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Li Yuanqing raised his hand and turned the bear skin into a sack.

The sack circled around his hand again and suddenly disappeared.

He had put it into his domain.

“Master, they probably didnt react at all and didnt even reveal any news.

Theyre really under your control.”

If Li Yuanqing wanted to deal with these small patrol team members, it would naturally be easy.

In this huge array formation, any movement could be easily detected by the watcher.

Li Yuanqing had attacked very neatly just now and covered his aura very well.

After dealing with these people, it was still quiet and no one came.

The two of them hid in the nearby forest for a while.

After confirming that there were no other teams, they continued to advance quietly.

On the other side, at the top of Dongming Mountain.

Da Mingkong, who had his eyes closed, suddenly opened his eyes.

He waved his sleeve and countless stars appeared in front of him.

This illusory image was the epitome of the entire Dongming Mountain.

The specks of light were scattered in the mountain.

These light spots moved slowly one by one, as if they corresponded with the patrol team members patrolling the mountain.

Da Mingkong slowly looked at a place at the foot of the mountain.

A few light spots had dimmed.

Da Mingkong put the map away.

A gust of wind blew and an armored giant elephant walked in in a panic.

“What can I do for you, my lord”

“Why did a team of patrol members disappear in the Northern Region Bring a team of people and quickly go over to check what happened.”

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In the mountain path, two demons wandered around.

The two of them swayed as they walked.

They did not have any airs at all.

They looked like they had drunk too much.

As the two of them walked, they suddenly bumped into a group of people.

This group of people was in a hurry and was heading in the direction they came from.

This group of people were from the Giant Elephant Clan.

The leader was the guard who had appeared in the hall where Da Mingkong was just now.

This person glared at the two of them unhappily.

He originally did not want to have much interaction with them and only treated them as subordinates who had neglected their duties.

Initially, they had already brushed past each other and walked past.

However, the leader suddenly stopped.

No matter how he thought about it, he felt that something was wrong.

His Lordship had instructed him just now that the patrol team at the foot of the mountain in the north was silent.

Logically speaking, no one had been transferred here for a while.

Then why were these two fellows coming from there

Li Yuanqing and the Blood Vine continued to walk forward in a drunken state, swaying their butts.

The two of them were good enough at lying.

Unexpectedly, the guy still sensed it and turned around from behind, stopping the two of them.

“Both of you!”

Li Yuanqing and Blood Vine continued walking forward as if they did not hear him.

However, the leader was clearly angry.

He took out the rod at his waist and struck at an ancient tree beside the two of them.

A very majestic aura brushed past Li Yuanqing and smashed heavily onto the ancient tree beside him.

This tree was as thick as two people hugging each other.

It had been growing for decades, but it was shattered by a rod and fell to the ground.

Only then did Li Yuanqing and Blood Vine stop in their tracks.

They turned around and looked at the team behind them in confusion.

“What do you two do Where did you come from Why are you so drunk”

Li Yuanqings face was actually that of a Giant Elephant Clan member from the patrol team.

His face was red as he looked at the man with a smile and said, “Of course, the two of us were coming back from our shift there.

In the end, we went to the wrong place and came here.

Were rushing back now.

Otherwise, well be late.”

“Go back Where did you two come from Why dont I remember you two”

“But were members of the eastern patrol team.

Its normal that you havent seen the two of us before.

However, were really in a hurry to go back and report.

The captain will be angry later.”

The man looked at the two of them and asked, “Since the two of you came from there, do you know why the patrol team in the north lost contact Where did they go”

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Li Yuanqing walked up to the man mysteriously.

“Sir, let me tell you, they didnt do anything good.

They sneaked out.

I told them to guard their posts, but they still ran out with the entire team.

Dont you think this is infuriating”

“What You said they went out”

“Thats right.

A thousand-year-old Lingzhi Grass grew ten miles away.

It just happened to be ripe.

The fragrance floated for dozens of miles, just enough for everyone to smell it.”

As Li Yuanqing spoke, he was still drooling.

This act could not be any more realistic.

“We wanted to get a share too, but after being scolded by them, we could only obediently go back to find our captain.”

When the man heard the two of them, he was so angry that he slammed the rod in his hand against the ground.

Li Yuanqing felt the ground under his feet tremble slightly.

The man was furious.

“How can they still be in the mood to do something like this at this time Where are they going to put the mission given by His Lordship”

“Sir, hurry up and control them.

Theyre completely lawless.

Weve been talking to them for a long time, but they dont believe us at all and insist on running out.”

When the man heard Li Yuanqings words, he looked at Li Yuanqing in admiration and said, “His Lordship admires young people like you the most.

However, if he saw the two of you drinking so drunk today, you wouldnt be able to keep your heads.

Fortunately, you met me today!”

Li Yuanqing seemed to be badly frightened.

He hurriedly covered his head and widened his eyes in panic, looking around.

“Sir, are you joking We didnt drink much and only drank a little.

Were all sober.”

As soon as he said this, the strong smell of alcohol rushed into the mans face, causing the many team members behind the man to cover their noses.

“Alright, I think the two of you should find a place to relax.

Dont report to your superior with the smell of alcohol.”

“Thank you, sir.

Well find a place to disperse the alcohol.”

