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There was a huge celebration party going on.

As the City Lord, Ye Qiluo went to resolve some of the difficulties for people living in the city after showing up at the celebration party.

Although most of the people living here were immortal cultivators and all of them were strong and had long lifespans, there were still many people who had gone crazy from cultivating and injured their meridians.

Their bodies were very weak, and they could only hide in their houses to struggle for survival.

These people often lived in their dark caves or narrow dilapidated houses all day long.

There were no people who cared about them.

However, the situation today was different.

Their City Lord, their Goddess Ye Qiluo, had personally visited these rotten and smelly caves and paid them a visit.

“Senior, your bodys condition isnt too good.

I have a Vitality Reinforcement Pill here.

Keep it for now and stabilize your body.”

How could these half-crippled people have any resources now They also did not have the ability to earn materials and could only rot and die here.

Now that the City Lord had personally sent them warmth, they were so excited that they cried bitterly.

“City Lord, we are willing to follow you for generations!”

Ye Qiluo was followed by the guards.

When they saw this scene, they could not help but be moved.

Such a broken old man and such a glamorous City Lord.

How intense was this comparison, and how heartbreaking was this

Ye Qiluo gently patted the old mans hand and said, “Old Senior, dont say that.

Everything you do is for the prosperity of our human race.

Its all for the sake of the human race being able to stand at the top of the Catacombs again.

This is a direction that all of us humans must work towards together, not to follow me.”

The old man was so touched that he could not speak.

Two streams of tears were about to fall.

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“No matter what, my life belongs to the City Lord.

If the City Lord wants me to go east, I will definitely not go west.

I will only acknowledge that the City Lord will bring our human race to prosperity in my life.”

Ye Qiluo had visited more than ten families like this.

As for the rest, she instructed her subordinates to bring things to express their condolences.

Most of them were medicinal pills to repair their bodies.

Those who had suffered from qi deviation and injured their meridians needed medicinal pills the most.

Such a gift warmed the hearts of many people.

Ye Qiluo was also very tired.

She was very busy today, but she felt very fulfilled.

Although she did not use her huge strength to save the human race from danger like Li Yuanqing, she could still help the human race.

This was enough for her.

Ye Qiluo looked up at the dim yellow sky in the sky.

The light was about to dim.

The night under the catacombs was about to descend, and todays celebration had ended perfectly.

This celebration banquet was to tell everyone that Rong City had completely become the world of the human race.

The demons were naturally welcome to come, but they had to abide by the rules of the human race.

If the demons did not follow the rules, they would be chased out.

This was her principle.

At this moment, a black shadow flashed in the sky.

Ye Qiluo suddenly turned around and grabbed a small black sword.

Ye Qiluo was extremely familiar with the aura on this small black sword.

The man she had been thinking about day and night was back.

Ye Qiluos body trembled slightly.

The guard behind her hurriedly came forward and asked, “City Lord, are you alright”

All the guards were very loyal to Ye Qiluo.

They saw how much the City Lord loved her clansmen and how kind she was, making them determined to protect the City Lord to the death.

Ye Qiluo raised her hand and instructed them, “Im fine.

Its been hard on you all today.

Everyone can disperse.

The celebratory feast over there should be coming to an end soon.

You can still make it if you go over now.”

“City Lord, are you sure youre fine”

“Dont worry, I have nothing to do.

Hurry over.

If youre any later, you wont be able to get anything.”

Ye Qiluo turned around with a bright smile on her face.

The guards hearts almost melted.

“Then the few of us will go over first.

Do you want to go over too, City Lord”

“I still have some things to deal with.

You guys can go over first.”

“City Lord, be careful!”

Ye Qiluo dispersed everyone, leaving herself alone on the mountain.

She took out the little black sword from her pocket and followed the guidance of the energy above.

After passing through the dense residential area, she followed the little swords guidance and arrived at the outer city.

There was a very quiet mountain here.

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A young master was sitting under a pavilion here.

He was drinking spiritual tea and waiting slowly.

“Young Master Li!” Ye Qiluo immediately won enthusiastically when she saw the mans back.

Li Yuanqing smiled and turned around to look at the proud City Lord.

“City Lord Ye, long time no see.”

Ye Qiluos smile widened when she saw that it was really Li Yuanqing.

“Young Master Li, I knew you would definitely come back.

I heard that the disaster in Ping City is gone.

I originally wanted to find someone to invite you here, but I was indeed busy in the city and didnt have time to come.”

Although Ye Qiluo said that, her cheeks were slightly red.

There were some other reasons that Ye Qiluo was too embarrassed to say.

She only hoped that Li Yuanqing could understand her intentions.

Li Yuanqing acted as if he did not feel anything.

He smiled and said casually, “Ive been very busy recently.

Ive been running around every day and have been busy with many things.

I came here today mainly because I have some questions to ask City Lord Ye.

I wonder if you can answer my questions.”

The smile on Ye Qiluos face froze slightly before she felt relieved.

“So you have questions.

Young Master Li, feel free to ask me.

Youre the benefactor who saved the entire human race.

No matter what questions you have, as long as I know, Ill definitely tell you everything!”

Ye Qiluo smiled openly and sat in front of Li Yuanqing, quietly waiting for his question.

Li Yuanqing was a little puzzled, not knowing what was wrong with Ye Qiluo.

Her smile just now seemed a little different from her current expression, as if her mood had changed.

However, seeing that City Lord Ye was in a good mood and had agreed to this matter, Li Yuanqing asked directly.

