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The two demon leaders were about to fall out.

The two of them had been talking nicely, but they both had ulterior motives and were not satisfied with each others arrangements.

The humans in the City Lord Manor looked quietly at the two huge beasts outside through the huge defensive barrier.

The voices of these two fellows sounded like loudspeakers that had been magnified hundreds of times.

It was difficult not to hear them.

“City Lord, City Lord, where are you”

They looked at the horizon, but they felt that there was no hope.

The human race was about to collapse.

“If the City Lord is smart, she should leave with that lord now.

As long as shes alive, our human race will have a trace of hope.

Moreover, theres still a Sword Immortal in Ping City that the demons cant deal with.

Everyone will definitely survive.”

“Thats right.

The City Lord must go to Ping City now and not come back.

Rong City is gone.”

They had long lost all hope.

In the battle with the demons, they were completely unable to fight back.

After the arrival of these two huge Overlords, the situation was completely one-sided.

Originally, there were still exchanges between the two sides, but there was no suspense now.

They were already the losing side.

If they continued to struggle like this, they would only see more of their brothers die.

However, at this moment, a beautiful figure suddenly appeared in the sky.

The lonely figure hung in the sky, sandwiched between the two huge creatures.

She was as small as an ant.

“City Lord, its the City Lord!”

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“The City Lord is back!”

“The City Lord is stupid.

Its already like this.

Dont come back!”

“Quickly open the defense and let the City Lord in.”

The shouts of the humans in the inner city resounded.

Some of them were in despair, and some were happy.

However, they were helpless.

As long as they regained some rationality, they would not think that Ye Qiluos return could affect the current situation.

The two huge beasts who were arguing were suddenly interrupted.

They were a little unhappy and looked at Ye Qiluo, who was stuck in the middle.

Suddenly, they seemed to have an idea.

“Get out.

Rong City is the territory of the human race.

No one is allowed to destroy this place!”

Ye Qiluos aura had reached its peak.

Her clothes fluttered in the wind, and there were countless waves around her.

Those who were close could even hear the sound of waves beside Ye Qiluo.

However, Ye Qiluos voice did not attract the attention of the two huge creatures.

The two of them did not pay attention to Ye Qiluo at all.

Instead, they were still looking at each other.

“Big Worm, I think neither of us is convinced by the other.

Why dont we have a competition”

Long Tianzun looked at Tarzan suspiciously.

“What do you want”

Tarzan stretched out his huge claws and pointed at the tiny Ye Qiluo.

“A big worm like you cant defeat me.

Ill give you a chance now.

The two of us will compete.

Whoever kills this human girl first will be the City Lord of Rong City and can take away the treasures in the inner city.

What do you think”

This was a very good suggestion.

Long Tianzun was very tempted.

Just as Tarzan had said, according to past battles, if the two of them fought, Long Tianzun would not have won much.

It was already very flattering to say that he lost more than he won.

It was really difficult to win here with this bloodline suppression.

However, Long Tianzuns speed was very shocking.

If it was such a competition, he would have the upper hand.

The snakes eyes darted between Tarzan and Ye Qiluo a few times.

He did not know what this big monkey was thinking.

Logically speaking, if Tarzan were to continue like this, Long Tianzun would have to give up some benefits.

However, since Tarzan could make such a foolish request, there was no reason for Long Tianzun to refuse.

“Alright, stinky monkey, you said it!”


Tarzan looked at Long Tianzun calmly.

“Dont worry.

Im not like you whos so petty.

Ill keep your word.

Since youre ready, lets begin.”

A cunning glint flashed in Tarzans eyes, as if he was secretly smug that his scheme had succeeded.

However, at this moment, a voice suddenly exploded in their ears, causing them to look up.

“Who allowed you to do such a competition”

Li Yuanqings figure landed on the heads of the two huge creatures.

He looked quietly at the two fellows below, and the people below looked up at him.

Ye Qiluo did not expect Li Yuanqing to still be here.

“Young Master Li, arent you on the way to Ping City now Dont worry about me.

Leave quickly!” Ye Qiluo shouted at Li Yuanqing at the top of her lungs.

Tarzan looked coldly at Li Yuanqing in the sky.

Li Yuanqings appearance just now had shocked him.

He thought that someone important had arrived.

He did not expect that an ordinary human would dare to be arrogant here.

It was really infuriating.

“I thought some big shot came, but it was another one who came to die.”

“Lets get rid of this guy first.

How about we start the competition later”

“Its fine.

Lets put aside the competition for now.

I must pull out this kids tendons and see how this little bastard can speak so loudly!”

As Tarzan spoke, he raised his huge claws high and grabbed Li Yuanqing above his head.

Although this palm strike looked ordinary, the thick spiritual energy wrapped around his palm formed a thick armor.

This layer of armor condensed together and protected his palm very tightly.

No sharp weapon could break it.

These were just Tarzans thoughts.

Li Yuanqing did not seem to move, but an unbelievable scene appeared.

A huge monkey palm fell from the sky and landed on the defensive barrier of the inner city.

As soon as the palm fell, the powerful spiritual energy that erupted from it cracked the defense barrier of the inner city.

However, Li Yuanqing continued to stand in the sky like nothing had happened.

He was like a god, motionless.

Tarzan looked at Li Yuanqing in the sky in horror.

He could not imagine how Li Yuanqing had done it.

He had already used half of his strength to slap this fellow to death just now, but his palm had been cut off for no reason.


A furious roar that resounded through the sky came from Tarzans bloody mouth and spread out.

His voice was as loud as a sound wave, causing ones eardrums to tremble.

“Big Worm, what are you waiting for Hurry up and subdue this person!”

