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In Sea City.

The streets were silent.

There was no sound at all.

There was a soft sound in the shops a few streets away.

There seemed to be a few black shadows walking back and forth.

On a closer look, there were two pitch-black devils searching for something.

These devils bodies seemed to have no mass as they floated in the air.

Their bodies were formed by black fog.

If one did not pay attention, they would think that they were a ball of black fog.

However, on a closer look, there were two red eyes on the round head.

It looked like it had some human characteristics.

At this moment, the two devils in the shop were focused on searching for something.

“These humans are really cunning.

Where are they hiding”

Ever since the previous calamity, the entire Sea City had been completely controlled by the devils.

Most of the demons had been killed by the devils, and most of the remaining ones had joined the devils.

These demons had all become the lackeys of the devils.

Those who did not join them were basically killed.

Those humans were more strange.

They seemed to have a premonition and they had disappeared one by one.

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Last time, a devil discovered that these humans were hiding in an underground shelter.

The underground shelter was covered in complicated array patterns that covered their auras, so these devils did not discover them.

Ever since that incident, all these devils had been sent out to gather information about the humans, wanting to find the remaining humans.

The two devil brothers were one of the small search teams.

The two of them had been searching here for a while, but they still did not find anything.

“I think weve searched most of this place.

No one should be here.

Its time to change places.”

The two of them searched for a long time without any results, so they wanted to retreat.

This looked like an ordinary shop.

After discussing it again, the two of them floated out of the window like two dark clouds leaving the shop.

In a narrow and hidden space under this shop, a group of humans was carefully hiding with a few demons.

“Are they gone Look carefully.”

The humans waited carefully.

When they realized that the two devils were approaching, all of them carefully restrained their auras.

This was their last shelter.

They were cultivators after all.

With their physical fitness, they could last for a long time even if they did not eat or drink for a long time.

Survival was the only reason.

If they could not even keep their lives, they would die.

It would be miserable if they fell into the hands of these devils.

They did not even dare to think about it.

“I think theyre gone.

We should be safe.”

Everyone heaved a sigh of relief, and their tense nerves relaxed slightly.

They did not know when such a day would end, but they had no choice.

Most of their brothers were already dead.

They were already lucky enough to survive.

They did not dare to hope for anything else.

Everyones faces were covered in gloom.

Although no one said anything, they knew that they would be found sooner or later.

Those devils were swaying outside.

There would be a time when they would capture them.

But what could they do if they didnt hide here Could they go out and fight them

“Sigh! Unless someone comes to save us.”

A human punched the wall beside him, startling everyone.

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“What are you doing Be quiet! Theyre all listening outside!” A demon beside him immediately lowered his voice and warned him.

Everyone was in the same boat now.

If he punched and summoned back the devils who had just left, everyone would not be able to escape.

Under the warning of the others, the anger in his heart seemed to subside a little.

He said very aggrievedly, “Brothers, wont we still die if this continues If you ask me, we should fight them to the death!”

“Fight How are you going to fight Besides, is your cultivation enough” The demon squatting beside him immediately retorted.

“Look at the people who attacked them.

Theyre all dead.

Do you want to die with them and reincarnate early If you want to die, no one will stop you, but dont bring everyone with you.”

“Thats right.

If you go out, not only will you expose yourself, but youll expose all of us.”

After all, this person was a young man and had an impatient personality.

After enduring for such a long time, he began to feel a little unbearable and became angrier and angrier.

“But what can we do if we continue like this We cant do anything if we guard this place every day.

We can only watch as these devils attack us.

Sooner or later, we will fall into their hands.

At that time, what should everyone do”

After he finished speaking, the people around him fell silent.

Everyone knew about this matter.

In this situation, let alone breaking out, no matter how long they could live, it had already ended like this.

What thoughts did they have about leaving

They even vaguely felt that the Great Lord of the Devils had been interfering more and more recently, as if he already wanted to discover them.

It was because the Great Lord of the Devils had sensed something that he had sent so many of his subordinates to search this area.

That guy was extraordinary.

What kind of outcome could they achieve by fighting him who has such huge strength Everyone present did not even dare to think about it.

At this moment, a middle-aged man sitting in the middle suddenly spoke like the leader of their group.

Everyone around him stopped.

“Everyone, dont be zealous.

Although were in a very awkward situation now, I think we must still have a way.

As long as we dont die, as long as were still alive, we must have a way.”

That was what he said, but what choice did they have In their current situation, what other choice did they have Could it be that they could expect these devils to suddenly retreat and release them all

That was clearly impossible.

“Listen, whats this commotion”

A child was lying on the partition above, secretly revealing a crack.

He could vaguely hear a sound from afar.

The sound was very soft at first, but it was very rhythmic.

The adult behind him immediately pulled the child down and hurriedly covered the partition above.

