you dont have the strength to attack.”

Minglun was more or less touched by Hu Jiujius words.

The fellow demons outside could not wait for him to die.

They could not wait for him to be swallowed by the Flower Demon.

Instead, it was the City Lord who was concerned about him and could give him some comfort.

Minglun thought to himself that he had not chosen the wrong path back then.

That was why he had such a status now.

“Thank you for your concern, City Lord.

Our brothers have indeed been busy these past few days and dont have much time to rest.

We will definitely take down the Flower Demon tonight!”

“You can leave.

Ill leave the job of maintaining the peace in Ping City to you.

You cant tire yourself out as the captain.”

“Thank you for your concern, City Lord.

Ill take my leave then.”

After Minglun left, Hu Jiujiu did not stay any longer.

She flipped over the city wall and arrived at Li Yuanqings small courtyard not long after.


Hu Jiujiu and the Man-eating Vine stood beside Li Yuanqing.

“Even the protective array below cant accurately sense her location” Li Yuanqing said after some thought.

The Man-eating Vine replied, “I can only sense some of her aura sometimes, but her aura only exists for a while before disappearing.

I guess she might have used some concealment method or hid somewhere”

This peony flower demon indeed had some methods.

Even the protective array that was so sensitive could not accurately sense her location.

If they could accurately locate her, they would have captured her long ago.

However, it was troublesome now.

“Little Man, go there tonight.

According to her actions, she will definitely take action again tonight.”

“Yes, Master!” The Man-eating Vine agreed.

“If we encounter it on the ground, we will definitely be able to capture it immediately.

She will definitely not be able to escape this time.”

In the past, the reason why she was allowed to escape every time was mainly because the Man-eating Vine was underground.

Although she had sensed a trace of aura, it had already disappeared before she could rush over.

He got the Man-eating Vine to set up on the ground and prepare in the area where the Peony Flower Demon was often active.

At that time, Li Yuanqing would take action and resolve this problem.

At night.

The streets were lively regardless of day or night.

There was a lot of joy and sadness here, but the sadness was forgotten, leaving only joy.

A tall young master in white was wandering the streets aimlessly.

He had just had a wonderful day and was coming out to find some joy.

Although there was some trouble in the city during the day, those things had nothing to do with him.

He guarded his small courtyard alone with the spirit stones he had earned.

After half a month of hard work, he had finally reached the next level.

He, who was already at the fourth-grade Spirit Transformation Realm, was now in high spirits.

He raised his head and puffed out his chest as he walked on the streets, looking imposing.

He muttered in his heart as he walked.

Now that he was already at the fourth-grade Spirit Transformation Realm, it would not be easy for him to advance anymore.

He felt that it was time to find a dual cultivation partner.

This way, he might be able to find a new opportunity.

As he thought about it, he walked around.

There were people coming and going on the streets.

There were humans and demons.

What kind of dual cultivation partner was suitable He could not find an answer now, nor was he sure.

He wanted to walk around and see for himself.

Perhaps he would encounter fate.

No one could be sure about such things.

Just as he was strolling around, a graceful figure suddenly barged into his vision.

This person, such a graceful person, had boldly barged into his world, making him unable to extricate himself.

The mans eyes were fixed in the direction of the alley.

A peerless beauty had clearly walked over there.

Who was that person Why was she there Why did she walk into that dark alley alone

The man swallowed his saliva and involuntarily walked towards the entrance of the alley, as if his soul had already belonged to someone else.

His footsteps were weak, his expression was blank, and he just walked.

He only knew to walk forward, as if all he knew and his goal in life was to walk into the alley.

The man walked into the alley and looked into the darkness.

He saw an enchanting figure.

This beautiful person was standing in the alley like a holy maiden.

Her eyes were shining with a charming light.

Her weak body was like an enchanting vine.

“Come on.”

Such a voice echoed in the mans ears.

His body involuntarily leaned towards the woman, taking one step at a time.

The woman stretched out her hands and opened her arms to welcome the man.

The man walked straight into the womans arms without looking back.

His arms were curved around her.

However, what the man did not see was that behind his neck, those graceful hands had already turned into two thorny vines that were firmly wrapped around his neck.


A delicate roar interrupted the womans actions.

The woman suddenly looked up in the direction of the alley.

At some point, a petite girl had appeared.

The girl looked at her angrily with a fierce expression.

“Oh, whats wrong Sister, did you like this guy If thats the case, its not impossible for me to give him to you, right”

The woman smiled and walked towards the Man-eating Vine seductively.

Her waist swayed with every step she took, looking as gentle as water.

The man was already bewitched.

