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The library in Rong City was very wide.

After the inner city was taken over, there were many spaces.

Ye Qiluo had a group of capable subordinates who were very good at planning.

Although it had been less than a month, Li Yuanqing could clearly feel that the entire Rong City was built very quickly when he returned.

Compared to before, it has improved greatly.

When he came the previous time, the construction efforts they made were still relatively conservative.

This was because there were many demons in the city who were interfering.

Furthermore, because of the huge external pressure, they spent most of their energy on preserving their strength.

However, after this battle, the human race had a rare period of time to breathe.

From the current situation of the human race, the Black Dragon would not be able to organize a huge attack again in a short period of time.

Taking advantage of this precious time, they naturally built the entire facilities better and raised the defense level of Rong City again.

“Young Master Li, what do you think of the construction Actually, most of it is the efforts of the uncles.

I still have to thank them for being here.

If it were just me, I definitely wouldnt be able to reach this level.”

It could be seen that Ye Qiluo was still very proud of the construction of Rong City.

“Its very exquisite.

These seniors are all very powerful figures.”

The library of Rong City was built on the side of the City Lord Manor.

A very tall all-wood structure took a lot of effort.

More importantly, this building was built in a very short period of time.

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It had only been a month or two since Ye Qiluo and the others occupied Rong City, so it was quite impressive they had completed to this level.

Just by standing in front of this door, one could feel a deep historical aura.

This rich aura was really irresistible.

It was as if the air beside the library had become fragrant.

What a strange feeling.

Li Yuanqing closed his eyes and reveled in it.

Ye Qiluo watched from the side very quietly and did not disturb Li Yuanqing.

The two of them stood at the entrance of the library.

However, this beautiful time did not last long.

A guard hurriedly landed in front of the library.

“City Lord!”

Ye Qiluo glared at him, but Li Yuanqing still regained his senses and opened his eyes to look at her.

“City Lord Ye, if you have something to do, you can leave first.

Ill find something here to read.”

“Then, Young Master Li, you can stay here first.

If theres anything you want to find, just ask the Hall Master.” Ye Qiluo took out a very exquisite jade from her waist and handed it to Li Yuanqing.

“Young Master Li, this is my token.

As long as you need anything, you just have to take out this token and show it to the Hall Master.

The Hall Master will help you.”

“Thank you, City Lord Ye.

Thank you for your trouble.”

Li Yuanqing did not stand on ceremony and placed the jade that still had the warmth of Ye Qiluo in his palm.

He turned around and walked into the library alone.

He vaguely heard the guard behind him reporting some emergencies to Ye Qiluo.

“City Lord, its bad.

A large army of humans has been discovered a hundred and fifty miles outside the city.

Im afraid they want to harm us.”

“When did they gather”

“According to the sentries in front, they started to have people stationed there yesterday.

However, they seem to have completed their gathering today.

At the very least, there are hundreds of thousands of rebels gathered there.”

“Over a hundred thousand”

The two of them left in a hurry.

Li Yuanqing shook his head and turned to enter the library.

From their report, it should not be a big problem since it was the humans who had invaded.

The demons nearby had already suffered a huge blow.

The humans could be said to have the upper hand in this area, but there were still some problems left behind by history.

Just like how the humans organized by Ye Qiluo were orthodox tribes, there were other rebels gathered by the humans in the wilderness.

They also had a certain amount of history.

In their creed, the reason why the human race had become like this was because the human mighty figures who were leaders had made a huge mistake.

Therefore, they were naturally resistant to these so-called Saintess and orthodoxy.

It was also because of this that when Ye Qiluo controlled Rong City, they did not join her immediately.

Instead, they remained in their territory and watched quietly.

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Now, they heard that the human race had the upper hand in the battle with the demons, and the human race was simply the only one in the overall situation.

because they had killed the demons until they could not return.

This was the best time for them to attack.

The demons were already severely injured.

After this battle, the humans and demons in Rong City might not be able to fully unleash their combat strength.

This was a heaven-sent opportunity.

If they didnt make a move now, they wouldnt be able to find another better time.

Li Yuanqing only thought about it briefly and did not take it to heart.

After all, the rebel army was a group of mixed troops.

It was very difficult for them to achieve anything.

These people did not have many resources in their hands to begin with.

For so many years, the human race had been at a disadvantage.

It was even more difficult for them to gather resources.

He had heard others mention these people in the past.

Other than a few leaders who were more powerful and whose strengths are presentable, their subordinates were all very weak.

The internal problems and sect wars had not stopped for years.

If not for such a good opportunity this time, even these people would not be able to organize.

Even in such a cruel situation, all their resources were given to the higher-ups.

The many soldiers below were all very weak and could be said to have no combat strength at all.

Therefore, Li Yuanqing was not worried about them.

He just felt a little strange.

After entering the library, he saw a very wide hall.

Li Yuanqing looked around.

On the right side of the hall was a very tall and wide wall with a painting.

A row of humans stood in the painting.

The clothes these humans wore and the environment they lived in were very luxurious, like humans from a certain era.

On the left was a wide reception desk.

The platform was stuck in front of the wall in a semicircle.

It was made of very thick and heavy wood, forming such a huge semicircle.

