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There was an empty space outside the City Lord Manor.

Two guards were digging holes and burying people.

“These humans are all stupid.

They should take a look at our City Lords background.

How dare they complain Theyre really tired of living.”

“Isnt that so What else do they want Do they still want Sea City to become a reality like Ping City All of them are dreaming.”

They could not help but spit as they threw the corpses inside.

These dead people were all humans.

Before they entered the City Lord Manor, they were still alive.

However, when they came out, they could only be carried out as they had become cold corpses.

Just as the two of them were burying the corpses they suddenly felt a chill.

“What the hell Why is the weather cold again”

The two of them rubbed their arms and were complaining when a cold-faced man stood behind them.

This man was Li Yuanqing.

Li Yuanqing stood behind the two of them with an unfriendly expression and slowly raised his hand.

Before the two guards could feel or even react, they felt a warm hand wrap around their skulls.

Then, the two of them rolled into the pit.

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“City Lord, the number of humans has decreased drastically.

Will Ping City have any objections”

Hai Changping sat leisurely with an incense burner hanging above his head.

Wisps of green smoke kept rising from the incense burner and circling his body.

“Theres nothing I can do about it.

I cant stop these people from leaving.

Ive already done what I promised Hu Jiujiu.

The rest is none of my business.”

Hai Changping was quite relaxed.

Although he was very sincere when he told Hu Jiujiu about it, he is no longer sincere now.

“Thats right, but if these humans go back and complain, Hu Jiujiu will probably…”

“Whats there to be afraid of She has already promised me.

Can she go back on her word now Besides, she definitely doesnt want to really fall out with us.

It wont be good for everyone.”

Hai Changping seemed to be very confident in himself and was not afraid at all.

However, just as he was saying this, two strong winds suddenly attacked from outside.

Hai Changping quickly raised his hand.

He stretched out his hands and the two corpses were torn apart like broken sacks.

The entire house was instantly covered in blood.

The flesh and blood were all hanging everywhere.

It was very terrifying.

After Hai Changping calmed down, he looked at the two heads in front of him in horror.

Werent these two his guards

“Who is it” Hai Changping suddenly chased after him and came to the windowsill.

He looked down and saw a row of demon corpses hanging on the city gate.

These demons were all powerful people.

They had even appeared at many demon meetings.

However, they had all turned into corpses and were hanging here.

“Who did it” Hai Changping exclaimed.

The people hanging on it were all experts of the demon race, all of them famous people.

However, at this moment, their corpses were actually hung here, and it was even hung above his City Lord Manor.

“Hurry up and take them all down.

What should we do” Hai Changping called out anxiously, but at this moment, he turned around and saw a beautiful person standing behind him.

The Man-eating Vine grinned at him.

“City Lord Hai, these are gifts from our master.

Our master said that you promised City Lord Hu to make the races in Sea City equal.” The smile on the Man-eating Vines face was so terrifying.

“However, something seems to have happened recently.

Our master saw that the City Lord was very busy so he helped the City Lord punish them.”

“What do you mean Who is your master These are all people from Sea City.

How can you attack them”


Hai Changping was about to shout when an inexplicable terrifying pressure suddenly pressed down on his heart.

His voice became softer and softer.

He looked around nervously, but he did not even see a figure.

That person had not appeared at all, but he was already able to use his suppression to suppress him.

Hai Changping knew that the difference in strength between him and that person was worlds apart.

He swallowed and hurriedly changed his expression.

“Miss, who is your master Im really grateful if you can help me!”

The man-eating vine nodded in satisfaction and said to him, “Our master said that these people will hang here and not be allowed to move for half a month.

Do you understand”

Hai Changping felt terrible.

These were his brothers, his comrades-in-arms.

They were hung on his city tower and would not be allowed to move for half a month.

Wasnt this forcing him to take a side What would the demons outside think when they saw this They would treat him as a traitor and an enemy.

In the future, no demon would dare to attack humans in Sea City.

However, Hai Changping had no choice.

What could he do when facing such a powerful opponent

“Great Immortal, dont worry! I will definitely protect this place according to your instructions.”


I hope you mean what you say.

Ill get going.”

As the man-eating vine spoke, she jumped onto the roof and jumped down in a flash.

She seemed to have jumped away from the tall building.

After she left, the inexplicable pressure disappeared.

Hai Changping sat on the ground as if he was exhausted and heaved a sigh of relief.

“City Lord, are you alright”

“Hurry up and give the order.

From now on, no one is allowed to harm the human race in the city.

Do you hear me”

“City Lord…”

“Hurry up and order them!”

[City Lord Manor of Sea City, you have signed in successfully! Reward received!]

[Reward 1: 100 Divine Origin Pills.]

[Reward Two: Sea City Domain Fragment.]

“Choose Reward Two.”

[Domain fragment has been delivered.]

Li Yuanqing happily watched as his domain expanded again.

It was indeed a treasure land in Sea City.

Ever since he came here, he had collected a lot of things, especially the last time he was in the Holy Cavern.

He had obtained thousands of square kilometers of domain fragments at once.

This was a very, very large area.

This small piece paled in comparison to back then.

Li Yuanqing had already bought enough things.

Although the space was huge, it still looked a little cramped.

Now that it had expanded more than twice, he could not stop thinking about it.

He needed to find some more things to put in.

The domain before him was becoming more and more like a real world.

There were snakes, insects, rats, ants, and all kinds of ferocious beasts growing here.

The plants inside were also becoming more and more complete, becoming more and more similar to the world he used to live in.

