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When the devils reached the city wall, they sized up the group of people below.

They could not figure out why such a small number of humans dared to shout here.

It looked very strange.

“Is His Majesty here”

A small leader of the devils swaggered up the city gate.

The group of lackeys beside him immediately surrounded him.

“His Majesty said that he doesnt have to do such a small thing.

He told us to teach these guys a lesson.”

The devils seemed to be moving quite slowly, and it was very slow for them to gather together and do things.

They seemed to not have any consciousness as they listened to the captain before gathering in front of the city gate.

For a moment, dozens of teams stood on the city wall at the same time.

It looked very spectacular.

General Sun looked at the row of devils that had appeared on the city wall and was a little worried.

There seemed to be hundreds of them.

However, he had five thousand people under him after all.

It should not be a problem to deal with these hundreds of devils.

He had originally planned to retreat first.

It did not seem good to retreat at this time when he saw his brothers high morale.

“What do these devils mean”

“General, I dont think theyre convinced and want to fight us.

What should we do”

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“Let me see how strong the devils are.

Theyre probably an arrow at the end of its flight.

Im afraid the forces in the city are very weak after they sent out so few people.”

General Sun was smug.

Their advance army was only here to test the waters.

There was no need for them to really fight with these devils.

However, these guys had actually taken the initiative to run out.

It seemed like it was not bad to meet them.

“Then how do you think we should act, General”

General Sun looked at his subordinate and said excitedly, “We went through a lot of trouble to come here just to let our brothers exercise.

The demons were defeated and fled before we could fight them last time.

Now is the time to let our brothers take action, right”

“General is right! Everyone was holding in painfully!”

“Then I think these hundreds of devils are very good practice targets.

In that case, send two thousand people to them for the preliminary confrontation and teach them a lesson.”

General Sun quickly chose two thousand experts.

These two thousand people left the troops and approached the city wall.

They stood in a row between their troops and the city wall.

Not only did they not run away, but they also walked towards them proudly.

They naturally did not retreat.

Hundreds of devils floated down from the city wall and gathered together like dark clouds in the sky.

General Sun watched from behind and had a bad feeling.

However, he did not know where this ominous feeling came from.

He could not tell if this premonition was right or wrong.

He watched as his two thousand brothers faced the descending devils.

The two sides seemed to be fighting.

However, the contact between the two sides seemed a little strange.

In a short while, a fog filled the air.

As soon as the fog was released, it covered their eyes, as if it had covered their brothers as well.

General Sun tried his best to look and seemed to see a brother turning around to run back.

He was a little unhappy, but soon, the fog swallowed this brother and no one ran back.

The ominous feeling in his heart grew stronger.

“Why is the fog so big ahead Where did the black aura come from Could it be a trick by the devils”

The adjutant carefully sized up the front and replied, “General, I see that the morale of our soldiers is still very strong.

They should have the upper hand, so theres no need to be anxious.”

“Thats right, but its unexpected that the enemy used such a fog to cover our vision.

We have to remember this and be careful.”

As General Sun was instructing, he looked up and realized that Sea City had returned to its original appearance.

There was no black fog in front of the city, let alone a figure.

It had already disappeared completely.

He widened his eyes and tried his best to search for his brothers, but he could no longer see them.

The place filled with black fog in front of him had become clear.

There was not even a bug on the clean ground.

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General Sun felt his hair stand on end.

He felt a chill run down his spine, as if he had fallen into a ten-thousand-year-old icehouse.

His heart turned cold.

When Li Yuanqing arrived at the moat outside Sea City, he saw the human soldiers on the other side of the river fleeing in panic from the bridge.

After seeing the scene just now, these human soldiers no longer had any desire to fight.

Hundreds of devils slaughtered the two thousand brothers almost instantly, leaving not even dregs.

Who would dare to fight them with such a method Wouldnt that be courting death

“Run, theyre going to eat someone!”


The human camp was filled with cries.

They shouted as they ran.

They were so frightened by the scene just now that they did not dare to stop.

They could only keep running forward.

This group of people knew very well that if they slowed down even a little, they would die.

These devils were really so terrifying that they were far beyond their imagination.

Li Yuanqing took a look and saw that the person running at the front was a flustered young man with disheveled clothes.

This man had already stripped off all his armor and the armor on his horse.

He was the first to step onto the bridge and run at the front.

This person was the great general who had led the five thousand advance team and arrived early.

At this moment, General Sun could no longer be arrogant.

He looked miserable.

As he ran forward, he kept spying behind him with lingering fear to see if anyone was chasing after him.

At this moment, he suddenly felt the horse under him stop.

He was shocked and hurriedly urged the horse forward.

This was not the time to stop and rest.

He had yet to save his life.

However, not only did the horse stop, but it also slowly rose into the air.

This was even stranger.

He hurriedly looked down in a daze to see what had caused his horse to become like this.