Tarzan did not stop after his failed attack.

Instead, he jumped up even more forcefully.

On the other hand, Long Tianzun did not dare to be negligent.

He waved his huge wings and his huge snake head also rushed towards Li Yuanqing to bite him.

His two sharp poisonous fangs flickered with a faint light.

Anyone who was touched by the poisonous fangs would be crushed into pieces.

The attacks of these two huge demon beasts were shocking enough.

However, Li Yuanqing was still standing there without moving.

Instead, a huge black sword appeared behind him.

The huge black sword soared into the sky the moment it appeared.

It transformed into an illusion that was about a thousand feet long.

The moment this illusion appeared, the two feudal lords attacks were about to arrive.

The huge black sword in the sky waved horizontally and vertically, as if it was cutting vegetables.

After this moment, the entire world fell silent.

Everyone was stunned.

They did not realize what had happened.

However, the two extremely ferocious demon beasts in the sky had already disappeared.

The two powerful vicious beasts that were alive just now had already been split into two corpses that were scattered miserably on the ground.

When their corpses fell, they even smashed countless demons to death.

These demons were still cheering just now and had no time to escape.

The situation was reversed in an instant.

The demons thought that victory was in sight, but they did not expect that the two leading kings would be killed in an instant, and they, the rotten fish and prawns, could not counterattack at all.

The humans were also dumbfounded.

They did not expect the City Lord to have invited such a powerful helper.

This helper was like a demon god in the sky.

“Sword Immortal!”

It was unknown who suddenly shouted.

Immediately after, the entire inner city was filled with shouts for the Sword Immortal.

“Sword Immortal!”

“Its the Sword Immortal.

Hes here to save us!”

“Sword Immortal!”

The cheers in the inner city surged out like a tsunami, scaring the demons outside until they lost their courage.

Ye Qiluo stared blankly at Li Yuanqing, who was standing in the sky with his hair messed up by the wind.

He stood there like a god.

No one could break through his defense because all the enemies who approached him had been wiped out.

Ye Qiluo had never expected Li Yuanqing to be so powerful.

Those two powerful lords were both at the peak of the Spirit Transformation realm.

Only they had the guts to fight for Rong City.

However, two people at the peak of the Spirit Transformation realm were easily resolved by Li Yuanqings sword.

They were insta-killed.

What kind of person was this

Ye Qiluo had no answer in her heart, but she only had deep admiration and worship.

When the blood that filled the sky was clean, the barrier outside the inner city of the human race disappeared.

Under the lead of the human generals, they rushed out.

“Kill them!”

“Kill them all.

Dont let a single one go!”

The battle cries that filled the sky frightened all the demons.

The demons no longer had any thoughts of resisting.

They only cared about escaping.

It was already an extravagant hope for them to be able to escape after their boss died.

The pursuit of the humans was still ongoing.

It was already over.

However, someone noticed that when the sky regained its clarity, Li Yuanqing, who was originally in the sky like a demon god, had already disappeared.

“Sword Immortal Where did the Sword Immortal go”

They kept searching, but they could no longer find Li Yuanqing.

In a narrow room inside the City Lord Manor.

Ye Qiluo looked at Li Yuanqing in a daze.

“Young Master Li, you…”

Although Ye Qiluo felt that Li Yuanqing was related to the Sword Immortal, she was not too sure.

She only felt that there was a high chance that Li Yuanqing was the pure disciple of the Sword Immortal.

His strength was also obtained from the many true teachings of the Sword Immortal.

However, after seeing this scene today, Ye Qiluo seemed to have confirmed in her heart that Li Yuanqing was the Sword Immortal.

If the powerful pressure emitted from his body was not the Sword Immortal, then there would probably be no Sword Immortal in this world.

The powerful pressure left behind after he released that sword, as well as the dense sword intent revealed within, were all shocking.

This Sword Dao was only the Sword Dao of a Sword Immortal.

After Li Yuanqing killed the two lords, he called Ye Qiluo here.

The matters outside no longer had anything to do with him.

“There was a moment just outside the city when I wanted to leave.” Li Yuanqing looked at Ye Qiluo and suddenly said this.

Ye Qiluo stared blankly at Li Yuanqing, her mind seemingly forgetting how to think.

“When was that”

Li Yuanqing shrugged and replied, “When you stopped, I thought you were going to escape.

If you turn around and escape, I will definitely leave without looking back.”

Ye Qiluo smiled bitterly and looked at Li Yuanqing.

“If Rong City is gone, then I have nothing left.

Theres no point in living.

I can only live and die with Rong City.”

Li Yuanqing looked at Ye Qiluo in admiration and said, “Its your spirit of death that makes me feel that Rong City can still be saved, so I stayed.”

Ye Qiluo looked at Li Yuanqing in confusion.

The powerful strength that Li Yuanqing had displayed just now still made her feel dizzy.

Her brain had yet to recover.

The usually calm and decisive Saintess had disappeared, leaving only a little fan of the Sword Immortal.

“Youre really the Sword Immortal.”

Li Yuanqing said noncommittally, “It doesnt matter if Im a Sword Immortal or not.

However, I believe that no demon will dare to invade Rong City in the near future.

I hope that our Saintess can lead the human race to prosper again.”

“What kind of Saintess am I With my strength, I can only ask for help everywhere.”

“Being the Saintess is your responsibility.

You showed me that you were determined to shoulder that responsibility.

I hope you wont disappoint me.”

“Sword Immortal, can you stay Sword Immortal.”

Ye Qiluo suddenly pounced on Li Yuanqing, wanting to ask him to stay.

However, when Ye Qiluo looked up, there was no one in front of her.

The room was empty, and she was the only one left.


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