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“City Lord, this is bad.

The demons have all gathered.

From the looks of it, they plan to make a final attack.”

“City Lord, bad news.

How can we defend against the demon army”

Battle reports kept coming in front of Hu Jiujiu.

However, none of these battle reports were good news.

They were all about the actions of the demons outside.

Ever since the demons surrounded the outside, the people in Ping City had firmly carried out Hu Jiujius orders to defend and counterattack.

They tried to control the movements of the demons outside to protect Ping City.

However, not everyone was so confident in such a defense.

There were still many people who gradually lost their confidence as time passed.

In the face of the powerful demons, they were doubting their strength step by step.

They did not believe that the City Lord Manor led by Hu Jiujiu and her guards could resist hundreds of thousands of demons.

The huge number of demons was really shocking.

Moreover, the city protection array that Hu Jiujiu had boasted about looked like it was nothing.

It did not seem to have any problem dealing with them.

However, it would probably not be that useful against those powerful demon leaders.

Many people wanted to escape and cooperate with the demons.

They could also contribute some of their strength so that they could spare their lives.

However, Hu Jiujius Great City Protection Formation could not only prevent others from entering, but also prevent them from escaping.

These people hesitated outside for a long time but could not find any way to escape.

They could only give up on this idea.

Now, under the pressure of the battle reports one after another, the nerves of the people in the city were all tense.

They could not relax for a moment, afraid that when they heard the news again, the city gates would open and the demon army would pour in.

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The generals below the City Lord Manor all had gloomy expressions.

They were all waiting for Hu Jiujius orders.

At this point, there was probably only one way left.

Although the demons had more people, they might be able to fight with this protective array.

However, what made them feel strange was that Hu Jiujiu did not seem to be in a hurry at all.

The situation was already so urgent, but Hu Jiujiu still acted as if nothing had happened.

She casually threw these battle reports to the side and stopped looking at them.

A new captain of the human city protection team could not stand Hu Jiujius sloppy attitude.

Therefore, he couldnt help but remind her, “City Lord, its already imminent.

The fire is already burning beside your eyebrows.

I think you should take a closer look at the battle report!”

“Thats right.

City Lord, give me an idea.

The demons have already gathered outside.

I think theyre about to come over.

What should we do”

“In my opinion, we should just kill our way out with the army.

We have a strong army now, and they have no rules.

We might be able to fight!”

“Its to kill all of them and kill these demons until they piss their pants.

Lets see whether they still dare to be arrogant.”

There were many hot-blooded generals among the humans who claimed that they wanted to kill their way out and fight the demons to the death.

Most of them knew that the demons did not treat them as equals at all.

As long as they charged in, there would only be endless slavery waiting for them.

They were unwilling to face such consequences.

It was not easy for them to obtain an equal city that was occupied by their human race.

They did not want to give up so easily.

There were even human generals who stood up and swore, “Im willing to live and die with Ping City.

I swear to guard the demons outside the city!”

They thought that since their attitude was already so firm, the City Lord would definitely give an order.

Hu Jiujiu was a demon.

Although they did not know why a demon like Hu Jiujiu could bring such peace and prosperity to the human race, Hu Jiujiu was still a demon after all.

In the end, those who were not of the same race would definitely have different intentions.

The reason why Hu Jiujiu gave such an order and did not give any exact instructions until now meant that she probably had other intentions.

Hu Jiujiu could not possibly gather all the humans in Ping City and capture them all in one go.

From then on, there would be no power to resist in the wilderness.

Hu Jiujius inaction had already given them many other thoughts.

These thoughts were constantly brewing.

It was difficult for them to believe that Hu Jiujiu, as the City Lord of such a human race, would help them protect the fate of their human race.

Vaguely, there was a barrier between the human and demon generals in the city protection team.

They were divided into two factions.

There were fewer demons, and they only occupied a quarter of the seats.

This quarter of the demons followed Minglun and sat on Hu Jiujius left.

The latter half and the entire right side were all human generals.

At this moment, they were hostile to each other and were suspicious of each other.

However, as the City Lord, Hu Jiujiu acted as if she did not see everything in front of her.

She made her subordinates so chaotic and made everything so uncontrollable.

Back then, she was the one who gave the order to defend, but now, Hu Jiujiu was actually unmoved.

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The people in Ping City did not know that the demons outside were already in a mess.

They thought that the demons had removed the two walls and then all four walls in order to have a better attack.

However, they did not know that the demons outside had already lost two lords.

Therefore, it was no wonder that they were so anxious now.

However, Hu Jiujiu knew these situations like the back of her hand.

Li Yuanqing had already killed everyone outside and played the demons in the palm of his hand, causing them to gather in a panic.

It looked like they were about to attack, but in reality, their organization was extremely chaotic and they did not have a very detailed attack plan.

It was just that they had temporarily gathered under the instructions of the Da Mingkong.

They did not know if they would attack or not.

Hu Jiujiu looked at them calmly and warned sternly, “There are already disagreements among the demons.

I believe that it wont be long before they panic.

At that time, we can retreat the demon army outside the city without any effort.

Everyone, theres no need to be so anxious.

Its not time for you to go to the battlefield to fight.”

