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He followed the passageway down.

The wider the passageway, the flatter it became.

When the last section was completely parallel to the ground, they felt that the entire passageway was filled with a very strong heat.

Their surroundings were like burning flames that kept roasting these stone walls.

They could all feel the pressure from outside.

This place was very hot in the depths of the core, even though the black stone isolated most of the heat.

However, one could still feel the pressure from it.

The stone path here turned into a flat path that was thousands of meters long.

However, the three of them moved very slowly after arriving.

Their speed had decreased greatly compared to before.

After the Blood Vine arrived, he was as excited as if he had been injected with steroids.

His eyes burned as he looked at the long passageway in front of him.

He wished he could reach the end of the passageway immediately and take back everything at the end of the passageway, the glory that had once belonged to him.

The Devil King looked at the Blood Vine.

He did not urge him since he was walking so hard.

Finally, the two of them arrived at the end of the passageway.

The temperature here suddenly dropped.

Just now, the overall temperature of the passageway was very high.

It felt like the surface temperature was hundreds of degrees.

Fortunately, they all had powerful spiritual energy to protect themselves and isolate the heat to prevent them from burning.

Looking at the incomparably huge round stone in front of him, the Devil King stopped.

The Blood Vines body trembled from time to time.

One could see with the naked eye that he was extremely excited.

The Devil King was puzzled, not knowing what this person was hiding.

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“Your Majesty, look, this is it.

As long as you open this door and take out the things inside, Your Majesty will be able to obtain the freedom you want!” The Blood Vine stared at the black stone door and said without thinking.

“What did you say Isnt the Devil Realm behind here Whats inside”

The Blood Vine realized that he had said something wrong and hurriedly corrected him.

“Your Majesty, please calm down.

I was indeed a little nervous just now.

Ive only heard of this place in legends, but Ive never personally come here.

I feel excited to be able to come here today.”

“I have a feeling youre hiding something from me!”

The Devil King looked at the Blood Vine suspiciously.

The Blood Vines performance along the way was too strange.

How could he be so kind as to bring him to this passageway and let the devils occupy the Demon Realm unscrupulously

This sounded very unreasonable to begin with.

Although the Blood Vine was abnormally strange, the logic of his actions was indeed debatable.

The Blood Vine turned, his face filled with an irrepressible desire.

“Your Majesty, do you see that Its behind here.

As long as you get this door to open a crack, you can let your reinforcements in.

At that time, the small Demon Realm will be under your control!”

“Are you really not lying to me”

“Your Majesty, arent you too suspicious Im on the same boat as you now.

If you cant return, how can I be any better As long as you open this door, well know if its real or fake.

Well know at a glance.

Theres no need to waste your breath anymore!”

The Devil King snorted and looked at him.

“You better not have the guts!”

“Your Majesty is wise!”

The Blood Vine cupped his hands and retreated to the side, giving the stage in front of him to the Devil King.

His pure white eyes seemed to flicker slightly.

Although the Blood Vine retreated, his gaze never left the stone door.

His gaze seemed to have passed through the stone door and looked at the secret hidden behind it.

What was that

Li Yuanqing guarded a hundred meters behind the two of them and carefully hid at the side.

The Devil King stood in the center and suddenly waved his hands.

He raised his arms high, and two vortexes gradually formed on his dark palms.

The two vortexes kept accelerating and spinning, expanding at a very fast speed.

When the two vortexes touched each other, they actually began to slowly fuse.

The Devil King placed his hands together above his head.

The two vortexes finally gathered above his head and turned into a huge vortex filled with pressure.

The existence of the vortex disturbed the airflow in the entire space, and the rumbling sound kept echoing in the passageway.

The vortex released a huge amount of power that poured into the top of the Devil Kings head.

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The Devil King pushed his hands forward and formed palms.

A huge power erupted from the center of his palms, and this majestic power struck the stone door.

The stone door did not move under such a powerful attack.

Even though it had been left behind for more than a thousand years, this door was still as hard as before.

It could withstand the attacks of a Formation Arrangement Realm expert with ease.

It was really terrifying.

What kind of power did these humans have to be able to build such a strong defense at their peak

Even if it was just a door, it could block a fourth-grade Formation Arrangement Realm expert outside.

Moreover, this Devil King had absorbed all the power of his own race.

This power could already reach the strength of the fifth-grade Formation Arrangement Realm.

The Blood Vine hurriedly said at the side, “Your Majesty, continue like this.

This stone door has been left over for a thousand years and is already useless.

Its already a little loose inside.

As long as we persevere, we can open a crack in the stone door.

At that time, it will naturally be easy to open it again!”

Under the encouragement of the Blood Vine, the Devil King slowly stabilized the power in his hand.

Boundless power was released from his body, but the stone door still looked the same.

It was like an eternal truth that guarded the end of this passageway.

Li Yuanqing frowned as he looked at the chaotic scene inside.

Under such a powerful attack, the stone door could actually maintain such strength.

If this place had really been here for a thousand years, then the attainments in array formations here were simply amazing.

Was this the property left behind by the experts of the human race in the past Li Yuanqing could not help but be shocked.

The violent wind howled for a full hour, but at this moment, the stone door only tilted slightly inward and had no intention of opening.

The Devil King asked the Blood Vine angrily, “Didnt you say that thirty minutes would be enough Why hasnt the door loosened after an hour Youre lying to me again!”

The Blood Vine hurriedly leaned forward and said, “Your Majesty, please calm down.

