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“Young Master, the shop has been very popular these few days.

Many of the things you left behind last time have been booked.”

When Zhao Taian saw that Li Yuanqing had personally come to the shop, he also pushed all the things beside him to the side and let his subordinates handle it.

Their shop was much larger than before.

Li Yuanqing had completely handed the right to operate it to Zhao Taian.

Zhao Taian did not disappoint him.

He bought the land beside their original address and built a five-story building.

The first floor was mainly selling the basic materials that Zhao Taian had bought from the many exploration teams he had cooperated with.

Their shop was now strong enough to invest in several exploration teams for those exploration team members to go out and search for treasures.

The second floor was mainly used to trade more valuable goods, most of which were materials.

The third floor was mainly used for transactions of finished Dharma artifacts.

Most of the things placed here were things that Li Yuanqing had taken out.

Those who could come up were mostly from some businesses.

Not only was Zhao Taians shop famous, but anyone who wanted to go up was rich.

If you didnt have any real treasures, you really wouldnt dare to go up this floor.

The fourth floor was used to trade high-grade medicinal pills.

The largest amount was the very abundant Divine Origin Pills in Li Yuanqings hands.

Zhao Taian was not in a hurry to sell it.

After he made a name for himself at the auction last time, he had sold this pill in batches.

Now, it has helped his shops reputation.

The fifth floor was mainly used to receive important guests.

Zhao Taian imitated the previous Treasure Pavilion and divided the rooms on the fifth floor into three areas according to the three systems.

Now, Li Yuanqing was sitting in the Sky Room No.

1 and drinking the spiritual tea made by the maidservant.

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“Young Master, I specially left this Sky Room No.

1 for you.

Moreover, I specially copied it according to the decorations in your small courtyard.

How is it Does it feel like youre home”

Li Yuanqing was still muttering in his heart.

Why did he feel that the decorations and settings here were exactly the same as in his room It turned out that Zhao Taian had such thoughts.

He did not care much about the living conditions usually.

It was enough as long as it was clean and bright.

However, Zhao Taian had done his best to renovate this place.

“Shopkeeper Zhao is really meticulous.”

“Young Master, youre joking with me again.

By the way, Young Master, Ive gathered most of the medicinal materials you instructed me last time, but there are still a few that are really difficult to find.

Give me some more time.”

Zhao Taian took out boxes from his storage ring.

These boxes were very exquisite.

Just the style of this box was expensive.

Thinking about it, most of the things inside were priceless.

He took out the list as well.

“Young Master, take a look.

Most of them have been found.

However, I cant find this Star Sand and the Dragon Spring Pill no matter how hard I try.

I asked someone to ask around, but they couldnt find them.”

Li Yuanqing did not look at it either.

He directly put away the bottles and jars on the table, as well as the elegant wooden boxes.

As for the last two missing materials, they were indeed very difficult to find.

It seemed like he had to think of something himself.

“Its fine.

Youve already surprised me by finding so much.

Its been hard on you.” As Li Yuanqing spoke, he took out three or four storage bags and placed them on the table.

Zhao Taian took a look.

These storage bags were all very exquisite.

The patterns on them were very exquisite.

It was obvious that they were expensive.

“Young Master is lucky to have obtained so many storage bags of such high grade.”

Zhao Taian thought that Li Yuanqing was just casually placing these bags here, so he had no intention of collecting them.

Li Yuanqing looked at him and did not move.

Instead, he asked him, “What are you doing Hurry up and take it.

These are new things that you can sell at will.

As for the price, go and understand the market price more.

I dont know much about prices.”

Zhao Taian was stunned.

He did not expect that Li Yuanqing would take out these storage bags that were very spacious for him.

“Young Master, why are you splitting it into so many bags Cant you just put them in one bag”

Zhao Taian was a little confused.

This bag had at least a few hundred cubic meters of space.

It should be easy to store treasures.

Li Yuanqing had casually taken out four.

Could it be that there were so many things inside that it would take four to store them

Zhao Taian listened to Li Yuanqings instructions and probed with his divine sense.

He looked at them one by one, and it scared him badly.

“Young Master, where did you get so many things”

Zhao Taian almost vomited blood when he saw the scene in front of him.

He had never seen so many treasures piled up into a mountain in his life.

Moreover, it was not just one mountain.

The four bags were filled with treasures.

There was not even any free space.

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Even if these four bags were casually sold, they could be sold for a very high price.

However, to Li Yuanqing, they were just a container that could barely hold things.

Zhao Taian looked at Li Yuanqing as if he was looking at an immortal.

He was really as rich as a country.

He believed that even if the City Lord Manor took out everything, they would not be able to compare to Li Yuanqings wealth.

Who exactly was this young master Why did he have such methods Where did his treasures come from These artifacts were all brand new and not even worn out.

They looked like they had been used a few times.

There were also pieces of high-level materials.

He had never even seen many of these materials before.

He had to go back and flip through ancient books to find their origins.

Not to mention the countless inner cores.

Zhao Taian calculated in his heart.

If he sold at this speed, who knew when he would be able to sell it Why was this young master giving him such a difficult problem again

“How is it, Shopkeeper Zhao Are you alright”

Zhao Taian finally woke up from his daze when he heard Li Yuanqings call.

He looked at Li Yuanqing and said carefully, “Young Master, are you going to sell so many treasures Why dont you leave some for yourself I think many artifacts here are quite suitable for you.”

Li Yuanqing waved his hand casually.

“Take these and sell them.

I see that the business in your shop is doing well.

Work hard in the future and strive to open our shop in Rong City and Sea City.”

