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Although these demons were at a loss about what to do, their operation was about to succeed.

As long as the fireball exploded and destroyed the central array, it would be impossible for the array to be repaired in a short period of time.

When the large army behind arrived, it would save a lot of trouble.

The news that these lords had obtained from Rong City was that the humans in Rong City had relied on a city protection town to stall for a long time.

The strength of that place was definitely not as strong as here.

This array was so powerful that it was probably enough to provide some protection for the human race.

This demon team was one of the vanguards.

Their goal was to destroy the array formation here.

As long as they destroyed the Great City Protection Formation, these humans would be at their mercy.

Vines spread out from the array formation on the ground one by one, as if they had fused with the array formation.

It was so natural.

The six demons were pulled in by the vines in an instant.

There was no pain or warmth, as if there was no feeling.

They had lost all their senses and their souls were all imprisoned, leaving only this shell wrapped in the cocoon formed by the vines.

The place where the six of them were originally located had now become six sculptures wrapped in vines.

The huge fireball in the sky was still emitting a scorching light.

However, the flames on it no longer flickered, and the energy inside stopped flowing, as if it had been frozen.

Looking up, there was a graceful girl sitting on the fireball.

The girl gently stroked the fireball under her butt and looked disdainfully at the six sculptures below.

“With your strength, its really boring to come and ambush us.”

This girl was the Man-eating Vine.

The Man-eating Vines strength had increased greatly.

It was like riding a rocket after she followed Li Yuanqing for a period of time.

She seemed to have reached the seventh-grade Spirit Transformation Realm.

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However, more importantly, the Man-eating Vine had gained a lot from studying array formations during this period of time.

Now, she could vaguely understand the meaning of a domain.

As long as it was within the range of this array formation, it was like the domain of the Man-eating Vine.

She could move it at will and no intruder could step past it.

These little fellows overestimated themselves.

They did not even look at what faction she was from and wanted to come and destroy the array formation.

The girl gently placed her slender fingers on the fireball and rubbed it slowly.

The fireball seemed to have a life of its own.

The turbid energy inside gently approached the girls finger and finally turned into warm energy that entered her body.

In a short while, the huge fireball disappeared without a trace.

The Man-eating Vine yawned in boredom and casually waved her hand.

By the time these people arrived, the Man-eating Vine had already disappeared.

However, they had received orders and knew what they were here for.

They went up and repaired the blasted foundation wall.

After repairing the wall, it was as if nothing had happened.

The smooth wall looked like it was waiting for the next demon team to die.

In the underground market, Zhao Taian looked at the few people in front of him in satisfaction.

He pinched the man beside him who had come to apply for the security guard position.

This guys body was so sturdy.

Li Yuanqing had given him such a heavy mission, so he had to look for people now.

He had to find the bodyguard team before he could proceed with the next step.

Otherwise, if he rashly took out all these treasures, he would definitely be targeted.

Moreover, their shop has grown big now.

It was normal to hire a group of people to set up security.

In addition, Li Yuanqing had spent a lot of money on his plan.

He took out tens of thousands of medium-grade spirit stones and told Zhao Taian not to be stingy and to hire the best person.

Although everyone was in danger, there were still many people who wanted to take this opportunity to make a killing.

As long as they could take advantage of this opportunity to earn a huge sum when the opportunity was the greatest, they could find a mountain to hide and break through to the next realm.

At that time, it would be a completely different world.

Zhao Taian planned to recruit a total of ten people this time.

Originally, Li Yuanqing had asked him to go all out, so it would not be a problem for him to recruit twenty to thirty people.

However, Zhao Taian thought about it and decided to streamline his manpower.

Other than some brothers he knew in the past, the most important thing now was to find these powerful mercenaries in the underground market.

Zhao Taians conditions attracted many people.

In a short while, the spots for the ten people were filled.

These ten people in front of him were the new security team he had recruited.

All of them were smart and capable.

The highest was even at the peak of the second-grade Spirit Transformation Realm.

He would soon step into the third-grade Spirit Transformation Realm.

The worst was at the first-grade Spirit Transformation Realm.

He did not want anything below that.

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The kid in front of Zhao Taian was the strongest person chosen this time.

His name was Sun Hao.

A young man stood behind Captain Zhao and silently observed the new security guards.

Captain Zhao turned around proudly and said respectfully to the young man behind him, “Young Master, what do you think of these people”

Li Yuanqing nodded slightly.

“Not bad.”

“Okay, since you think its not bad, Young Master, then Ill sign an agreement with them.

I think these people are quite reliable.”

Li Yuanqing took out a small bottle and placed it in Zhao Taians hand.

“Thats what I promised them.

Distribute it later.”

When Li Yuanqing took out the small bottle, everyones eyes widened.

Even the passers-by stared blankly at the small bottle in Li Yuanqings hand.

They even kept licking their lips as if they were looking at such a treasure.

Zhao Taian respectfully put away this bottle and said to Li Yuanqing with a smile, “Young Master, dont worry.

Leave this to me.”

“I still have something on, so Ill leave first.

You can contact the people from the Treasure Pavilion about the auction.

Theyre professionals in this area.

You can just use their venue for the auction.”

“Young Master, dont worry.

Ive already sent someone to discuss it with the Treasure Pavilion.” Zhao Taian reported, “They said that it would be better in two days, but we cant say for sure what will happen in the next few days.

I just want to try my best to be early.

Perhaps tomorrow is the best.

What do you think”

“Its best if its faster.

It saves trouble.”

“Alright, Young Master.

Ill arrange it now.” Zhao Taian nodded repeatedly.

