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“Report, City Lord! Sea City has already cut off communication with us.”

In the meeting room of the City Lord Manor in Ping City.

Everyone who was still immersed in the joy of victory not long ago had very solemn expressions.

“It cant be true, can it”

“I dont think thats possible either.”

They discussed softly.

Hu Jiujiu sat on the main seat with a solemn expression.

She did not know what trouble they had encountered.

“General, is the news true”

Minglun, who was sitting beside his deputy, stood up.

“City Lord, according to the last news from Sea City, it seems that a demon has taken control of Sea City.”

“Is Hai Changping really gone”

“Ever since we communicated half a month ago, we havent received any news from Hai Changping.

We have reason to believe that Hai Changping should be dead now.

Im afraid hes doomed.”

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Logically speaking, Ping City had just defeated the seven incomparably powerful Great Lords.

At this moment, their morale was unprecedentedly high.

However, in the meeting room, everyones expressions were very solemn and they could not be happy no matter what.

There was still the sound of gongs and drums celebrating outside.

It had been six to seven days since the demons were destroyed.

Even though so much time had passed, Ping City was still filled with a celebratory atmosphere.

The humans were celebrating their huge victory.

Such a huge victory in the foreign war had built up their confidence.

Although it seemed like they had done nothing and this victory was a little sudden, this was not important.

What was important was that the demons had retreated and the humans had won.

The legend of the human race had changed from the original Sword Immortal to a mature system about the Sword Immortal.

They set off fireworks outside to publicize the reputation of the Sword Immortal.

Hu Jiujiu sat down silently when she heard the lively shouts outside.

“City Lord, what should we do If these devils are really released from the other side, it will be a huge threat to us.”

They were also discussing the matter of Sea City.

Hai Changpings attitude towards them was very ambiguous.

Although he looked like he was lowering his head on the surface, he was always playing tricks behind their backs.

However, no matter what, although this fellow was wavering, as long as the humans won, he would still obediently submit to the humans.

At that time, conditions would naturally be easy to negotiate.

However, there was no news from Hai Changping since half a month ago.

No matter how hard they tried, they could no longer contact him.

The communication between the two sides had been cut off a few days ago.

According to the last news from that side and the information from some of their people there, Sea City had been harmed.

However, the person who did it was the devil they were discussing.

In the world of Catacombs, under the control of the powerful Devil Dragon, not only were there vast numbers of demons in the Catacombs, but half of the population in the Catacombs were of devils.

The demons and humans could more or less find some similarities between each other, but there were no similarities between the demons, devils and humans.

Most people knew that these devils had escaped from hell.

The demons and devils had originally split the world evenly and were at ease.

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The areas where they lived on both sides should be separated from each other.

They had minded their own business for so many years.

However, those devils had crossed the border and appeared in Sea City today.

In the past, there were checks and balances between the demons and devils.

The devils did not dare to run around and casually pass through the important ravine between the two.

Now, the power of the demons in the catacombs had been greatly weakened, those devils took advantage of such a heaven-sent opportunity to cross the border and took over Sea City.

It turned out that the end of the river beside Sea City was the place where the two worlds intersected.

Therefore, Sea City was immediately besieged.

“In my opinion, our seniors are so powerful that we can even defeat the seven lords of the demon race.

Im afraid its not a problem for us to deal with these devils who have escaped.”

There were naturally many humans who had never seen the world and spoke abnormally casually.

Those older ones had heard a few stories of the devils.

“Your thoughts are too shallow.

The strength of those devils are not something we can resist at all.

If you take the initiative to attack, it will be no different from throwing an egg at a rock.”

“Senior, youre wrong.

When the demons attacked, we also thought that Ping City would definitely fall and we wouldnt be able to defend this place.” The young general walked to the front of the stage in high spirits.

“But in the end We were naturally protected by the Sword Immortal to help us tide over the crisis.”


Everyone did not know how to refute this young generals words.

The Sword Immortals strength was unfathomable.

Since the Sword Immortal could help them tide over this crisis, the matters in the future should be able to be resolved.

However, the strength of the devils were unfathomable and could not be judged by common sense.

Another person stood up and said, “The Sword Immortal is powerful, and this is a fact that we all recognize.

However, the devils are unfathomable and scheming.

Moreover, their methods are extremely hidden.

Even someone as powerful as the Sword Immortal is probably not enough to make an enemy of them.”

The young general was very unconvinced.

He laughed twice and said to the middle-aged man who stood up, “Senior, how can we boost the morale of others and dampen our prestige Weve just won such a huge victory, and everyone is still celebrating outside.

Didnt you hear that This is the will of the people, this is the burning emotions of everyone.

Im afraid it wont make sense to pour a bucket of cold water on us now.”

The young generals words made the person not know how to answer.

He had directly placed him in such a situation.

If he did not answer well, he would fall into an inhumane state.

No one was willing to stand up and speak after being labeled as such.

All of them remained silent, and the scene instantly fell silent.

The young general thought that he had won and his face was filled with pride.

Hu Jiujiu looked at him and asked, “Then what do you think we should do, General Sun”

This proud young general was the General Sun Hu Jiujiu had mentioned.

General Sun bowed slightly to Hu Jiujiu.

“City Lord, I thought that since we had just defeated hundreds of thousands of demons, we should chase after them.

This time, we should boost our morale and attack Sea City in one go to eliminate the devils in Sea City!”

As soon as these words were spoken, many people present revealed excited expressions.