“Master, this place is really beautiful.” The Man-eating Vine suddenly sighed.

She had always lived here and did not feel anything, but now that there were suddenly some changes, it actually made her eyes light up.

A fat carp that was hundreds of feet long suddenly turned around in the huge lake in the center of the domain.

The huge waves that were raised surged to both sides, causing the domain to become lively.

Li Yuanqing left in satisfaction.

It seemed like he would have to wander around Sea City for a while longer.

This place was huge and there were many benefits to signing in.

All of Li Yuanqings actions caused a huge commotion in the entire Sea City.

“What, even Mo Fengzhu is dead”

“Isnt that so Hes hanging there.”

“The Patriarchs of the few demon clans in Sea City have all died.

What should we do”

“What should we do We should hurry up and run.

Sea City has already become like this.

In my opinion, it will sooner or later become like Ping City and Rong City.

If we stay here, we will die sooner or later!”

“But weve lived here our entire lives, and our ancestors are all here.

How can we run”

“Why arent you running Youll be the one hanging on the city tower tomorrow.

I cant stay here anymore!”

For a moment, all the demons in Sea City were in danger.

They did not know when they would face such an outcome.

These seniors had died too tragically.

Originally, these people were all figures who were powerful in Sea City.

But now, they were hanging on the city tower like tattered sacks.

Moreover, no one dared to go up and take them down.

Hai Changping had even specially sent guards to guard the side.

Anyone who wanted to go up and put the corpse down would immediately be captured.

It was very clear that Hai Changping was the one who did this.

Hai Changping had hung the people here.

Hai Changping had already betrayed the demons.

“We should invite Patriarch Zhang! Patriarch Zhang will definitely have a way to get rid of the City Lord and return Sea City to true peace!”

“Thats right.

Patriarch Zhang, where is he at this time”

They could no longer find Zhang Tianwen.

The Zhang family could not find Zhang Tianwen either.

“Patriarch… Patriarch, he hasnt appeared for a few days.

Perhaps hes in seclusion”

Everyone who could stand up in Sea City had disappeared, leaving only this foreseeable future.

After Li Yuanqing turned Sea City upside down, he strolled around leisurely.

He basically searched the entire place.

Anything interesting and useful here was brought into his domain.

However, it did not take long for him to visit all the markets in Sea City.

Even though the things here were treasures, with Li Yuanqings huge wealth, he had almost bought them all.

Although there were still many demons who wanted to attack him one last time, these small fries were easily dealt with by Li Yuanqing.

Li Yuanqing had also made a few good friends.

These were all demons who were born and raised here.

They were well-informed and were useful to him.

“What fish”

“Its hard to say.

In any case, this fish is very delicious.

I only obtained one by chance back then.

I carefully tasted the meat and it was very delicious.

However, its not easy to obtain it as it grew in a very dangerous place.”

Li Yuanqing was immediately interested.

He felt that the situation was vaguely familiar.

“What does that fish look like”

“How should I put it It wasnt big in size.

Its only the length of an arm, but its very fat.

There are some fish bones, so just pay attention.”

“Where was it born Could you tell me”

The shopkeeper looked at Li Yuanqing in confusion and warned, “Brother, Ill tell you the truth.

That place is very dangerous.

Ordinary people dont dare to go over.

Why are you looking for trouble there”

“This is really important to me.

Ive always liked taking risks.

Now that theres such a good opportunity, I naturally wont miss it.

I hope you can fulfill my wish.”

Seeing that Li Yuanqing was so sincere, the boss could only tell the truth.

“Its in the Sea River in the north.

There are many fish growing there.

There are many kinds of fish, but its too dangerous.

There are also many demon beasts living there.”

Although it was a little strange for a demon to say this, it was indeed reasonable.

The biggest difference between demons and ordinary demon beasts in the Wilderness was that they were born with an enlightened mind.

However, those demons chose a huge body and gave up on the enhancement in intelligence.

Therefore, most of them were very brave but simple-minded.

Even they, the demon race, could not deal with these demon beasts.

That was why the Sea River was called a very dangerous place.

If not for the sake of survival, no one would dare to go there.

Most of them were outlaws.

After Li Yuanqing asked carefully, he memorized the detailed address.

The shopkeeper did not know what to say when he saw how excited Li Yuanqing was.

“Brother, youve spent a lot of spirit stones on me.

I see that youre a sentimental person, so Ill say a few more words to you.

That place is really dangerous.

If youre alone, Im afraid its dangerous.

If you really cant do it, find a hunting team to follow you.”

“A hunting team”

“Dont you know Every once in a while, some people will form teams in Sea City and go to the Sea River to hunt wantonly.

They will obtain some materials and sell them.

This is also why there are so many treasures in Sea City.

Its because of this Sea River.”

Li Yuanqing had no intention of teaming up with others.

He felt that he could handle this danger.

However, in order not to show it so obviously, he still asked very politely, “Then I really have to find out more.”

Li Yuanqing pretended to be stupid and was about to leave when he was stopped by the boss.

“Brother, if youre interested, I can introduce you to one.

Their leader is a fifth-stage Spirit Transformation Realm expert.

His strength is not bad.”

Li Yuanqing laughed and said, “Hes quite strong, but I havent thought of when to go yet.

Ill definitely come back to find you when Ive made up my mind.

Thank you!”

“Its okay.

Weve already done so many business deals.

I should give you this information.”

The shopkeeper suddenly leaned towards Li Yuanqing and said, “If someone from Ping City comes in the future, you have to help me testify.

Im very friendly to the human race.”

“Its a deal.”


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