Behind the desk was a middle-aged man.

The man was looking down at something when he heard someone enter.

He looked up and met Li Yuanqings gaze.

“I wonder what information and books youre here to read”

Most of the books in the library were cultural history created by the human race.

They did not contain many cultivation techniques.

If he wanted the cultivation technique manual, he had to go to another place.

Li Yuanqing walked over with a smile and explained his intentions to the Hall Master.

The Hall Master looked at Li Yuanqing in confusion.

This young man was not old, but why was he so arrogant

“Young man, I have to tell you that the information you want to read is confidential.

Theres no need to say anything more about the First Elders book.

These are all absolutely confidential.

Moreover, its not here now and is still in the stage of sorting it out.

As for the other historical documents, you need to be at a very high level to read them.

You should read something else.”

After the Hall Master finished speaking, he lowered his head and continued flipping through the book.

There was a very thick ledger in front of him.

The book was half a meter tall and had countless pages.

It looked extremely terrifying and the words on it were very dense.

Just as the Hall Master was flipping through it, a very exquisite jade suddenly appeared on the thick handbook.

His eyes suddenly widened as he looked up at the young man in front of him.

“A token from the City Lord”

Li Yuanqing smiled and said, “City Lord Ye recommended me to come here.

Please help me find these books.

I want to take a look at some now.”

The Hall Master felt that it was very strange.

This young man clearly looked to be only seventeen or eighteen years old.

How could he have such a level to make the City Lord personally take out the sacred artifact and hand it to him to read these confidential documents

Moreover, most of the higher-ranking people in Rong City knew what was going on.

He had definitely seen them before, but he had no impression of this kid.

Although the Hall Master felt very strange, since he had the City Lords token, there was no reason for him to reject him.

“Then follow me, Young Master.”

The Hall Master casually flipped through the thick ledger and placed it under the table to lock it.

A light flashed below and dimmed.

He walked out from behind and led Li Yuanqing inside.

The door faced a huge screen, completely blocking the scene behind.

The two of them walked around the screen to the back and saw that there was another world behind it.

First of all, the two upward stairs were very wide and narrow.

It looked so pleasing.

In the middle of the two stairs was a row of small doors.

Most of them were closed.

Only the one in the middle was open.

Behind it seemed to be a deep passageway.

The Hall Master led Li Yuanqing straight into the small open door at the back.

After entering, he walked all the way forward with his head lowered.

He had no intention of stopping and walked all the way to the deepest part.

There was a very thick wooden door here.

The thick wooden door opened alone, and the gap beside it was very narrow.

If one did not pay attention, it was even easy to ignore.

After the Hall Master arrived, he stopped in front of the door and slowly stretched out his hands to press against the heavy door.

Under the drive of the Hall Masters internal energy, the exquisitely carved wooden door was slowly pushed open to the side, revealing a wide passageway leading downwards.

The Hall Master was about to walk in, but he stopped after some thought and blocked Li Yuanqing.

Li Yuanqing had been following the Hall Master when he suddenly stopped and looked at him strangely.

The Hall Master turned around and asked Li Yuanqing with a very kind smile, “Young Master, below is the confidential literature room.

If you have any documents you want to see, I can help you find them below.

You just have to wait here for a while.”

For a moment, Li Yuanqing did not know what to look at.

He could not tell how Rong City recorded things from a thousand years ago.

“I just want to know more about the former human race.

Why dont you recommend a few books for me to read”

The Hall Master thought for a moment and said to Li Yuanqing, “Yes, if thats the case, I have a few suggestions.

If you want to understand the life of humans a thousand years ago, why dont you take a look at the cultural works of that era You can still know more about the people of that era and its very vivid.”

“Cultural works”

“Its just novels and the like.

For example, Cao Meng wrote a book called The Red House.

Its about the life of the human race at that time.

Theres also a book called The Legend of Yellow Mountain written by the Chaotic Worm.

Its also about the historical legends created by many heroes of the human race at that time.

Theyre all very interesting stories.”

Li Yuanqing found what the Hall Master said interesting, but he felt that it was strange.

He came here to seek more answers.

More importantly, he wanted to find out what the key was for.

However, reading these books should be useless for him to find the answer.

The Hall Master looked at Li Yuanqings troubled expression and added, “By the way, Young Master, you said that you want to know about the huge war between the humans and the demons a thousand years ago.

As for this, Ill recommend to you a very outstanding book written by someone from the later era, Doomsday of the Humans.”

Li Yuanqing was confused as the Hall Master introduced them.

He did not know if the Hall Master had seriously recommended these books.

They sounded strange and different from what he was looking for.

It was unknown if Li Yuanqing was telling the truth, but he agreed for the time being.

“Young man, believe me.

First, figure out these books.

The rest will be much simpler.” The Hall Master patted his chest confidently.

“Im telling you, these are definitely them.

Believe me, Ill find them for you.”

“In that case, thank you, Hall Master.”

“Youre welcome.

Young Master, wait here for a moment.

Ill be back soon.”

As the Hall Master spoke, he ran down the passageway, leaving Li Yuanqing alone.

But at that moment, there was a loud rumbling sound from outside.


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