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His meridians had been crippled, and the Replenishing Pill was an excellent medicinal pill that could repair his meridians.

No matter how severe his injuries were, these hundred Replenishing Pills were enough to reattach his meridians and restore them to their original state.

Li Yuanqing could still continue cultivating his previous skills.

Even if he had to live in the wilds, he could still live a relaxed life with his cultivation base.

However, although he had never heard of the name of the Restore Origin Pill, the value of a single Restore Origin Pill against a hundred Replenishment Pills was self-evident.

Which one should he choose

Li Yuanqing, who was used to being cautious, took a hundred Replenishment Pills.

No matter how good and mysterious the Restore Origin Pill was, it was not as important to him as the Replenishment Pills.

It was better to be cautious!


When he walked through the door, all he could see was white, including the dilapidated roof and the place that could hardly be a bed.

There were snowflakes everywhere.

It looked terrible.

However, Li Yuanqing, who already had a hundred pills in his hands, did not care about the crumbling house before him at all.

He found a clean place to sit down and started consuming the pill!

One, two, three…


Actually, Li Yuanqings injuries were extremely severe.

His meridians were completely crippled, and he was even worse than an ordinary person.

However, he could feel that his body was recovering on its own after consuming a Replenishment Pill, albeit slowly.

So he ate ten or thirty Replenishing Pills at once.

He wasnt worried about wasting them.

In any case, a hundred Replenishment Pills would be able to restore his crippled meridians.

All he lacked was time.

And in the Wilderness, what he lacked the least was time.

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One day later, after using up fifty Replenishment Pills, his meridians were completely restored.

He simply put away the remaining fifty Replenishment Pills.

These were considered treasures in the imperial palace.

For cultivators, as long as they still had a breath of life left, they would be able to recover from the Replenishment Pill.


At noon the next day, Wang Shun came to deliver food to Li Yuanqing.

When he arrived, his steps were a little unsteady and his breathing was heavy.

He was coughing non-stop while he spoke.

“Sorry to keep you waiting, Your Highness.

A wild beast broke into the camp this morning and something went wrong, so the food was delivered late.

Please forgive me…”

Wang Shun cupped his fists at Li Yuanqing and put down the food box.

Today, he brought a meat dish and a vegetable dish.

Because there was a layer of warm water under the food box, the food was still hot.

“Are you hurt”

One meat dish and one vegetable dish were too shabby for Li Yuanqing, who used to be the crown prince.

However, the food was hot and his meridians were completely healed.

He naturally would not mind the amount of food.

“Yes, its just a small injury.

Fortunately, I didnt delay delivering food to Your Highness” Wang Shun grinned.

He still had to wait for His Highness the Crown Prince to finish before packing up and bringing the food box back.

“Hmm, do wild beasts often break into camps”

“The weather is cold, and the wild beasts are looking for food.

They often charge into the camp in groups.

If we are lucky, those wild beasts will be our meals and we can have a good meal.

But sometimes, our casualties are heavy.

Today, sigh, lets not talk about it…”

While Li Tianqing was having his meal, Wang Shun accompanied him and chatted with him.

When Wang Shun left, Li Tianqing gave him a Replenishment Pill.

“You are suffering from internal injuries.

Take this pill immediately after you return.

You should be fine after absorbing it…”


Wang Shun looked like he was fine, but his lungs were damaged.

If he did not receive treatment, he would be bedridden in three to five days.

He would need to rest for one to two months before he could recover.

“Replenishment Pill Your Highness, this, this…” Wang Shun cried out in surprise and knelt on the ground with a plop.

The food container in his hand fell onto the snow.

This item was a priceless treasure in the Northern Kingdom.

The garrison general was saved by a Replenishment Pill when he was injured and on the verge of death the previous time.

How could a mere guard like him receive a gift from the Crown Prince There was nothing he could do to repay his kindness.

He could only kowtow to Li Yuanqing repeatedly.

“Your Highness, with this, Zhang Quan can be saved…” Wang Shun knelt on the ground and suddenly said happily.

He was planning to give this pill to his companion who had saved him.

His injuries were not life-threatening.

“Its not a life-threatening injury.

Half per person is enough…” Although Li Yuanqing still had forty nine Replenishment Pills in his hands, he had no intention of taking them out.

He merely said something to Wang Shun, who thanked him profusely and closed the door respectfully before leaving.

Li Yuanqing did not sign in at the entrance today.

He planned to walk around the valley and see the places he could sign in.

This valley was very big and was surrounded by walls.

In the white fog, one could only vaguely see a frozen lake.

The ice was thick as if it was flat ground, but it was especially slippery.

[Entering Clearwater Lake in the Wilderness, do you want to sign in]

“Sign in!” Li Yuanqing was elated. That worked too

It seemed that he still had to wander around this valley for a while when he had nothing to do.

Although this was a bitter cold place in the ice and snow world, he could still sign in here!

[Today, the host had signed in to the Clearwater Lake and will be rewarded with a Marrow Cleansing Pill!]

[System reward (available!)

One: 100 Marrow Cleansing Pills.

Two: Clear Sky Sword Art.]


Another hundredfold reward, one hundred Marrow Cleansing Pills.

This made Li Yuanqing gasp.

The only Marrow Cleansing Pill in the palace was used by his father thirty years ago!


His father had relied on that Marrow Cleansing Pill to become an Eighth Grade Martial Artist of the Northern Kingdom.

He was able to intimidate the various aristocratic families and prevent them from acting recklessly.

The system actually rewarded him with one hundred Marrow Cleansing Pills at once

Good stuff!

However, the Clear Sky Sword Art seemed to be even more powerful.

He had already recovered his meridians and could cultivate again.

He just happened to lack a good sword technique in his hands.

Strength was the foundation of survival in the Wilderness.


Therefore, Li Yuanqing chose the Clear Sky Sword Art without hesitation.


This Clear Sky Sword Art was an eye-opener for Li Yuanqing.

There were a total of five levels of the Clear Sky Sword Art.

They were divided into Rudimentary Understanding, Proficiency, Master, Pinnacle and Perfection.

And when he reached the third level of the Clear Sky Sword Art, he would have the strength of a Martial Saint!

The Martial Saint was the foundation of the founding of the Northern Kingdom.

It was because the founding emperor was a Martial Saint that the countrys fate could last for three hundred years.

The existence of a Martial Saint would affect the prosperity of the country!

“As long as I reach the third level, I will have the strength of a Martial Saint.

And there are two more levels after that for this Clear Sky Sword Art.

Isnt this stronger than a Martial Saint that affects the fate of the country”

Even Li Yuanqing, who was cautious and calm, was overjoyed at this moment.

This Clear Sky Sword Art was indeed comparable to a hundred Marrow Cleansing Pills.

As long as he stayed in the Wilderness and secretly accumulated his strength, he would definitely shock everyone when he appeared in front of them!


Most importantly, no one would be able to control his fate!


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