He leaned against the wall in a daze and did not move.

His eyes were still filled with stars, and he looked like he was infatuated.

He had yet to wake up.

The Peony Flower Demon was not in a hurry.

She saw that her good deed had been disturbed by the Man-eating Vine, but she did not look angry at all.

She only walked towards the Man-eating Vine very kindly.

The man-eating vine did not say anything.

She only stared at the peony flower demon warily.

This flower demons cultivation was stronger than her.

The peony flower demon walked gracefully to the man-eating vine and sized it up.

She called out, “Little sister, I see that youre very talented.

Why dont you follow me Ill protect you in the future.

As long as I can absorb your vitality, youll definitely have a share.”

The Man-eating Vine licked her lips and looked greedily at the Peony Flower Demon.

“I still prefer to find my own prey.

That way, no one will fight me for it.”

“In that case, its fine if you want this person.

Since you like him so much, Ill give him to you.” As the peony flower demon spoke, she really moved aside and stood at the side, looking at the man-eating vine with a smile.

“Sister, go boldly.

This persons body is filled with vitality.

If you can absorb this person, I guarantee that you can break through another realm.”

The peony flower demon was very enthusiastic, as if she was really willing to give this person to the Man-eating Vine.

However, the man-eating vine did not move.

She just looked at her quietly.

“Whats wrong, little girl Dont you trust me” The flower demon covered her mouth and chuckled.

“I see that youre very scheming at such a young age.

I gave it to you wholeheartedly, but you didnt believe me.

Im so disappointed.”

The Man-eating Vine looked at her disdainfully and smiled.

“Good sister, Im not interested in this thing you like.

The thing Im really interested in is in front of me.

I wont go anywhere else.”

As soon as the Man-eating Vine said this, the Peony Flower Demons face immediately darkened.

Initially, both sides were still smiling and polite, but in the blink of an eye, the atmosphere in the alley turned completely cold.

It was as if the air here had truly turned cold after the emotional change between the two of them.

It was as if the air had fallen by more than ten degrees.

The surrounding dew slowly froze into ice.

The limbs of the man behind froze, but he could not move at all.

He still looked at the peony flower demon with dizzy eyes.

“Sister, youre young, yet your tone is so arrogant.

You actually said such things to me.

Do you know how Ive lived for so many years”

“Peony Flower Demon, I dont care how youve lived for so many years.

Im under orders to capture you and bring you to justice.

No matter what, you have to return with me today.

If you dare to disobey, I can only take your life on behalf of Master.” The Man-eating Vine spoke methodically.

“Master” The peony flower demon looked at her disdainfully.

“Its you scum of the demon race that caused us demons to fall into such a situation.

Youre willing to sell your souls and worship the human race for a little benefit”

“Thats still better than a demon like you.”

“That depends on whether you have the ability!”

As the peony flower demon spoke, she suddenly disappeared like air.

Her clothes fell to the ground.

Seeing that there was nothing in front of it, the Man-eating Vine suddenly roared and retreated.

The moment the man-eating vine retreated, a thick vine extended out from the empty space under her feet.

The vine suddenly stabbed forward.

If the Man-eating Vine had been standing on the spot just now, it would have been split into two.

The Man-eating Vine was not in a hurry.

It was enough to stall for a while.

The peony flower demon looked at the man-eating vine in confusion.

This little fellow had spoken fiercely just now, but now that she had attacked, she did not retaliate at all.

Instead, she sealed the path beside her, as if she was really afraid that she would escape.

The difference in strength between the two sides was clearly so great, but this little girl was not afraid at all and still wanted to pester her.

She was wasting her spiritual power like this just to seal her escape route.

If she delayed any longer, she would die.

The peony flower demon was puzzled.

She did not know why the Man-eating Vine was courting death.

“Do you have a death wish”

“Im alive and well.

Why do I have a death wish”

“I dont care what tricks you play, but since youve touched me, your tricks are useless!”

The peony flower demons body suddenly expanded like a balloon and instantly turned into a green flower bud.

The green flower bud was wrapped in leaves.

After expanding to its maximum size, the flower suddenly exploded, and endless leaves shot in all directions.

The power of the explosion was extremely huge, and it immediately attracted many peoples attention.

They gathered on the high wall in the distance and looked over.

“What is this”

“Isnt this the peony flower demon”

“Thats right.

Such strength and such a powerful aura.

This feeling is definitely that peony flower demon!”

“Whos the person standing opposite the peony flower demon Ive never seen her before.”

“It looks like another demon, but how can these two demons fight each other”

“Who knows Brothers, attack.

We cant let her escape this time!”


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