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Princess Zhaoyang arrived at Kaiyuan County and quickly figured out the headquarters of the Wind Thunder Sect.

It was a mountain range that occupied an area of over 500km, and the Wind Thunder Sect had resided here for two hundred years, even longer than the founding of the Northern Kingdom.

The commoners of Kaiyuan County only knew of the Wind Thunder Sect, but not the Northern Kingdom.

Back then, the founding Emperor of the Northern Kingdom, the Holy Grandmaster, had once come to attack the Wind Thunder Sect.

In the end, the Wind Thunder Sect expressed their allegiance to the Northern Kingdom and narrowed down the scope of their activities.

Only then did the Wind Thunder Sect survive.

However, after the Holy Grandmaster left, the Wind Thunder Sect began to rapidly expand its influence.

Not only did they occupy Kaiyuan County, but they also occupied six or seven other nearby counties.

The commoners here had almost forgotten that this was the territory of the Northern Kingdom and not the territory of the Wind Thunder Sect.

After her subordinates confirmed the headquarters of the Wind Thunder Sect, Princess Zhaoyang expressed that it would be fine to charge straight up! She instructed her subordinates to keep an eye out for anyone who slipped through the net.

Just like that, she brought Hu Jiujiu up the mountain.

Her big brother had once said that she had taken too many medicinal pills.

Although her advancement was fast, her strength was unstable and she needed actual combat.

Therefore, she planned to kill her way into the headquarters of the Wind Thunder Sect, even if she only had the strength of a seventh-grade martial artist.

She had to move forward without hesitation.

“I am Princess Zhaoyang.

I have come to see your Sect Master.

I have two things to announce.

The first is to remove your eight hundred divisions, and the second is to reduce your headquarters to a radius of one hundred miles.

This is the bottom line that the Northern Kingdom has given you.

Your influence cannot exceed this one hundred miles…”

Princess Zhaoyang looked at the Wind Thunder Sects Sect Leader.

He was a peak ninth-grade middle-aged man.

When he heard her words, the veins on his forehead popped out and his face was filled with rage.

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“The Wind Thunder Sect has been in power for two hundred years.

Your Northern Kingdom has only been in power for a hundred years.

The Martial Saint from back then is no longer around.

There is no need for us to abide by the agreement we made back then.

The royal family of the Northern Kingdom has stretched their hands too far.

You will suffer retribution…”

The Sect Leader of the Wind Thunder Sect was not polite to Princess Zhaoyang.

A mere seventh-grade martial artist dared to order him around

Back then, the Wind Thunder Sect also had a Martial Saint.

However, due to special reasons, he was in seclusion at that time.

Therefore, when the founding Martial Saint of the Northern Kingdom came, they had no choice but to agree to some restrictions.

However, the founding Martial Saint of the Northern Kingdom was no longer around, and their Martial Saint had come out of seclusion ten years ago.

Even if there was a Martial Saint standing behind Princess Zhaoyang, the foundation of the Wind Thunder Sect for two hundred years was not something that only a Martial Saint from the Northern Kingdom could decide life and death.

She wanted them to withdraw their branch sects and shrink their headquarters to a hundred miles In the past, even the Martial Saint of the Northern Kingdom didnt dare to say this.

This Princess of the Northern Kingdom was quite bold.

Wasnt it just because she had a Martial Saint behind her

On the surface, the strongest person in the Wind Thunder Sect was only at the peak of the ninth-grade.

However, they actually have more than one Martial Saint.

They were just concealing their strength all these years.

It was time for them to show it today and shock everyone.

He wanted to let all the martial artists in the world know that the Northern Kingdom was still a place where strength reigned supreme.

The Northern Kingdom had no right to control the Wind Thunder Sect.

If they dared to criticize them, they would not mind destroying the Northern Kingdom in advance.

“If thats the case, it means that you dont agree to it.

Just nice, I could use you guys to practice!”

Princess Zhaoyang wasnt afraid.

This malignant tumor called the Wind Thunder Sect had already threatened the safety of the Northern Kingdom.