I dont know much about this place.

Ive only heard rumors.

However, this is really the entrance to the Devil Realm.

As long as we can open it, Your Majesty will have your freedom.

Think about it, Your Majesty.

Freedom is right in front of you.

Its only a step away.

Are you going to give up just like that”

“You bastard, you actually used such a thing to abduct me!”

The Blood Vine said, “Your Majesty, you cant say that.

Everything I do is for your sake.

If you cant go back, youll only die if you stay here.

Im afraid this isnt what you want to see.”

At this moment, the Devil King had no choice.

He was already in a difficult position.

Although the progress was slow, there were already traces of loosening.

If he continued to work hard, there might really be hope.

Although the Blood Vine did not tell the truth, he should be able to believe it this time.

At the very least, there must be a lot of gold and silver treasures behind such a powerful restriction.

Even if it was not the Devil Sealing Passage, he could still maintain it for a period of time if he could obtain some replenishment in strength.

The Devil King gritted his teeth and slowly strengthened the infusion of power in his hand.

This continued for another hour.

Suddenly, a chattering sound came from the stone door, as if it could not withstand the powerful pressure and was about to be opened.

The Devil King hurriedly leaned forward, and the Blood Vine was even more anxious.

Before the Devil King could react, he had already run forward and leaned towards the stone door to observe the gap.

The Devil King could not move his hand away now, so he could only look at the Blood Vine and ask.

“How is it Is it open”

Li Yuanqing slowly stood up and controlled his body to move forward.

However, the Devil King did not receive a reply from the Blood Vine.

The Blood Vine seemed to be stunned there.

His body was motionless.

It was unknown what he had seen.

He had just leaned forward to take a look, but why did he suddenly become like this

“Bastard, Im asking you a question.

What happened How is it inside” The Devil King questioned the Blood Vine sternly.

However, no matter how hard he tried, no matter how hard he howled, the Blood Vine was indifferent.

The Blood Vine seemed to have died there and did not move.

The cloak that the Devil King was wearing was suddenly shaken by a gust of wind.

Another arm stretched out from under his armpit and grabbed at the Blood Vine.

He grabbed the Blood Vine in front of him, but before he could do anything, a very dangerous feeling suddenly attacked his heart.

He hurriedly let go and threw the Blood Vines body out again.

The energy infusion in the Devil Kings hand was also cut off.

He looked at the place where he was standing just now.

A sword had appeared there at some point.

If he had let go a little slower just now, his arm would have been cut off.

He looked over with lingering fear and finally saw a young man who looked like a human.

This human stood in the empty space with the black sword in his hand and the Blood Vine behind him.

He looked at the Devil King warily.

“My Devil King, thank you for doing your best to help me resolve such a huge problem!”

Li Yuanqing smiled proudly.

Only then did the Devil King finally understand that he had been completely fooled.

Everything that had happened just now was fake.

It was all fake to say that there was a devil passageway below.

The truth was that there was nothing below.

He had been used by someone to trick him to this place.

However, he had already used up more than half of his strength.

He had been caught red-handed at this time, and this guy in front of him was extraordinary.

The Devil King looked around.

The aura on this kid was so familiar.

“Good lord, I know you!”

The Devil King gritted his teeth and looked at Li Yuanqing.

The aura on this kid was clearly that of the human kid who had caused him a lot of trouble in Sea City.

It was this fellow who had closed the devils passageway, causing them to be homeless now.

It was this fellow who had done all kinds of bad things, causing him to have no choice but to believe in the Blood Vine and come to this place.

Now, he seemed to have been tricked by him.

The Blood Vine was actually in cahoots with this young man.

The two of them had tricked him.

This bastard.

The Devil King gritted his teeth in hatred, but he was helpless.

The two of them had gathered together.

And since he was in a vacuum of power, he could not attack them.

Li Yuanqing watched as the Devil King carefully recovered his devilish power.

He also took the time to look at the Blood Vine behind him.

The Blood Vine had completely turned into a walking corpse.

His body stood there straight, and his body was cold without any warmth.

Li Yuanqing checked in confusion and realized that he could not feel any spiritual energy from the Blood Vine.

This was a useless body.

The soul in his body was gone.

“Blood Vine”

Li Yuanqing was shocked.

He used the puppet technique to capture the Blood Vine.

Their contracts were on the soul level.

As long as the contract was still there, the Blood Vine would not be able to escape his control.

However, Li Yuanqing did not expect that he would not be able to sense the existence of the Blood Vine at all when he used the Manipulation Art.

It was as if the Blood Vine had already disappeared from this world.

Li Yuanqings expression darkened as well.

He slowly looked at the stone door and saw that there was an extremely narrow crack in the bottom right corner of the huge stone door.

This crack was very, very small.

If one did not look carefully, they would not be able to see it clearly.

However, it was this small crack that caused the Blood Vine to disappear.

Li Yuanqing had long known that the Blood Vine was not simple, but he did not expect him to be able to escape under his nose.

The Devil King seemed to have noticed Li Yuanqings expression.

He looked at the stone door and indeed discovered the same crack.

“Its open!”

The Devil King was overjoyed.

He had thought that his efforts would be in vain, but now that everything he had done had been rewarded, all his previous efforts had not been in vain.

It was all worth it.

The most important thing for the Devil King now was to pass through this stone door and open the door to the Devil Realm so that his tens of thousands of brothers behind him could be saved.

He suddenly took a step towards the crack and was about to turn into smoke and crawl through.


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