As he spoke, he looked up and saw that Li Yuanqing had already disappeared.

However, Zhao Taian was already used to it.

This Young Master Li was usually unpredictable.

Zhao Taian walked up to the ten of them with the small bottle.

“Everyone, this is the Divine Origin Pill that the boss promised to give you.

As long as you can pass the test, everyone will get two.

This was what we said in the beginning, and the ten of you had passed the test.”

Everyone rubbed their hands and looked eagerly at the small bottle in Zhao Taians hand.

This was a real treasure.

In comparison, the high salary they offered did not seem to be that attractive.

Now, such a practical pill on the market was an existence that was priceless.

They did not expect the boss to be so generous.

Everyone could get two pills just after they joined.

“Shopkeeper, who was that young master just now Why havent I heard of his name before”

Zhao Taian smiled proudly and looked at him.

“Its good that you dont know.

Young Master has always kept a low profile.”

“From what youre saying, this young master seems to be the owner of our shop”

“Of course, Young Masters background is unfathomable.

You should ask less.

Its good for you.”

“I didnt expect there to be such a person in Ping City.”

“There are also many treasures here.

Ive never seen these things in the wilderness before.

Theres everything here.

I think I might have to live here in the future.”

Many of them were outsiders who had just arrived in Ping City recently.

They had only heard rumors about Ping City.

Seeing such a generous boss this time, they naturally had some understanding of the prosperity of Ping City.

Just as Li Yuanqing disappeared, he appeared in the City Lord Manor on the other side.

Hu Jiujiu looked at the six people wrapped in vines in front of her.

The Man-eating Vine was standing beside Hu Jiujiu.

The two of them pondered silently.

It was not until Li Yuanqing appeared that the two of them bowed and greeted him.


“Is this what you just caught”

“Thats right, Master.

Many demons have sneaked in from outside recently.

Many of them came with missions.

This is the third wave.

What should we do with these people”

“What about those last time”

The Man-eating Vine waved her hand, and two rows of large cocoons appeared on the ground.

Twenty demons were lying neatly on the ground.

He could feel that they were still breathing.

At least they were still alive.

“Master, what do you plan to do with them”

Li Yuanqing replied, “Since theyre here to destroy the array formation, theres no need to let them live.”

The Man-eating Vine carefully waited for Li Yuanqings reply.

When she heard this answer, she immediately rubbed her little hands excitedly.

“Master, Im going to make a move then!”

“Bring it back to the domain to play.

Your sister and I still have something to discuss.”

“Yes, Master!”

The Man-eating Vine happily flung her sleeves and carried the fellows on the ground away.

The originally very crowded small room suddenly became spacious, leaving only Li Yuanqing and Hu Jiujiu.

“Master, according to the information we received, the demon army is already stationed a hundred miles away.

They are divided into four sides and surround the entire Ping City.”

Hu Jiujiu reported the latest news.

“Recently, many humans have been slaughtered by the demons in the wilderness.

They have cleaned up all the humans who are fleeing within a few hundred miles.”

Although Hu Jiujiu was still at ease with Li Yuanqing here, the four demon kings were so powerful that they were really difficult to deal with.

“Divided” Li Yuanqing looked at Hu Jiujiu strangely.

Hu Jiujiu replied, “According to the information we received, their four clans seem to be stationed in four different directions.

I think they should be planning to attack together.”

Li Yuanqing nodded and waved his hand.

Another bloody monster appeared in the room.

The Blood Vine half-knelt on the ground and looked up at Li Yuanqing with a strange smile.

“Where are the four lords now”

“Master, from the news that was spread, they seem to have used some tricks.

There are people from four clans in each camp, and…”

“And what”

The Blood Vine deliberated over his words and carefully replied, “Moreover, after investigation, no matter where they are, it seems like the four of them exist at the same time.

I dont know if its a clone spell or some other method.”

“What do you mean”

“In other words, although they have dispersed their power everywhere, the whereabouts of these lords are unknown.

I cant be sure yet.”

Hu Jiujiu looked at the Blood Vine in confusion.

“But how can the four of them split into four at the same time Or is the news you sent back wrong”

The Blood Vine knew that Hu Jiujiu had something against him.

He laughed strangely and replied.

“City Lord Hu, Im only talking about what I saw.

Im afraid I cant guarantee whether its right or wrong.”

“What do you mean”

“I dont mean anything else.

City Lord Hu, dont think too much about it.”

“You!” Hu Jiujiu looked at him angrily.

Ever since Hu Jiujiu knew that Li Yuanqing had taken in such a servant, she did not have a good impression of this Blood Vine.

Not only did this guy look disgusting, but he also emitted a strange smell from head to toe.

It doesnt seem like hes a demon, and he didnt feel like a human.

Something was wrong with him from the beginning to the end.

However, Li Yuanqing seemed to like this guy very much, so Hu Jiujiu could not say anything.

It was just that the two of them always bickered whenever they spoke.

“Hows the spiritual energy in your body” Li Yuanqing looked at the Blood Vine and asked.

At this point, the Blood Vine suddenly put away the frivolous expression on his face and lowered his head solemnly to Li Yuanqing.

“Thank you, Master, for giving me this opportunity.

However, the energy is still accumulating in various parts of my body, so I cant take it all for myself in the short term.”

“Go into seclusion after this treatment and try to absorb all the energy.

Otherwise, its easy to leave hidden dangers behind.”

“Master, dont worry.

I know what to do.”

“Gather more information and see what theyre up to.

I have a feeling these people are planning something.”

“Understood! Ill immediately distribute two more seeds after I return.

Theyll be scattered everywhere.

Ill definitely investigate it clearly.”


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