Hu Jiujius words confused the generals below.

They could not figure out if the City Lord was stupid.

The demons had hundreds of thousands of troops gathered together, yet she still said that the demons were not organized.

It was as if the City Lord was blind.

Why didnt the City Lord see this

“City Lord, forgive me for being blunt, but the situation outside is already extremely critical.

You cant use such thoughts to confuse yourself anymore.

Were already at a critical juncture.

We have to resist!”

“Thats right.

The reason why everyone is still gathered by your side at this time is for the glory of the human race!”

There was a faint intention to force her to abdicate.

Minglun immediately stood up and warned the general opposite him, “General Liu, how did you speak to the City Lord”

General Liu snorted coldly and looked at Minglun.

“The reason why were here is to protect Ping City with our lives.

Its not like some people who only know how to be dogs behind others and dont even dare to say a word!”

The conflict between the two sides had already reached this point.

The leader of the human generals actually dared to slander Minglun in public.

No matter what, Minglun was now a general and the absolute ruler of Ping City.

However, ever since the human races power grew in the guards, some dissatisfaction began to erupt.

They could not accept the fact that everyone from the City Lord to the Great General of the guards were demons.

Therefore, they began to yearn for their rights.

However, the way up was in Hu Jiujius hands.

No one could hear their complaints.

Mingluns face was ashen, but he suppressed his temper.

“General Liu, I advise you to pay attention to your words.

Its time to unite the various generals.

If we hurt our relationship because of these other things, it will affect the future of Ping City!”

General Liu seemed to know that he had spoken a little too harshly just now.

However, since he had already said it, he had to say it in one go.

The cover had already been torn, so there was no need to think too much now.

General Liu took a step forward and glared at Minglun.

“General Minglun, I want to ask you why were still not doing anything when the demon army is pressing on the border.

Are we just waiting for the demon race to break through our city and surrender This isnt the City Lords intention, right”

As General Liu spoke, he glanced sideways at Hu Jiujiu.

Hu Jiujiu left after giving the last order.

She had already walked to the small door at the back, leaving behind a weak back facing this group of burly generals.

Minglun stood between General Liu and Hu Jiujiu and stared at General Liu sharply.

“General Liu, I advise you to do your job well.

What you need to do now is to obediently arrange your subordinates!”

“Is that so Arrange for my heroic soldiers to raise their hands and surrender to the demons”

As soon as General Liu said this, the atmosphere reached its peak.

All the human generals shouted.

They all wanted Hu Jiujiu to give them an explanation.

Hu Jiujiu stopped and slowly turned around to face them quietly.

“You dont believe me”

Although Hu Jiujiu was alone and it was just a simple sentence, her aura erupted and completely suppressed their rebellion.

All the human generals, including General Liu, took a step back and looked at Hu Jiujiu carefully.

General Liu suppressed the fear in his heart and suddenly took half a step forward.

“City Lord, I dont dare to question your decision.

Its just that I have my own judgment.

I feel that the most important thing for the human race now is to kill some of the exhausted demons as soon as possible to reduce the pressure!”

The other humans echoed and expressed their support for this theory.

Hu Jiujiu smiled gently and looked at them.

“Actually, the way to win a war doesnt just rely on our heroic soldiers to fight on the front line.

We still have other paths that are much easier.”

General Liu was confused.

Not only him, but the others also did not know much.

However, Minglun had some guesses.

In the past, every time there was a crisis, they would always be able to avert it.

It was not because of luck, nor was it because they could fight to the death with the other party.

They relied on the final decisive person, the legendary Sword Immortal.

In the past, the Sword Immortal would play a decisive role when he showed up.

But this time, could a Sword Immortal help them tide over this crisis

There were two second-grade Formation Arrangement Realm peerless experts, and two first-grade Formation Arrangement Realm top experts working together outside.

Could the Sword Immortal deal with these four Formation Arrangement Realm experts

Minglun felt a little uneasy.

He used to trust this Sword Immortal very much.

This was also why he had always been very kind to the humans here and never bullied them.

It was because of the existence of the Sword Immortal, but could the Sword Immortal still help them tide over this crisis This was probably a question mark.

General Liu seemed to have suddenly thought of something and raised his head to laugh.

“I understand, City Lord.

Dont tell me youre still hoping that the Sword Immortal can save us now.

You shouldnt have forgotten what kind of existences the four lords outside are, right Can the Sword Immortal deal with them”

After all, the human race had never come into contact with Sword Immortals.

He only existed in legends and the shock brought by the shocking ruins.

“Moreover, City Lord, its not that I dont believe in the Sword Immortal.

Its just that with such a huge army outside, Im afraid the Sword Immortal has already fled somewhere.”

They did not seem to be in awe of the Sword Immortal.

Hu Jiujiu looked towards a window on the right.

Her lips were gently parted, and it was unknown who she was talking to.

Everyone looked at the window in confusion.

The window was tightly closed and looked ordinary.

However, just as they were about to speak, there was a sudden explosion.

A round ball of meat shattered the window and projected in from outside.

Then another window exploded.

Two large meatballs fell into the meeting room with a bang, creating two huge craters in the floor.


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