Zhao Taian was naturally proud to be praised by Li Yuanqing.

He thought about how he had transformed from a small patrol captain to the shopkeeper of such a large shop.

Moreover, their shops business was thriving, and he had the opportunity to stand out in Ping City.

These opportunities were naturally given by Li Yuanqing.

Moreover, this young master was really unfathomable.

His wealth was breathtaking.

Li Yuanqing had obtained these things from the demons he had killed recently.

Everything else was fine.

The main thing was the two Formation Arrangement Realm demons.

They had countless treasures on them.

These demons had such a bad habit.

Regardless of whether it was good or bad, they liked to plunder anything they saw.

They even carried it with them every day.

Of course, all of them fell into Li Yuanqings hands after they died.

If they had known that they would end up like this today, they probably would not have hung all their wealth on their bodies.

Not only had their lives been taken away, but even the treasures that they had painstakingly accumulated for so many years had fallen into the hands of the enemy.

This was definitely making them die with a remaining grievance.

After the demons retreated, the trading activities in Ping City that had stopped began to become lively again.

Li Yuanqing walked to the window and opened it to look down.

The people coming and going on the street were in a hurry.

They were all very busy and had their own clear goals.

The demons had retreated for the time being, and no one knew when they would attack again.

They had to quickly prepare some defensive treasures.

The intense pressure from the demon armys attack just now was still fresh in their minds.

No matter what situation they were in now, they could not bear to hide it.

They wished they could turn all their wealth into combat strength to ensure their lives.

Li Yuanqings shop also had a lot more customers than before.

Many people were unwilling to come here in the past.

Seeing such a huge enemy today, they gritted their teeth and stomped their feet before entering.

This was really the Treasure Pavilion.

They could find almost all the various Dharma artifacts they wanted here.

Moreover, Li Yuanqing had given Zhao Taian a guarantee.

He said that as long as they bought a Dharma artifact from here, no enemy would come to take revenge no matter what.

Therefore, they could choose without worry.

Of course, because the owners of those artifacts were already dead, no one would find trouble with them.

There was no problem with this.

“Young Master, look, our business is really getting better and better.

Weve earned a lot recently.

Ive already asked the finance department to organize the accounts first.

Ill bring the spirit stones weve earned over later.” Zhao Taian walked to Li Yuanqings side and looked at the crowd coming and going below.

He smiled at Li Yuanqing as he said.

The monthly income of the shop alone was millions of spirit stones.

Their income was even comparable to the Treasure Pavilion.

Many of the high-end customers of the Treasure Pavilion were attracted here.

In the end, the Treasure Pavilion simply reached a cooperation with them.

The two of them became partners.

Zhao Taian was reporting to Li Yuanqing when he suddenly saw Li Yuanqings eyes become sharp.

Therefore, he followed Li Yuanqings gaze and looked down.

He saw a group of people at the entrance of the building.

These people looked like demons.

After they gathered at the entrance, they entered the shop.

“These demons are quite crisis-conscious now.

They buy things everywhere if theres any movement.

Young Master, if you dont like them, we can choose not to do their business.

In any case, we dont lack these few orders.”

Zhao Taian thought that Li Yuanqing had something against them.

“What clan are these people from”

Zhao Taian thought about how he had only taken a casual look just now.

The characteristics of those people did not seem to be particularly obvious.

He could only guess and answer, “Looking at their burly bodies, they should be from the Buffalo Clan”

Li Yuanqing went downstairs and Zhao Taian followed.

He did not know why Young Master was suddenly so interested in these demons.

Could it be that his Young Master had some feud with the demons recently Although Zhao Taian was not sure, he still followed obediently.

After the demons on the first floor entered, they spread out very quietly and bought goods from the various counters.

They did not cause trouble.

They spoke softly and had a gentle attitude.

The shop assistants were very cooperative.

Li Yuanqing walked behind one of them and looked at the things placed in front of him.

Most of them were basic materials and many basic Dharma artifacts.

Most of the artifacts were only available to humans.

The demons were not familiar with the craftsmanship of creating artifacts, so even Da Mingkong and the others used artifacts created by humans.

Just as this demon was about to accept all the materials on the table, he was suddenly grabbed by a hand.

His body suddenly trembled as he looked nervously at the young man standing beside him.

Seeing that the person in front of him was just a very young guy, he sighed in his heart and pretended to be calm.

“Brother, what are you doing Im here to buy something.

Why are you grabbing my hand”

Li Yuanqing stared at his face and said coldly, “Youre not from Ping City, right”

Their argument attracted everyones attention and they followed according to the sounds.

Zhao Taian stood behind Li Yuanqing as he looked at him in confusion.

What was wrong with the boss today Why did he suddenly get into an argument with such an ordinary customer Moreover, most of the things this guy bought were ordinary things.

Although he wanted a lot, there didnt seem to be anything strange.

When the demon heard Li Yuanqings words, he looked around and suddenly laughed loudly.

“You humans are really arrogant.

Could it be that theres no place for us demons in Ping City Or is it that only humans can stay in Ping City in the future Are all the demons not people of Ping City”

As soon as these words were spoken, the gazes of the demons in the shop became sharp as they stared at Li Yuanqing with unfriendly expressions.

They did not know where this kid came from, but if this guy dared to have such intentions, they would not come to this shop again.

Li Yuanqing did not say anything else.

He suddenly exerted strength in his hand and a majestic force broke out of his body, enveloping the fellow in front of him.

This demon was completely caught off guard.

It was suddenly struck by a huge force and its transformed skin dissipated.

He revealed his true form.

It was actually a huge elephant.


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