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Princess Zhaoyang was extremely intelligent and had an unparalleled temperament.

She was the most competent princess in the Northern Kingdom.


But so what

There was no precedent of women being officials in the Northern Kingdom.

It has always been the case of men being superior to women.

Even if you were a princess, most of the time, you would marry someone useful to the royal family.

For example, the Eldest Princess of the past.

For example, Zhaoyang, who was once betrothed to Prince Zhongyi.

Thus, when Princess Zhaoyang proposed that she become the Crown Princess, many people in the court praised her and opposed her.

“There has never been such a precedent in the Northern Kingdom.

The Kingdom will be in chaos if a woman meddles in politics!”

“Theres still a Crown Prince in the Northern Kingdom, why would he want to make a Crown Princess”

In an instant, the entire court was against Princess Zhaoyang becoming the Crown Princess.

Even His Majesty had promised in front of all the officials that he would never give the throne to Princess Zhaoyang.

They wouldnt allow any woman to meddle in politics.

Although the Crown Prince was weak, it was still possible for him to retain some people to assist him.

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Because of this, Li Huanjun started to choose a consort for the Crown Prince in the Northern Kingdom.

He wanted the Crown Prince to get married early and give birth to a grandchild to continue the Li familys bloodline.

The commoners were also stunned by Princess Zhaoyangs suggestion.

In any case, no one had heard of a Crown Princess before.

What would happen if the Great Empress really appeared in the Northern Kingdom


It was unbelievable.

In any case, the commoners felt that it was too absurd.

No one stood on Zhaoyangs side.

His Majesty even grounded Princess Zhaoyang and ordered the entire country that he will be selecting a prince consort.

The prince consort must be at least a seventh-grade martial artist.

He didnt care about age or background.

As long as one was strong enough, the stronger the better!

Within a month, the news about Zhaoyang spread throughout the entire Northern Kingdom and Li Yuanqing heard about it.

Crown Princess Li Yuanqing gave a rare smile.

He had always thought that Zhaoyang was not willful enough and had always been terrifyingly sensible since she was young.

But now, she has come up with something like Crown Princess.

If the girl liked it, then let her be.

She was his only sister.

Li Yuanqing felt that it was only right for her to be pampered and be a little willful.

However, when Wang Shun delivered the food to Li Yuanqing, he said that Princess Zhaoyang was grounded by His Majesty.

Furthermore, the entire country started selecting a prince consort for the princess.

There was no age restriction or status restriction.

As long as one was strong enough, they could marry the princess.

Now, all the high level martial artists in the Northern Kingdom had gone crazy.

Everyone was signing up.

After all, besides the fact that Princess Zhaoyang came up with the Crown Princess nonsense, she was a true proud daughter of heaven, a sixteen year old peak sixth-grade martial artist.

Even in the entire world, this was a very rare sight.

Moreover, Princess Zhaoyangs youthful beauty was unparalleled.

She was the best goddess in every mans heart.

Li Yuanqings face turned cold.

The Emperor of the Northern Kingdom had already sold Princess Zhaoyang out once, and now he was using her marriage as an excuse.

There was no restriction on age and family background.

If she met someone with evil intentions, like Prince Zhongyi, he would harm Princess Zhaoyang again.

Li Yuanqing could give up the Crown Prince position of the Northern Kingdom and pursue martial arts wholeheartedly.

However, he could not give up on Princess Zhaoyang.

She was the person who relied on him the most in this world.


Although the Emperor of the Northern Kingdom was his father, he didnt want to say too much.

They were once fated to be father and son.

Since they had already separated, he didnt want to have too much involvement.

However, Zhaoyang was different.


This foolish younger sister who wanted to protect him was too foolish.

He only hoped that she would be happy and safe for the rest of her life.

“In fact, in the entire Northern Kingdom, there is no one more suitable than Zhaoyang to inherit the throne.

It is quite good for her to be the Crown Princess.

Since she wants to be the Crown Princess, how can she be sloppy in choosing her husband Naturally, she has to choose herself…”

Li Yuanqing sipped his tea and spoke slowly.

Wang Shun was stunned.

Actually, the Crown Prince in front of him was the most suitable person to inherit the throne in the Northern Kingdom.

However, Wang Shun naturally had no objections to his words.

“Princess Zhaoyang is naturally very good.

She is so young and so talented.

It is a pity that His Majesty doesnt really dote on her.

If someone had such a daughter, it would be a blessing from his previous life.

She would be able to bring honor to the family!” Wang Shun sighed.

Even someone like him felt that His Majesty didnt really dote on Princess Zhaoyang.


The imperial power was already above kinship.

It was also because of the place that he dared to say this.

If it was any other place, who dared to say that His Majesty made a mistake That would be treason and the punishment of nine generations.

“Yes, a daughter like Zhaoyang can bring glory to her family.

Hahaha, she will become the first Great Empress of the Northern Kingdom!” Li Yuanqing suddenly laughed.

While he was hiding in this desolate land, he had secretly signed in to accumulate his strength.

He was looking forward to soaring into the skies and conveniently helping his sister.

This would also make him happy.

So after Wang Shun left.

Li Yuanqing called Hu Jiujiu over.

“I know about the Third Princes matter.

He only has himself to blame.

You can go and follow Princess Zhaoyang in the future.

Make her the Crown Princess and the first Great Empress of the Northern Kingdom.

If you dare to have any thoughts, I can take your life even if it is thousands of miles away!”

Hu Jiujiu knelt on the ground, prostrating on the ground, not daring to have any other thoughts.

This master was both terrifying and indignant.

However, she did not dare to say anything at this moment.

She had to silently accumulate her strength and truly attack the inner demon seed.

How could she, a princess of the Nine-tailed Fox Clan, be a slave to a human

How shameful!

However, her master was not attracted by her charming face.

Sometimes, she even wondered what was wrong with her master.

She wanted to cry because it was too shameful!


Just like that, Hu Jiujiu went to the Imperial City under Li Yuanqings order and followed behind Princess Zhaoyang, becoming her bodyguard .

The moment she saw the veiled Hu Jiujiu, the strong Princess Zhaoyangs eyes became moist.

Her brother was the person who treated her the best.

Such a powerful Martial Saint was sent to her side.

So when Zhaoyang saw Hu Jiujiu, she knew what she had to do.

Her brother had sent Hu Jiujiu to support her idea.

She wanted to be the Crown Princess and the Great Empress of the Northern Kingdom.

Only by becoming the Great Empress would the Northern Kingdom be considered her brothers.

She was merely managing it on his behalf because she was completely disappointed in her father.

When Princess Zhaoyang walked out of the princesss residence during the royal court, she was stopped by the guards at the gate.

“Impudent!” Princess Zhaoyang reprimanded.

Hu Jiujiu stood behind her.

The guard leader, who had rushed over after hearing the news, felt a powerful aura and his knees went weak as he knelt on the ground.

This was the first time Princess Zhaoyang brought Hu Jiujiu step by step towards the palace.

She walked towards the path she had already decided on.

No matter how tough and thorny that path was, she was fearless because of her brothers support.


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