It was obvious that they supported such a decision.

There were also many people, like the two older generals just now, whose faces were filled with melancholy.

They even gasped.

Minglun was shocked, but he pretended not to hear anything and looked at his hands.

Hu Jiujiu looked at Minglun and asked, “Great General, what do you think Do you have any objections about what to do next”

Minglun looked up at the human generals behind him.

In their group, the ratio of humans to demons was completely unbalanced.

It could be said that after this victory, the proportion of humans had reached about eighty percent.

Minglun felt that his authority here was gradually weakening.

Although the human race had split into two factions, they were still on the same side.

They would not listen to the opinion of a demon.

Just as Minglun had thought, the two groups of humans looked at him with disdain.

Minglun was helpless, but Hu Jiujius question had already been asked, so he could not refuse.

Therefore, he tried to smooth things over and said, “I thought that the situation in Sea City is still unclear.

If we act rashly, Im afraid there will be many losses.”

After he finished speaking, the radical looked unhappy.

Minglun continued, “However, our morale is high now, and we have gotten a lot of materials from the various demon tribes.

The strength of the entire guard team has increased greatly.

Its not impossible to take this opportunity to take another step forward.”

He did not offend either side after saying this, but it was useless to say it.

After the humans behind heard his words, they all laughed loudly, completely disregarding him, the Great General.

In the past, the human race would have treated Minglun with a little more respect.

After all, this was their Great General.

They had to give him some face.

However, the human race had obtained such a huge victory this time.

They gave all the credit to the invisible Sword Immortal.

As a result, the credit completely belonged to the human race.

Therefore, the status of the human race in Ping City had soared.

They vaguely did not take these remaining demons seriously.

Although Minglun had contributed greatly to Hu Jiujiu, in their minds, it was time for a change.

“Great General, your words are really nice, but why do I feel that something is wrong It seems like you didnt say it anything useful.”

General Sun looked at Minglun teasingly.

Minglun was not angry.

He only echoed, “I think Ping City has indeed obtained a huge victory.

No matter what choice we make, I dont think we will lose much.

Theres no need to worry too much.”

General Sun immediately said, “Sigh, although the Great Generals other words are useless, these words are still quite pertinent.

We have a strong army now.

No matter what, we definitely wont lose out too much.

At least theres a possibility of withdrawing at that time.

Theres no need to be too cautious.”

Hu Jiujiu also felt that it was difficult now.

Her master had said that he wanted more humans to take over the control of the demons.

In the future, Ping City would become stronger and stronger.

They had to have more backbone.

Now was the time to nurture them.

Li Yuanqing had deliberately nurtured these people.

Then was this a good opportunity

Hu Jiujiu vaguely felt that something was wrong.

After all, these new devils were probably very powerful.

To be able to occupy the entire Sea City in such a short period of time, they could not be said to be a weak opponent.

But could she attack There didnt seem to be a problem.

The two factions of the human race were fighting fiercely.

They were all waiting for Hu Jiujius answer.

“In my opinion, there should be an outcome.

Its not a good idea to drag it out like this.”

The humans of both factions urged.

“Thats right, City Lord.

The situation in Sea City is getting more and more serious.

If we cant come up with a good decision, Im afraid there will be long nights ahead.”

Under these two forces, Hu Jiujiu was in a dilemma.

However, since Li Yuanqing had already instructed her, she should give these humans more chances.

“Since everyone thinks that were in the limelight and can attack, well send a team as the vanguard to test the waters.”

Hu Jiujiu finally relented.

General Sun revealed a smug smile and hurriedly went forward to petition.

“Thank you, City Lord.

Ill fulfill your wish! However, I wonder how many people youre willing to send this time to follow me No matter what, Im willing to go through fire and water!”

Hu Jiujiu looked at Minglun and asked, “How much do you think is suitable, Great General”

Minglun didnt seem to hear it at first.

He was stunned for a moment before replying, “If its a test in the early stages, I think fifty thousand people are enough.”

“Alright, then send fifty thousand people.”

“Thank you, City Lord!”

The news of Ping City establishing an expeditionary army quickly spread, and many people eagerly signed up.

With the transfer of a portion of the original city protection team and many volunteers, most of the people were gathered.

For a moment, the entire Ping City was even more lively.

Ever since the previous victory, the citizens of Ping City were very convinced by the various decisions of the City Lord and the others.

Since they had the ability to defeat the powerful demon army, they could do things that they had never dared to think about before.

“In my opinion, now that the human race has completely stepped on the demons, we naturally have to do what the demons cant.”

Whether it was the market or the restaurants, everyone was discussing the news that the Ping City expeditionary army was about to set off.

“Two of these three cities have been occupied by us.

Its time for these demons to put down their airs and realize that the era has passed.”

Thinking back to their life of slavery by the demons, it seemed like it was not long ago.

However, the situation had completely reversed.

“I didnt expect that not only did the demons lose to us, but even the devils couldnt resist us.”

“What exactly is the devils Ive always heard you say that, but why havent I seen it before Where did it come from”

Someone naturally raised questions.

“These devils are quite strong, but according to the lord in the City Lord Manor, they were already greatly injured when they crossed the river.

Theyre weak now.”

“In other words, we chose this moment to attack and seize their weakness to gain the initiative!”

“Thats right.

This is also why the City Lord is willing to order the expeditionary army to retake Sea City.

There will be a lot of business in the future.”


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