After the light from the partition flickered slightly, the restriction was completely restored.

“What are you doing If you expose our place, everyone will be finished!” After the adult pulled the child back, the demon closest to him widened his eyes and reprimanded the child.

A human at the side immediately said to him unhappily, “No matter what, this is a family matter of our human race.

How can you have the right to speak Youre already thanking the heavens that you can survive here.

Its a favor from us.

Why are you still talking so much”

The conflict between the humans and demons seemed to be on the verge of erupting.

The demon was not someone to be trifled with.

He sneered and looked at him.

“Oh, youre quite relaxed.

Since you dont welcome us, well go out now and let those devils capture us willingly.

Isnt that enough”

Although his words were clearly said, the threat in his words was easy to express.

As long as they fell into the hands of the devils, these humans would have no way out.

The humans could not do anything to them.

The adults of the demons and humans on both sides quarreled, but the child still twisted in the adults arms stubbornly.

He kept saying, “Daddy, let go of me.

Theres something nice to hear outside!”

“What nice thing You silly child, be obedient.”

“Theres really something nice.

If you dont believe me, open it and listen.”

“Look at you, silly child.

What nonsense are you talking about”

At this moment, they suddenly felt the ground above them tremble, as if some dust had fallen.

The leading old man carefully stepped forward and gently opened the partition a little.

He slowly extended his divine sense and carefully wanted to investigate the outside world.

At this moment, a high-spirited young man was standing outside the city gate and shouting proudly.

“I say, can you devils succeed Ive been shouting here for a long time, but no one has come out to show their faces.

Speaking of which, youre all a group of fellows who cant show their faces.

You dont even have the guts to show your faces.

What a group of pitiful creatures.”

This person was General Sun, who had been appointed.

Behind him, he led five thousand people and rushed all the way to Sea City.

He swaggered through the river in front of him and stationed himself outside the city gate.

For a moment, he was in the limelight.

The human brothers behind him also followed General Sun happily.

This was the most glorious time for the human race.

When had such a thing ever happened to the human race in the past In the past, they were all enslaved by the demons, let alone having such a large-scale army as a vanguard.

As for those demons, they were still easily taken down no matter where they went.

They were probably locked up somewhere in the city now.

It was such a pity.

The city wall of Sea City was quiet.

No one stuck their heads out.

These devils seemed to be afraid of the huge commotion outside and hid inside, unwilling to come out.

“General, I think these devils were probably frightened enough.

When they heard our commotion, they immediately ran away.”

“I think so too.

These devils are just some things hiding under the river.

Dont think that they can change anything just because they escaped from the bottom of the river.

Isnt it just those useless things Look, they scared some people until their faces changed.”

Their army was all made up of humans.

Their words were filled with ridicule for Minglun.

However, this Great General Minglun was not here either.

In any case, no one could hear them.

General Sun was also happy to hear this.

He allowed his subordinates to humiliate the Great General, but the Great General was not moved.

He only sat on his mount obediently and looked towards Sea City.

On the other hand, Sea City had always had an extraordinary status because of its unique advantage.

It was located by the river and was often rich in natural resources.

Originally, their market trade was ranked at the top among the few major cities, but in recent years, it had been deteriorating and the situation was not as good as before.

Now that Ping City had developed so quickly in such an ordinary position, it was enough to show the strength of the leader of the human race.

It naturally had an indelible contribution to the development of the city.

Just as the humans were chatting, a few figures suddenly appeared on the city wall of Sea City.

A few very inconspicuous black shadows appeared and looked over.

They seemed to be very curious.

“General, look whats over there.

It looks like the devils.”

General Sun also looked in the direction his subordinate was pointing.

As expected, wasnt that someone from the devils

“Looks like these guys arent deaf.

They can still hear us.

Thats easy.” General Sun smiled and said to his subordinates proudly, “Tell them to surrender as soon as possible.

Our City Lord is benevolent and magnanimous.

If they dont cause too much trouble for us, the City Lord can spare their lives.

At that time, there wont be a mountain of corpses and a sea of blood.”

His subordinates conveyed his intentions just like that.

They were even very arrogant as they shouted at the city wall.

At this moment, the humans in the city also stuck their heads out.

They still did not know what was happening outside.

They only heard some movements outside, but they did not know what these people were doing outside.

However, from the commotion, it seemed like someone had come to save them.

“Help must be here.

It must be the humans outside who came to save us.

Theyre here.

I knew that humans would help each other.

They definitely wont abandon us!”

After everyone heard the shouts outside, they were all extremely excited.

They were all fantasizing about the beautiful scene when they went out.

Now, they seemed to have escaped.

“I wonder how many people they have sent.

I heard that Ping City is very powerful now.

They have more than a hundred thousand troops.

Together with that incomparably powerful Sword Immortal, we will definitely be fine this time!”

The humans in the city were filled with hope.


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