He happened to see a young man standing not far away.

This person was Li Yuanqing.

Li Yuanqing looked at the general with a livid expression.

“Is this how you treat your subordinates”

Li Yuanqing threw the general up into the sky and looked at him angrily.

He did not expect a good-for-nothing was handed such a heavy responsibility.

General Sun was already at this point, yet he still spared no effort to shout at Li Yuanqing.

“What do you know The devils are about to catch up.

Hurry up and put me down.

Ill escape! Where are you from Why havent I seen you before”

General Sun was puzzled.

This young man who had appeared out of nowhere had blocked him here.

What did he want Could it be that the two of them did not want to run anymore

Li Yuanqing snorted and threw the general dozens of meters away.

He finally stopped when he hit a small hill ahead.

The mans chest felt stuffy from the impact.

He lay on the ground and wailed.

He looked at Li Yuanqing again.

There was only his back view left.

He crossed the river alone and blocked the dark clouds that rushed over.

Li Yuanqing stood at the bridge like a god.

The devils who had arrived stopped one after another.

They stuck their heads out of the dark clouds and sized up the human in front of them in confusion.

This fellows compatriots had already run away.

In any case, he was the only one left.

He stood there in a daze like a fool.

However, this person looked ordinary and did not have any special fluctuations on his body.

He looked like an ordinary human.

However, he vaguely made them shiver.

What was the reason

Seeing that the demons charging in front had stopped, the few captains behind rushed forward and saw Li Yuanqing blocking the front.

“What happened Why are we stopping here”

“Captain, the person in front is quite strange.”

“Whats so strange about it Isnt he just an ordinary human All the brothers behind him have already run away.

Since this kid wants to die, lets give him a quick death!”

As soon as the captain said this, the brothers behind him rushed forward again.

They shouted and swept towards Li Yuanqing, who was committing suicide, drowning him in the thick fog.

The humans behind looked at this brother.

They did not know why he suddenly became stupid and stopped there.

Everyone was running well, so why was someone stopping there

“Which team is this guy from Why is he so stupid that he has to go back and die”

“Who knows Ive never seen him before.

I didnt see his face clearly just now.

I dont know what he looks like.”

As the humans were discussing, the dark clouds in front of them suddenly stirred violently, as if a huge vortex had condensed inside.

After the vortex was condensed, it kept spinning faster.

Soon, the area expanded to the entire dark clouds.

Under the blowing wind from the vortex, all the dark clouds seemed to have been sucked in by a black hole and instantly disappeared.

The entire sky returned to its pure appearance.

Just as everyone thought that the kid who had fallen into it would definitely die, a shocking scene appeared.

Li Yuanqing was actually standing in the middle of the array formation unscathed, as if nothing had happened just now.

All the humans were stunned on the spot.

They could not imagine how this person could survive.

That was an extremely dangerous place.

How could he survive after falling in

Thousands of brothers had died inside just now.

Why was this kid the only one left

Li Yuanqing had no time to answer their questions.

He only appeared for a moment.

When the brothers behind wanted to take a look, they realized that the empty space was empty again.

“Did I see wrongly just now Why does it look like that brat survived”

“Look, theres no one else.

I think I saw such a person just now, but when I looked back, he was gone.

I must have had terminal lucidity just now.”

They all thought that Li Yuanqing was already dead, so they quickly ran along the path they had just taken.

When Li Yuanqing appeared again, he was in the inner city.

He was standing in front of the small shop that had just been searched.

He strode in.

The two devils had returned to the originally safe shop.

These two devils were very proud as they looked at the idiots who had appeared.

“I knew you were hiding here.

I just used a little trick to trick you out.

I say, you humans are really stupid.

You fell for someone elses trick.”

Not only did these two devils capture the humans, but they also flaunted it proudly.

It was obvious that the two of them were extremely proud of their little scheme.

The two of them had received accurate information that they had discovered humans here.

However, they had never found the exact location of the humans.

Now, they have caught them.

Although there were only two devils facing an entire cellar of humans, the humans were blocked inside and could not come out.

They could only look up at the demons blocking the outside.

They wanted to attack, but they had no idea where to start.

“A scholar can be killed but not humiliated.

How can we, a proud man, fall into the hands of these people who are neither human nor ghost Let me fight them!”

The humans still wanted to fight their way out, but how could they kill their way out with their little strength

The two devils took out a small bottle from somewhere.

It was unknown what was inside the bottle.

They took it out and sprinkled it down.

The black fog that spread out instantly spread out in the small space below.

The moment these humans came into contact with the black fog, they immediately seemed to have lost their combat strength and became dizzy.

The humans were bewitched by this thing just by touching it.

It seemed like they had no room to resist.

Just as the two devils were about to capture all the humans, they suddenly felt a chill on the back of their necks, as if something had grabbed them.


That was the last word they heard.


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