If they continued to ignore it, it wouldnt be long before the region that had been infiltrated by the Wind Thunder Sects forces would become another regime and country.

They already had no way out.

If they kept retreating, this country would be even more unstable!

Princess Zhaoyang took out her long sword.

She cultivated the Black Phoenix Spirit Technique, a very mysterious technique given to her by her elder brother.

When she reached the Master level, she would be able to step into the Martial Saint realm.


The Black Phoenix Sword Technique focused on actual combat.

There werent many advanced martial artists in the Northern Kingdom, and most of them were important officials of the imperial court.

There werent many that could fight to the death, so Princess Zhaoyang had taken a liking to the Wind Thunder Sect.

“Insolence! You simply dont know the immensity of the heavens and earth! Since the Northern Kingdoms Emperor is so rude, killing his princess isnt too much…”

The Wind Thunder Sect had originally planned to remain in hiding for a few years, then soar into the skies by aiding someone to replace the Northern Kingdom, obeying them as the Orthodoxy.

However, they did not expect Princess Zhaoyang to come knocking on their doors.

This meant that there was no need for them to continue hiding and accumulating their strength.

They had secretly accumulated their strength for over two hundred years.

This time, they must shock everyone.

He wanted to change the Northern Kingdom.

Thus, in the next moment, a deacon from the Wind Thunder Sect made his move.

It was as easy as flipping his palm for a peak eighth-grade martial artist to deal with Princess Zhaoyang.

Even though Princess Zhaoyang had a Martial Saint by her side, the Wind Thunder Sects guardian was not someone to be trifled with.

He had become a Martial Saint long ago, and this would be the perfect opportunity to stop Hu Jiujiu.

Since the royal family of the Northern Kingdom overestimated themselves, their Wind Thunder Sect no longer needed to accumulate power and keep a low profile.

All they had to do was kill!

Princess Zhaoyang was under a lot of pressure when she faced a peak eighth-grade martial artist.

It was so great that she felt suffocated.

The Black Phoenix Spirit Technique that she had always been proud of was actually unable to be used at this time.

It was as if her entire body was being imprisoned!

This battle caused Princess Zhaoyang to feel immense pressure.

She used almost all of her strength and didnt dare to be distracted.

If she was even a little bit careless, she would be killed!

Hu Jiujiu, who was wearing a veil, sneered. How dare a human Martial Saint be so arrogant There were many kinds of Martial Saints too, alright

Even though she had yet to recover from her injuries, not everyone was qualified to challenge her.

Although she was powerless against Li Yuanqing, it did not mean that any Martial Saint would dare to be arrogant in front of her.

Therefore, Hu Jiujiu did not use any weapons, she just waved her hand, and a sharp claw slashed across the sky, bringing with it an extreme radiance and a whistling sound as it slapped down!

The originally arrogant guardians eyes were filled with fear as he turned to flee! The opponent was too terrifying!

“Hmph!” Hu Jiujiu snorted coldly.

The Wind Thunder Sect only had this much ability, yet they still dared to attack Zhaoyang.

They were really tired of living.

They could not even handle one move from her!

Hu Jiujiu turned around and looked at the battle between Princess Zhaoyang and the peak eighth-grade martial artist after scaring away the guardian.

The Princess was still young.

It was extremely strenuous to deal with this peak eighth-grade martial artist.

In any case, she only needed to protect her.

Until she was in danger, Hu Jiujiu had no intention of attacking.

One move, two moves, three moves!

After these three moves, Princess Zhaoyang felt like all her strength had been sucked out.

She had already reached her limit.

It would seem that she would be knocked to the ground in a moment.

Her opponent was too strong!

She really couldnt defeat him.

Was she going to die here today She was too reckless!

Princess Zhaoyang felt despair.

Li Yuanqing, who was far away in the Wilderness Valley, did not say anything when he heard from Wang Shun that Princess Zhaoyangs first stop was Kaiyuan County.

He only left the valley that night.

Others might not know, but he knew that the Wind Thunder Sect was not as simple as it seemed.


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