After giving Li Yuanqing some more instructions, the man hurriedly led his team members towards the north.

Fortunately, the Great Lord had discovered them early.

Otherwise, they would not be able to escape responsibility if someone took advantage of them and escaped.

Li Yuanqing watched in a daze as the team slowly disappeared into the fog.

His eyes suddenly became clear, as if he was not drunk at all.

The two of them passed by such a forest and shook off their pursuers.

Blood Vine did not dare to say anything beside Li Yuanqing just now.

He only walked forward with his head lowered.

The two of them walked for a while and circled around the small mountain before arriving at a lake in front of them.

This lake was very tranquil.

There were weeds growing beside it and many tall trees around it.

It was considered quiet.

Li Yuanqing took a simple look.

There were no demons guarding at the side.

Most of these demons were guarding the surroundings of the periphery and this lake had already reached the center.

Looking up from the lake, one could vaguely see the towering peak of the Dongming Mountain.

The two of them stopped beside the lake and took off their skins, revealing their original appearances.

“Master, your disguise technique is really good at fooling them.”

Li Yuanqings expression froze.

He suddenly sensed some aura and suddenly stretched out a hand to grab at the center of the lake.

A phantom took two steps back and stood two to three meters away from Li Yuanqing, looking at him from afar.

“Good kid, I felt that there was something strange about the disappearance of that patrol team just now.

I specially attached a wisp of my soul to my disciple.

As expected, I sensed something strange the moment I met the two of you.”

The image transformed by this phantom was Da Mingkong.

Da Mingkong floated on the lake like a real person and sized up Li Yuanqing and the Blood Vine.

“Alright, a young kid and a half-human, half-demon demon actually dared to come to this place.

I think you humans really dont know the immensity of heaven and earth.”

Li Yuanqing had been careless.

He did not expect that Da Mingkongs divine sense would be magnified several times in this array formation.

This meant that this scheming fellow had an opportunity.

Li Yuanqing was careless and did not check the patrol team carefully just now.

As a result, his whereabouts were exposed.

The remaining two enemies were quite capable.

“I thought you demons were all useless.

I didnt expect that there would be some capable people among you.”

Although Li Yuanqing had been discovered, he did not panic at all.

He even joked with Da Mingkong.

Da Mingkong looked at Li Yuanqing coldly.

“Kid, where did you get such confidence from Do you think the two of you still have a chance to escape after falling into my trap”

Li Yuanqing looked up at the sky above him.

The thick fog gradually condensed, and the scene beside him became more and more distorted.

He raised his head and took a deep breath of the air here, completely disregarding this array formation.

“I dont see any danger.

I just feel that although you demons have good things in your hands, you never used them properly.

Its really a waste in your hands.”

Da Mingkong seemed to be amused by Li Yuanqings words.

He looked at this young kid and did not know where he got his confidence from.

“Good!” Da Mingkong suddenly shouted.

“Since you noble humans think that these array formations cant unleash their power in our hands, come and see how I do!”

As soon as Da Mingkong finished speaking, his illusion instantly dissipated above the lake.

The sky was covered in dark clouds.

Dongming Mountain, which was already very foggy, became even gloomier.

Originally, under the sunlight, he could vaguely see the towering peak of the Dongming Mountain.

However, it immediately became visible, only half a meter in front of him.

Blood Vine slowly leaned against Li Yuanqing and did not dare to move.

This fog was not the most dangerous.

However, there were a few very powerful energies in the fog.

These energy fluctuations were sometimes far and sometimes close, sometimes strong and sometimes weak.

It was unfathomable.

Most importantly, this fog had a very strong effect of isolating divine sense.

When the fog became thicker, Blood Vine felt that the range he could control had instantly shrunk greatly.

It was about the same range as his vision.

That was the equivalent of putting a black cloth over his head.

Seeing that Da Mingkong was about to go all out, Li Yuanqing did not panic.

He stood on the spot calmly and did not move.

“Master, why dont we retreat first I think this lake seems to have a strengthening effect on this fog.

This way, this place will be even more dangerous.” Blood Vine carefully leaned against Li Yuanqing and suggested.

However, when Blood Vine looked up, Li Yuanqing seemed to have changed.

Just now, it was still his master, but now, it had transformed into a big tree.

Just now, Blood Vine had been hugging this big tree and hiding here.

Blood Vine was so frightened that he hurriedly took a step back.

He thought that he was very powerful now and his divine sense had improved greatly.

However, he did not expect that he would instantly fall into the trap of someone elses array formation in just a few breaths.

At this moment, Blood Vine suddenly felt a very cold power approaching from behind.

He hurriedly stopped and suddenly transformed into countless vines that whipped behind him.

With a crackling sound in the fog, the vines pulled out by Blood Vine collided with something opposite.

Just as the Blood Vine was working hard, he suddenly felt like he had been slapped.

He opened his eyes in a daze and looked at Li Yuanqing standing in front of him.


At this moment, he was lying on the ground while Li Yuanqing squatted beside him.

No expression could be seen on his face.

“Master, what happened to me just now Wasnt I here just now”

Li Yuanqing did not say anything else.

He took out a warm white pearl and stuffed it into Blood Vines mouth.

“Hurry up and stand up.

Swallow this Stabilizing Pearl.

Dont go crazy here.”


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