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On the other hand, Li Yuanqing left Rong City after killing the two demon lords.

It was easy to settle the remaining demons in Rong City.

Although there were many demons inside, most of them were like headless flies.

They did not have any capable organizers who could not stand out.

Those demons who could escape took the advantage to run in the chaos.

Those who could not escape wanted to find a place to hide.

However, the humans had already explored most of these places.

Most of the demons had been successfully found.

Rong City had indeed changed.

The humans of Rong City were all immersed in the joy of victory.

They cheered the name of the Sword Immortal over and over again.

They did not expect that the Sword Immortal who only existed in the legends of Ping City would actually appear in their Rong City and save the humans here.

“Sword Immortal!”

The humans gathered on the city wall and shouted at the high wall of the inner city.

Ye Qiluo appeared in the sky above the City Lord Manor and looked at the people below quietly.

“City Lord, where is the Sword Immortal”

“City Lord, we must thank the Sword Immortal.”

“Without the Sword Immortal, there wouldnt be us now.”

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Ye Qiluo looked at them quietly and returned to her usual calmness.

“The Sword Immortal has already left.”

“What Why did the Sword Immortal leave We havent thanked him.”

“Where is the Sword Immortal now When will we see him again”

Facing the cries below, Ye Qiluo said to them solemnly, “The Sword Immortal doesnt want everyones gratitude.

The Sword Immortal told us to cheer up and revitalize our human race.

This is the best repayment everyone can give him.”

“Sword Immortal!”

“Sword Immortal!”

Three hundred miles away from Rong City, two demons were running in a sorry state.

“We finally escaped.

That guy is too ruthless.

He killed our two bosses at once.”

These were two apes.

They deliberately suppressed their bodies to a small size and used their fastest speed to leave Rong City as soon as possible, afraid that what happened in Rong City would implicate them again.

They had originally thought that they would definitely win this time with the two lords holding the fort.

However, who would have thought that such a powerful figure would appear halfway Didnt they say that there were no powerful humans in the human race

The two of them were both subordinates of Tarzan.

When Tarzan was killed by the humans, the two of them happened to be cleaning up the mess in the outer city.

Initially, no one wanted to clean up the mess.

However, it seemed like this was a blessing in disguise.

If not for the fact that the two of them were in the outer city, they would probably be as unlucky as their brothers.

“Stop talking and hurry up.

We should be the fastest.”

One of the apes had black fur and the other had gray fur.

The gray one looked at its brother thoughtfully, as if it had thought of something.

The black ape looked back.

The two of them were already running with all their might.

Moreover, their strengths were not bad and were fast enough.

The black apes eyes darted around, as if it had guessed what the gray ape wanted to say.

“Let me see.

Not many people are rushing back now.

And from the looks of it, many of them seem to have died.”

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The black ape recalled the bloody storm in Rong City when he had hurriedly looked back just now.

Many demons wanted to fly out, but they were all surrounded by the humans and suffered heavy casualties.

According to their calculations, only ten to twenty percent of their brothers could escape.

They were probably the first few to escape so quickly.

This was a heaven-sent opportunity.

The two apes hid in the small hill and rested for a while.

The two of them had made up their minds.

“I think this is a very good opportunity.

You saw it just now.

Boss has already been split into two.

It looks like he wont survive.

Its only right for us to take some of Bosss remaining treasures.”

“Thats right, the two of us have followed Boss for so many years and did his dirty work every day.

Theres no problem in splitting his assets to us.”

The two of them became more and more enthusiastic as they spoke.

They had completely convinced themselves.

They stood on the hill and looked west.

A few hundred miles farther and they would return to their lair.

Tarzans assets were still in the lair.

He had originally planned to completely transfer after this operation was successful, but he was just one step away.

Fortunately, Tarzan did not move his assets into the city in advance.

Otherwise, the two brothers would not be able to get anything.

After the two brothers finished discussing, they did not dare to stay any longer.

Many brothers probably had the same thoughts.

If the two of them did not hurry up, there might be trouble later.

“Lets go quickly.

If were late and were blocked at the door, there will be a fight later.

Its better to save trouble at this time.”

“Go, lets go quickly.”

After resting for a while, the two of them perked up and ran towards their nest.

After they left, a figure slowly appeared on the hill.

Li Yuanqing had been waiting here for a long time.

After watching the two of them discuss for a long time, Li Yuanqing chased after the demons after dealing with the two bosses.

These two waves of demons fled in two directions.

He chose this first because there were two fellows here who ran faster and quickly ran far away.

Li Yuanqing followed behind them.

These two Overlords had been plundering the underground world for many years.

There were many treasures hidden in their nests.

With these underlings around, Li Yuanqing did not have to worry about not being able to find their lair.

These guys would take the initiative to find all those treasures.

After walking west for about three to four hundred miles, a dark mountain suddenly appeared.

This mountain was different from the ones they had encountered before.

This mountain emitted a thick demonic aura.

The demonic aura was as thick as smoke and could not be dispersed.

When the two apes saw this mountain, they were obviously extremely happy.

Their already tired bodies sped up again and they ran forward.

Not long after, the two of them entered the mountain range.

