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Outside the City Lord Manor.

The two humans sneakily stuck their heads out and looked over.

“Fourth Brother, is Big Brother really planning to move out again That damn place outside is not a place for humans.”

A young human sat at the side and complained.

The boy who was poking his head out retracted his head and sat by the wall.

He shouted at his brother, “What do you know Big Brother is doing this for our sake.”

“I know its for our sake, but even if the demons snatch this place back, they will still give us a way out, right”

“Bullsh*t!” The older boys face turned red with anger.

“You brat, you dont know anything.

These demons kill people like flies and dont even blink when they eat children.

If you want to live here, you can live here yourself.

Anyway, Im going with Big Brother.”

When the child heard his fourth brothers words, he immediately panicked.

He came up and tugged at his fourth brothers sleeve.

“Fourth Brother, dont be angry.

I was just saying it casually.

I was just thinking that it wasnt easy for us to escape from that damn place and come to such a good place.

If we go back, how aggrieved would we be…”

“Just be happy in secret.

Its already the greatest blessing to be able to survive here.

At this time, dont think about living comfortably.

Stop talking nonsense and watch obediently.”

While the two brothers were monitoring here, their gazes landed on the door of the City Lord Manor.

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A graceful figure suddenly walked out of the open door of the City Lord Manor.

A group of people was waiting quietly outside the City Lord Manor.

Minglun was waiting at the door with a white horse.

Hu Jiujiu walked out of the main entrance and climbed onto the white horse.

At the entrance, many people were waiting.

They surrounded the entrance and shouted their slogans.

“City Lord, you cant go!”

“City Lord, please think twice!”

“City Lord!” There were even people who rushed out of the crowd and knelt in front of Hu Jiujiu.

“You have to think carefully.

Even if its not for the sake of the citizens in the city, even if its for your own safety, cant you consider it more”

This scene moved everyone.

Even though the news in the city was spreading like wildfire and everyone knew that Hai Changpings motive this time was not simple, Hu Jiujiu was still determined.

It was unknown if Hu Jiujiu was obsessed or something, but she used to be a very wise City Lord.

But now, she was actually blinded by such a stupid move.

It really made people wonder if she had been bewitched by something.

Everyone was very suspicious now.

If that wasnt the case, it would be very difficult to explain Hu Jiujius current behavior logic.

This was their last resort.

If this idea did not work, they would have no choice but to move out.

However, this was originally the territory of the demons.

They had only occupied their territory.

It seemed reasonable for them to give up this place again.

Hu Jiujiu got off the horse and took a step forward.

She slowly dragged the old man up and looked at him with a smile.

“Grandpa, why are you so worried Im just going for a while.

Ill be back soon.”

The old man held Hu Jiujius hands and tried his best to dissuade her.

“City Lord, Hai Changping wants to trick you over.

Do you know that at this moment, there are already countless demons outside who are starting to think about Ping City As long as you leave, they will immediately rush over.

At that time, wouldnt it be too late to regret”

However, Hu Jiujiu acted as if she did not understand the old mans words.

She still looked at the old man with a smile and said, “Old man, youre thinking too much.

Ill just bring a few subordinates over this time.

Captain Minglun will still stay behind to guard Ping City.

As long as Captain Minglun is here, nothing will happen to Ping City.”

“City Lord…”

“Old man, dont think too much.

Everyone is at ease.

There wont be any trouble if we stay here.”

As Hu Jiujiu spoke, she left the old man here again.

She jumped onto the back of the horse and the horse team of the City Lord Manor galloped away.

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Everyone watched as Hu Jiujiu left the City Lord Manor.

Hu Jiujiu rushed towards the west city gate without any hesitation.

After Hu Jiujiu left, there was an undercurrent in Ping City.

Many people had already begun to take action.

The two brothers, who were originally observing outside the broken wall, had completely lost hope like many humans.

“What should we do now Is there really no way at all The City Lord probably just cant figure it out for the time being.

I think the City Lord wont be so stupid.

She must have her own plans, right She must have her own plans.

She cant be wrong!”

The little guy still had a trace of hope.

No one wanted to give up after living such a miserable life in the underground world for so long.

However, sometimes, things were just so cruel.

You didnt want to give up, yet you couldnt do anything about it.

Hu Jiujiu was exactly as the others had said.

She had sold out all the humans.

If they did not leave quickly now, they would probably be blocked here and could not go anywhere.

Fourth Brother punched the wall and gritted his teeth.

“Forget it.

Anyway, theres such a big world waiting for us outside.

Well think of a way when we get outside.

However, theres no need to be too discouraged.

In my opinion, its not a big problem!”

“But Fourth Brother, life outside is too tough.

I dont want to go back.”

“Whats the use of not going back We cant stay here anymore.

If we go out early, we might be able to find a good place.

Big Brother is quite far-sighted.

Big Brother definitely has a way.

We dont have to think too much now.

Lets go back and tell Big Brother.”

Similar to the two brothers, there were many people in Ping City who had decided to leave because of Hu Jiujius choice.

More than half of Ping City was filled with humans.