“I wonder how much City Lord Ye knows about the past human race”

“The deeds of the human race in the past” Ye Qiluos expression suddenly turned solemn as she said to Li Yuanqing in a very heavy tone, “To be honest, the human race has been living under the oppression of the demons for hundreds of years.

Although we are actively organizing a resistance, the human race is naturally suppressed by the Black Dragons bloodline, so its very difficult for us to produce an absolute expert.

Its also because of Young Master Lis appearance that we have the hope of reorganizing and occupying the city.”

Li Yuanqing scratched his head and said carefully, “City Lord Ye, Im afraid you dont understand what I mean.

Actually, what I want to say is not the situation in the past few hundred years, but the past further back.”

“Even further back”

“Thats right.

For example, what was the human race like in the catacombs a thousand years ago”

Ye Qiluo revealed a puzzled expression and looked at Li Yuanqing.

“Young Master Li, why are you suddenly interested in such a long time ago Its been more than a thousand years.

I wasnt born then, so Im not sure.”

“In that case, City Lord Ye has never experienced that accident.”

“Young Master Li, youre talking about the battle between the two races, right That battle was indeed earth-shattering.

After that battle, our human race became like this.

Its really pitiful.” Ye Qiluo said as she thought.

“If Young Master Li is interested in that battle, Im afraid I cant tell you too much.

Thats because my understanding is limited.

I heard it from the elders in the clan.”

“Did anyone experience that battle personally”

“Yes!” Ye Qiluo nodded heavily, but she said regretfully.

“The First Elder personally experienced that battle.

Moreover, the First Elder raised me since I was young.

However, the First Elder was already exhausted when he fought the demons last time.”

As Ye Qiluo spoke, two streams of tears flowed down from the corners of her eyes.

She had a deep relationship with the First Elder.

The First Elder had stood up against the demons last time and used his last strength to resist them for a moment.

Although this bit of power did not have the effect of resisting the demons at all, this spirit excited them.

As the only person who had experienced the battle between the humans and demons, there were no more witnesses here after the First Elder died.

Li Yuanqing gasped.

He did not expect that he was still a step too late.

If he had known about these situations earlier, he would probably have been able to ask more from the First Elder.

Ye Qiluo looked at Li Yuanqing and asked, “Young Master Li, why are you suddenly interested in the war a thousand years ago Although a lot of things happened at that time, its been so long after all.

Im afraid the situation at that time is not very valuable now.”

Li Yuanqing sighed and said, “Actually, its nothing.

Im just suddenly interested and want to know about the past.

Ive never heard of these things before.

Now that Ive suddenly come into contact with them, Im interested.”

“Young Master Li, you never knew before” Ye Qiluo looked at Li Yuanqing in surprise.

She thought that Li Yuanqing must have come from a righteous sect since he had such powerful strength.

There must be a huge organization behind him.

It must be a force spontaneously organized by humans.

However, hearing Li Yuanqings words, why did it sound like hes a being without any foundation Could it be an organization founded by some new humans

Ye Qiluo was not sure about this.

Li Yuanqing smiled and said, “Im not afraid of you laughing at me.

In the past, I only cared about cultivating and training in the deep mountains and forests every day, so I dont know much about the past.”

Ye Qiluo suddenly said, “Since Young Master Li is interested in these things, Ill help you take out the First Elders books.”

“The First Elder left behind books”

“Thats right.

The First Elder has left a lot of records in his life.

He recorded the battle he experienced back then.

Although its only from his personal perspective and there must be some inaccuracies, its still a very good reference.”

“Will this be troublesome”

“Young Master, dont worry.

Youre our Rong Citys benefactor.

I can help you get whatever you want!”

Ye Qiluo blushed as she spoke.

However, when she thought about how Li Yuanqing had rejected her so decisively, she felt a little sad.

“Young Master, dont worry.

I wonder if youre in a hurry.

The First Elder has many belongings.

Im afraid it will take some time to completely tidy it up and organize these things.

Its already late today.

Why dont you stay in Rong City for the night”

Ye Qiluo had yet to look at Li Yuanqing.

Li Yuanqing had his own arrangements.

She did not have much hope that Li Yuanqing would agree.

If Li Yuanqing wanted to leave directly, she could pack the things and wait for Li Yuanqing to come and collect them next time.

Li Yuanqing thought that he indeed owed Ye Qiluo a favor this time.

Since the City Lord had invited him so kindly, it was not impossible for him to stay here for the night.

“Since the City Lord has invited me so sincerely, Ill disturb you for the night.

I hope you dont mind my trouble.”

Ye Qiluo immediately smiled when she heard Li Yuanqing agree.

“Young Master Li, dont worry.

Rest well here first.

Ill bring all the things Ive sorted out tomorrow morning.

I hope theres something you want inside.”

“Thank you, City Lord Ye.”

“Weve sorted out all the books we brought and placed them in the library of the City Lord Manor for the time being.

If Young Master Li has nothing else to do now, you can go to the library and take a look.

Perhaps you can understand more.”

Li Yuanqing was deeply moved by Ye Qiluos enthusiasm.

He did not expect her to be so prepared when he was just asking casually.

In that case, he naturally agreed.

“Then Ill trouble City Lord Ye too much.

I wont disturb you too much, right”

“Of course not.

This library is open to all humans.

Others could come and take a look, or if Ping City wants this information, they could too.

We can communicate more between our two cities.”

This suggestion was not bad.

Li Yuanqing nodded and agreed.

“Then Ill tell City Lord Hu later.

I really dont know how to thank City Lord Ye.”

“I should thank Young Master Li on behalf of everyone in Rong City!”


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