Li Yuanqing slowly landed at the foot of the mountain and looked in the direction the two of them had left.

There was basically no one guarding Tarzans lair anymore.

Only a few random soldiers were guarding the house.

However, these brats did not have much strength and were easily dealt with by the two apes who had returned.

Those two fellows were ruthless enough to kill all their former brothers.

These little fellows still did not know what had happened.

They were greeting their two seniors when they were greeted by a cold blade.

Li Yuanqing followed the two of them to the mountainside without any obstructions.

Then, the two of them entered a dark cave.

Li Yuanqing continued to follow them in.

The entrance of the cave was a very wide passageway.

The passageway was brightly lit, and it was unknown where it led to.

“Brother, lets take out all these treasures later.

Well find a place outside to split them slowly.

Dont drag it out too long otherwise the others will rush back, alright”

The two apes were walking when they suddenly stopped halfway and made a final confirmation.

The other ape said impatiently, “Alright, lets do that.

We can do anything later.

As long as we survive, its better than anything.”

“Im relieved to hear that.

All thats left is the last door.”

After walking for a short distance, the passageway began to slope downwards.

There were still many forks in it.

Li Yuanqing was not lost because of the two of them.

These forks looked similar.

The two of them skillfully brought Li Yuanqing deep into the hinterlands of the mountain range.

It seemed to have descended another few hundred meters.

He felt that he had already reached the bottom of the mountain.

A dark door suddenly appeared in front of the two monkeys.

The two of them slowly pushed the door open and a wide bedroom was seen.

Although it was called a bedroom, it was too huge.

A stone bed that was a hundred meters long was placed on the ground.

It was still smooth and was used by Tarzan as his bed.

Moreover, this huge rock was cut out from a mountain range.

Not only was the surface very smooth, but it also contained ores that faintly emitted spiritual energy.

There was a smaller door on the other side of the bedroom.

The two apes skillfully crossed the bed and ran towards the small door.

The small door was covered by a faint layer of spiritual energy.

The two of them wanted to open it immediately, but they were repelled by the array formation set up on it.

“The array formation on this is too strong.

The two of us need to join forces.

Dont save your energy at this time.

Take this thing down in one go.”

“Just do it.

Theres no need to say so much.”

As the two of them spoke, they attacked together.

Two bright pillars of light appeared in their hands and poured into the small door.

Beads of sweat appeared on their foreheads.

They had not used much strength in the fight just now, but now, they had spent a lot of effort.

However, this was all because of the treasures in the room.

This was their future.

As long as they opened this door and took away all the treasures inside, the two of them would be able to evolve into existences like Tarzan.

At the thought of how bright the future was, the two apes worked even harder.

However, the two of them did not notice that two meters behind them, a person was standing quietly and watching the two of them work hard.

Li Yuanqing looked at the two of them impatiently.

Although these two fellows were strong, the restriction on the door was still there.

At their speed, it would probably take a while to break through.

Li Yuanqing could not wait any longer.

“Why dont I help you”

The sudden sound made the two apes hair stand on end.

The two of them subconsciously jumped to the sides and pulled out their weapons in unison, looking behind him warily.

“Whos here”

The two apes panted and looked at Li Yuanqing.

After confirming that it was only a human, they heaved a sigh of relief.

“When did this human sneak in”

“Good lord, I didnt expect you to be able to hide here for so long.

The two of us brothers havent discovered you.

Youre really lucky to have escaped our detection.”

The two of them looked at Li Yuanqing angrily.

They were just thinking that they were fine when they were suddenly frightened, now theyre wasting time.

The two apes looked at each other.

“We dont have much time to waste.

The restriction can only be opened later.

Hurry up and deal with this kid.

Dont drag it out.”

“Dont worry, the two of us will work together.”

Now that such a treasure was in front of them, the two of them would not have any scruples.

They directly attacked Li Yuanqing with a killing move.

However, in Li Yuanqings opinion, their moves were like children playing house.

It was really boring.

He only raised his hand and the two of them hung in the air without moving.

Li Yuanqing nodded slightly.

His traction technique could be said to be getting better and better.

Now, not only could this traction technique be instantaneous, but its control ability was also very powerful.

It could almost completely control a person, causing them to lose their combat strength for a moment.

There was no need to mention anything about dealing with these two little fellows.

The two of them hang in midair like two puppets, and the spiritual energy on their bodies was completely dispersed.

The two apes looked at Li Yuanqing in shock.

They did not know what had happened, and how they suddenly became like this.

The spiritual energy in their bodies seemed to have been lost and they could not feel it at all.

“Who the hell are you What do you want” The gray ape looked at Li Yuanqing in shock.

The black ape was so shocked that it could not speak.

If not for the fact that its body was controlled and could not move, it would have fallen to the ground with trembling legs.

Li Yuanqing looked at the gray ape.

“Do you think theres any point in knowing this now”

“You human.

You dont know where this place is.

If you delay any longer, my brothers will all be here.

At that time, you wont have a good time!”

“No good time” Li Yuanqing shook his head.

These two fellows were really insensible.

Initially, when he saw their talents, he could still think of taking them in as his subordinates.

However, if these two fellows were so greedy and did not have any judgment, there was no need to keep them.


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