Other than some who planned to leave, most of them gathered together and formed their own alliance.

They wanted to stay here together and resist the invasion of the demons.

This was a very important opportunity for them.

As long as they could survive this crisis, they would be able to sit here firmly in the future.

Moreover, many people treated this matter as an important opportunity.

If Hu Jiujiu really betrayed the human race, then the human race would naturally have a chance to elect a true City Lord.

In the entire Ping City, the current human race was definitely qualified to have their own City Lord.

The reason why they still supported Hu Jiujiu was because Hu Jiujiu was still on the side of the human race.

The remaining demons also began to take action.

“Hurry up and inform the brothers outside.

They can come in now!”

“This Hu Jiujiu is really a fool.

Such a simple method can trick her away.

In my opinion, the brothers outside are really overthinking.”

“Hu Jiujiu is a little girl to begin with and doesnt have much ability.

In my opinion, its hard to say how she became the City Lord back then.”

“Hehehe, I think its because they cant control their little juniors.”

“I wouldnt dare say that, but who knows”

The group of little demons gathered together and smiled.

They had already suffered so much here.

Now, they could finally see the light of dawn.

As long as they persevered, they would be able to see hope of victory soon.

This was very precious to them.

“In the past, the entire Ping City was the world of us demons.

But now, not only do we have to share this world with these despicable humans, but we also have to submit to them.

This is not something we can accept!”

A sharp-faced demon with a huge head looked out the window viciously.

“Brother Monkey is right! Back then, we were so mighty.

Those humans werent even worthy of washing my feet! But now, theyve turned around.

Theyre so arrogant.

Theyre really despicable!”

“Its about time!”

Hu Jiujiu should have already left Ping City by now.


As they spoke, the few of them took action and leaped out one by one, leaving Ping City.

Within a hundred kilometers of Ping City, there were many demon tribes.

These people were originally guarding in the distance.

Their gathering spot was definitely not here.

However, in just a few days, dozens of tribes were stationed here.

There was no lack of seventh or eighth-stage Spirit Transformation experts.

At this moment, figures rushed out of Ping City and towards the demon tribes outside.

Most of the remaining demons in Ping City had been mobilized.

They were all gathered outside the city.

The demons who informed them did not want to get involved.

This matter had nothing to do with them.

After the main group arrived, it was not up to them to decide how to deal with the humans inside.

Their wisest plan now was to stay out of it and not get involved.

Although the humans of Ping City did not make a public announcement, they cooperated very tacitly and sealed the city walls of Ping City.

They set up various restrictions and arrays and threw everything they could use on them.

Their alliance had spared no effort to take out all their resources for this battle.

This was a battle they had to win.

This was a battle they had to defend their territory.

If they lost this time, then their human race would never have a place here again.

This was not an outcome they could accept.

“Boss, the eastern front is almost set up!”

“Boss, the northern line is almost set up!”

Just as they were preparing, they did not notice a strange person standing beside them.

This person looked very young.

His skin was fair, his body was light, and his appearance was very young.

No one would care about such a young man at such a critical moment.

Li Yuanqing looked at the humans on the city wall with satisfaction.

These compatriots did not disappoint him.

At the very least, they were still brave enough to stand up and bear their responsibility in the face of such danger.

This was already very commendable.

They knew that the forces outside the demons were many times larger than them, but under such circumstances, they could still stand here fully armed and wait to welcome their enemies.

Li Yuanqing was still very emotional.

It seemed like it had been a long time since he had felt such a magnificent feeling.

“Kid, which gang are you from What are you doing here”

Suddenly, someone looked at Li Yuanqing strangely.

After looking at him a few times and confirming that he did not know him, he went forward to ask.

Li Yuanqing smiled and replied, “Im not from any families.

Im alone.”

“A rogue cultivator” That person frowned slightly and sized up Li Yuanqing.

“You shouldnt stay here.

This is the frontline.

Its too dangerous.

Go to the back and take a look.

Find yourself something to do.”

Li Yuanqing was stunned for a moment before answering casually.


After giving his instructions, this person hurriedly left.

He still had many things to attend to outside.

He did not have time to waste with a brat.

Just as he left, a dark cloud suddenly pressed over from outside the city wall.

“Theyre here!”

“The demon army is here!”

“Full alert!”

“Strengthen the defense!”

With a series of shouts, the stalemate between the two sides officially began.

A battle was about to break out.

The demons moved almost at the same time, carrying unparalleled power as they crushed towards the formation.

This was indeed the same as the news they had received.

It was obvious that Hai Changping had colluded with the demons outside.

He was already prepared to lure their City Lord out and then defeat them one by one.

Everyone could think of such a trick, but Hu Jiujiu still fell for it so easily.

No one could help but think about the reason.

The demons stopped ten miles away from Ping City.

Their army filled the sky.

That terrifying and miserable laughter washed over their eardrums like an evil sound wave attack.

“Everyone inside, listen up.

As long as you surrender obediently now,” They shouted, “The Alliance Master of our Demon Alliance has already said that he can barely protect your lives.

We can still return to the era of harmony!”

The humans faces were tense as they stared at the demons.


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